Future ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Gives Birth to Second Child

“I popped her out!”

Teen Mom 2 addition Briana DeJesus has just welcomed her own new addition!

The former Teen Mom 3 star, who will be joining the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ for its upcoming eighth season, welcomed her daughter, Stella Star, on Sunday, July 2.

According to a hospital birth announcement, baby Stella was born at 1:57 p.m., weighed 6 pounds and 11 ounces, and was 19.5 inches long. Stella Star joins Briana’s five-year-old daughter Nova Star.

Before Stella’s birth Briana’s sister Brittany had been posting updates on Briana on her Snapchat, poking fun at her laboring sister.

One of Brittany’s Snapchats poking fun at Briana…

“She’s having minor contractions and I’m just laying down relaxing pain-free and happy!” Brittany captioned one photo of Briana.

Throughout her pregnancy, Briana has been posting updates to her social media accounts. On May 23 at her baby shower/birthday party combo, she wrote to her daughter.

“You will be loved and everybody can’t wait to meet you.”

We first met Briana when she was pregnant with her daughter, Nova, during a Season 4 episode of 16 and Pregnant. She was later chosen to join the cast of ‘Teen Mom 3,’ but the show was cancelled after one season. However, that was long enough for viewers to get a glimpse of the tumultuous relationship Briana and her family had with Nova’s father, Devoin Austin. (‘Member when Briana’s mom chucked a vase at his head?!)

It looks like history is repeating itself with Stella’s father. In a preview for the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ we see Briana discussing Stella’s father cheating on her and their subsequent break up.

“He has been cheating on me the whole time and I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” she tearfully admits.

Briana has kept relatively quiet about Stella’s father, Luis, but did talk about him on a recent ‘Teen Mom’ After-Show.

“That’s up in the air, to be honest,” she said when asked if Luis will be in Stella’s life. “We’re still going through it. You will see him on the show. It won’t be a mystery forever. You will definitely see him.”

In a preview clip, Briana revealed that Luis is much older than she is (he’s 31). Briana had stated that she and Luis were going to move in together and get married…until she found out he was cheating.

Stella is just the latest offspring born in what has become a ‘Teen Mom’ baby boom. Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans  each welcomed a baby this year, and Kail Lowry is due to give birth to her third child very soon.

Check out the adorable photo of Nova holding her little sister!

(Photos: MTV, Snapchat)


  1. Adding Briana to the cast of TM2 was a really dumb idea. There’s a reason TM3 was cancelled, nobody cared about her, Mackenzie, Alex, and Katie. I couldn’t even make it through her 16 & Pregnant episode, she and her family are way too over dramatic. They’ve more than milked their 15 minutes of fame. Also, from what I’ve seen, most of the TM2 fan base doesn’t want her on the show to begin with.

  2. I don’t think either Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 will go much further, maybe a few more seasons, both will be over by 2020. They brought this winner on and her winning family on because the ratings were not good. It’s the same old thing, and it’s boring, and it’s depressing seeing how screwed up their lives all are. I think no MTV they would probably all be in better shape, NO MTV, no matt in Amber’s life, and on and on!

  3. 1) Nova’s socks are adorable. She looks a lot like her dad except her dad is gross and she’s super cute.
    2) Can’t stand Briana or her family.
    3) Stella Star and Nova Star? Really?

  4. Actually A, she got pregnant once BEFORE Gannon and lost it late term. So pregnant 3 times before marrying and now she neglects her kids and the youngest one looks malnourished and sickly.

    1. He looks sickly because she didn’t manage her diabetes while pregnant and it caused him to have a hole in his heart. Also too she is so obsessed with not getting fat I am sure she probably doesn’t want to risk having “fat children”

  5. I don’t hate Briana. She’s not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, but her family is entertaining, especially her bitchy sister. Also, I think it’s a smart move for the show to cut everyone’s screen time from 25% to 20% and to remind them all, Jenelle in particular, that they are replaceable. That 5% of screen time that Briana is taking from each girl might mean less of Chelsea throwing a birthday party for her pig or Kail bitching to Sterling on FaceTime or Leah making excuses for her junkie behavior or Jenelle praising David’s “paternal instincts.” Less mundane, repetitive, fake bullshit and more trashy drama.

    1. I loved Pete’s birthday, that was adorable! I enjoy Chelsea’s segments so much as they are light and happy and normal in between the shit show that is everyone else’s life.

  6. I watched TM3. I honestly thought Briana had a developmental disorder of some kind. She acted sooooo much younger than her chronological age. She also seemed the least prepared to be a mother. And now she has two kids by two baby daddies…wonderful.

    1. I thought that too!!! She acted very very childish and something about her lips seemed off. If you look at pics from 16 and pregnant she looks like her bottom lip is deformed or droopy. Of course she got that fixed with her free plastic surgery.

  7. Do I detect a tiny bit of shade from The Ashley? Mentioning a TM Baby Boom this year and leaving out Jenelle? I sense a twitter meltdown coming.

    1. Ah, I see the oversight has been corrected. Hopefully nobody resorted to a toilet fight in the process!

  8. I never watched her episode or any of Teen Mom 3. i guess I need to start paying attention to her since she’ll be on TM2

    1. Here’s a quick recap of her on teen mom 3. She was a couch potato, couldn’t do one thing for herself, had to get either mommy or her sister to do anything, filled a protection from abuse because novas dad pissed her off (she was not being abused at all.) her family hates men

      On the reunion show, they acted like insane people. Her mom took off her high heel and almost threw it at her baby daddy. Security carted them off stage.

      Basically you missed nothing. She’s extremely lazy and very babied by her mom

  9. “Yay, this baby brought me back to TV!” That’s how I envision picking her anyway. Still better than Mackenzie “I’m Christian but got pregnant twice before I married, once on purpose to get on the show, don’t care about my diabete and have drama with my husband for attention, including trying to make a sex tape” Douthit and Nikkole “faked a stillbirth, have a second kid and still date my ex who is an abuser” Paulun.

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