Can Cody Nickson Recover in ‘Big Brother 19’ After His Nomination Blunder?

When you realize you just made a really big mistake…

Cody Nickson‘s meteoric rise to power in Big Brother 19 was not at all surprising. Cody fits the archetype of the “Big Brother” alpha-male to a tee and those type of players almost always control (or think they control) the early days of the game.

However, it is somewhat shocking how quickly Cody’s house of cards tumbled in “Big Brother 19.” The alpha-male typically doesn’t do well for long but very rarely does their game blow up so quickly and almost entirely due to their own actions.

In one fell swoop Cody very likely destroyed any chance he had at winning “Big Brother 19.”

(Warning: The following post contains some minor spoilers.)

Cody’s decision to target Paul wasn’t the worst thing he could have done in the game. It was stupid how Cody didn’t let anyone, not even Jessica— who inexplicably thinks he hangs the moon— in on what he was doing but it was understandable. Cody blindsiding his alliance and back-dooring Paul would have angered people but it likely wouldn’t have been detrimental to his game.

Cody could’ve swayed some people to get out Paul. Cody has had a hate-boner for Paul since Day 1 because Paul is a veteran and way more experienced in the game than most of the ‘Big Brother 19’ HGs. Paul is a threat. Cody’s mistake, and likely a fatal one, was deciding to go after Christmas instead.

It was obvious from the reactions in the house, specifically from Cody’s own alliance, that when Christmas was nominated Cody ruined his game. No one on Cody’s side of the house wanted to vote out Christmas at all and Cody should’ve realized that fact. The only reason Cody nominated her was to spite Paul, but he ended just spiting himself. Cody just turned most of his alliance against him.

This will become especially true if Christmas stays in the house (which according to the live feeds looks likely to happen). There are a few reasons to get rid of Paul, but there are no reasons at this point in the game for anyone to get rid of Christmas.

Christmas has way more of a chance to dominate competition in “Big Brother 19” than fellow nominee Jillian. This early in the game, though, Christmas’ potential competitive dominance can only be an asset to those who align with her.

Jillian has done less than nothing for her side of the house or for herself. Jillian doesn’t exactly deserve to go home but she also hasn’t done anything to prove she needs to be in the “Big Brother” house. By nominating Christmas, Cody didn’t just screw himself out of a powerful ally, he also proved to most of the house that he can’t be trusted by hiding his intentions before the nomination.

Cody’s only option of salvaging his game is to try to side with the people that he was calling “the outcasts” days ago. Cody might be the Head of Household but by nominating Christmas he put himself in the minority of the house. It is a house shift that is not at all welcome. It is incredibly unlikely that anyone on that side of the house will want to take Cody into their numbers, though. Alex is Cody’s closest “ally” from that side of the house and she doesn’t seem to trust or like him at all.

Then there is Cody’s disgusting showmance with Jessica. No one who Alex is aligned with likes Cody’s relationship with Jessica (for game reasons) and wants to break it up immediately. Cody is the easy target there because Jessica has proved no real skill for “Big Brother” so far this season.

Cody did bully a deal out of Jason to not nominate himself or Jessica but that is only in effect if Jason wins Head of Household. Cody made on uneasy ally in Jason by not nominating him but he made way more enemies (and threatening ones to boot) by putting up Christmas.

Unless, by some miracle, Jessica wins Head of Household, Cody is probably going to find himself on the block in Week 2 and will likely be going home in that same week.

Are Cody’s days in the “Big Brother” house numbered? Is his Christmas nomination the worst move by a Head of Household ever? Sound off in the comments section!

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11 Responses

  1. “hate-boner”. You are the best, Ashley. I spit out my coffee in laughter when I read that but it was totally worth it!

  2. Not correct Cody couldn’t put up Paul although he tried. Paul had a power to save him for 3 weeks which he revealed when Cody nominated him. Christmas was put up because he was pissed off. He had two other choices that would not have made him look bad Josh Ramses but he Christmas who he claimed he was working with. Cody has anger issues, vile disgusting his comments disturbing. He has the face of a serial killer and speaks like Jack Nicholson in the shinning especially when he addresses his disgusting girl friend Jessica. As a long time fan disgusted with these two self absorbed delusional fools who think they will be loved outside the house proving once again they know noting about BB

  3. Cody totally frightens me! Am I recalling correctly that he also has a kid? Why has this not come up with Jessica? He is a loose cannon. I hope Christmas comes back with a vengeance and knocks him out. I am loving the fact that his alliance is all turning on him now and they have all started to grow on me more.

    1. He did tell Jessica a few days ago that he has a kid. But of course they had already been together for a couple weeks by then.

  4. Cody is an a$$hole and has been this whole time. I hated his “power” move of nonfiction when anyone was talking to him. What a jerk. The smug look on his face when he nominated Paul and then the panic in his eyes when Paul revealed his Temptation was worth the BB prize money alone. He and Jessica deserve one another. She latched on the the perceived alpha just to get her through – jokes on you Pow pow. LOLOLOL!!

    I really hope Christmas stays because she will automatically align with the “outcasts.” I love Alex and think she can win – Cody just helped her out!

    1. I love Christmas. Cody is DEFINITELY a sociopath. He has literally no redeeeming qualities. The way he just doesn’t speak or respond to people is seriously so odd. Jessica is almost as bad and should unaligned herself from Cody immediately if she wants a shot at winning the game.

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