Former TLC Reality Star Toby Willis Sentenced to More Than 40 Years in Prison

Toby Willis was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Toby Willis will likely be spending the rest of his life behind bars.

The former star of the TLC reality show The Willis Family pleaded guilty to four counts of child rape.

According to The Tennessean, Toby appeared in a Cheatham County, Tennessee, courtroom on Tuesday to enter his guilty plea.

He was given two 25-year sentences and two 40-year sentences for his crimes.

The site reports that the earliest release date for Toby is 2057, and that Toby’s sentences will be served concurrently, and served at 100 percent, giving him a total of at least 40 years in prison with no possibility of early release.

He will be 87 years old by the time he’s even eligible for release.

Toby is the father of 12 children, all of whom appeared on the family’s reality show along with Toby’s wife Brenda. The show ran for two seasons before it was cancelled in 2016, right before Toby’s arrest in September.

He was arrested in Kentucky after hitchhiking from Tennessee to evade arrest. He was originally charged wtih one count of child rape, with reports stating that the charge stemmed from Toby raping a 9- to 10-year-old girl approximately 12 years prior. The victim is believed to be related to Toby.

Toby has been behind bars since September, and has had his trial postponed several times. In December, Toby’s lawyer asked that the trial be postponed so that Toby could undergo a series of psychological tests to see if he was competent to stand trial. He was eventually allowed to go on trial.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Toby’s wife Brenda has remained silent, except for one statement she released right after his arrest that let the family’s fans know that she stood with the District Attorney’s Office, rather than her husband.

After Toby’s sentencing, Brenda and her family made a statement via their attorney.

“The Willis family would like to thank their family, friends and fans for the outpouring of love and support during this most difficult year,” the statement reads. “Additionally, the Willis family would like to thank the many members of law enforcement for their detailed and comprehensive investigation of this matter. Finally, the family would like to thank the District Attorney’s office for their diligence and sensitivity in the handling of this case.

Toby (back) with his wife Brenda and their 12 kids promoting their show ‘The Willis Family’ on TLC…

“The family has remained fully cooperative throughout the investigation. Although the criminal case has concluded with Toby Willis receiving 40 years for the crimes he committed, the impact on the victims will remain much longer. The family is appreciative and grateful that people have respected their need for privacy during this trying time and asks for continued respect as they seek to move forward.”

The family’s band, The Willis Clan, has not performed publicly since Toby’s arrest. The oldest Willis child, 25-year-old Jessica, left the band shortly before Toby was arrested and has distanced herself from her family. (She is currently engaged.) The other Willis children range in age from 25 to 6, and all have names that start with the letter “J.”

(Photos: Cheatham County, TLC)


15 Responses

  1. Wow. I wish them peace. They are such a talented family. I hope this doesn’t shut away their gifts.

  2. I’m glad the family did not try to cover up or stand by this disgusting excuse for a human like other families (Duggars!) but I feel so sad for his wife and children and his victims. The Ashley was totally right that the consequences and hurt from his actions will haunt everyone for the rest of their lives.

  3. Gross. Glad justice was served. I feel really bad for the rest of his family. It must be awful.

  4. this one makes me sad. I loved the first season of the show. The second season, something clearly wasn’t right within the family but I never expected for Toby to be a repugnant pervert piece of shit. I hope Brenda and the kids can find healing and peace somehow. It was pretty clear on the show that she really loves her kids.

    Ashley, where did you find info on Jessica? I would like to know if she has new music.

  5. Crazy how someone like him gets less time than someone who sells weed. Pedophiles are absolutely the worst and nastiest people on the planet and should be put to sleep.

  6. I feel bad for his wife and children, they were ,and still are, Very talented musicians. Now there lives are ruined…all because there father is a perverted scumbag ! Hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison! ??

  7. Strange. He creeped me out when I first started watching this show… I would watch him closly but couldn’t put my finger on it. Like something was really off about this man. What a disgusting human being! I feel for the victims and his family.

  8. I’m glad the family didn’t stand behind him and his disgusting actions like so many do in situations like this.

  9. THIS IS EXACTLY what Josh Duggar should have faced and what Anna should have done (left him) after she heard he fondled his own sisters. Okay not 40 years but still, a long enough sentence to really know what he did was WRONG.

    1. 40 years would not be too long for a pedophile…there isn’t a sentence long enough for a pedophile, to be honest.

    2. Anna married Josh knowing he had sexually assaulted/fondled his sisters. I’m really glad Brenda Willis stood up for her children & immediately dumped her husband. It’s what a mother should do. Her kids will live the rest of their lives knowing their mom is their #1 protector while Anna’s kids will wonder why their mom was a weak turd.

  10. Screw paying for this scumbag for the next 40 years. One bullet is much cheaper and no chance of early release to rape another child.

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