‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Gets Into Nasty Twitter Spat with Ex-Boyfriend Simon Saran


Another day, another feud for Farrah Abraham.

Teen Mom OG fans are used to seeing Farrah Abraham get into online catfights with her co-stars Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell, (and, well, basically everybody), but on Monday, Farrah battled on Twitter with a new opponent—her on-and-off-boyfriend, Simon Saran…and it got downright nasty!

Farrah has been off spreading her special kind of misery to men around the world while filming for the upcoming MTV UK dating show Single AF. Back in the States, meanwhile, Simon has been posting photos on social media showing him spending time with a mysterious brunette. (It wasn’t Farrah but, like Farrah, this girl also likes to show off her, um, ample rump.)

Simon made it clear that he disapproved of Farrah taking part in the UK dating show, and took to Twitter to spill some tea on the situation. In a series of tweets, Simon said MTV producers ruined his relationship with Farrah by pushing her to do the ‘Single AF’ show.

“Her producers needed her to play single. Being a slave to money you hurt people along the way,” he wrote.

“Hold on. Gotta look that up in my “Farrah-to-English” translator before I can respond!”

He also tweeted that Farrah’s daughter Sophia is “growing up without a dad and now sometimes a mom” in reference to Farrah leaving Sophia to travel and do the dating show.

“Farrah doesn’t know what she wants,” Simon tweeted. “She should be home with Sophia. Instead she’s dating famewh0re dickheads. Gets old.”


“MTV ‘Single AF’ wasted all that money traveling the world and couldn’t find Farrah a date,” Simon wrote on Monday.

Farrah took time from her jetsetting to respond to Simon’s tweets.

“FYI Simon is not in my life and really is hurt I’ve moved on the ride is over stop talking bout and tv if your over me,” she tweeted.  (If you aren’t fluent in “Farrah Speak,” allow The Ashley to translate for you: Farrah’s basically telling us that Simon is hurt because she has moved on and that he is no longer getting a “free ride.” She advises Simon to stop talking about her if he’s so “over her.”)

“Worst ride ever,” Simon replied.

“Why are you trying to get attention, your pathetic and I’m a great mother, professional, friend and women go stop using me for money,” Farrah responded. “I’m happy I get to travel the world and meet great people unlike you at home stalking my dates and social thank me for making you.”

Simon stated that Farrah was “blowing up” his phone the previous night, and Farrah responded by saying it was Simon who was texting her.

“Get a life- no one wants your nasty low life style your hateful, user, fame whore,” she told him.

During the spat, Simon confirmed that the ‘Teen Mom’ special he and Farrah filmed earlier this year, “Being Simon,” is still set to air. Simon stated that this will be the last time the show’s fans will see him their TV screens.

Of course, Farrah chimed in on that as well.

“Thanks2me you got your own ‘Being Simon’ special,” she tweeted. “LMAO Simon wants to be on tv so much ! F**kin joke! Be thankful not hateful.”

Simon responded by saying he didn’t even want to film the special. (He has never hid his disdain for the ‘Teen Mom’ producers or most of his cast mates, including Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen. However, he has still filmed for several seasons of the show. )

“Actually if you remember I didn’t want to film it. Come on girl! You know me better than that. I don’t need fame,” he wrote. “I was made before you.”

This has all the making for yet another round of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars for Farrah, y’all!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Farrah is like the Shakespeare of incoherent bullshit. But, did she get a chin implant or some shit because her mouth looks like a ventriloquist dummy’s. Also, they need to stop putting this psychotic bitch on dating shows because there isn’t a single person on this Earth capable of loving Farrah, not even Farrah herself. Homegirl better get some cats because it’s gonna be a lonely, bitter life.

  2. Sooo ashley.. You’re not going to recap the reunion? I seen on twitter the other day that you said you were going to recap the reunion episode. Did you change your mind?

    1. You do? I honestly think she looks beyond plastic like she joined a competition with Barbie and she’s winning I just can’t believe her doctors would agree to it… I think she looked better before all the plastic surgery

  3. The phrase “The two deserve each other” really applies here.

    The part I found interesting is her behavior towards Dr. Drew was a complete 180 than when she was on his “This Life” podcast. I was actually shocked listening to her on it. She was cordial and calm. One could say “cheerful” with her conversation with him and his co host on it. Girlfriend had a bee in her bonnet on the reunion.

    As for Dr. Drew hosting these, I’m over it. He says again and again, “I’m not their doctor. I’m not treating them” but you don’t need a degree to call out bullshit. Come on.

  4. Simon gives me life. He might me annoying but this guy never disappoints with his truthfulness. Too bad we won’t be seeing him much anymore now that he is over and out it seems.

    1. Simon is just as hateful as Farrah but watching these two is like fighting fire with fire, or just mutually assured destruction. Bring it on. I’ve got popcorn.

    1. Last I heard, her sister Ashley Danielson, who used to appear on the show back in the early days, stopped dealing with Farrah after she blamed a DUI charge on Ashley one night when they were out partying.

      Even though, I don’t believe Ashley was even inside the car with Farrah at the time.

      1. I remember this. Farrah literally blamed Ashley for a DUI cause Ashley didn’t drive Farrah home. Christ.

    2. Sorry, but Dr. Drew’s leak that Simon wanted $250,000.00 to appear on the reunion show and MTV declined, tells me what many people have been thinking for a long time.

      Successful real estate expert or not, Simon Saran was no more than another “paid” participant who was willing to be seen with Farrah on camera. The same way that several other “boyfriends” including a guy named Brian Dawe in 2014 and her sex tape co-star James Deen had to see some serious dollar signs before they would even consider sharing camera space with her.

      Perfect case in point, one minute Simon is defending her to haters — the next minute it’s a ridiculous Twitter sh*t show between the two of them when the dollar signs don’t calculate in his favor.


      1. I think everyone around Farrah, besides Sophia, is a paid participant in her life. Especially her parents. They endure Farrah’s abuse for a paycheck. That’s also why Farrah can’t get along with the other Teen Moms. They aren’t going to put up with Farrah’s shit because they don’t need her money, they have their own.

  5. I refuse to watch Anything with her in it because she’s as fake as it gets unlike the other Amazing women on TMOG ❤️ !! No Man with half a brain would Ever be serious about this disgraceful Idiot ! It’s obvious why she is the Only single one on the cast. MTV Please #FireFarretch ASAP !! I Really, Truly care about the other Woman and their families (except Gary & Matt cuz they are Disgusting in their own ways). Also Please stop talking about Simon, Debra & David hopefully they’ll go away. Honestly they’re 15 min of fame are over and we are over them.

  6. “MTV ‘Single AF’ wasted all that money traveling the world and couldn’t find Farrah a date”…..BBBBUUUURRRRNNNNNN!!!! I think everyone knew this except for Farrah….and even though that point has now been proven, we all know she still thinks she’s the most desirable woman on earth….how is it that she’s traveled the world, and can’t find anyone desperate enough to pretend to be her boyfriend.

    And I just want to thank the Ashley for breaking down that one tweet…I am usually able to figure out the gist of what the hell Farrah is talking about…that sentence she made was literally a bunch of profanity and pronouns jumbled together that made absolutely no sense.

  7. I couldn’t even watch her segment of the reunion special. Absolutely unwatchable because she was initially so combative. I just skipped it and went to Catelynn’s segment. When is MTV going to get it? We don’t want to watch this plastic ignoramus or her paid wannabe “entourage” (Simon, ‘DebzOG’, etc.)!

    1. Her segment on the reunion show was really boring…she had nothing interesting to say. She was just being Farrah to Dr. Drew. He did act a little catty when he was asking Deb if Sophia needed to be removed and if they needed to call CPS. Like yeah Dr. Drew you’re really brave now that Farrah’s off the stage, but when she was on, he was cowering like a little baby.

      I wish we could get a decent host on the reunions. Someone that would say things like “FYI Mackenzie when you say you didn’t know he was an addict yet you lived with him and let him drive high, you sound like a dipsh*t. Or Farrah, shut the f*ck up. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t fix your hideous attitude. Things of that nature which NEED to be said lol.

  8. Sorry, Simon, but you sound ridiculous. Farrah’s issues aside, he sounds like a jealous ex who can’t let it go. Just giving my honest opinion here…Simon is a fame-hungry disgrace of a human being. Perfect for Farrah, TBH. He’s just as hypocritical as she is, constantly trolling the other teen moms for issues seen most dramatically in himself. ???

  9. My god Farrah.. please go back to 3rd grade English class. At least have Sophia proof read your nonsense before you share it with the world.

  10. I hate that she’s going to be on British show. God forbid Brits think all Americans are like this piece of whorey trash.

    1. She was already in their Celebrity Big Brother so why not here?! I guess she’s the most interesting train wreck from America (next to New York ofc, I remember seeing her on BB UK and laughed my ass off, so funny.)

  11. The MTV lawyers should pull out the contract that Farrah signed and tell her that they are going to sue her or withhold her six figure income for breach of contract when she doesn’t answer Dr. Drews questions. He handled her with kid gloves. I was hoping he was going to tell her she signed a contract and part of the bargain was she needs to answer his questions. She is so disrespectful.

  12. Farrah is hateful. To everyone except herself. She expects Sophia to act like an adult, but then speaks to her like she’s a baby. Everything about her confuses me.
    I like Simon though. He’s a huge cunt, but I think he’s the only one in Farrahs segments who is actually real and truthful.

  13. Is it bad that, no matter how much I dislike Farrah, I dislike Debrah more? The reunion special made me crazy. Farrah will always be Farrah, which is not okay but is expected. Debrah tries to act like the reasonable one while simultaneously denying things took place that were literally on film for the world to see. And you wonder why your daughter expects marriage after 3 weeks of dating when you get engaged to every man you meet.

    1. Debra raised Farrah, so no, you’re not wrong. She is worse. Farrah is a product of her environment. I’m not defending her, but she has no idea how to break free of the crazy she grew up with but seems to (sometimes) want to. Debra denies that there even is crazy.

    2. Like Michael said on MBC, she’s getting engaged to a doctor, she’s not letting that fish get away. LOL!

      1. Lmao!? So true. The best is when “Dr.David” feels the need to remind Dr.Drew that he, too, is a doctor- and is therefore qualified to diagnose Farrah. As a specialist in infectious disease. That’s definitely close to specializing in psychiatry. I lost it for that one.

  14. Completely off-topic however I could not Believe her behavior last night she was not only rude to The audience and Dr. Drew (Who drives me nuts to) but it doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been cordial and at least answer the man’s questions that are nowhere near close to what anyone in the planet would ever ask them I digress it was absolutely cringe worthy also for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what the hell they had done to her hair why would you let anyone go out like that maybe that’s why she left the stage embarrassment

    1. I think I was more shocked that she came back on stage a second time and was completely cooperative and answered all his questions. I was like, “What the hell did they say to her to change her attitude like that?!” It was a miracle.

      1. I actually felt bad for her when she got emotional at the end there. Maybe it’s because I grew up in an abusive household, but I could literally feel how sad she was and I couldn’t help but relate. It’s NO excuse for the way she behaves, but I truly believe that her childhood was messed up. Debrah’s other child has completely disowned her, which adds credibility to some of the things Farrah has said in the past. I get so frustrated with Debrah when she refuses to acknowledge that anything was wrong.

        1. I’m so sorry that you had to grow up like that. Everyone deserves a safe and loving home. Sometimes I too feel sorry for Farrah. She is really awful but her mother has been really awful to her.

          1. Agree. And thank you for saying that. It’s difficult because not all families with abuse in them look the way you would imagine. Debrah doesn’t seem like the “type,” but, when you peel back a few layers, you start to see it for what it is. Farrah has said in the past that her mother was never around, she was raised by a nanny and her mother chose men and other ventures over her. Then you see Farrah exhibiting similar behaviors. The whole thing is just sad.

        2. @Sarah I agree. People tend to forget that Debra was a completely different person when Teen Mom first started. She was very controlling of Farrah and didn’t comfort her at all when Derek died. I think Debra uses Farrah for fame and money now and that’s another reason why Farrah can’t stand her. That whole family is messed up. I know Farrah wasn’t born a monster. I think her parents really fucked her up.

          1. I know right?! This is Debra 2.0…and it’s completely bizarre. When TM started, she had that Farrah Fawcett haircut and wore power suits every single day. Now her entire wardrobe looks like it came from the clearance rack at Forever 21. I feel like once Farrah made some money and wasn’t forced to depend on Debrah, Debrah did a 180. It’s so odd to me.

          2. @Sarah @Heather @Meh ITA with all your points. What it comes down to is that she has one of the worst cases of Borderline Personality Disorder you could ever hope to see, which is largely a disorder rooted more in environment than genetics. And I am a PhD therapist so I’m fairly qualified in that assertion. I love trash TV and I’m not ashamed! Also, I don’t understand why Dr. Drew pussyfoots around everything regarding her behavior, particularly her very obvious diagnosis!

    2. So, I’ve only seen the first part – but oh my God, dude. I don’t like the C-word, but if I were to ever call someone that to their face it would be her. She’s awful.

      And yes, bitch, you did say that Dr. Drew could talk about dinner with Simon – he chose to talk about the one in Jamaica. It was only when you realized that he was right that you turned into one of the biggest twatwaffles on Earth.

      (I don’t like twatwaffle either, but other than the C word which I abhor, nothing else seems to apply 🙂 )

    3. I was ready to reach through my tv and slap that smug smile off her face during the first segment and I was furious with Dr Drew for not slapping her. But then in the second segment–she was better behaved and it seemed pretty obvious she acts like a butch to cover her inner pain. Still not ok. You’re an adult (and yes, Farrah, that is the proper spelling of the word in this scenario) and need to behave like one. You do the same things to others Debra did/does. That’s not ok. Avoiding physical abuse doesn’t mean you aren’t abusive. Verbal/emotional abuse is also painful.

      Dr Drew, I’ve been fairly critical of you on the reunion shows but I actually respected the way you handled Farrah’s second segment. A good doctor (whether he is her doctor or not) can’t judge a patient because the patient will shut down emotionally. Regardless of the way she spoke to you, you stayed calm and professional. Props for that. It’s more than I could have done in the situation.

      Does Farrah get some kind of trademark fee every time she says Hateful on tv? Or on twitter. That’s the only reason I can find to (mis)use the word so so often. Stop throwing it around like you know what it means

  15. She sure likes to throw the word “hateful” around… Honey, Google it, and you will notice the Oxford dictionary used you as the first example.. “that hateful arrogant woman’

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