‘Counting On’ Stars Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Have Purchased Their First Home

When you buy your own home…

Jinger Vuolo and her husband Jeremy have gone where very few Duggar family couples have gone before: to the real estate office! The Counting On stars announced on Monday’s episode that they had recently purchased their very own home in Laredo, Texas.

While home ownership is a big deal for any couple, it’s especially unique for a Duggar kid.

As ‘Counting On’ fans know, all of the married kids in the Duggar family have moved into a home owned by Duggar patriarch Jim Bob after tying the knot. Josh Duggar and his family, Jessa Seewald and her family, and Jill Dillard and her family all reside in Jim Bob-owned properties.

Jinger, who married Jeremy last November, is the first Duggar kid to buy a home on her own. (Her brother John David is the owner of a home that he rents out. In December, Jinger’s 17-year-old brother Jason actually bought a three-bedroom house in nearby Prairie Grove, Arkansas, with the help of his father. Neither boy lives in their home though.)

…but your siblings won’t stop bugging you to fill your home up with babies…

Before purchasing their new digs, Jinger and Jeremy were living in a small apartment (which is also something that none of the other Duggar kids have done.)

During Monday night’s episode, Jinger and Jeremy gushed about their new home, stating that it has four bedrooms.

“One [room] is, of course, the master bedroom, then we have Jeremy’s study. One’s a guest bedroom and another one is full of boxes and old furniture we need to get rid of,” Jinger said.

Of course, Jinger’s siblings were quick to point out that the house had plenty of room for a few nurseries (hint…hint…)

The Ashley did some hunting online and discovered the couple’s house is just under 1500 square feet and has two bathrooms. It sits on a large lot that measures about 6,000 square feet.

Jinger’s mother, Michelle Duggar, recently took to the Duggar Family Official Facebook page to share her feelings about her children growing up.

“There is something so surreal about seeing your children grown, living their lives and even having their own children,” Michelle wrote. “As a mom, I have sweet little ones at home and grown children, too. Both stages of life are beautiful in their own way and so very different As our children become adults, we have the opportunity to be their friends and to enjoy their friendship. Watching them walk through the milestones of life such as marriage, having children, buying a home, etc. is a bit unbelievable at times! As a momma, I continue to pray for them always.”

Jinger may be the first Duggar daughter to own her own home, but she may not be the last. Jill and Jessa each expressed interest during the current ‘Counting On’ season in getting bigger houses for their families.

Jinger has been doing things quite differently than her married siblings have done. Not only is she the first Duggar daughter to move into her own home, but she has eased up on her family’s strict dress code since tying the knot. She’s been seen sporting (gasp!) pants and even tank tops in recent months.

In addition, Jinger and Jeremy have so far held off on having kids. They have been married over eight months and have not announced a pregnancy. (This is rare in DuggarLand, as Josh’s wife Anna was pregnant very shortly after their wedding. Jill became pregnant just one month after getting married, and Jessa was married only five months before announcing her first pregnancy.)

“We’re just enjoying being married and enjoying each other,” Jinger said on Monday’s episode.

(Photos: TLC)




  1. Since they’re fundamentals they are told what days of the month to have sex so she’s either on BC or controlling it by the rhythm method. Either way I love it & she rocks. I’m still convinced Jana is gay. That’d be so exciting!

  2. These two are keeping this series alive. Jeremy is fun and easy to look at, while Jinger is finally genuinely happy. Please, please, please do a recap of the reunion shows. Your captions are the best!

  3. So good to see she has courage to live her life as she wants to and does not feel like she has to follow rules of parents. Don’t understand why everyone is so curious about her getting pregant. Only their business. Nice to see they want to enjoy each over before children. They are young and have plenty of time for children.

  4. I hope Boob’s head is exploding. Finally, a son-in-law he can’t control. LMAO

    Jinj has gone from one headship to another, but it’s got to be better than being around all those frigging brats and micro-managing parents.

  5. My first thought was actually “Either she is knocked up or they are planning to be soon!” (A reminder, Jeremy will be 30 in September which is ancient for Duggars) Those darn Duggar beliefs make you always question their motive on sth like this lol. But good for her! Finally someone not living on dad’s property! (Where is Joy living now tho, didn’t they come back already?) Small steps and she is surely taking them. I believe she won’t be pregnant before 2018.

  6. I really enjoy the thought of Jim Bob absolutely beside himself that his daughter owns a home with her husband and walks around in pants. The amount of control he exerts over his daughters is creepy, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we found out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Josh, and he learned to molest his sisters from his own father.

  7. It’s nuts that fundies are so warped that a grown woman who still adheres to beliefs that are vehemently anti LGBT, anti Catholic, anti women’s rights but pro death penalty, etc etc… But sometimes does and says these horrible things while wearing knee length shorts instead of a skirt has us all cheering for her like she’s escaped the cult.
    She’s not exploring her sexuality on her own terms, or working her way across Europe with best friends or studying at a university or pursuing a passion for a hobby, she’s just…. Wearing pants and maybe using condoms or abstaining from PIV sex. She’s still under the control of her “headships.” It’s a long road yet to actual escape

  8. That’s my girl! Moving away was the best thing they could have done. Live your own life, make your own path. Plenty of time for kids later geez

  9. Continue to enjoy your marriage, get to know each other before bring a life into this world. Become one as the bible has said for a married couple to be. You should be each other’s best friend. Take care and continue to enjoy your life and your marriage and do not bring a child into this world until you are ready, not when your family says to, but when God and you are ready for a child. I am so so so, proud of you and Jeremy for not filling your house up with babies right after your marriage. There are so many other things you need to do before becoming parents. Be blessed and continue to put God first in your life. <3 <3

    Maggie Reshard

    1. It is an improvement but he is not such a good guy. He preaches against gays, Catholics and other ‘demonic’ people.

      1. Uhh, she preaches and believes the same things he does…

        She’s no more a good gal than he is a good guy.

        They both still have very whacked views of the world, and all of its inhabitants, how things work, how to treat other people, etc..etc..

        1. I just mean he is an approvement but he still won’t give her a lifestyle I would wish for her.
          Those girls did not choose to be born in that cult(ure), neither do the guys.
          It would be great when their culture would modernise, accept all God’s children as they are etc. When they don’t mix with other people, they will never change their views.

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