Amber Portwood Talks Matt Baier, “Awful” ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Experience & More in New Interview with Dr. Drew

“Have you seen Matt…or that backpack full of money, Dr. Drew?”

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood chatted about everything from her ex-fiance Matt Baier, to the money he stole from her, to her recent experience filming Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition during an appearance last week on the “This Life #YouLive” podcast, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mike Catherwood.

Amber was very candid during the 45-minute interview, which is the first she’s done since her nasty split with Matt.

The Ashley realizes that her readers may not have the time to sit through 45 minutes of chatting, so she’s broken the podcast down into handy-dandy segments!

Here’s what Amber had to say about a variety of topics:

On her experience filming ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’:

“Without trying to be horrible, [filming ‘Marriage Boot Camp’] was horrible. Not to go against them, but it just felt very fake to me — very not genuine in some ways and I wanted to leave, I think, the first few days. Not because it was too hard for me. Every drill I did it like it was nothing but you know you have producers and directors coming up to you and trying to talk in your ear to start things. And, you know, Dr. Drew that’s not me…I just told them, ‘Listen don’t ever come to me again trying to get me to start things with other people on the show because I’m not gonna do it.

Amber added that the show will likely air this fall.

“I don’t want people watching that too much because I look crazy on there! I’m too angry on there.”

Amber got in her share of fights while filming ‘MBC.’ As The Ashley previously reported, she brawled with Brandi Glanville while they were in the house.

On where her relationship stands with Matt now:

“Matt right now is actually in Las Vegas, he’s living there,” Amber told Dr. Drew. “At this point in time, we are talking, but we’re not talking in a sense where we are getting back together. We argue too much. We are not living together, we have not lived together in over probably two months. I broke up with him before we went on ‘Family Boot Camp.’

“I personally am just trying to better myself in a situation that put me down, and a situation where I kind of lost myself, my independence as a woman, as a person, because I was too focused on Matt.

“I’m trying to find me first before I even start thinking about another relationship in general. But we still talk, of course, because love doesn’t just shut off like that. That’s not how it works. I just want him to be happy.”

Fans are concerned that Matt will eventually worm his way back into Amber’s life (and wallet), but Amber says that she has no interest in having that happen…at least for now.

“I think everybody’s worried that he’s about to work his way back into my life…I am living my life, I’m alone,” she said. “I’m focusing on my businesses and trying to make sure that I’m good in the future.”

On how Leah handled Amber & Matt’s split:

“Surprisingly, Leah has been doing great,” Amber said. “She actually told Gary that she’s enjoying her time just with her Mom. I think Leah missed that, actually. She still cares for Matt, but she doesn’t really 100 percent understand that we’re broken up…but she’s very smart, and I think she already knows. I’m going to have that conversation with her.”

“Where’s my money? You know what, never mind, keep it!”

On the money Matt took:

Amber has accused Matt on numerous occasions of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from her, and during the interview, she discussed what’s going on with her finances right now.

“When it comes to the money situation, honestly I’m not trying to go after him for anything because I just want everything to be cordial and done if that’s the way it’s gonna be,” Amber said.

This is, of course, a different story than she was telling on Twitter just a few weeks ago. Amber hinted she was coming for Matt (and her money) and advised him to “lawyer up.”

“He is a man, if he makes money and he wants to pay me back, then that’s something on him, but as the type of woman I am — I’d like to have my money back —but I’m good. I’m OK though. I’m doing good myself,” Amber said.

On getting so much hate online: 

“I did a couple of rants on Instagram, and I got a lot of crap for it,” Amber said, referring to her outbursts on social media right before she left to film ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ “But it was real, and I just can’t handle the pettiness anymore when it comes to people on the show. Other than that, I feel like the way I react to certain situations is way different than before.

“I just don’t give a s**t anymore,” Amber said. “I’m still human though, so I do care sometimes. I can only handle so much hatred toward me, or crap-talking.”

On Farrah Abraham:

“I am just fine with the other [‘Teen Mom’] girls. I’m even fine with Farrah. That stuff happened so long ago,” Amber said, referring to when she and Farrah infamously brawled during last season’s ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion. “The way I think of everybody is probably different than how I did a year or so ago. I’m just in the mommy mode, where I just want everybody to be happy, even people who talk crap about me. I want them to move forward and be the women they’re supposed to be.

“Whatever…Michael…I mean Amber!”

“[Farrah] is a human being and deserves to be loved,” Amber added. “Even though she was talking all that crap about me, I just want her to be happy. I don’t think she is, I’m sorry. That’s just my opinion.”

On the future of ‘Teen Mom OG’:

‘Teen Mom’ fans rejoice! Amber spilled the beans that there will be plenty more ‘Teen Mom OG’ coming our way!

“I can’t wait for people to see the next season. I don’t know if I was supposed to say that but I did so they’ll get over it,” Amber said.

“We are filming now. This is gonna be one of our longest seasons yet, Dr. Drew,” she revealed. “It’s pretty hardcore. Usually for us, for a regular season it’s six or seven months of filming. But for what we’re about to do I’d say it will be about nine [months] at the least. We probably get a few days in between, unless something is really going on. We get a few days in between to relax and then we’re back into our days of filming, and emotions and all the stuff that makes us feel happy…This season it’s going to be every few days [that we’re filming].It’s a pretty long season.”

Watch Amber’s full interview with Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood below:

(Photos: MTV, Facebook)

52 Responses

  1. It sounds to me like Amber still doesn’t realize is not a changed man he is a sexual deviant a girl committed suicide that he raped before she could testify in court so unfortunately the case had to be dropped .
    This wasn’t too long before he met Amber .
    Other women have complained on Twitter of him stealing money from mom and Amber is not going after him for the money he stole really ?
    Then I guess it’s true what some people say she is not a good mother because that is Leah’s money also..
    I believe it is our duty to go after him for the money to hold him accountable for something what woman is living with in Las Vegas because as a man he’s never taking care of his self at all .
    He is nothing more than a parasite a leech I urged Amber to be a woman and sue his ass off get leah’s money back.

  2. It sounds to me like Amber still doesn’t realize is not a changed man he is a sexual deviant a girl committed suicide that he raped before she could testify in court so unfortunately the case had to be dropped .
    This wasn’t too long before he met Amber .
    Other women have complained on Twitter of him stealing money from mom and Amber is not going after him for the money he stole really ?
    Then I guess it’s true what some people say she is not a good mother because that is Leah’s money also..
    I believe it is our duty to go after him for the money to hold him accountable for something what woman is living with in Las Vegas because as a man he’s never taking care of his self at all .
    He is nothing more than a parasite a leech I urged Amber to be a woman and sue his ass off get leah’s money back.

  3. The other cringe-worthy moment: Amber seeming surprised that Leah is somehow coping with the “loss” of Mutt and seems to be enjoying one on one time with her mother. That to me was one of the more tragic yet telling things ever to come out of Amber’s mouth, that she seemed to think her daughter was as enchanted by Mutt as Amber is and that she just might prefer her biological mother acting as if it was worth her time to spend some with her, without Mutt around.

  4. I was lying awake last night and started trying to add up how many teen parents are in the TMOG and TM@ franchises..and how many are employed. No, I do not think Tyler’s “plans” to write a book or Cate’s “plan” to “become a counselor”‘ or the various “clothing lines” they and others have, or plan to have, including Amber’s “Terre Haute Couture”…the reality of this “reality” show is virtually all these “stars” whose only claim to fame is being too stupid to use birth control, are both unemployed, and unemployable at any jobs other than those I’d bet the other 16 and Pregnant parents have, leaning heavily towards fast food, or stripping. (I can only think of one exception, and can’t remember her name: she had very supportive parents, but unlike Randy, they also put serious expectations on their daughter and the baby daddy: I think the girl did get a four year degree and they are now married to one another? Come on, surely someone remembers their names?) . The life style of the others seems to lean heavily towards single wides and trailer parks, 14-year old Honda Civics, and dead end jobs.)

    1. It sounds like you’re talking about Izabella Tovar & Jairo Rodriguez. They had a son, Enrique, in their episode and later welcomed a second child, a daughter – Anatazia. Last year she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Utah, and doing it in only three years. Last year she also married Jairo. I don’t think we’ve heard anything about her since, but yeah – she seems to have actually survived the 16&P without messing up her entire life. To be fair though, she had AMAZING parents.

  5. Amber is now refusing to go after Matt to pay the money back, because for all we know — like putting his name on the house they lived in, this money could have also been put in a “joint” bank account.

    Meaning of course, that it was just as much HIS as it was hers.

    Half-baked decisions usually give birth to sh*tty outcomes.

    Sorry, Amber.

    1. There’s a decent chance she could get the money back if she hired an attorney. The most baffling part is how she dismisses $120,000 as of it’s nothing. That’s 2 or 3 years pay for some people, but when you’ve never had to work a 9-5 job I suppose it’s easy to forget how fast money comes and goes.

      1. Is it bad that I hope we are around to see the day when they are struggling like the rest of us? That TM money isn’t going to last forever! Who is it

      2. There isn’t a decent chance, there’s practically no chance. She could possibly win a lawsuit, but that doesn’t mean she’ll ever see the money. She’d have to pay an attorney, so she’d actually be losing money if she went after him; any lawyer is going to tell her it’s in her best interest not to sue.

        For sake of argument, let’s say she sued Matt and won a judgement against him. If she attempted to enforce that judgement, all of his child support obligations would have to be paid first before she could collect; the court won’t allow a civil judgement like that to be paid over back child support. Any money her attorneys were able to discover (and that’s unlikely to begin with – he has a lot of child support judgements and the mothers and states haven’t been able to collect) would first be sent to child support and the states his children reside in to pay for any entitlements they received (like Medicaid, wic, food stamps, etc).

        On top of that, Amber has IRS judgements against her (and may from the state as well, I’m not sure). So even on the tiny iota of a chance she was able to recover the money, the federal (And possibly state) government will step in and take it before she sees it to satisfy her tax liens.

        She isn’t dismissing $120k as if it’s nothing. She almost certainly spoke to an attorney that laid out the facts. Since there’s nearly zero chance of her seeing a dime, she’d be paying the attorney upfront. It would be unethical for an attorney to agree to represent her and take thousands of dollars in fees to file a civil suit against Matt. An attorney could literally be disbarred for doing that.

        In short, there’s not a decent chance she could ever see the money back. The odds are close to zero. Amber almost certainly isn’t just deciding not to worry about the money, she’s just received sound legal advice and knows the money is gone forever.

        1. If she spoke to an attorney that’s news to me. I’m just going off of what she said at the reunion, and I felt that her entire attitude was unsound. She brushed it off as if it was nothing. If she wanted to present herself as an intelligible person, she could have said that she spoke to an attorney and realized it was in her best interests to cut her losses. Instead, she posted a bunch of crap about it on twitter and then completely contradicted herself at the reunion. Even Gary was upset by her attitude.

    2. Every time Amber was screaming at the reunion “WHERE IS MY THRITY THOUSAND DOLLARS! WHERE IS MY SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!” I felt like saying ” SO what do you think your new Cadillacs and Corvettes cost anyway?” And no, from a legal point of view, Amber is not entitled to get “her” money back if she put it into joint accounts with Mutt.

      1. I believe it depends on the state, but most states have a primary account holder ever with joint bank accounts. It would depend on the authority the primary account holder granted with regards to the joint holder, but, yes, in most states and most circumstances there are legal remedies to recover the money. Keeping that in mind, I doubt she would ever see the money even if she was able to obtain a judgment against him. You can’t recover money from someone who doesn’t have any.

          1. That’s not accurate. Any practicing attorney can tell you that (myself included). Providing a link to one source doesn’t give an accurate picture, especially when that source is a bank and not a law firm.

          2. And for the record, the article you linked to actually states plainly that “in many cases, the wronged party can get back most of the money, but legal action is required.”

      2. My goal was to give an unbiased overview of the risks of having a joint account, using an outside source (though I am also an attorney, now retired.) . I think Amber would have problems getting much if anything back, based on what little we know of what actually went on, where it sounds as if she was fine with his buying Corvettes and long as they were together. But as is often the case on TM, we only “know” what the producers want us to know. She definitely seems lacking in any common financial sense.

        1. Agree. My original point was merely that it was maddening to see her casually disregard $120,000 when some people work years to earn that kind of money. It’s infuriating to me. Matt does make some money from being on the show…she needs to take his ass to court. At the very least, she can make life uncomfortable for him instead of sitting back and allowing allowing it.

  6. None of them have real jobs. I don’t like Kail but she graduated with her bachelors so I’m sure she’ll fallback on that at some point. Jenelle got something but honestly after her drug use was put on tv no professional would feel comfortable hiring her. Chelsea straight up told everyone she isn’t working. Maci thinks she’s working but too but I’m having a hard time believing that everyone whose putting out books and clothing lines are really behind how it runs. If they did this themselves years after teen mom ends nobody would care. I mean in between that they are all hawking sunglasses, flat belly tea, waist slimmers, that push-up strapless bra, and other crappy products that have bad reviews and terrible service. I still find it odd everyone is still following Mackenzie From teen mom 3. She’s fitness and husband obsessed and thinks it’s smart to put out a fitness business when she can’t even regulate her own diabetes. I fear for this girls in the future.

    1. I get a sense that more of them have drug or other addiction issues than have jobs, seriously. One of the many reasons I am more than ready for MTV to dump the franchises in favor of almost anything else. Jenelle screams at Barbara and cries, Kail takes advantage of everyone then gets mad at them all for..whatever, Cait sits around chewing her nails, Amber moved from the couch to..what is it with the lawn chairs in the garage routine anyway?…I could go on, we all could, but..they are all so boring and predictable, and in some ways, sad cases of arrested development, enabled by MTV cash. I’d much rather watch an hour update on some of the other teen parents than endure Farah shrieking and ugly crying, or Tyler talking about how no “career” is good enough for his skill set.

    2. I’m not a hundred percent sure on this, but when did Chelsea say she was not working? Last I recall she was still working a few days a week as an esthetician. Doing facials, spa things and stuff.

      Though, it could be likely she stopped doing that when she had her baby, Watson. Which well, can we really fault her on that one? She was working, she had a baby – she wanted to stay at home. Her husband has a job which pays decently, from what it seems – and she makes quite a chunk of change off of MTV that she does not again seem to spend wildly. So, if she is staying home with her baby for now, is it that bad?

      I mean, I call BS on Jenelle, Leah, Maci, Cate, Ty, Amber, Kail and that whole lot on “working” because they don’t.

      As far as it seems, Chelsea went to work for a while after getting a degree/certificate or whatever in a career she actually followed up with – took her FOREVER, but she did do it – and yeah, she got a lot of support while she did it, but for the most part, she seems to – out of any girl on TM – done the best for herself.

  7. Yes it only cost her $300,000 to learn her lesson. $300,000 of her child money that could’ve went to College fund etc. Amber needs to get out of her own way… She think she is a hard cord thug boss lady… She needs intense therapy

    1. Which, let’s be real, that 300,000 could have funded tuition costs, including dorm and mean plan costs, at near any school for Leah for four years. She basically flushed what could have been a perfect college fund for her kid on this disgusting perv of a human-like lump.

  8. She’s really wishy-washy and says weird things. Matt is a man and if he makes money and wants to pay her back, that’s on him? She’s the type of woman who wants her money back? Well, dammit, aren’t we all? He’s victimized a whole string of women (and children!), rake his dick over a bed of hot coals and stomp all over it, my God! Take your money back from him and give it to all of his poor children if you don’t need it. She seems to be braggish about her money sometimes, referring almost as if she doesn’t care about it cuz there’s “more where that came from”. Oh no, lol, better hold that thought!

    Amber just show no apparent sign of a promising future, professionally/financially. Tyler fools himself into believing so. Catelynn at least seems to understand she doesn’t, so she just goes along w/ what Tyler says. Maci luckily has Taylor who seems to realize real jobs are necessary. Farrah will bumble along with her businesses but will probably manage to always afford herself in some fashion.

    I agree with the masses. This show is played out, the story-lines are repetitive and predictible. Plus these people are too stupid to keep off social media and let the show play out on the TV.

    1. I like Maci, but do you really consider Taylor’s clothing line a “real job”? Do you think his business would have been successful, or brought in enough money to live on, if not for his TM fame? I’m just curious because ALL of the Teen Mom’s have these clothing lines, and I don’t consider them to be real jobs. The only TM with a REAL job is Chelsea, who went to school and has a job that doesn’t depend on her fame to bring in money. Very far behind her is Leah, who hawks lipstick online. Kail, Maci and Jenelle all went to school and have the ability to hold real jobs, yet choose not to. Leah just started and is in school right now, so, arguably, she’s the only TM who realizes she may need a real job one day. Not even including Farrah because nothing about her is real.

      1. Actually, even though Jenelle got her certificate, she didn’t pass her boards so no, she can’t get a job in that field. And the more time she lets go by the harder it will be, if it’s even possible with her record. Chelsea quit working and is strictly doing the show and being a sahm now. Maci got an associate’s and Farrah a culinary certificate. People on reddit who have researched it say her businesses are all failing. She can always escort though. At least Taylor didn’t quit until the clothing line was successful enough to be considered a full time job’s income. Cate and Ty have done none of the things, besides graduate high school, that they promised they gave up Carly for. Only Kail has a 4 year degree that can actually garner a career. If only Farrah would admit she has no clue how to run a business (see as an example her websites), she’d probably be much more successful. She should have gotten mentored and learned the in’s and out’s on running businesses before throwing the doors open on 3 in one year.

      2. Leah is in school right now. Ha ha ha!! Do you know how many times Leah has been in school???!!! Do you really think this will last? NO!!!

        1. I only know of one time Leah was in school, which was when the twins were babies. If there were more attempts, I don’t remember them ever airing on Teen Mom. Regardless, I think it’s commendable that she’s still trying instead of making excuses why she can’t.

          1. Leah will be in school until she lands her next boyfriend. Then she’ll want to stay home and play house and not get up and go to school. I’d bet big money she’ll never finish school.

    2. Amber is dumb. Not an intelligent or savvy person. Look at the long con Matt pulled off on her. The world of full of idiots, and the problem with idiots, aside from their stupidity, is that some are rewarded for there actions (see the whole Teen Mom franchise). No one should be surprised by anything these woman do, or shack up with.

      I am sick of Amber parroting the a different version of the same sh*t story about her life. I wish she would just go away, with or without Matt. Have some self respect, your daughter and even her kids someday will watch and see that you were a sorry excuse for a Mother and person, jeez.

  9. I wish that instead of enduring more of these “stars,” they would show what the other 16 and Pregnant parents are doing now. I’m willing to bet none are living in big houses, driving an ever fancier new car every few months, and vacationing in Puerto Rico several times a year.

    1. I completely agree… It’s great these moms are doing well good for them but it’s time to get a new cast because nowhere involved in any of the storylines for a long time do you see any type of real day-to-day struggle giving actual teen moms or honestly even moms in general out there an unrealistic vision of what it’s like to be a mom way too soon if like MTV has said it’s there to educate teen moms they need to do just that and find teen moms these girls have moved on and I think The MTV networks should do the same if they feel that strongly about it maybe do a teen mom/teen mom OG check in special every two years because I guarantee it will not be the same thing as it is now and that I would be interested to see

      1. Aren’t they trying to do that with Teen Mum? (UK version of the show) But apparently all those girls want is fame too.

        1. @A I don’t know if you ended up watching The UK version but I did I thought it was at least accurate except for when the girl got a horse WTF was that??

          1. omg that girl! “Well, it turns out my mom might be right. We probably shouldn’t have bought a horse when we can’t pay the rent.” Um, YA THINK??!!

    2. It makes me kinda pissed that they seem to have no clue. I’ve got an 8 year old, a fulltime job and planning a wedding this year. We just discussed that we can’t afford the Caribbean trip we had originally planned for our honeymoon and yet these girls jet off everywhere all the time like it’s that easy. They really do need to be knocked down a peg. I get MTV wants to keep its cash cow but they are setting up these girls to fail later on and they won’t know what hit them. The businesses they’ve started are most likely to fail cause it’s linked to their current game. I hope they’ve had their fun cause the struggle is coming.

      1. @Tai sorry you won’t be able to go on your honeymoon yet but I’m sure you will eventually kudos to you for being realistic with your finances because I really don’t believe these girls are or even know how to be. good luck with the wedding preparation! it can be so overwhelming

  10. Jesus wept MTV, when is this stupidity going to end?

    Stop filming, and paying ridiculous amounts of money to, idiots. I’d be more interesting to see what happens to them once the easy money dries up. Do a where are they now every few years. These girls, minus Chelsea, are going to fall flat on their faces…that will be more entertaining than the crap you’re churning out now.

  11. I’m not understanding why she makes filming sound so exhausting. She doesn’t do the work. They do. They will film her sleeping, sitting on the sofa, eating, sitting on the sofa, taking a shit, on the sofa, bitching, on the sofa, driving, and sofa again. I’m not following where the hard work is unless it’s the fact that she has to actually move while on the sofa or move from the sofa to the crapper. Whatever. But it’s not like filming a movie. It’s just her.

  12. I feel like she FINALLY gets it. She realized she focused why too much on that douche bag of her ex. I think she is on the right track if she just gets her anger and issues on track.

  13. I actually like Amber, although most on here seem to feel otherwise. Yes, she has issues, but who doesn’t? She’s in a far better place than she was 5 years ago. The worst thing about her was Matt. I’m looking forward to seeing her story without him in it.

    1. She is not in a far better place than 5 years ago… She barely makes time to see Leah, she’d rather be with Matt than be a mother, she doesn’t go to NA, she is not sober, she is still extremely argumentive, her anger is still out of control, she still believes she did nothin wrong. The only difference between then and now, is that she can’t punch Gary anymore. She hasn’t changed at all. When she got out of prison, she could of got a job, followed her sober plan, and spent all her time trying to see Leah and gain Gary’s trust. Instead, she moved Matt in after a couple hours.

  14. she’s so needy and dysfunctional, and has a borderline personality disorder, (which is very dangerous), I wouldn’t be surprised if the con man does appear in her bed sometime soon. He must be really talented below the waist or why does she put up with him. He’s a liar, and he brings nothing to table, as far as any real accomplishments, so why be involved with that thing, he probably has some really good skills that no one is aware of!

    1. I don’t think you understand, needy, dysfunctional, bpd if you really think that sex with Matt is what kept them together.

      1. it was a joke! The mere thought of him and her and both of them is repulsive, they are both gross pigs, her too!

    2. Hell he probably is living on her bed but she just calls it Las Vegas because that’s where she goes to get lucky!!! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And her unwashed bed sheets.

    3. Yeah and you REALLY do not understand BPD (not “a” bpd) if you’re going to be making such ignorant comments.

    4. Sorry, because I’m about to blunt, but: I wouldn’t care how talented he was ‘below the waist,’ there is no way in heck I would want to wake up to that mug. Not to mention his deadbeat, fake, leeching ways. Seriously, I’d rather be alone. I’d rather be a nun.

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