‘Teen Mom’ Star Debra Danielsen Releases Her Second “Debz OG” Rap: Listen Here

“I’m back, biotches!”

Debra Danielsen has released another rap song as her alter-ego, Debz OG, and this one’s for all the haters.

Or something.

The Teen Mom OG star announced on her Twitter account on Thursday that her latest rap single “Suga Momma” is now available on iTunes.

Unlike her first rap release, this new song is a collaboration. Unfortunately for us, it’s not Deb’s ex-husband Michael Abraham, or daughter Farrah Abraham spitting bars alongside Deb. The new track instead features rapper Money Carsin.

While the track is consists mostly of Money Carsin doing the rapping, Debra is piped in occasionally to deliver the following:

“I’m a fly suga momma and it’s plain to see/ No one does it better than Debz OG/ All the people hatin’, I’m gonna let them be/ They’re not gettin’ money like Debz OG!”

Money Carsin continues to rap about Deb and her haters and whatnot. It sounds as if he is propositioning “Debz OG” to be his “suga momma.” He also discusses crying angels, how Debz is a “bad boujee all the way now” and how Debz is “all about the paper.”

This is, of course, not Debra’s first venture into rapping. Her first single, the self-titled “Debz OG”, was released in February. (Click here to listen to that musical masterpiece.)

The music video for “Suga Momma” has yet to be released, but the tune is available for purchase on iTunes.

Hey, you’ve gotta give it to Deb; at least her music is better than Farrah’s!

Watch the video below to listen to the entire track.

(Photo: Facebook)

20 Responses

  1. >>They’re not gettin’ money like Debz OG!<<

    The only place this 60-year-old nut roll and her ex-husband Michael are "getting money," is by riding Farrah's coat tail. And certainly NOT from the rap foolishness I just listened to.

    Why else would they allow Farrah to treat them like something she just scrapped from under her shoe?

    From 16 and Pregnant to present — these two have been along for the ride, milking it for every dollar (including plastic surgery for Deb) — and loving it.

    On TM in seasons past, Farrah has even mentioned it herself on camera.

  2. You mean that her first rap song…That wasn’t a joke?!? I went back and re-watched some episodes from the first season, and I just don’t understand what happened to this woman over the years. It’s like a completely different person. There’s no explaining the difference. Starting to wonder if Deb is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome after years of living with/orbiting around Farrah’s behind!

  3. I just want to see Ryan perform Debs first rap. I’ve been intrigued since Mackenzie announced he knows the whole thing ?

  4. She sucks as a momma it is clear to see/ No one wears wacky wigs and dresses like Debz OG/ All the people tell her but she says ‘let me beee’/ They don’t live on mooching money like Debz OG!”

  5. There is something seriously wrong with every member of this family- Sofia doesn’t have a chance.

  6. Knock it off, Granny! Someone call the orderlies and tell them to bring a straight jacket and take this one back to her room in the geriatric ward of the mental hospital.

    1. Well that is not a nice thing to wish for someone.
      For the other people on the ward I mean 😉

  7. Oh Deb, you never let me down or cease to amaze me. This is 100% better than Farrah’s attempt at music career. Deb has a relationship, rap career and ring. Farrah must be PISSED. Hahahaha!

    1. Imagine how Jo feels ;-).
      But Jo tops Debz. Jo got something way better than money and attention out of his rap career; a beautiful and nice wife.
      Debz is loosing everyone and will soon be forgotten anyway.

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