Why Did Megan Lowder Leave ‘Big Brother 19’? Former HG Reveals Her Personal Reason for Departure

“Big Brother 19” HG Megan Lowder left the game willingly…

Big Brother 19 is definitely off to a rocky start. Cameron was evicted on the first night, and in a rare chain of events, HG Megan Lowder left the game during the episode shown on Sunday night due to what was called an “urgent personal matter.”

The 28-year-old dog walker and former Navy interrogator walked out of the house without informing her fellow HGs. After getting into a huge fight with several other HGs, she went into the diary room and never came back.

At the time of her exit, Megan did not go into detail about why she was leaving the game, but she has since opened up.

In an interview with The Desert Sun, Megan revealed that when she was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, she was the victim of a sexual assault and has severe PTSD from that traumatic event. In the “Big Brother 19” house, being yelled at by large guys like Josh, Cody and Mark triggered her PTSD, giving her a panic attack, causing her to throw up and ultimately leading to her leaving the game.

“So in the house… I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill,” she told The Desert Sun. “I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time.”

After leaving the house, Megan spent several days in the hospital before being released to her friends and family. Megan says it was a mutual decision between her and the producers that she would not return to the house.

In the interview, Megan also commented on the rumored reason for her leaving based on what the HGs have been saying on the live feeds. Megan claims that she overheard Jessica refer to Alex as a “Panda,” which she took as a derogatory slur about Alex being Asian. Megan says she may have misheard, but she reported it back to Alex and that led to a big fight with Alex, Jessica and Cody.

Megan says she was already talking to the producers about leaving before that incident, but her ensuing panic attack made it clear that leaving was the correct decision for her.

“It was my own issues that led to everything, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault,” she said. “Without my stuff going on I probably could have handled things very, very differently and been fine but I just couldn’t.”

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  1. I think Josh is the biggest bully in the house, I feel like he should be evicted from the game, everyone always saying how Cody is out of control I think josh is a lot worse always stirring up trouble name calling etc. big brother needs to get away from having all these young people with aggroance. Need an older generation in there

  2. Sorry fan from day one of Big Brother. I gave ptsd I gave a abuse background. No matter how much I love this show from feeds to bad to the show I would never put myself in that house. You cannot control triggers panic attacks or nightmares. You gave that background you gave no business being in that house or game. Zero sympathy

  3. After all the issues Big Brother has had in past years with houseguest I am shocked theybput her in the house having PTSD. These people are typically awful & mean to each other, usually it’s later in the game but this bunch is a rare breed.

    I’m still not convinced Cody OR Josh passed their psych exams as they both seem to be a bit off their rockers. Josh has had about a dozen meltdowns over NOTHING & Cody is just creepy. I’m getting some Dahmer/Bundy vibes from him for sure.

    1. Agree 100%. I was thinking the exact same thing…this group is seriously disgusting with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 of them. Cody is competing for the honor of most disgusting house guest in BB history, and we’re only 3 episodes in!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who watched and felt like he had major issues.

  4. She was more sinned against than sinning. The bullying was a big load of awfulness, but ultimately she became a stronger and wiser woman, while they only ended up demeaning themselves terribly. Meanness inevitably hurts the meanies themselves the most.

  5. Dude, she said she heard somebody say something racist that they didn’t say. Instead of apologizing and saying,”I misheard, my bad,” she insisted she was right. Big nope and thinks that’s really why she self evicted. She was shady and got caught being shady.

    1. If you watched the argument, never does Jessica say “I called her Pao Pao, like the former houseguest Alex looks and acts like” she just keeps insisting that she didn’t call Alex panda. But Megan, not knowing she said pao pao and not panda is still insisting she’s right because in her mind at that point, she still thinks she is. Because she definitely heard Jessica refer to Alex as something that started with a P. It wasn’t until Megan watched it back that she realized she had indeed misheard what Jessica said

      1. It’s still ridiculous and insulting that she was calling Alex Pao Pao behind her back. Cody is a legit sociopath- I hope he watches back the footage and is embarrassed that he’s an adult man with the mental capacity of a 12 year old. He behaves like he is in junior high, separating out the “popular” crowd from the “outsiders”. Telling Megan he doesn’t like her for no reason whatsoever. I sincerely hope that the other cast members start to realize how awful he is and get rid of him. I’ve watched almost every season of BB and never have I been more appalled. Jessica shows similar emotional depth, but is at least smart enough to pretend like she cares if Megan was crying.

  6. My heart broke for her when I watched that episode! They were so hard on her! Vultures! Heartless! I cried for her ?

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