Did Danielle Mullins Really Consummate Her Marriage to Mohamed Jbali? The ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Finally Reveals the Truth

“Can I take that one minute back!?”

Danielle Mullins finally answered the question that 90 Day Fiancé fans have had since they first met her back on Season 2—did she really ever consummate her marriage to Mohamed Jbali?

The marriage is over, but that burning question remained unanswered (somewhat, at least)…until Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

During the episode, fans watched as Danielle met with her court liaison, Linda, to discuss getting Danielle’s marriage to Mohamed annulled. Danielle and Mohamed had never really given fans a straight answer about their sex life (or lack thereof), at least not until this episode, when Danielle had to tell the truth to her legal liaison.

Linda tells Danielle there will be a court hearing held before her annulment can be granted. She also states that if Danielle wants an annulment as opposed to a divorce, she will have to “prove grounds for an annulment.”

Danielle said she listed ‘fraud’ as the reason for the annulment, but Linda isn’t sure that will be enough to get Danielle the annulment she wants.

“Fraud is hard to prove,” Linda says, adding that there are only a few issues that would make the marriage eligible for an annulment. She then asked Danielle if her marriage to Mohamed had ever been consummated. If not, that could be grounds for an annulment.

Danielle finally admitted the truth: that she and Mohamed had “done the deed”… but only one time!

“Me and Mohammed only consummated our marriage once,” Danielle says. “Three months after we got married. It does hurt because it could have been an avenue that I could have used to get the annulment.”

It’s not surprising that the couple only had sex one time, given that Mohamed acted as if he would rather cut off his own arm than touch Danielle during most of their season’s episodes. Most fans could tell from the start that their relationship wasn’t going to last, but Danielle didn’t seem to see it, even after Mohamed refused to kiss her at their wedding because he said it was against his Muslim customs.

Danielle’s declaration that she and Mohamed only had sex one time after their marriage somewhat matches what Mohamed said during the “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Season 1 Reunion last year. He claimed that he and Danielle “were intimate” before their wedding and one time after. He also stated that Danielle had threatened to call immigration and get him deported if he did not continue to have sex with her.

Mohamed said that he did not want to have sex with Danielle because she smelled bad and that she peed on him.

“No one would have sex with someone like you!” Mohamed yelled at Danielle during that 2016 reunion show taping. “She has a problem that she needs to see a doctor before she has sex with someone!”

On Sunday’s “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” episode, Danielle says that she was tricked by Mohamed, who knew he had to have sex with her at least once after they got married to prevent her from getting the marriage annulled for that reason.

“I think he knew that he needed to consummate the marriage at least once so I couldn’t use it against him,” she says.

Due to the fact that Danielle had sex with Mohamed after their wedding, Linda says that proving fraud is probably Danielle’s only hope for getting an annulment, but it won’t be easy.

“It is overwhelming,” Danielle said.

“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” airs Sunday nights on TLC.

Watch the full clip below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. Warning this for the first time and I thought to myself she looks like she smells really bad.. and she probably did pee on him. Be honestly looked like he put in a lot of effort but this lady was psychotic all the way through and manipulative. She wasn’t used. She was stupid

  2. Does anyone else think “Tina” is Mohammed, actually. Speak better English bro, you might actually come across as a “TINA”.

  3. So, you can’t prove fraud but you can prove if you have had sex with someone once? How is that possible? Did he tape it?

  4. I haven’t seen next weeks episode yet but I’m going to sum it up for you anyway. Danielle cries to everyone who will listen about how he is dating all these women and wasn’t here for the right reasons. Then calls him
    Expecting him to prove he was here for the right reasons. She brings up her boyfriend, Mohammad’s social media, how newly strong she is, and cries 25 times over a guy is she completely “done with”. Then asks him to meet up so they can talk. Makes him promise to be friends and offers to go through with the divorce. His girlfriend waits in the car this entire time. Danielle’s girls are all pretending to be asleep in their unpacked house without electricity or heat because Danielle spent all her money on an attorney.

  5. Watching Danielle is like watching a 12 year old. She’s over 40 and has teenage children that are more mature. I fluctuate between cringing and wondering if she genuinely has an intellectual disability.

    1. I know! When she is pretty much begging him to be her friend I don’t know if I should scream or cry for her (or her kids)

      1. Agree. I wonder if TLC did a psychological work up on her prior to filming this. I think they should offer to get this woman some mental help. She is pathetic and I am not even sure if she realizes how she comes across. Someone please help her! I do feel sorry for her children.

        1. Yes he scammed her but now she is willing to spend all this extra money to really stick it to him and get an annulment. Do I think he only married her for the green card… um yes! Do i think he should be deported… um yes! BUT this is a woman who has had her electricity and stuff cut off and has kids to feed so maybe she just gets the cheaper divorce and focuses on the future with her kids.

  6. she also he did not bring up the smell on the reunion not him he was uncomfortable didn’t want to talk about it. always the victim doesn’t do anything wrong

  7. good lord get your facts straight she went over to the dohar with her friend. Got sick left the apartment gross and a disgusting undergarment she said on film they had sex there as well so sorry not sorry she had it more then once stop giving these lying idiots any publicity

  8. I’m guessing he was well aware of the fact that annulment is pretty much impossible after you sleep with your spouse, that guy is shifty. So obvious he wanted her for a green card, come on

  9. This lunatic drives me crazy. I genuinely felt bad for her at one point but now she’s bringing all this on herself. She had kids to take care of and chose to pay for him to come here and become a citizen instead and then paid for the ‘wedding’ herself. Their electricity was turned off like a few weeks after the wedding. She chose him over providing for her girls. Then he fought with her son and she chose him again over her children. I was very confused when she had him come and apologize to her sister and brother in law. Their lives weren’t being held in a sad state until he apologized. They didn’t care at all! She claims she has a boyfriend and is so happy but stalks his Facebook and calls him to talk about his “pitchers”. Let it go lady. As much as he is trying to con her into pulling the annulment she is trying to use the annulment to keep him in her life. Focus on your kids, paying your bills and move on.

    1. Very true didn’t know all of that information. I think if she just got him deported she might focus more on her kids then herself but who knows. I think he does things off camera to make her believe he wants or wanted to be with her. I’m sure there’s a lot we don’t know or see. I just feel bad that he said all of those foul things about her. If you ever loved someone you would not do that. I don’t think she’s all there mentally but who knows

    2. yep and if mo said jumps she would say how high. she wasn’t upset that he used her to get here she is pissed because she thinks she bought and paid for him and if she can’t have him back he goes

  10. Wow I feel bad for her. She just doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to believe it. I hope she does go thru with the annulment but she’s so easily conned by him. I hope a judge or who ever will decide has some knowledge of how he played her and treated her like crap on tv. Embarrassing and heart breaking for her. She’s a human who deserves to be loved and not humiliated no matter what she looks or smells like. That’s so immature of him to say all of that embarrassing non sense. This is the exact reason men target and do this to women with low self esteem. He’s a piece of crap and I hope he gets deported and banned from USA so he can’t hurt another woman.

    1. already divorced she tried the annulment twice finally at the court house they agree on the divorce. One that happened she was so sure he would want to sill be friends when they didn’t happen she thought she could file again to an annulment adn the judge was done and did the divorce not the annulment. She is no victim she is as shady as him

  11. She was probably just exited. Mohamed had never been with a woman that was exited and happy to have sex with him.

    Also after having three kids, many women sometimes unwillingly loosing some fluid when they caugh of laugh.
    When you don’t ever want a wife like that, you have to marry a virgin and don’t have children.
    And there lies part of the problem: why was Mohamed never married in Tunesia to a Muslim virgin and did not see that happen any time soon? Mohammed is young but already old to be single in Tunesia. I think no family saw him as a good husband and match for their daughter.
    And why did he not have a good job there or attachment to his family? Means he already had a bad reputation there.
    Im not saying every foreign man who want to marry a woman from abroad is a douche with nothing to loose in his country but the sad reality is many are.

    1. He was not a virgin he lied to look good for his religion and sadly he was believable. His actions speak much louder then his words

  12. That was probably his intentions is to marry her for a quickie green card. Then he realized it wasn’t that simple. Marrying a US Citizen do NOT give you an automatic green card. The process is a little faster but it is still about $5000 and lots of paperwork on both ends. He probably was appalled by her to begin with but sucked it up to get the green card and then ended it when he realized that wasn’t going to happen.

  13. Can’t un-read this. Ew.

    And I just wish this woman (who I believe may even be a little mentally challenged) would focus on getting her three daughters out of trailer park living, instead of taking up with men online willing to exchange green cards for strapping on a surgical mask to go where only a few men could stand to go before.


  14. LOL I love this show. The sub on Reddit has a pretty funny comparison of her to a toon. It was a dead ringer.

    1. He must have known that he would have to do “the deed” with her in order to make the sham of a marriage legit. It’s must be pretty bad in his country if he had to have sex with her in order to stay in the U.S. Imagine how embarrassing this is for her children to hear.

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