‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed Over the Weekend

“Don’t bother me! I’m catching up on my ‘Teen Mom’ news, dude!”

The casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 were quite busy this weekend, with many of the cast members doing one of the two things these people do best– shopping and vacationing! #ItsNiceToHaveMoney

Since you may have been out enjoying your weekend, it may have been hard for you to keep up with the ‘Teen Mom’ casts’ activities. In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2-related things that happened over the last weekend…

Farrah Abraham finally sold her LA house… thanks to her ex-boyfriend.

“Now if I can just unload this engagement ring and the ample supply of Farrah blow-up dolls I have…”

After months of trying, Farrah has finally sold her Hollywood Hills townhouse. TMZ reported this weekend that the four bedroom, four bathroom townhouse that Farrah purchased in April 2016 has finally sold for $845,000. Her ex-boyfriend (and recent Twitter sparring partner) Simon Saran revealed on July 10 that Farrah hired the guys from ‘Million Dollar Listing’ to sell her townhouse, but they couldn’t do it…so he took care of business for Farrah.

“Farrah hired the Altman brothers to sell her house,” Simon, who holds a real estate license, tweeted. “They couldn’t do it. I did it. Now I’m a scum bag? Lol wtf.”

Simon also denied TMZ’s report that Farrah took a loss on the sale of the house. The site claimed that Farrah sold the house for exactly what she paid, despite having put $100,000 of renovations into the home. Simon stated that wasn’t true.

“Farrah didn’t lose money on the LA house. She didn’t put 100k into it lol. Relax TMZ. Collected 8 months of rent also,” Simon wrote.

The townhouse is quite luxurious, judging by how the LA Times described it last year.

“Part of a two-house structure built in 2011, the Mediterranean-style residence features an open floor plan with four gas fireplaces in more than 2,700 square feet.”

If Farrah treated this property in the same way she treats her house in Austin, Texas, it’s safe to say that the bathrooms are probably in pristine condition. That’s because Farrah requires her houseguests to use porta-potties placed out on the driveway, of course!

Jenelle Evans bought her wedding dress.

“I better bust out my classy white court heels for the occasion!”

As The Ashley previously told you, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle is set to get hitched to her soulmate, David Eason, in September. The wedding will be a small affair held on the couple’s property in the North Carolina swamplands, but Jenelle still wants to look her best so she flew to New York City this weekend to buy a wedding dress.

Jenelle took two random friends along to help her shop ‘til she dropped, and eventually, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star found the dress she will wear when she says “I do” on September 23.

While Jenelle called the trip a “once in a lifetime” shopping experience, it is not the first time she’s gone on a wedding dress-buying venture. Although she didn’t wear a fancy gown during her 2012 wedding to Courtland Rogers, Jenelle did go dress shopping (and take along a paparazzi photographer, of course) when she was shopping for wedding dresses after getting engaged to her previous soulmate, Nathan Griffith. Jenelle did not buy a dress, and she and Nathan broke up shortly after that trip.

Jenelle did not post any photos of her wedding dress, but she has previously stated that she wants a tight, trumpet-style gown.

“I know I want a slimmer dress — I want it to flare out toward the bottom,” Jenelle said recently. “I’m thinking maybe lace with nude underneath.”

While Jenelle’s ever-present fiancé David did not participate in the dress-buying festivities, he, of course, went with Jenelle on the trip to New York City. The couple must be practicing for their honeymoon, because this marks at least six vacations for them this year alone!

Debra Danielsen bought clothes from Amber Portwood.

“Even without Amber’s clothing, I’m Forever Haute!”

Jenelle wasn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ cast member doing a little shopping this weekend! Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra, put her charge card to use recently, buying clothing and lip gloss from Amber Portwood’s online boutique, Forever Haute!

“Loving my new hot clothes from @amberportwood @beforeverhaute ! Amber you lip gloss is also wonderful. oxxo. Love Love,” Debra tweeted on Friday.

Surely we will get to see Deb sporting her new hip apparel on a future season of ‘Teen Mom OG!’

 Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell celebrated their 12th anniversary.

The greatest ‘Teen Mom’ love story since…April and Butch!

In the ‘Teen Mom’ world, couples have trouble making it to the three-year mark, but ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Tyler and Catelynn have proven that relationships can last, even if you are MTV reality stars! Over the weekend, the couple celebrated the 12th anniversary of the day they began dating in middle school.

Tyler posted a sweet message to his wife on Instagram to celebrate the occasion.

“I can’t believe that today marks 12 years together with you, babe you literally are the greatest gift this live has given me,” Tyler wrote. “We were only kids when we fell in love, but we were kids who knew what we wanted out of life & who we wanted to get it with. Even though we were so young, I wish I could go back as far as I could just to love you longer,” Tyler continued in his post. “I am just so happy & honored to be your husband. I love you SO much! #HappyAnniversary #12YearsStrong #SoulMates #MiddleSchoolSweetheart.”

Chelsea Houska and her family went on vacation.

Aubree’s face in this photo is too cute…

Unlike her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars, Chelsea rarely goes on vacation. This weekend, however, Chelsea, her husband Cole DeBoer and their kids headed down to Clearwater, Florida, where they visited the Clearwater Aquarium, a rehabilitation hospital for marine mammals. Chelsea’s daughter Aubree got to live her dream and meet Winter, a tail-less dolphin who lives at the facility. (Fun fact: Winter has over 36,000 Twitter followers!)

Of course, an MTV film crew was there to capture all the marine-animal fun, so we will be seeing footage of Chelsea’s trip during ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)





  1. Not everyone HAS the drama to SHOW like some of these girls have. Not everyone has drug addiction, screaming insane fights, lying, cheating, arrests, acting like an effing lunatic……..I don’t. Chelsea doesn’t. Sorry but it’s not like she’s gonna start acting trashy like Jenelle and Leah just to get a better storyline. I can see her being rude to staff, she seems like the type of girl who has her own circle of friends and doesn’t pay much attention to anyone outside that circle. Meh. Heck, let’s say she’s straight up snobby……if that’s the worst thing she does she’s still lightyears ahead of these other girls. Whatever she might “cover up” as you accuse her of is surely not even close to what these other girls pull. She’s a good mother. Jenelle and Leah are horrible mothers. That’s the big picture. Nobody’s perfect, but people praise Chelsea because compared to the others, she looks like Mother Theresa!

  2. Everyone praises Chelsea because she is like most normal women who have kids… home body, family first, and comfy clothing; She’s a great mom who loves her kids. Also her father is amazing, and to see their relationship on tv is sweet… randy is the man!! They are just good humble people… the crew knows that’s, that’s why nothing but positivity is shown from her life. Damn there has to be ONE normal teen mom, right?! All the others are great girls but have lot of drama. Chelsea does not.

  3. Omg such bullshit. I’m getting anoyed by everyone praising Chelsea. She is by far the fakest OF ALL. For years now, we havent Deen anything real from her life. Its all bullshit over prepared activities that show how perfect she is, she hasen’t shown anything real for years. All the othera show their struggles, but not Chelsea, she is overcontrolling in presenting herself and her family as perfect. Its a reality show, show the damn reality and not an obviously setted up and overthougt fairy tail of the perfect you. And everybodys always praising her. Are you blind? Everything she shows is set up and fake

    1. I agree. She wants to only show whatever makes her and her family look absolutely prestine. Cole just blindly follows along with whatever she wants or says. Someone on Starcasm said they were in a restaurant that Chelsea and Randy were at also and she said they were extremely rude to the staff.

    2. Fakest? Ah yes This decent man next to her is just an actor lol and she is hiding 5 children that she had in the meantime whe mtv is not filming;)
      but seriously, come on! Look at facts. She seems to be the only teen mom who learned sth from her teenage pregancy. including keeping herLIFE private!

  4. How pathetic is that, that Cate and Ty are bragging that they are middle school sweethearts. That means they are so codependent and needy that they think this is an accomplishment to STILL be in a relationship with someone you were with before you even reached your 13th birthday. That’s not romantic that’s pathetically codependent.

    Damn, I bet Chinelle can’t take a dump without David standing outside the bathroom. Another needy couple. Why does he have to follow her wherever she goes? That’s scary. Like Cate and Ty and Matt and Amber they are always up each other’s asses.

    I swear, for someone that brags about how wealthy they are and how they have the best of everything Boobraham always looks crazy. She literally looks like she is wearing a spa smock and got up out of the chair when the stylist was halfway done.

    Im honestly surprised Chelsea let the show film this. After all she only wants about 30 minutes of her life per season filmed while she happily collects $300,000 a year.

  5. What this says to me is that no one wanted to buy Farrah’s house for the money she wanted LOL, that makes me thrilled somehow.

    Yeah, Jenelle, goody for you. You know you still have two months until the wedding, do you? It might not happen HAHA.

    I’m pretty sure it was Amber who send it to her and she didn’t buy it. That’s how obsessed with Farrah she is.

    I still don’t believe they really love each other still. Maybe Cate but not Tyler. He only loves himself.

    No snark about DeBeoer family. That sounds like a fun trip.

  6. So where is the recap, The Ashley? I could have sworn I read in a comment thread somewhere that you would be recapping this season.

  7. After watching the latest episode of teen mom 2 I was hoping the news would be that someone got custody of Kaiser because that poor kid is so mistreated by Jenelle and David! When David and jenelle were talking Jace and mArissa looked horrified!

    1. I agree. Watching last night made me so sad for that little boy. He acts out because he’s emotionally neglected. And they were so rough in the way they handled him – jerking him around and David bumped his head on the car when he was putting him in his car seat. Poor boy may be better with Nathan.

  8. I like how Chelsea uses her money wisely. She goes on trips with her family, not just herself. Even if she is annoying to me in the way she talks and does her makeup she is so lucky to have things going the way she deserves. Hope it lasts.

    I want jenelle to get married just so her marriage can fail. Add one more screw up to her list. She does not get her relationships will never last the way she acts. She is an idiot.

    Catelyn and Tyler staying together that long is amazing. I hope he still isn’t on her about her weight. She should really slim down for health reasons but hope he isn’t rude to her.

    1. I haven’t watched the show in a long time, just read Ashley’s recaps… but I’ve always felt Cate & Tyler stayed together because MTV portrayed them as such a mature/selfless couple (in the beginning). I watched some other reality show they were on (Couples Therapy maybe?) And Cate always struck me as holding onto Tyler because she has little self esteem and built her life around him. He appeared to just want fame and money, not too much into working on their relationship or putting much work into anything.

    1. You can see Winter and buddy swim around 24/7 on a live webcam. Yeah, I watched a few times after seeying the film recently.

  9. Wait wait…Debrah buying clothes from Amber? That is amazing. I’d bet anything that tweet was nothing more than an attention-grab…good old Deb is hoping her daughter will take notice. I honestly prefer Amber over Farrah, but it’s a bit sad if Debrah is going out of her way to upset her own kid.

  10. It’s funny (and when I say funny I really mean sad) Jenelle goes on vacation multiple times a year to get away from her kids (LOL like she actually ever has them) meanwhile Chelsea went on vacation FOR her kids.

  11. Can’t believe Jenelle went all the way to New York for her dress! It looks like my first sewing project from home economics back in the day

    1. Lol, I don’t think that’s the dress. I’m pretty sure that’s just the outfit she was wearing that day. Or at least I HOPE it’s not the dress.

  12. I really feel like Jenelle does anything she can to stay relevant the problem is nobody cares… Also that wig on Deborah looks horrible I wish she try dressing her age it’s so awkward I get secondhand embarrassment every time I see her too bad she’s not comfortable in her own skin

  13. The Ashley, do you know anything about Mackenzie’s kid and their custody situation? Is it true she lost custody because of Rhiiine’s drug issues?

    1. If she does get custody taken away don’t you think it’s not only going to be because of Ryan drug issues but because of the way she handled it that scene in the car it was hard to stomach and I guarantee if the kids were in the car she wouldn’t of handled any differently because I’m sure she’s done it before.., if I were that child’s father you could not stop me from using that tape in court clearly she doesn’t use the best judgment

      1. @Colleen I read this rumor somewhere that she lost custody because of Ryan, that’s why I asked. Of course she handled it the worst possible way! Jen 2.0.

    2. They can’t use that footage against Ryan in a court of law. There’s no legal proof he was under the influence (I say legal because he undoubtedly was, just no way to get it admitted into evidence). As long as Ryan stays sober Mackenzie shouldn’t have a problem, but I would imagine Ryan has to take drug tests as part of his custody arrangement for Bentley. If those ever test positive, he’s going to have an issue.

      1. @Sarah I didn’t realize that thank you for the info! I just thought l it would show her bad judgment but I see now what you’re saying they can’t really prove it

      2. It can’t be used against Ryan in criminal courts without direct evidence proving he was under the influence. It can absolutely be used against Mackenzie in family court, however. It speaks to her character and judgment. I have seen similar things used in family court(photos, videos, even social media posts) all of which can used against, or for, one side or the other.

    3. I think someone commented on another story that she did lose custody, but it was before the wedding and all that. I can’t remember which story so I couldn’t find the comment.

      1. I think I read somewhere that her son’s father lost the custody battle, but is now pursuing it again in light on this past season of TM. But no way to no for sure until we see it next season or The Ashley posts about it.

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