‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Threatens to Take Legal Action Against Former Fiance Matt Baier: “Lawyer Up…It’s On!”

“If I give her a lap dance can we call it even?”

It looks like the Teen Mom OG camera crews will be filming more court scenes for the show’s upcoming season!

Amber Portwood went on a Twitter rant (again) on Sunday, but this time, her rage was aimed at her former fiance, Matt Baier. Amber and Matt have been in Los Angeles for the last few weeks filming Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and, judging from the tweets, it appears that the show was not successful in bringing the estranged couple back together.

When Matt asked his Twitter followers on Sunday what they had for the long 4th of July weekend, Amber revealed what Matt’s own plans were.

“Long weekend of getting dumped!” she told him.

She followed it up with a string of tweets, most of which have now been deleted. It appears that Amber was not happy with Matt’s choice of post-‘Boot Camp’ activity.

“Been 2 days and @mattbEPT is already posting videos on Instagram of him at someone’s house with 50 bottles of liqueur everywhere..it’s on!” she tweeted. (She was most likely talking about this photo that Matt posted to his Instagram story. Note the liquor bottles at the very bottom of the photo.)

She then offered some advice to her ex.

“I would lawyer up sweetheart,” she tweeted to Matt. “You owe me a bit of change. I’ll pray for you.”

Amber recently revealed that Matt drained several of their joint savings account and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of her (their?) money.

Throughout all of the drama surrounding his relationship with Amber over the past few months, Matt has continued to act like nothing is wrong in their relationship. He continues to use a photo of himself and Amber as his Twitter profile photo, and still has plenty of photos of Amber and her daughter Leah on his Instagram account. Amber is none-too-happy about that, apparently.

“And take all of my kid’s pics of your dumb social media and me while you’re at it,” Amber tweeted to Matt. “Thanks have fun at whoever’s house your at.”

At press time, Amber and Leah’s photos remained on Matt’s Instagram (although he has since changed his Instagram profile photo to an Amber-less pic).

Before Amber and Matt left to film ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ Matt was living in Amber’s house, even though that they had split up. She had stated that she hoped they could work things out, despite the fact that she believes Matt is a pathological liar. It appears that she has had a change of heart over the last week or so, though.

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  1. I didn’t have a joint account with my husband until we’d been married 12 years! Can’t imagine joining accounts with a boyfriend

    1. Mooching Matt probably talked her in to having a joint account. He must of had a plan all along to wipe out the accounts. He was just waiting for the right time. Mooching Matt is quite the scam artist..just ask all his baby momma’s. Everyone tried to warn Amber.

  2. Ew. I can’t believe I’m defending this giant trash hole that is Matt, but to be fair, lots of “younger” people have empty bottles lining their cabinets to mark occasions with friends. Doesn’t mean he’s drinking.

    I feel dirty after such defense of a total fuckwad.

    1. haha, you need a shower after that! j/k – i totally agree with you though. Amber is implying that he is at a woman’s house getting drunk. It seems like an innocent picture.

  3. I almost feel bad for Amber for losing all of that money if that’s what happened, but literally EVERYONE warned her about Matt. There was no reason for her to let Matt put his name on her bank account, she had everything to lose and nothing to gain. This will definitely be a hard (and expensive) lesson learned and I hope she matures some before she decides to date anyone else. She should at least be thankful she didn’t let him knock her up!

  4. I was a court mediator for a couple of years and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s this: NEVER have a joint account with someone unless you are married to them. And even then you should probably make sure that marriage is there for the long haul before you sink all your own money into that joint account. Once his name is on your account, that’s HIS money and there isn’t a whole hell of a lot she can do about it now.

    Maybe she can take him to court and claim there was fraud or something, but I think that’s probably slim. However, if she can prove that it was her money that got that house, she can probably get his name off the house.

    In all sincerity, I do really feel bad for her – she wasn’t stable when she met him and he really manipulated her. Maybe he loved her too and if he could have kept it in his pants they would have been OK (some people just need to be with someone even if they are terrible and I think Amber is one of those people). But I hope that this opens her eyes and makes her look at herself and work on her life so she can be in a much better place not only for herself but for Leah. Yes, Leah needs a mother, but Amber needs to focus solely on Amber right now. Leah has Gary and she’s OK – Gary is clearly an excellent father, he cares very much about Leah’s relationship with Amber, and seems to care that Amber is doing OK as well. Leah will be just fine if Amber has to take a little break from everything in order to get herself straight.

    But there’s still a bit of suspicion in my head that this is all for publicity…

      1. Why would ya get married to someone you can’t trust with your moolah? My husband has a significantly higher amount of savings than I do (which isn’t hard, as my savings balance = $0.00) but he still added me after we got married. We had been living together for 6 years though, not sure if that makes the difference? But I have a horrible spending habit and he is keeping track of my spending and helping me to make better decisions. We’ve saved so much more since joining our accounts! Sometimes it can help. =) Then again, I don’t have 20 different children to 15 different women and my husband isn’t a B list celeb that I only married to mooch off of lol

  5. Dr. Drew tried to explain it to her briefly last night with no luck, so I’ll try it here again and hope she’s reading this:

    Amber, when you put your name and somneone else’s name on the deed to a house that you purchased, yes, with YOUR money, that house basically becomes yours AND theirs. Unless it can be proven to a judge that you were threatened, drugged, coerced, suffering from an acute case of dementia, or all the above — depending on the state of the U.S. in which you live, I really don’t believe that lawyering up against Matt will change this.

    Never say his past victims — didn’t warn you.

    1. What’s interesting is that she keeps saying a deed on the house but it’s public knowledge that they are renting the house they are living in. Someone looked up the info and they aren’t buyers of this home. Anyway, she sounded so pathetic and stupid last night on the reunion stating they aren’t together but aren’t broken up. Like wtf does that mean? This something middle schoolers and high school kids do. This dude stole money, lied to you, never had a job, sought you out on purpose (I was so glad Gary finally acknowledged that), and he has humiliated you. What is there to hold on to? Is she that desperate to have a man that she will allow this? I mean Ive been single for years and it gets lonely and I don’t like it, but with having a child and knowing what I deserve, I refuse to let just anyone come into mine and my child’s life unless it’s 100% right. Where are the women in her life telling her this ain’t cool?

    2. yep miss toughy thinks she can sat its hers he can’t have any good luck in court your about to be taken to the cleaners because that is not how it works. Classless not smart didn’t learn a thing in prison because she still went after another guy

  6. But, but……..how will his potential new girlfriends know that he is quasi-famous if he doesn’t have pictures of a quasi-celebrity on his profile pic?!

    And I see she is acting like she is all that too. Girl, I’m sure Gary would beg to differ.

  7. She must feel pretty stupid right now… She’s accusing Matt of the exact same things other people did when they tried to warn her. She should have listened or at least slowed down with the moving in and engagement. The only one I’m sorry for is Leah.

    1. Dude pretty much teleported to Indiana from Boston. He came out there leading her to believe it was a visit and here he finessed himself into moving in lol. Like who freakin does that? He is awful and one of the worse kinds of men. It’s no wonder women have trust issues. But the thing is, Amber was warned by many women about him. She is making herself look more and more crazy and it’s embarrassing to Leah Im sure. I have an unstable mom and I can remember all of her embarrassments growing up and as a 31 year old, It has made me resent her and I have no desire to want a relationship of any kind other than hi and bye

  8. Omg watching her tonight on teen mom sickening. Amber your not mother Theresa get over yourself. You learned nothing at prison . You went after another man physically when the test results came back. Was he right to do it no but you love drama and being the victim. The I need security with me when your the trash that went after someone. Your I gave so many looking up to me good lord grow up and shit up please . You don’t want him
    On the stage but you live with him drama queen not in a good way

  9. You go girl! Don’t let that piece of shit get away with that. Finally Amber is using the brain the good lord gave her. Hopefully, she learned her lesson. If a man lies about something like how many kids he has, then he’ll lie to you about pretty much anything!

  10. I still don’t feel that she is over him. Until It’s been a couple years and she doesn’t mention or see him then I can see that it is finally over.

  11. Every time she screamed “Where is the thirty grand, where is the sixty grand?,” I’d picture yet another of”their” pricey new cars.

  12. As much as I can’t stand Matt that photo he posted didn’t look like he was partying and drinking a lot. It looks like the top of the cupboards that people place empty bottles. You don’t need to make up an excuse to break with him Amber. Everything he’s done is enough.

  13. You would think after YEARS of being on a reality show that airing your dirty laundry on social media is a very BAD idea! I have zero sympathy for Amber. Why in the world would you let your loser boyfriend with no job on your bank accounts!? I’m still not convinced this isn’t all for publicity and they are still “happily ” is love.

    1. It was stupid what she did with the bank accounts especially when she was warned about him by his ex girlfriends. But at the same time I think she was heavily manipulated and lied to for a long time. Someone who was in such a vulnerable state as Amber was when she met him can easily be taken advantage of.

  14. She’s out of luck. Just ask all of his baby mama’s who raised his kids without child support. He won’t pay a dime, his MTV money is gone

  15. Yeah. I think she is pretty much screwed in the cash department. She allowed that fool to be on her account. Stupid mistake in her part. Really stupid! But again, she is either on, or off, psych meds. Her thought, feelings and and rare rational decisions change like the wind. She may hate him at 5 pm and live him at 6. But I’ll bet next teen mom og season is gonna be the best yet!! Lol. ???

  16. Lawyer for what? Sweetheart what he did was legal because the accounts were in both of your names. Please don’t act dumb. Sorry now you have to get a real job like the rest of us. You had it made and let it be taken away. SMH

    1. Leah is the one that should be mad. As usual you put yourself and your needs ahead of Leah’s.

    2. Don’t think it was legal when he did not have her permission to take that much money from the bank account.
      He took what he earned, he says, but forgot they had shared expenses too. They had a household and life together, no judge will believe they agreed Matt could keep all his wages while Amber paid for every single expense for both of them and Matt’s personal expenses as well.

      1. He doesn’t need her permission if it is a joint account. She has no legal grounds.

  17. Could all of this just be for publicity??! I will believe they are broken up when we physically see it!

    1. It does kind of make you wonder since she makes posts and then deletes them. It’s almost like she is trying to plant a story and lets it there long enough for someone to pick it up but not long enough for someone to question her on it.

  18. I don’t wanna say I told you so, because I’m legit proud she finally wised up to his pathological bullshit, but… EVERYONE TOLD YOU SO. Just wish she could’ve seen what we all did from day 1. I hope she’s really done this time. Poor freeloading Matt, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, psycho!

  19. You can’t get blood from a stone. She gave permission and drove the cars, enjoyed the Vegas trips, the big rental house. The lawyer will just take more of her money for nothing. This is just to save face for being so silly in love.

  20. Get that con artist Amber! Everyone told her, but I’d still love nothing more than to watch him go up in flames.

  21. I don’t feel bad for her. She ignored all of the red flags, and all of the warnings given to her. Her tough prison-girl attitude isn’t going to save her this time.

    1. They deserve each other. All this is for publicity. She’s lost more than cash and material things. She lost her daughter. He always looked so stupid hanging out with a bunch of 20 something year old kids. Gary’s wife is more a mother than Amber. It’s all for publicity and ratings.

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