‘Counting On’ Stars Jill & Derick Dillard Welcome Second Child

“The blessings will keep on coming!”

It’s another boy for Counting On stars Jill and Derick Dillard and, apparently, another hard labor for poor Jill!

The reality TV stars welcomed a son on Saturday, July 8, according to a blog post on their family website. Jill and Derick named the baby Samuel Scott Dillard.

While the Duggars did not provide too many details of Baby Samuel’s birth, they did indicate that, like his big brother Israel, and cousin Spurgeon Seewald, he was a very large baby. Samuel weighed in at 9 lbs., 10 oz. and measured 22 inches long.

Back in 2015, Jill had an extremely hard labor and delivery with Israel. (She labored for over 70 hours at home before agreeing to go to the hospital to get a C-section!) For Samuel’s birth she was treated to “only” 40 hours in labor. According to the blog post, she ended up having to go to the hospital again to have a C-section.

After Israel’s birth, Jill and her family were criticized for not going to the hospital sooner. When Jill’s sister Jessa Seewald gave birth to her son Spurgeon in November 2015, she, too, labored at home for several days before giving birth to her baby, who weighed nearly 10 lbs. Jessa was later rushed to the hospital after experiencing post-partum hemorrhaging.

After the births, a midwife who trained Jill in midwifery spoke out about the girls’ decisions to labor at home for as long as they did.

“Both Jessa and Jill made decisions that do not fairly reflect home birth or the care of the midwives in this state,” she stated.

Samuel is the second child for Jill and Derick, who have been married since 2014. Jill spent much of her pregnancy living in Central America doing ministry work with Derick, but they are now back in the United States.

Jill’s labor and delivery will almost certainly be included in an upcoming episode of her family’s reality show, ‘Counting On.’

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  1. Anyone else wondering why both Jill and Jessa gave their first babies weird names and their second ones normal, popular one?

  2. Jill is a foolish, ignorant girl. 40 hours of labor is ridiculous and irresponsible, it’s too stressful on the body and the baby. She’s going to kill herself having these babies.

    1. YES to this ^^. A poor friend of mine recently went to the hospital to be induced on a Monday, and didn’t have the baby until the wee hours of FRIDAY!! It was eventually a C-section, but why on earth did the hospital wait so long?? Total, utter shit.

  3. I do feel bad for Jill with this. It will likely limit her family size and she does actually seem to genuinely want lots of kids. Meanwhile Jessa who doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body pops them out without problem.

    1. I’d agree, except I’m afraid Jill will keep getting pregnant regardless of risk because the mentality of the family is “god’s way” or the highway. They won’t do anything to hinder their chances of getting pregnant and if she gets pregnant and is at risk, she’ll do anything to keep the baby alive over herself. I really hope a tragedy is not the in cards for her.

      1. Hey, that’s what her mom did! Josie was a preemie (and her birth was apparently really hard) and if she delivered Jubilee, she would most certainly die. One of her sons (Josiah) was so upset he went off camera to cry or sth because he knew if his mom delivers her 20TH child, they won’t have a mom anymore. Such selfish twats using their ‘religion’ as an excuse!

      2. I agree she will keep getting pregnant as well but she will likely end up with a rupture and hysterectomy probably somewhere around the 7th or 8th child and that will be it. Hopefully she and the baby don’t die as well especially with where they live and their preference for not going to the hospital. Maybe this will make Jill the one to adopt because even though Jessa talks about it all the time I can’t see her actually doing it.

          1. Both Jill and Jessa have discussed it. Jessa in particular. And Jim Bob and Michelle have just taken in one of Michelle’s nephews. I am not sure if they are adopting him or just maintaining permanent guardianship but they will be raising him. I know some people say adoption isn’t allowed in Gothardism but it is EXTREMELY popular among Christians.

        1. For Jessa to actually adopt, her youngest has to be AT LEAST 9 months old but seeing how quickly she got pregnant with her second and lbr, she could very well be pregnant already with #3, they will only be able to adopt when she stops with her fertile years. Which will take about 20 years and by that time she will already have more than enough children. So yeah, maybe Jill will although I don’t want them to.

          1. “Talk about it” is all they’re going to actually do. The nephew is blood, different story.

            They will NEVER adopt. Their cult does not allow it. “Sins of the father”. Plus none of them could qualify.

          2. I think this family specifically would have a hard time adapting due to their strict and Orthodox religious believes just a feeling I don’t think the adoption will ever see the light of day

          3. They are in NO WAY part of the Orthodox Church.

            I am. Or more specifically, was, as I am now an atheist.

            The Duggar’s are in a cult, pure and simple. Google Recovering Grace, and learn just how vile repulsive and disgusting they truly are.

          4. Thea is incorrect, as I’ve stated above. JB and Michelle are in the process (if not yet completed) of adopting a boy.

          5. All of them have married husbands who aren’t as strict as Jim Bob and Michelle are. Ben and Jim Bob apparently have some sort of religious disagreement over doctrine and Ben is the one that comes from the family most like the Duggars. Derick’s mother was actually adopted and he is one of two kids whose mom worked outside the home, I highly doubt he has a problem with adoption. There is a great book called The Child Catchers by Kathryn Joyce who also wrote the book ‘Quiverfull’ and discussed how many Christians are feeling ‘called’ to adopt to bring more children into God’s Kingdom. It has become astonishingly popular. All of these ‘kids’ are part of the a new generation things that someone like Jim Bob believe don’t necessarily carryover. Their ‘cult’ isn’t organised like a church is it is just a group of similar beliefs not rules where one can be kicked out.

    1. She did not study labor and delivery as one with knowledge traditionally would. The girls are not allowed to do any real study beyond what their Mama taught ’em. Boys can. Girls can’t. She may have watched a few babies “gettin born” but they were probably just Anna’s. She listened to a few babies heartbeats in the womb. Again probably just Anna’s. But she did get a formal education. She just knows how to make ’em. That’s all she needs to know.

      1. I’m a real, actual, nurse.

        That was the only way I can describe, accurately, her “education”. I refuse to acknowledge she’s​, in anyway, a “midwife”.

    2. Thea I meant to say on unOrthodox my apologies to the actual faith did not mean to lump them in in anyway

    3. Wow, Thea. That’s a lot of hate you are carrying, there. I hope one day you can let go of that! It’s difficult to carry that kind of load.

  4. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Meanwhile Detek still looks like he is dying!!!

    1. Indeed! I legit think the dude has a tapeworm in his gut… or at the very least, something to be concerned about :/

  5. They labor/deliver at home (unmedicated) because they prefer to barter for their healthcare. I mean I’m surprised ole Jim Boob D didn’t save up used/pulled staples and make homemade braces for his kids teeth. But used and save the difference. They employ that same mantra to healthcare. If you die it’s Gods will.

  6. I know a lady who has had 5 sections and now she’s got to talk to her doctor about having more. Depends on how your scar heals etc

  7. Each c-section increases the risk for uterine rupture in subsequent pregnancies. Too bad the Duggars aren’t ones take advice from people with medical degrees…
    Sorry Jill, your death by ruptured uterus was just god’s plan! ?‍♀️ Good for you for not using birth control though, I’m sure Jesus will personally hand you your award. Lolz

    1. I was about to say that too! Don’t you die within minutes as well?!? Why do they take such risks

  8. Jill, you don’t get a medal for an unmediated home birth. Get to the hospital next time!

  9. I hope another hard birth will now give her and her brainwashed dimwit of a husband (seriously for someone who experienced the real world and even went to COLLEGE, he’s pretty stupid!) the realization that they will not be having 19 kids just like her mom. Stop while Jill’s still alive.

    1. I just feel like they have no grasp on reality I couldn’t imagine a husband in the world that would be OK with taking the were pregnant wife out of the country where it’s not necessarily safe or they don’t have the best amenities the whole situation just does not make sense to me one bit she’s lucky she made it back to the states where she was able to give birth and go quickly to a hospital

  10. I might be wrong but I thought once you had a C-section it was recommended that for future children you would do the same? Do the Duggers just kind of ignore that or has that changed? Also this just makes me feel uneasy like they have and are risking their lives and that of their child’s by having a homebirth l I’m not saying homebirth is a bad choice I just think for some people it might not be the safest way to go about it

    1. You can opt for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) if your OB agrees. A lot of women (myself included) schedule a csection for the 2nd baby but it’s personal choice. Now the 3rd baby…. pretty sure that would be an automatic csection but with the Duggars, who knows what they will do ?

      1. Thanks for the info! I find it concerning though I don’t feel like they would be willing to even be open minded to what a doctor has said to them

      2. Yes after 2 sections you automatically have a third. And three csections is the max, after which you are putting your life on the line. It’s a sugery, it’s hard on the body to recover.

        1. Michelle was going to try a VBA2C with Jordyn and a VBA3C with Josie but neither worked out. I am guessing Jill will do the same. I actually do know a woman who had a VBAC after 5 sections.

    2. According to the hospitals in my area, if a hospital wants to do VBACs, they have to have a surgeon and an anesthesiologist on site 24/7 in case there are complications and an emergency C-section becomes necessary; this is a requirement now for malpractice insurance reasons. I had a cesarean due to my first child being breech and for my second, I would have had to travel 60 miles to get to a hospital that allows VBACs, so I stayed close to home and had a second C-section at a local hospital.

      I do know some women who have successfully had vaginal births after having had a c-section but for some mothers, that just isn’t an option. I cannot fathom putting yourself and your child at risk just so that you can say you had a home birth. You are no less of a mother if your child arrived in this world through surgical intervention, but your children could be totally minus a mother if you stubbornly refuse to seek help when it is so obviously necessary. I hope Jill makes an appointment for a c-section while pregnant with her next child (because we all know that there will be more). The recovery time for a c-section may be longer and yes, there is the chance for post-surgical complications but again, I’d rather be here to see my children grow up than to have the “honor” of birthing (and dying) at home.

    3. Agree with all of this, minus the home birth stuff. I used to think that but then I watch the documentary and it’s follow up series, The Business of Being Born and started to change my tune about home birth versus hospital births. (I did additional research too and didn’t just swallow what the documentary said). Home births can be surprisingly safer than hospital births, but that is assuming you’ve had nothing but a safe and healthy pregnancy and have no history of complicated births. Both Jill and Jessa should have been in a hospital for their second births, or at least a birthing center connected to a hospital just in case. Or they should have had a real midwife around to make the call about when it’s time to go to the hospital. (Jill being at Jessa’s birth doesn’t count bc as others have mentioned, she doesn’t have the full credentials.)

    1. My daughter wouldn’t have either. Thank goodness for modern medicine. Wonder if these dimwits know you can labor unmedicated at the hospital too. Just sayin’ ??‍♀️

  11. Jesus, 40 hours?? What a nut, get thee to a hospital. I would worry about the baby after that long. But she did cut her labor in half, maybe next time she’ll just schedule a c-section to begin with.

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