Mackenzie Standifer Accuses Maci Bookout of ‘Humiliating’ Ryan Edwards For ‘Teen Mom OG’ Storyline

“Really, though? The eyes didn’t give it away at all?”

The first part of the Teen Mom OG season finale Reunion aired on Monday night and things got downright explosive when Maci Bookout went head-to-head with her ex Ryan Edwards‘ new wife, Mackenzie Standifer!

The cat claws came out when the ladies sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss Ryan’s substance abuse issues. Mackenzie was especially upset at Maci for discussing Ryan’s issues on ‘Teen Mom OG’ and acting concerned for his health while the cameras rolled although she said nothing to Mackenzie or Ryan’s family regarding the issue. 

During the segment, Mackenzie claimed that she only found out about Ryan’s drug use two days before he left for rehab in early June (which would have been one day before she married Ryan). She was upset that Maci claimed to have known that Ryan was using for months, but said nothing to anyone except the ‘Teen Mom’ film crews.

Mackenzie used her time on stage to read a scathing letter she wrote to Maci.

“I just thought he had extra-large eyeballs!”

“Maci, you told me to my face, merely days after I had informed you about Ryan seeking help, that you had known about his problem since November,” Mackenzie read. “That was 186 days; 400,464 hours; and 267,840 minutes that he could’ve died, and still, you said nothing. You let everyone know that you feared for his life, while concurrently exploiting Ryan and his addiction on the show.

“Instead of solving the problem, or making an effort to solve it, you decided to humiliate Ryan, humiliate myself and his entire family, but more importantly, you’ve humiliated our children for years to come,” Mackenzie added.

Maci defended herself, stating that Ryan exploited and enabled himself, but Mackenzie wasn’t having it.

“Helping Ryan doesn’t mean talking about all of his problems on national television,” Mackenzie told Maci. “It means being supporting, not kicking someone when they’re down, and respecting the privacy that we all so graciously deserve.”

Maci basically told Mackenzie that if she longed for privacy, signing up to be on a television show was a bad idea. (Mackenzie has stated in the past that she very much regrets agreeing to be on ‘Teen Mom OG.’)

“And, I didn’t exploit you, your husband did,” Maci added.

Dr. Drew busted out a “can’t we all just get along?” message to the ladies, but Maci stated that Mackenzie’s letter had further hurt their already strained relationship.

“You just went back there with that bulls**t letter,” Maci told Mackenzie.

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans have suspected for years that Ryan was using some sort of substance(s), due to his ever-bulging eyes, frequent naps and general spacey demeanor. However, Ryan’s drug use was never discussed on ‘Teen Mom OG’ until the most-recent season. Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, as well as Mackenzie and even some of the ‘Teen Mom’ producers, had either declined to discuss Ryan’s drug use, or downright denied it.

Ryan spent less than a month in rehab, and is now back home with Mackenzie in Tennessee.

(Photos: MTV)



  1. Maci needs to get over Ryan and move on with her husband and the children they have together. I was surprised that she didn’t tell Mackenzie that Ryan has a drug addiction but she was already looking for ways how to help him.

    He. Has. A. Wife.

    She doesn’t need to help Ryan. If I were her I would look after my marriage that is falling apart.

    1. 😂😂😂😂. I would love to see what about that or any segment since they started filming og, that Maci “wasn’t over Ryan”. You’re a 🤡

  2. Just a few notes from someone who LEGALLY and with legitimate reason has taken both opiates and benzodiazapines;

    Rhine was not nodding off from xanex.

    When I was first diagnosed with a severe chronic pain condition – I was given long action opiates with immediate release meds for when the long acting wasn’t enough. (I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which causes cancer like pain body – wide. ) when I was first adjusting to the medication in a medical setting, I would occasionally nod off just like Rhine was. You don’t feel it coming on, you often snap back to reality and want to pretend you’re fine and even though I had NOTHING to hide or be embarrassed about – I found myself getting combative, insisting I wasn’t nodding out. My husband good naturedly teases me about it to this day.

    When I was put on xanex because multiple muscle relaxers werent working for my severe spasms (think seizures but you’re totally mentally fine) – they tried xanex. In a very low dose, I acted completely fine but had complete amnesia after the fact. That’s apparently very common.

    In higher doses, I was completely unable to keep my eyes open. There would be no trying to drive, no pretending I could get ready for a wedding, no remaining upright. I was flat out unable to stay conscious. You don’t battle between conscious and out… You’re just out.

    When I was a police officer – back before I got sick from this genetic condition (it was triggered by a pregnancy), I saw a ton of addict behavior and I can attest that my experience as an ill person later taking the medications I often saw abused- that was also the case. People on xanex were completely slow, drowsy, out of it… There was no snapping back into reality. But with heroin or opiate pills… Absolutely. People would fluctuate for HOURS between out of it and wide awake.

    I firmly believe Rhine previously had a pill problem and it’s graduated to shooting up. After all… Pills are becoming more scarce. I can tell you first hand as a person who medically NEEDS these medications to function, people like him are making our lives hell. I’m drug tested often twice a month just to remain on prescriptions that haven’t changed in years, and I’ve never abused or misused any substance ever.

  3. Hmm. If someone you live with has a drug addiction and you were absolutely clueless about it, maybe you should get to know someone a little better before you freakin’ marry them! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU WILL BE SUBJECTING YOUR CHILD to this person. My Lord!

    Mackenzie, you knew damn well he had a problem! You asked him (on air) if he took Xanax AGAIN!! Again means you know he did it previously. You kept slugging him in the arm when he was driving. You did that to keep him awake. You slugged him instead of saying “pull over, you are not ok to drive”. Nope.

    Fugging moron. You’re 20, on your 2nd marriage and your 2nd husband is a drug addict.

    He was intoxicated when he said “I do”! How embarrassing for you.

    But that’s no one’s fault but your own.

    Stop your damn whining. You are making yourself come off as a fool.

  4. Does the Ashley know the custody situation with her son? He wasn’t at her wedding and I heard that the court changed the child support so that now Mackenzie has to pay her ex. I’ve never heard of a non custodial parent receiving child support

  5. The only one who should be humiliated is the girl who rented a wedding gown to race down to the side of the road and marry a man who could barely keep his eyes open.

    1. I dislike Ryan, like, 10 times over. However, marrying someone under the influence of drugs like he was, while he was high at the time.. that is abusive, not healthy, co-dependent and he needs to leave her or he’ll never get his life together. If her standards were that low, she won’t set the bar high for either of them. She’ll want him to stay vulnerable so that she can stay with him. I’m sure she’s terrified that if he gets sober he’ll leave her. I’ve seen this IRL multiple times.

  6. OMG, is she for real with those “calculations”?! Does she think working out minutes makes her sound smart??

    I am by no means a fan of Maci’s but how in the hell is she getting the blame for all of this? It has nothing to do with her! Ryan’s drug habit was up to Mackenzie, his parents, and ummm…RYAN so sort out, not Maci!

  7. Mackenzie must be on drugs a well….wtf was that letter? Like how the fuck is it Ryan’s ex’s responsibility to get him help?? She’s not even with him anymore and has 3 kids to take of.

    Also how the hell is Mackenzie only 21 but already looks fucking 30? Ew

  8. That’s rich, Mack. Strangers who watch this show have known for years, but you and his family just denied and ignored the fact he has a problem?

  9. Maci was definitely in one of those “damned if I do” “damned if I don’t” scenarios. Even if she had reached out to Mack before all of this “came out” (lol good one Mack for playing dumb) Mack would have told Maci to f*ck off and Maci still would have been the bad guy. She already tried to have conversations with Mack and she turned right around and bad mouthed Maci with Jen, Larry and Ryan. Mack and Jen need to stop with the nonsense and stop “protecting” Ryan because it will only end up killing him in the long run. Maci was not exploiting Ryan, she is the mother of his son and she had every right to discuss her feelings on the situation. Ryan alone put everyone in this mess, he is the addict, he made the choice. They should be angry with him not the whole world. Mack has no one to blame for being embarrassed except her husband and herself for handling the situation so poorly.

    1. I didn’t notice her outfit/dress before, but I zoomed in on the snap here; my first instinct is “holy shit I pull on my dress/skirt if it’s like 6 inches longer than that” but that’s just me (not a prude, btw. just awkward ?)

      So yeah, idk what she’s wearing, and I don’t agree w the haters saying she looks twice her age. She’s pretty. Maybe she doesn’t look 21 or however young she is…but some people don’t look as young OR aaa old, as they are. I’ve seen many pretty women, who were much younger than I would have guessed; not based on wrinkles or whatever; they just had a mature look or sharply defined features, or what the f ever

      1. Maybe she is doing a roll play with Ryan, flirty texts about missing skirt a la Bridget Jones.

      2. You woukd think she would have learned her lesson about short dresses when she flashed the entire TM viewing adience her granny panties diring Maci’s wedding, but watever.

  10. I really respect the fact that Maci kept her cool and didn’t completely lose her temper on Mackenzie (like I definitely would have done confronted with the same level of idiocy), but I think there were several salient points she needed to tell this little person that she didn’t get across.

    #1. Mackenzie very obviously knew he was on drugs when he almost passed out and crashed the car on the way to their “wedding.” Not only did she mention a drug BY NAME on camera, but she also turned the cameras off. Why do that if you’re an oblivious moron, Mackenzie?

    #2. People who watch 5 minute clips of Ryan’s life could tell he was on hard drugs (Maci even mentioned recognizing that he was on drugs by watching the show), but we are expected to believe this complete fabrication that Mackenzie was just a stupid little girl that couldn’t piece together that his behavior was abnormal? I don’t buy it. Not only do I not buy that she didn’t know he was on drugs, I don’t buy that she didn’t know he was on heroin or some other injectable. Are we to believe she married someone and has never seen the crease in his arm? Am I to assume a 20 year old person has never heard of track marks? You know what, no. I thought at one point maybe she just thought he was on xanax, but then I realized to believe that then I must also believe she’s never seen his bare arms and uh…it takes a little too much imagination to believe that scenario. I think she’s 100% a manipulator, gold digger, fame whore that wanted to try to turn the tables on Maci but was too stupid to figure out how to do it convincingly. Also, I think she and Jen are in cahoots to try to say Maci “humiliated” them because they refuse to believe the truth which is that everyone that watched the show knew he was a druggie already and respected Maci for not continuing to enable by concealing.

    #3. I feel like the outcome of this situation is not going to be good for Ryan. He has shown a tendency not to give AF about anyone in the past, and I think now will be no different. Kicking an opiate addiction is supposed to be one of the hardest things you can do, and he’s got 2 goons (Jen and Mackenzie) that can’t admit when he makes a mistake, never holds him accountable, blames legitimate bystanders for not “informing” them of things going on with someone they supposedly LIVE WITH…I just don’t see it ending well. Ryan needs someone to hold him accountable not more enabling and idiotic rambling nonsense to try to conceal his culpability in the decisions he has made.

    #4. This girl needs to STOP acting like Maci was exploiting Ryan…if she is too stupid to understand that Ryan’s decisions affect Maci because they have a child together, then maybe she is too stupid to marry someone that already has a child with someone else. Ryan’s decisions are Maci’s storyline because they affect HER son. I would have told this person to step the F back, and it’s stunning to me that Maci didn’t go IN on her.

    I honestly think it’s pretty pathetic that this 40 year old looking person was so desperate to trap Ryan in a marriage that she literally married a strung out junkie on national TV but maybe that point is a little too mean for Maci to say. 😉 The rest though I really think needed to be said.

    1. I too was disappointed Maci didn’t say all those things and more. My only guess is she was taken aback by this stupid letter (I’m just picturing Mackenzie googling how many minutes and hours are in 186 days) and didn’t have time to process a good response. I felt like screaming at Mackenzie through the TV. She’s well aware that the producers direct a lot of the on-screen conversations, and also exactly what you said – Maci has every right to talk about whatever the fuck she wants to do with Ryan as he is the father of her child and she doesn’t want to see him die or endanger Bentley in any way. I’d say exploiting someone could be defined as MARRYING THEM WHILE THEY’RE ON DRUGS AND ALMOST KILLING YOU & OTHERS IN A CAR CRASH.
      UHHHHHHHHHHH. Someone slap this girl.

      1. I honestly think that’s why Mackenzie and Jen are actually mad at Maci. The poor, woe is me, “You should have told me” crap is all clearly nonsense.

        The real reason they’re coming for her is they seem to feel like she “exploited” Ryan by revealing it on the show. They both seem to have forgotten all about the common denominator caught in the middle of this s*** show, which is Bentley. In what world do these 2 live in that they think Bentley’s father’s opiate addiction doesn’t affect Maci? I can’t begin to fathom the logic because it would be an actual storyline in anyone’s life. It’s a bizarre reality they’ve created for themselves.

  11. What really annoyed me is that they never brought up the wedding. How can she act like this is a real marriage when he was too messed up to “rethink” anything? She is so hateful for trying to blame Maci.
    1. Macy isn’t responsible for anything he does
    2. She said that she helped him get into rehab before so everyone knew he was an addict then and should know the signs.
    3. Maci talked to Ma-con- zie about something simple like Bentley not wanting to go to his grandparents house and she blabbed to everyone. How do you think something as big as this would turn out?
    4. Mackenzie is a bigger con artist than Matt at this point. How do you think Dr drew would have acted if Matt had married Amber while she was high as a kite?
    5. I think MTV should show what really happens when someone is addicted and how hard it is to stop. The show obviously isn t about safe sex anymore, but it could really help people if they were honest about the drugs instead of covering for them. Like Amber said, it’s important to just be honest about the drugs and mental illness because secrets and shame are toxic. Step it up, MTV.

    1. #5 is spot on. I think the driving scene with Ryan was one of the best things they’ve done since the show aired, for the simple reason that MANY viewers are in High school/college and many are experimenting with drugs. Seeing that incredibly scary and disturbing footage is exactly what needs to be happening right now. The opiate epidemic in this country is at an all-time high. In NY, they now stock Narcon in elementary schools. SERIOUSLY.

  12. This is coming from a woman who would rather turn off cameras in a car to hide her husbands addiction and risk the lives of every innocent driver and passenger on the road than tell him to pull over. If she doesn’t care about the people she participated in endangering why does she think she’s earned a right to accuse Maci of not caring about others?

  13. Does anyone know what The Ashley was talking about when she said Ryan spent less than 30 days in rehab? I missed it when I first read the article but am confused…wasn’t it reported as being a 30 day program? How long was he even there for?

    1. Sarah I honestly think he was there less than two weeks he checked himself out i’ve never heard of a rehab center being less than two weeks

      1. Wow seriously? How/why do you think that? If that is true, his family is doing him a HUGE disservice by covering it up. That is their only child and he honestly deserves better than that. You can’t force anyone to get help who doesn’t want it, but if you keep covering up the problem for him he will never find a reason to want it. They think they are helping Ryan, but heir actions are literally killing him. Very very sad.

        1. I completely agree with you it is tremendously sad but some people think they’re reputation needs to be protected more than addressing mental or physical health anyway if you want to check it out yourself I got it from the grace report on YouTube if you decide to Google it it’s under the title see you in court

          1. I watched it and, considering that Ashley made it a point to say he spent LESS THAN 30 days in rehab, I believe it. Her stories are always accurate or make a point to state specifically when she is not 100% sure of something. And I am certain Maci would seek to terminate Ryan’s rights the second she found out about that. Poor Maci. It seems like it’s now HER job to force Ryan into hitting rock bottom by removing Bentley from the equation. Good luck getting his rights legalized whilst simultaneously explaining his heroin addiction and inability to spend even two WEEKS at a treatment facility.

  14. I’m sorry Mack, you might think we are distracted by that sugar coated pretty looking cake you want us to eat. In reality, our eyes are apparently a whole lot better than yours, we see the cake is fake, stale and poorly made.
    You might be bitter at Maci cause your baby daddy now knows but Maci seems to care more about Ryan’s well being and the safety of everyone than you do and she stepped in the only way she knew would work.

  15. NOPE! With the experience I have in situations such as this, Miss Mac appears to be one of the enablers/blamers. Mackenzie. Dear. Stop it. Or you will kill your husband yourself. What a trashy person. Jealousy is a bitch.

  16. Ok, a majority of us know that you do not get the reaction from Xanax that Ryan was exhibiting while he was driving. A majority of us know that. Some are oblivious to what drugs do to people. I mean people know drugs can fuck you up but diffeeent drugs do different things. Let’s play devils advocate and say Mack is one of those who are oblivious to what drugs do. Ryan may have told her in the past that when he is in that fucked up state it is because he took a Xanax (possibly to relax…) and she just assumed that because he was in that state again that he took Xanax again. Maybe afterwards is when it finally came out that Xanax wasn’t his drug of choice. I really don’t know. There were never really signs of her knowing or suspecting that he was on drugs in prior episodes. Either way I don’t believe much she says.

    1. It doesn’t even matter if she knew what he was on or not (which she totally knew it wasn’t fucking Xanax), whatever it was he was FUCKED UP on it and had an obvious problem that’s been going on for a long time. Bitch is a LIAR!

    2. I totally see your point…when I was 20 years old I could definitely see myself believeing that, if it was an isolated incident. But she HAD to have noticed the marks on him…she had to have seen the things being said about him and been worried. She had to have done some research on the subject and put two and two together. Denial is a powerful thing when you’re young, ignorant and want to believe the best in the person you love. But I think there is no way she didn’t know deep down what was going on. Maybe it wasn’t confirmed to her until recently, but no one in their right mind is going to believe that she has zero idea about any of this.

    3. I have only watched about a minute of Ryan slobbering on himself but what I saw could def come from Xanax….I’ve seen my uncle sit and nod off the same exact way. He preferred eating a handful for breakfast so the amount makes a huge difference of course.
      But I totally agree with everything…they absolutely knew he had something going on.

  17. There is no excuse for not knowing Ryan was on drugs. We’ve literally known for years after just watching the show. If Mackenzie didn’t know I have to wonder how much time she actually spent with him.

  18. Does MTV provide the wardrobe for the reunion shows, or do the cast members bring their own outfits? If Mackenzie was dressed by a stylist, then there’s actually someone who hates her more than I do! Wtf is she wearing, a romper? It’s showing her white bra and we’ve already seen her white panties at Maci’s wedding when she tried to plow over the other guests to catch that bouquet. I’m tired of seeing your undercrackers, Nutria Rat!

  19. Mackenzie, luckily you weren’t killed driving to your “wedding”. I have never seen such a sad case of enabling in my life. Next time, turn off the cameras sooner.

    1. That was my favorite line in her stupid letter that she was so proud of, because it didn’t even make sense. Sounded like Farrah-speak! You can’t use graciously as a descriptive word for deserve. How do you deserve something graciously? What an idiot.

  20. Oh yes, “and the privacy we all so graciously deserve.” Super flowery language there Macky, but that one there’s an easy fix. Stop doing the show, and you’ll get your gracious privacy but you’ll have to get a gracious job and like a normal gracious person and have about and eighth of that gracious money.

  21. Slow your roll there, Jen 2.0. You’ve been around for what, a year now, if that? Also, why would Maci feel the need to tell you anything when there’s video evidence of you running back to Ryan’s parents and snottily relaying everything to them in a non-constructive manner? She even gave you the benefit of the doubt at first, and then you showed your true colors as one of those nightmare second wives. She’s done more than enough for you. Take several seats.

    1. Too well said.

      Yes. Maci had already gone the route of confiding in her once, only for her to go running straight back to Jen and Larry to spill her guts out on everything Maci had told her.

      So for me, Maci not telling her SQUAT about anything else, and instead choosing to confirm on camera what millions of viewers had already assumed anyway, was more than appropriate.

  22. Addiction never only affects the addict. This is a common problem with drug addicts and their enablers. They think the addiction is THEIR secret and THEIR personal business to share if/when they’re ready. No. As soon as an addict’s addiction affects someone else, it becomes that person’s business. Ryan’s addiction is Maci’s business as it affects her and her son and I don’t care if she talked about it on tv or called the cops on him–that was all her right to do because it’s affecting her life. And guess what Mack, it was never a secret to begin with.

  23. and another thing….as hard headed and as much of a bitch Mackenzie CLEARLY is…..if Maci did say something about Ryan’s drug use, there’s no way Mackenzie would’ve believed her anyway. Maci did say something to Ryan’s family about his drug use in the past, and nothing changed. Just goes to show how manipulative this Mackenzie person is. She’s putting Maci in a damned if you do damned if you don’t position, when Maci is not the problem. Ryan is.

  24. Mackenzie’s reaction last night further solidified me not liking her. At all. The way she tried to blame RYAN’S actions on Maci was ridiculous, and she sat there and told the bold face lie that she didn’t know Ryan was an addict…that’s as believable as Farrah saying that James Deen was her boyfriend and their “sex tape” “accidentally” got leaked.

    Mackenzie seriously sat there and said that she had no idea Ryan was out of his mind when he was swerving, dozing off, slurring and chanting “were gonna be married!” on the way to their wedding. Meanwhile she said “were you taking Xanax AGAIN?”…the AGAIN let’s you know right there that she knew about his problem.

    The girl is an opportunist. Honestly every single person the cast of OG date are opportunists except for Taylor. Mackenzie does not have Ryan’s best intentions at heart, and she’s a manipulative little snake. She was so nice and perfect when her and Ryan were dating….now that she’s sealed the deal and married him earning herself a perminent spot on TV she has transformed into her true self, and she is uglier on the inside then she is on the outside.

    1. She said she found out two days before the wedding about his problem, which would have been the day before that scene was filmed. I don’t think Ryan’s drug problem is with xanax, so the only thing I can think is that either he took that and it out him over the edge, or Mac said that on purpose to cover for him. Make it seem like he got anxious and took a xanax, rather than that he had a serious problem. At that point she was well aware of his issues and that he would be attending rehab the very next day. I have NO idea why she would let him drive under those circumstances.

      1. which is crazy in itself because what good hearted person would MARRY someone they just found out is an addict?? Wouldn’t you want to marry them when they get sober so you know that the relationship is real? This girl has an agenda, and I really hope that he has a prenup because this girl is sneaky. The foundation of their relationship was built in the eye of the storm that is Ryan’s drug addiction. She doesn’t know him and he doesn’t know her. As pushy and as mean as she is, she’s not gonna be around very long when he truly sobers up. And another thing….When are the women in his life going to hold him accountable for his actions?? It’s ridiculous what Jen and Mack are letting him get away with

        1. Totally agree. And she has a 3 year old son. I think the finale episode was called “Truth be told” and for good reason. MTV didn’t show the scene of Ryan playing with the toy car just for kicks. They purposelessly got shots of his arms on multiple occasions where undeniable track marks are clearly visible. No way Mac didn’t know about Ryan’s problem, she just has to make it seem that way because her sons father now has a VERY good reason to seek full custody of their child.

          1. I thought the dad had full custody, and that the only way she was allowed to have him visit her was that she had to sign an agreement that he would be no where near the MTV cameras? Unless what I read was wrong…

  25. I think it’s Mackenzie that’s been humiliated more so than Ryan.
    Honestly, it’s time the whole series ended for the good of all involved.

    1. Mackenzie humiliated herself hitching he wagon to a known deadbeat addict for fame and attention. This girl is 20 and on marriage number two. She’s an opportunist and all those chickens are coming home to roost. If you really loved Ryan you wouldn’t have married him while he was high. Nice try, Fakenzie.

      1. Oh she most definitely humiliated herself. That’s why she has turned this in to such a blame circus.

  26. Another thing I don’t understand…you all have known about Ryan’s pill problem since 2012 and he’s been allowed to drive with Bentley in the car?! I am 100% convinced that it escalated over the past year into intravenous drug use, which is what prompted Maci to out Ryan. Maci told the addiction specialist she didn’t know what exactly he was using, but I think she knew exactly what he was using and didn’t want to expose him. Why did she wait so long…it seems so out of character. Bentley was only 3 years old when Ryan started using! Why hasn’t there been a protective order or rule in place at least prohibiting him from driving with Bentley in the vehicle??!

  27. I’m always surprised by how much people seem to hate on Maci, think she’s a bad mom or an alcoholic. She’s an awesome mom and she acts her age.

    Mackenzie-what an idiot. There’s no way she didn’t know Ryan was on drugs all along. At the last reunion show he was totally f-ed up and they all lied about it. She’s even more of an idiot for letting him drive, not only to get the pre-wedding haircut but to the wedding. Girl, do you want to make your kid motherless? Bentley fatherless?
    For her to blame Maci for not telling her is nuts. Maci would’ve looked like a tool telling Mack or Jen and Larry about this. They all knew and tried to cover it up.

  28. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Mackfanzie is pathetic. The whole freakin internet knew Rhine was on drugs FOR YEARS!! yet Mackfanzie had no clue?? Bullshit!!

  29. Ryan’s parents and Mackeninze definitely knew about his drug use. Remember in a previous season the fight Larry and Ryan got into? No one would talk about it on camera, except Ryan finally said it was over a wrench. Clearly he needed drug money and sold his dad’s tools. That is why Larry was so mad. That is why he got kicked out of his parents house. They 100% knew what was going on.

  30. 1) Legit question…when did the first Maci “talking about Ryan’s drug use” episode air? Because it feels like it was the whole season, which means Mackenzie would have seen the episode more than “2 days before the wedding.” Seriously asking because that may blow up her story…

    2) Um, Mackenzie is blaming Maci for all the minutes he could have died? What about all of the minutes Mackenzie let Ryan drive to their wedding?

    3) For her to not even a little bit understand that Maci was in a lose/lose situation with telling Mackenzie or not is immature and completely self-important. Maci telling her may not have been received well and then Ryan still may not have ended up in rehab. She’s was weighing how to be strategic. Her venting and trying to figure things out is not talking trash. Ryan’s wife needs to grow the hell up… Just because you had a kid and a divorce under your belt already hardly makes you an adult.

    1. 1) On the episode that aired on May 22, 2017, Maci mentioned that Ryan had a problem that was “scary” but she didn’t specify what it was. On the episode that aired on May 29, 2017 is when it was revealed that Ryan had a drug problem when she was in Puerto Rico with Amber and Catelynn. It was actually Amber that actually said it out loud first, not Maci. She said that she knew “Ryan was f*cked up.” So Ryan was actually already in rehab when this aired.

      2) That’s exactly what I said! She was more concerned about the cameras recording him than their safety. That just shows you how f*cked up that woman’s priorities are.

      3) Mackenzie obviously is resentful because she and Ryan’s family thought they could cover up his drug problem and they couldn’t. She wants to blame somebody for it being exposed so Maci is the easy one to blame because she basically confirmed what everyone already knew.

      1. Ah! Thanks for answering about the timeline! I still call BS on Mackenzie not knowing until two days before the wedding (as most people don’t turn around and marry an addict upon 48 hours later after hearing such news) but good to know the lie isn’t as big as defying what was said and when it aired.

      2. Ryan was in rehab before it aired, but they hinted and previewed that stuff in advance. I think he went to rehab immediately after he and his family knew he was going to be outed publicly.

    2. The problem with MTV though is that they love the edit button so it’s possible Maci could have said something on camera to Jen/Larry/Mackenzie/Taylor/one of her friends/her parents and producers decided to cut it out. Remember the fight between Larry and Ryan? About the missing(?) tools? Ryan could have sold them for drug money and MTV decided to not put that part in the show. They also love to mess with timelines. MTV is so wishy washy it’s hard to figure out what happened on what date in real time and not MTV time.

      1. I disagree and here’s why I don’t think MTV has any kind of moral compass and they would’ve loved the ratings and shock value had that happened they would’ve flashbacked to that scene of Maci talking to anyone of them so many times if they had anything like that

  31. Macy does have the most boring story line which is why she incessantly talks about Ryan. Tyler/Taylor and Maci are soooo boring! Ryan isn’t ratings gold either but I have to admit that I couldn’t believe the last episode when Mackenzie and Ryan got married. I had to rewind a few parts to watch it over again thinking – is this really happening. Mackenzie appeared so desperate.

  32. Mackenzie honey, do you work long hours, away from home for months on end? Cuz that’s the only logical reason I see to explain your excuse you didn’t know your husband (fiancé) is an absolute shit show. Should Mackenzie have been told about Ryan’s earlier attempt at rehab? Absolutely. Was it Maci’s job to tell her? Absolutely not. I can respect feeling protective of your husband, especially when he is in a vulnerable position, but Ryan alone shoulders the blame for Mackenzie feeling humiliated.

    I don’t have a ton of personal experience with addiction. I have a cousin I love dearly who is an alcoholic and I have worried deeply for her. Like Maci, I have spoken with an expert in addiction services as to the best way I can offer love and support for my cousin. I saw Maci discussing Ryan on camera as a woman who is extremely afraid for someone she loves and cares for, while trying to protect her son. I imagine there were many viewers who could relate to Maci’s feelings.

    More than anything, I think the important thing to remember is that, regardless of how it came about, Ryan did go to rehab. I wouldn’t dare claim to know the ideal amount of time Ryan needs in treatment, or even the specific drug in question. But he did go to rehab, and I sincerely hope he works for sobriety. From what I understand, sobriety is a lifelong battle, and I hope Ryan realizes it takes hard work to stay sober. There is an innocent child (or two) who deserves a dad who fought to control his demons.

  33. As we were watching the scene I told my husband “Look how swollen his hands are – he’s shooting up.” He’s a small framed guy and I’m a long time viewer, this hands are not genetic.

  34. The only reason Ryan went to rehab was because they all knew the s**t was going to hit the fan. It was going to be shown nation wide of how bad it really was no denying it. The Edwards and Mackenzie are going to keep enabling Ryan to his grave. Hopefully Maci can keep really seeing what’s actually going on and keep Bentley safe. Anyone with half a brain could see what was going on with Ryan.

  35. I kinda like Mackenzie, but I call bullshit. I understand that she’s humiliated, but claiming to find out the day before their wedding, when she seemed so used to his behavior in the car, is hard to believe. Trust me from experience, you cannot date & live with an addict without knowing that SOMETHING is up. His sketchy behavior, her calling him out about the Xanax like it was a recurring thing, she might not have known the full extent of his addiction, but she knew enough obviously. Whether I agree with Maci’s approach or not, it wasn’t her job to handle it all on her own. He’s a grown ass man, with a wife & child, it’s time for them to stop blaming everyone else to save face & own his shit. I wish him well in his sobriety regardless.

    1. Seriously, why do my comments take days to get approved? I love you, The Ashley, but it’s feeling kinda personal lately.

  36. As far as I am concerned Maci going public was the only reason Ryan even went to rehab. She should be thanking her.

  37. This moron. She thinks we’re all SO DUMB that we believe she didn’t have a clue about Ryan’s drug use until 2 days before rehab? The guy has been high as a kite in every scene on that show for YEARS! Let alone in person?! My husband walked through the room one time with Ryan on screen and said “What’s he on?” He had never even seen the show before! And you want us to believe that his mother, father, and fiancee were clueless? Sit down and don’t insult people’s intelligence like that, you liar.

    Nothing makes me crazier than reality stars thinking we’re all so dumb that we’d fall for the worst, most ridiculous lies. Just like Leah and her “depression and anxiety”. GTFO Mackenzie. She’s lucky all Maci did was laugh because Maci could’ve eaten her up and spit her out, trying to pull that crap.

    And I’m no fan of Dr. Drew but she was a royal witch to him, AND to the staff, telling them to get out of her way. Grow up. You’re an adult, a mother, and a wife. Get control of yourself. And btw, I’m no body-shamer because believe me, I’m heavier than most of these girls, but Mackenzie, that dress was not your size. I cringed when you stood up to stomp away, b/c I thought I was going to see a blurred out bum shot.

    And let me guess, she’s going to pull the “Maci’s fans just hate me because I’m the new wife.” No. Even Maci’s haters could see through your BS. Don’t turn into Jen 2.0 and become Ryan’s 2nd enabler. Don’t use “privacy” as an excuse for covering up problems so people think you’re a perfect happy family. Face reality, get help, get off of effing Twitter, and stop blaming Maci for everything you, Ryan, and Ryan’s family did wrong in this situation. You all claim you love Bentley, but all of you are hurting him with what you’re doing. And btw posting a picture of Ryan less than 30 days after he left for rehab, on a boat headed to a party with a beer in his hand is not exactly a brilliant idea.

    1. Exactly what I wanted to say but I was too mad to type after watching the witch on the after show ?

    2. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Shea. Honestly, I have a very bad feeling that a 30 day (if it even was 30 days, it could’ve been shorter) stay in rehab isn’t going to do anything. If this isn’t his first attempt at rehab then a month stay isn’t going to fix the problem. I can almost guarantee he will relapse. I hope I’m wrong through.

  38. Mackenzie is so unlikable when you see her true character. I wouldnt be surprised if she uses drugs too. She lies like a drug addict and married a junkie. Due to her drive and canine level of determination I would say her drug of choice would be coke , if she uses.

  39. @ Mackenzie – Are you kidding me? “You (Maci) could have solved the problem”…?!!! Are you an idiot? Why aren’t you out there crying about how Jenn and Larry didn’t tell you that Ryan had a previous rehab stay – and why hasn’t RYAN told you? This is a grown-a** man! He’s older than Maci is. Give me a break, woman! There’s NO way you didn’t know. Maci didn’t give Ryan whatever he’s on! Put the responsibility where it belongs. That letter was the most immature, middle schooler thing I’ve ever heard a grown woman write. Maci straight up has class for not popping off at the mouth more than she did. Unreal.

    1. I wouldn’t say Maci has class she is an alcoholic who allows her husband to drink and drive and drank while pregnant

      1. Maci also did a fantastic job raising Bentley for 9 years while Ryan did nothing for him. If it wasn’t for Ryan’s parents wanting to see Bentley all the time, and Ryan living in their home, I doubt he would’ve seen Bentley more than a few times a year. Bentley looks visibly uncomfortable any time he’s in Ryan’s presence. Hate Maci if you want, but she’s lightyears ahead of Ryan and Mackenzie. And she doesn’t “allow” Taylor to do anything. Taylor is a grown man. If he drinks and drives, that’s his choice, not hers.

        1. Maci drops Bentley off when it convenient for her. She drops Bentley off to party. So I guess the definition of class is drinking while pregnant. I guess the definition of class is being an alcoholic and sitting in the front while your husband is drinking while driving and that’s just what was captured on film. I guess the definition of class is not having job. Yeah Maci is definition of class!

        2. I guess her drinking while pregnant wasn’t her fault…If Maverick has fetal alcohol syndrome that won’t be her fault either. Maci isn’t any better then Ryan she’s just addicted to a different substance. She was good at hiding it until she drank while obviously pregnant….what a pathetic human being and yet some girls look up to Maci!

  40. I’m not sure if it was down to editing in the aftershow but I’m surprised Maci sat there and took it without defending herself. There is NO WAY Mackenzie didn’t know about Ryan’s issues until 2 days before he went to treatment! Didnt she also claim she didn’t know about his previous rehab stint? If so, why isn’t she blaming Jen & Larry for not telling her? Did you hear the way she spoke to the crew when she stormed in to the back room, I think the more we see of Mack, the more her true colours are being revealed! Maci should just wash her hands on the lot of them, she tried to help and all they do is try and cover up and blame Maci..It’s Bentley I feel for in this situation.

  41. Ok, so I never had anything against Mackenzie but this changed my mind. I’m also not a big fan of Maci but I 100% side with her on this one. F U Mackenzie for blaming everything on Maci. Maci even said she approached Ryan’s Mom about the drug issue and Jen clearly did nothing about it. Mackenzie makes it seem like Maci was giving him drugs or something. What a terrible spot for Maci to have been in to begin with. I do believe Maci did the best she could. Shame on you Mackenzie for being a blamer. And I don’t believe that she found out about drug use 2 days before he went to treatment, that’s the biggest eye roll of the year.

  42. Lol is Mack seriously trying to convince everyone that she only found out about Ryan’s drug issues two days before the wedding/rehab?! What BS. It’s been obvious for years that he’s on something. And if you find out that you fiancé has a substance abuse issue you don’t suddenly move up the wedding to the next day so he can get more custody rights. That’s actually insane and she’s insane if she expects that we believe that.

    Was the storyline exploited? Sure. But, it did seem to force Ryan’s hand and shame his parents and Mack into finally acknowledging it.

  43. I think everyone knew about the pills, but Maci apparently knew “since November” that he was injecting. I think that’s what Mackenzie was referring to in her letter. It’s the only thing that makes sense because clearly everyone knew he had a pill problem. Something happened that made Maci extremely concerned, because she said in that one episode that she found out some “really scary stuff.” Clearly, since she knew about the pills since 2012, that “really scary stuff” can only be one thing. That’s just my take on it.

    As a side note, I can’t imagine how no one in that family noticed the marks on Ryan’s arms. There are pictures all over the internet of them. I also suspect that Maci made good on her promise to withold Bentley from the Edwards until Ryan got help. I think she went to court, and the rushed marriage was so important because it looks better to a judge if Ryan has a stable, sober companion. Just speculation, but it’s all starting to make sense.

    1. His family knew. But Jen is the classic “we keep our family problems hush hush” mom who wants to sweep everything under the rug and put on the facade of a perfect happy family. And now Mackenzie is falling in line right behind her. Maci approached Jen about getting Ryan help and she was shut down. Jen admitted it and should be ashamed of it. She’s lucky Ryan isn’t dead or hasn’t killed someone else driving that huge truck all over the place, high out of his mind.

      And the rushed marriage had nothing to do with Bentley or custody. Another ridiculous lie Mackenzie made sure to get on camera so we’d fall for it. That was for rehab and rehab only. Mackenzie is terrible at lying.

        1. Personally I think that she wanted to marry him in order to have access to his money, and have control, and have all that power before he sobered up and he couldn’t just dump her. They get paid at the end of the season, so whatever money Ryan makes from beyond of their wedding day, she gets half if they were to divorce. And I doubt they had a prenup since he was so high.

  44. I think that there is a minuscule chance that Mack, Jen and Larry didn’t know the full extent of Ryan’s addiction- and may STILL not know. I could see them minimalizing the problem and thinking it was only weed, Xanax, pills, whatever he went to rehab for before. I bet you that they had (have) no idea that it progressed to heroin and that he was injecting it. This guy needs WAY more help than he got, and his young and immature 20 year old wife needs to take a hard look at how she’s going to stop the enabling. It’s a miracle that this guy hasn’t gotten arrested, had a major car accident or had a significant OD. That will be coming soon since he certainly didn’t stay in rehab long enough to truly get at the problem.

      1. Good Point, make Mackenzie look like an even bigger liar. Ryan has already been to rehab and failed and Mac is claiming to have learned about it habit 2 days before the wedding? Its not Maci’s responsibility to tell Mackenzie. Its her husband and Inlaws who should have told her silly ass since she is so simple she thought Ryans fully dilated pupils and bugged out eyes were normal.

  45. I really don’t think that Mack gets to tell Maci what she should or should not say in front of the TMOG cameras. That’s the producer’s job, and Dr. Drew should have reminded Mack of this. Truth is, Maci Bookout is on a TV show. By the way…so is Mack.

    So her sitting there reading from a rambling letter last night about how “Maci” should not have said this or that about Ryan’s addiction, an addition that most viewers had already figured out for themselves anyway, was for me. just a tad bit beyond ridiculous.

  46. Maci has a ton of issues, but I don’t think she was wrong at all. We all know how much of an enabler Mimi Jen is and it appears that Mackenzie is Jen Jr, so if this is what Maci had to do to make sure the father of her child gets clean, then so be it.

  47. While Mackenzie obviously isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed if she claims she didn’t know he was using drugs, I actually feel like it’s about time someone stuck it to Maci. She does act like she does no wrong, happy to point out everyone else’s flaws, gets into everyone else an business and says stuff like she’s the only one that will save Ryan.. but is rarely seen without a beer in her hand, pregnant or not.

    I don’t know, I think Mackenzie has right to respond to Maci, but it’s tacky airing all of this sh*t on TV. But they get paid a mint to do it, so I don’t really feel sorry for any of them ??‍♀️

    1. She admits to not having a perfect marriage, cursing at Taylor..she never said she was perfect. But she raised Bentley quite well! Cause that little guy IS perfect.

  48. McKenzie’s letter was a joke and I don’t know how Maci maintained her composure. McKenzie’s letter showed just how immature she truly is. You don’t get to blame someone else for the choices Ryan makes. It’s been obvious that Ryan has been on something and considering the fact McKenzie lives with him she should’ve known what was going on in her own house which I have no doubt that she knew. She had to punch Ryan several times on the way to the wedding and even asked if he was on Xanax but was more concerned with marrying him than anything else. Maci is not responsible for Ryan’s drug use and you don’t get to blame her little girl. I noticed Maci said he had gone to rehab in the past which is what Dalis said but McKenzie and Mimi Jen tried to shame her on Twitter and call her a liar but it looks like those two are the liars.

  49. Can we all agree Dr Drew is awful at these reunion shows? He never asks the right questions and doesn’t call anyone out for their behaviors. We need that one therapy chick Dr Jenn who actually seems competent when dealing with Farrah and Deb’s nonsense.

    My mouth actually dropped that MacKenzie had the nerve to blame this on Maci. Whether or not it was right for Maci to discuss it in front of the cameras is one thing, but Mack MARRIED Ryan. You’re telling me she’s claiming she doesn’t know about his drug problem? She picks out Ryan’s clothes and likely wipes his butt and cuts his chicken up at dinnertime. She knew.

  50. Who does Mackenzie think she’s fooling? It’s been obvious for multiple seasons now that Ryan is almost always HIGH! HIGH! YA BOTH HIGH! as hell. If viewers can tell from the few minutes we see Ryan during the episodes, it has to be clear to Mackenzie. Even last episode when he was rambling about getting a “hair cut” before their wedding, the way she was looking at him made it obvious that she knew he was high again but alas, she was determined to get married that day. What I really wanted Dr. Drew to ask was why Mackenzie didn’t make Ryan pull over when she saw he was passed out at the steering wheel and swerving. He also should have asked what that “did you take xanax AGAIN” comment was about, because it clearly shows that scene in the car wasn’t the first time she’s seen Ryan in that condition. I can’t believe Dr. Drew is actually a real doctor sometimes (most of the time).

  51. Mackenzie’s letter was a bunch of bull, but whoever wrote it (I suspect Jenn, because she would never say those things to Maci for fear of losing Bentley) did make a few good points. I do think Maci brought it up to spice up her segments because hawking t-shirts from a room over the garage does not a good storyline make. That being said, of course Mackenzie knew about Ryan’s issues. They did not rush into marriage for anything that had to do with Bentley and she asked him if he had taken Xanax “again”.

    1. I disagree. Maci does not seem like the type of person to use a serious issue such as this just to “spice up her segments.” Remember Ryan is the father of her child, not just any old dude. She wouldn’t use him like that just for tv. I think she was really was very concerned about him. Amber and Catelynn have both been down the road with addiction and she needed them to lean on when they went on that trip to Puerto Rico. Also, I don’t think Jenn wrote that letter because Maci said that she did approach Jenn about Ryan’s problem before and she brushed it off.

  52. My question is why didn’t dr drew ask Mack how did you not know he was using?
    She came out double barreled with that letter that Mimi Jen penned. She acted although unbeknownst to her that he was an addict. Why did that fall on macis lap? As if she didn’t know!! Give me a friggin break!! She was too into herself and locking herself down a reality star hubby!! She seriously made a fool of herself. Yes Mack it was you who drove with a man way too high to seriously consent to a wedding, she didn’t care one bit. But only if dr drew had the balls to call her out on her motives. You saw him use, when he wasn’t spun out he was doped up. She lived with him, he didn’t only use when he was out he used at home. She can take her holier than thou bullshit and pound sand. When he actually realizes what he did she’ll be gone. And momma Mimi will pick up the pieces, he’ll move back in and then Mack will be the bad one.

  53. Didn’t he go to rehab 3-4 years ago? Clearly friends and family would have been watching for any potential relapses. You would also think that Mack would also been aware of the 1st rehab stay. There is no way she didn’t know something was up. Do I think it was Maci’s story to tell… probably not. Think she could have filed for full custody and let people infer why Ryan was losing custody. Unfortunately she would have been portrayed as the bad person. She would have been a good mom though. Unfortunately Mack’s letter reveals that we are still in an era where addiction is seen as a character flaw that brings shame to a family and not a disease that needs treatment.

  54. The fact she didn’t even know he had a previous stint in a rehab says it all about their relationship. She hopped right into that life with him. His parents were thrilled someone else could take care of him for a change. That letter was bullshit. Maybe Maci had just had enough of trying to keep up appearances fot Jen and Larry.

    Give me a break Mack. You knew. You just didn’t want anyone else to know.

  55. I wish Maci would’ve said more to put that bitch in her place. Mackenzie was right about one thing. Ryan could’ve died…especially when she let him drive while he was high as a kite. That ain’t Maci’s fault, honey. That’s yours.

  56. Right, because MTV doesn’t exploit any of its show’s participants. With that said, it is not Maci’s job to fix Ryan. I’m sure if she told his parents, they would’ve swept it under the rug and ignored the situation. It is Mackenzies fault for getting into a car with Ryan and letting him drive. She had to have known SOMETHING was wrong with him for the past months. Normal people don’t act like him.

  57. Oh c’mon, your death cold stare while he was driving, was giving away that you knew EVERYTHING, you just didn’t care! Afraid he won’t marry you if he sobers up, didn’t you?!

  58. For Mackenzie to have the nerve to go on that stage and actually blame Maci for her being “humiliated” about Ryan’s drug addiction being exposed is an absolute joke. People have known for years that Ryan was on drugs due to his behavior. The man can barely keep his eyes open. Ryan made the decision to be on TV and be high on camera, not Maci. And does Mackenzie actually expect people to believe that she didn’t know about Ryan’s problem for all that time? If so, she is either crazy or incredibly stupid. She is around him 24/7. Of course she knew. That car scene where Ryan was driving under the influence was proof that she knew what was going on because she accused him of “taking xanax again.” She turned off those cameras because she didn’t want anyone knowing that she knew about his drug addiction because that would mean that she would have to explain why she is marrying a drug abuser when she has a young child to raise. Mackenzie made a fool of herself when she read that letter. Maci did nothing wrong.

    1. Right? Like…did Mackenzie really think it seemed to paint her in a good light to admit she (and his parents) knew less about her fiancé’s addiction, than his EX?? Did she think that even sounded plausible? The only conclusion here is either WAHH blame Maci, or girl, you’re dumb as shit.

      Also the whole “That was 186 days; 400,464 hours; and 267,840 minutes that he could’ve died, and still, you said nothing.” was soo cheesy and over the top, jfc.

      1. Seriously! That hours and minutes thing was so stupid. I had second-hand embarrassment. She really thought she was something with that line.

        1. I really did think that Jen helped her write that part just a hunch LOL I want to wear this is dating myself but it reminded me of that Hanson song

      2. I think if she’s smart enough to do that math then she’s smart enough to know when someone is on drugs if they fall asleep every time you have a conversation with them. She’s not fooling anyone. She knew about his drug problem.

        1. She was ignorant for 237 days; 84.325 OD’s; 496,200 hours; 45 ice baths to Ryne’s face in yet another attempt to revive him; 1,000,000,000 fucking minutes not spent acknowledging and treating his obvious fucking drug problem.

          1. LOL I knew I was reaching with that reference it’s an old song it out in 97 where they talk about missing someone so much that they go on to calculate the minutes

    2. Exactly! Rumors have been circulating FOR YEARS that he is high as a kite and much as it would have been great for that not to be true, given he has an amazing 8 year old son and all, he was in so deep he didn’t even try to hide it when on camera. I get the fact that Maci called him out on it and blah, blah, blah, and yeah, that’s embarrassing for all concerned – but seriously, there is no way that Mackenzie was in a room with him in person not knowing he was off his head if people watching him on a screen could tell after a minute. Is a TV show the best place for this stuff to get aired? Obviously not. But y’all made the decision to put yourselves there. Maybe if he didn’t want his addiction well known, don’t use just before the cameras come over and let them film you after using. Maybe if you don’t want people to see that your son is drugged up, opt out of the show for a while like Maci’s parents did. Plus, we only have Mackenzie’s word that Maci never discussed it with anyone else, and given how quick Mackenzie was to agree with Maci to her face that it would be good for Bentley to spend time with her and Ryan rather than Larry and Jen, but then go blabbing to Jen that Maci was just slating them all, and I’m not sure how much that word counts for. Ultimately this blame game distracts from the point, Maci never made Ryan get into this situation, and she has every right as a co-parent to call him out – and of course, given they are making a reality show MTV are going to exploit that. Maci has her immaturities for sure, and she’s obviously not a paragon of virtue, but this is not on her. Now is not the time to count minutes you hold Maci culpable for a choice she did not make, now is the time to concentrate on getting your husband something more worthwhile to do than drugs.

  59. There’s truth to what they both say. If Ryan went to Maci for help before she could have went to him in private. I do not believe she ever tried, I believe she used him for a storyline, which is why I think McKenzie is angry. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out next season. Hopefully his family and Maci come together in Ryan’s best interest.

    1. Come on. For all Maci’s faults, she loves Bentley fiercely. She doesn’t want him to go through his father’s death or have to visit him in prison. This is her actual life and her son’s actual life. It’s not about using him for a storyline. The father of her son – the person she loves most in this world – is a drug addict that could die at any moment. I’m pretty sure her mind wasn’t on coming up with a storyline.

  60. Maybe She wanted to believe that he was so excited to marry her that he needed a xanax to calm himself down because his dream of finding a perfect wife was finally coming true!

  61. Mackenzie really is so full of crap, re watching that clip I honestly believe that she was looking in the side view mirror and being quiet so that the producers didn’t try and stop them or catch on that he was driving so high because that would have halted their wedding that she so obviously rushed to make happen. She has responded to comments from people pointing out how high Ryan looks months ago and now wants to act like this is all a surprise… and she’s so worried with what everyone’s going to think or say when her only concern should be Ryan’s health and safety.

  62. Ok…I’ve said this before on here, but Ryan wouldn’t be getting help if Maci hadn’t called attention to it. Jen and Larry and MacKenzie would have continued to sweep it under the rug. Now that the whole world knows, Ryan has been forced into rehab due to public pressure. And Mack not knowing anything about him being on drugs is BS she sure knew that he had taken Xanax “again” in her own words. So she must have seen him do it before. In my opinion, Maci had no choice, but to bring it up for all the world to see! Now he’s gotten help, and people will be watching him. That may or may not have happened had she not called attention to it!

    1. I’m sorry but there is no WAY that that car scene was from taking “xanax.” That was straight up heroin. Ryan has a problem. By responding with shame and embarrassment, the people who love him are projecting those feelings onto Ryan. Addiction is a disease. End the stigma and start talking openly and honestly about it, because Ryan so desperately needs and depends on that for his recovery. Praying for all involved.

  63. I think Maci and Mackenzie are much more similar than they’d like to admit. Both are very self-righteous and refuse to admit any faults, but love pointing out when other people make mistakes. You and your families both have problems girls, just admit it and people will think more highly of you.

  64. Not defending Mackenzie, but how come MTV has called out Jenelle while on drugs, Leah while on drugs, Catelynn while one drugs, Amber while on drugs, Ryan while on drugs, but no one has said shit about Maci drinking while obviously pregnant. No one has called out Maci being an alcoholic!

    1. furthermore to your point when they pretended for so long to not to even know she might be pregnant I thought was ridiculous she went from one episode taking a pregnancy test ( that I swear she already knew the answer to) to the next episode looking like she was about to give birth still no acknowledgments it honestly surprised me that Maci was OK with the network making her look stupid

      1. She pretended she didn’t know for so long, because she knew the longer she pretended she didn’t know she was pregnant the longer could drink and less people would judge cus “I didn’t know” bullshit excuse.

        1. @Lala You nailed it. No way with her THIRD pregnancy she didn’t know. Or maybe just mistook morning sickness for hangover. Which is totally f*cked up if she did.

    2. I’m not sure you can call what MTV did as “calling out” any of them, more like sugar coating it, so this is right in line with how they always address serious issues on the show which they laughingly claim prevents teenage pregnancy.

  65. One thing I can’t stand about Maci is she is so quick to point out other peoples problems, while she drank while pregnant and allowed her husband to drive while bringing beer in a red cup into the car. Maci and Taylor are alcoholics! Mackenzie is desperate and pathetic this is her second marriage at the age of 21. The only way she got Ryan to marry her was while he was under the influence shes a disgusting human being. I feel bad for Ryan Maci, Mackenzie, Jen, and Larry, truly do not care for him what so ever!

  66. I’m calling BS just because McKenzie wanted to bury her head in the sand doesn’t mean maci was going to do the same yes I don’t necessarily agree with every thing maci has done but McKenzie has eyes we’ve known for years that Ryan was on something for her to act like it was so shocking and the only one on the planet that knew about it was Maci is
    simply ridiculous McKenzie was the one in that car with Ryan and was OK with him driving in that state NOT maci McKenzie condoned and covered up his behavior for far too long and instead of facing that she thought blaming Maci was the way to go also this is somewhat off-topic but is Dr. Drew not allowed to ask any actual question we would like an answer to??

  67. Wait… She can’t actually have found out 2 days before he went to rehab. I’ve been watching Maci and Ryan since 16 & Pregnant and I could tell he was on something. She LIVED with him – apparently Maci even went to Jen & Larry. No way can Maci be blamed for this. I actually believe that Maci probably told Ryan that she was going to talk about it on the show, which effectively forced Ryan’s hand. I give Maci 100% kudos… she put Bentley first and that’s her ONLY responsibility as that kid’s mother.

  68. Sorry, Mack – I ain’t buying you found out about Ryan’s drug use two days before your wedding. Are you also legally blind or just that oblivious?

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