Christmas Abbott Returns to the ‘Big Brother 19’ House: Will Her Foot Injury Change Her Life?

Christmas’ injury will seriously affect her life post-game…

Christmas is back in the Big Brother 19 house! After leaving for foot surgery, we saw that Christmas was still in the hospital during the live eviction. But now she’s finally back.

Christmas returned to the house a little after 3pm PT on Friday, more than 52 hours after she left Wednesday morning for her foot surgery. She was greeted with cheers, hugs and sympathy and told the HGs that she felt groggy and the experience was very hard, which is why she had to stay in the hospital for an extra night. Then we learned that this injury is a lot more serious than we first thought.

As viewers will remember, Christmas was injured while she was playing in the backyard with Jason. Christmas was riding on Jason’s back when he slipped on a patch of wet grass and they fell down. The fall left Christmas with a broken foot.

Upon her return, Christmas revealed to the HGs that she actually broke 10 bones in her foot, not just two. According to Christmas, her doctor told her “it looked like a bomb went off in her foot.”

One of her bones was so bad that she needed to get a donor bone in addition to four pins and many screws. She will also have to leave again next week for a re-cast. She will be in a cast for a minimum of six weeks and maybe an extra three or four after that depending on her progress.

Christmas then broke down in tears because this may leave her with permanent damage and she will likely be retired from athletics. The 35-year-old’s life has basically revolved around physical activities up until this point. She is a former CrossFit Games competitor, Olympic weightlifter and NASCAR Pit Crew member, and currently works as a fitness coach and trainer.

It will take a full year to recover and arthritis will set in within one to five years, at which point she will need another surgery. This, of course, was devastating news to Christmas.

Jason was hit hard by the news because he blames himself for the injury and her entire life outside the game is now changed forever. Christmas told him not to blame himself and he was comforted by others that it’s not his fault. Christmas has a very positive attitude, accepting that this is part of God’s plan and she’s happy to show that she can persevere.

Once she settled in she asked about the HoH competition and she learned about Raven‘s foot injury and how she needed stitches. It sounds like she knew that Alex won, but seemed surprised that Elena lasted until second.

Eventually Jason talked to Christmas about the game and she seemed to hide the fact that she voted to evict Ramses, throwing shade on the mystery HGs Cody mentioned as knowing about his plan to backdoor Paul.

A new episode of ‘Big Brother 19’ airs tonight! Be sure to head over to Buddy TV for more in-depth ‘Big Brother’ coverage!

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5 Responses

  1. On shows like Survivor, you have to leave the game for medical emergency, accident or not, that rule is probably what some are referring to. I just thought it was foolish for Christmas to go on and on about her broken foot, after Raven told the story about her stomach pacemaker.

  2. True. I guess I just don’t see it as a huge deal because she’s secluded in the hospital as well. But I’m sure she had her own room, and it would be a nice break to relax and get your head out of the game. That said, it probably wouldn’t be very fair for them to force her to leave due to something that wasn’t her fault. If they told her she couldn’t leave to have the surgery, it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  3. Poor Christmas. There’s no way she can win now. It would be very difficult unless the competitions line up just right for her. The final HOH always has an endurance component, so she would have a rough go of it. I do respect her decision to stay in the house though. All of the comments I’ve been seeing where people are angry she gets to leave are ridiculous. I don’t think it’s an advantage to leave to have surgery.

    1. It may not be an advantage but big brother is a social experiment to show what happens when people are secluded from the outside world for 2-3 months. If she keeps leaving (next week would be at least her 3rd time) then she’s no longer being secluded. While the seclusion didn’t seem to have that big of an effect on Christmas, it this had happened to Josh and he got to leave 3+ times, he might have an easier time coping with the ‘seclusion’

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