‘The Challenge’ Stars Brad & Tori Fiorenza Are Divorced: See Who Brad is Now Reportedly Dating

Another ‘Challenge’ marriage bites the dust…

Susie Meister and Sarah Rice are spilling The Challenge tea!

The pair recently revealed some juicy info on their “Brain Candy” podcast in regard to ‘Challenge’ stars KellyAnne Judd and married ‘Challenge’ couple Tori and Brad Fiorenza. When we last heard from Brad, he was married to Tori but according to Susie and Sarah, a lot has changed since then!

Susie (who is still close friends with Tori) confirmed on the podcast that Brad and Tori are now divorced. While it’s been speculated for some time that Tori and Brad split, this is the first time their divorce has been confirmed. Brad and Tori are the parents of two young sons.

Susie also hinted that fellow ‘Challenge’ alum KellyAnne is now involved with Brad.

After telling fans that they have info on new “soulmates,” Sarah told Susie to “give out half of it.”

Susie stated that KellyAnne is half of the “soulmate” equation, and then immediately followed up that statement with “Tori and Brad are divorced, so that is no longer an issue.”

According to Susie and Sarah’s podcast, Brad and KellyAnne were/are in some sort of long-distance relationship and had once claimed to be “soulmates.”

Brad (an alum of Real World: San Diego) and Tori (a former Road Rules kid) met on a ‘Challenge,’ dated on a ‘Challenge’ and nearly broke off their engagement because of a ‘Challenge.’ (Tori famously gave Brad his ring back after an argument during “The Duel II”) They overcame their differences and married in April 2010.

During 2010’s “Cutthroat” season, Brad and Tori teamed up and became two of the four winners of that season. That was the last ‘Challenge’ that Brad and Tori did. Recently, though, both have stated that they’d be interested in competing in a future ‘Challenge.’ However, they will not be on the upcoming “Dirty 30” season of the show.

UPDATE! Tori has confirmed her divorce on Twitter, and stated that she is not mad at Susie for “spilling the beans.”

“I didn’t hear the episode, but Susie and I are all good,” Tori tweeted. “I’m not that big of a deal where my divorce requires a statement. Haha”

“What? They’ve been divorced a long time. Tori and I talk almost every day. We’re all good,” Susie wrote.

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  1. I liked KellyAnne during her Real World season and past years Challenge seasons….but the last few Challenges she’s been on….yikes. She seems really unstable and a little crazy (as someone posted earlier, the “crazy eyes”).

  2. HI ! I’ve been reading you site for a looooong time. You get me through some tough days I gotta tell ya. It may seem silly but your site provides a nice little escape from the world on many days. ANYWAY I was on another one of my go to’s and it turns out this Susie person wrote a very interesting column on the whole bachelor debacle ( another very ashley topic) that got alot of traffic. Turns out shes written a bit on the subject previously as well. Very insightful insiders perspective (as are her previous articles on the matter)

    I literally saw it this morning, then just saw her name of this post.

    Anywhoo could make for some great content source


    Sorry for the long post! Couldn’t find a way to send this privately/directly. Keep doing what you do, we need you man!

  3. I always thought how stupid are people who thought they will last. Even on The Challenge of hookups (srsly, that season was mad, Paula hooked up with Eric, goddamnit!) I didn’t like them as a couple, I also didn’t like them on Cutthroat where they won cuz esp she was so controlling. Kelly Anne, that’s weird but it seems everyone always wanted her so I don’t think it will last. (i see her eventually marrying a Challenger tho LOL)

  4. Brad is gross and if I remember correctly he has a wee weenie. Kelly Ann is super hot and I don’t think she’s any more of a ho than anyone else on those shows. Also she winds the Most Amazing Arse award from me.

  5. Brad is a really nice guy but I never understood his taste in women. I always thought Tori was a total bitch. Now he’s with Kellyanne?! She has probably slept with more than half of the guys to ever be on The Challenge. Gross. Brad, you can do better. C’mon, bro!

    1. Can we not slut shame women please? She is a grown woman and can talk/date/sleep with whoever she wants. It shouldn’t be of any concern of yours.

      1. She is a grown woman and she can sleep around if she wants. I never said she couldn’t. I’m a grown woman too and I can have an opinion. I think that’s gross but whatever.

  6. Who cares..there 15 mins was over 10 yrs ago.. and wasn’t kelly Anne a Ho ? Wouldn’t surprise me if she was all over his rod! ?

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