Star of “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Millina Kacmar Announces She’s Pregnant

“I’m pregnant…again!”

The 16 and Pregnant Season 5 baby boom continues!

Millina Kacmar, who gave birth to her son Kayden on the MTV reality show back in 2013, announced on Twitter earlier this week that she is expecting her second child. She is just the latest girl from “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 to announce a pregnancy, as her cast mates Courtney Ames and Aleah LeBeouf both announced in May that they, too, are expecting again. 

“Only 19 more weeks until I meet my princess. Kayden’s excited to be a big brother,” Millina captioned a sonogram photo she posted on Twitter.

She also posted an adorable photo of Kayden holding the sonogram photo.

“Kayden’s excited to be a big brother he takes his picture everywhere,” Millina wrote.

Millina is no longer with Kayden’s father Trevor Davis and is currently engaged to a guy named Dylan. She became pregnant by Dylan last year but suffered a miscarriage.

While most of the girls who have starred on “16 and Pregnant” have gone on to have at least one more child, most of the Season 5 crew has not had a second pregnancy, with the exceptions of Summer Rewis who had a second baby in 2016, and Savannah Mooney who gave birth to her second child in June 2016 but chose adoption for the son.

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11 Responses

  1. Being pregnant is like breathing to her. It’s so second nature because she does it ALL THE TIME.

  2. I liked Milina in her 16&P episode. I felt sorry for her situation with her mom, but her grandma seemed reliable and kind.

    I can’t say I blame her for not staying with Trevor. His mom was a nightmare, a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder. She cried and made things about her, and INSISTING they leave the baby with her… that would drive enough of a wedge into any relationship. That woman made me want scream the entire time.

    1. I actually had a boyfriends mother end a relationship as well. I liked the guy, and was with him from the time I was 16 to the time I was 18, but his family drove me up a wall. His mother spoiled the shit out of his then 5 year old brother and would legitimately FORCE me to set aside an hour every time I came to the house to play with him. He was a rotten little shit kid. Screamed, kicked, punched, and swore up a storm if he didn’t get his way. And his mother indulged his every demand, including forcing her older sons girlfriend to have mandatory play dates with her little monster. Not to mention his creepy dad blatantly always staring at my boobs, and the way his mother treated her stepson who was 12 at the time (she treated him like absolute trash and it was heartbreaking) I liked the guy, but I dumped him because his family was terrible to deal with.

  3. She has been pregnant almost more times than Jenelle…. when she was on 16&pregnant and shortly after, she had a miscarriage or abortion(can’t remember), her son, a tubal pregnancy. And now another miscarriage and pregnancy. How old is she?!? ?

      1. Protection. This girls know nothing about it. (Or they do but they still get pregnant “on accident” multiple times) She was obv planning this one (and her previous one which ended in a miscarriage) tho since they are engaged to be married.

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