‘Escaping Polygamy’ Season 3 to Premiere Next Month: Watch the First Trailer

“Oooh, you guys, this season is gonna be good!”

For two seasons, viewers have watched as desperate women and men have attempted to leave polygamous religious groups on A&E’s reality show Escaping Polygamy, and now the network has announced that a brand-new season of the show will premiere next month.

The stars of ‘Escaping Polygamy’–who all escaped polygamist groups themselves–will help several members of the FLDS, the polygamist group ruled by Warren Jeffs. While this is not the first time ‘Escaping Polygamy’ has ventured into the FLDS, it appears that Season 3 will spend a lot more time dealing with members of the infamous group.

In the first trailer released for the season, we see one of Warren Jeffs’ sons discussing the awful things his dad did.

“My father molested girls,” he says. “He separated me and my brother.”

The trailer also features a man who says that he’s desperate to leave polygamy but doesn’t want to leave without his family.

According to a press release, other plotlines for the new season will include “a mother hoping to find her daughters who have been hidden within an elite group in the FLDS community; and a young girl who desperately wants to rescue the love of her life in a dangerous mission that further exposes the dark and treacherous realities of polygamy.”

The new season may also include one of the show’s stars, Jessica Christensen, reuniting with her estranged mother briefly. At a court hearing in February, Jessica ran into her mother, who is still a member of the polygamous group that Jessica and her sisters escaped as teenagers. Their interaction happened while an A&E film crew was present and may have been filmed for the show.

The season will also feature regular stars Shannel DeRieux, Amanda Peterson and Andrea Brewer. 

The new season of ‘Escaping Polygamy’ premieres August 7 on A&E. Watch the season’s first trailer below:

(Photo: A&E)

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  1. I love this show I’m very proud of the courage of the young women have to get out and help others get out. When will it be back on I really miss watching it I have watched everything I record on DVR I need new ones

  2. Kudos too y’all that escape that nightmare.. Y’all are survivors…I hope that man rots in hell.. My father is in state Penn for life without possibly parole because he molested me,my sister and friend of way..y’all stay strong and positive

  3. I find it inspiring that these women undergo brainwashing their entire lives yet still have the courage to try and escape. It proves that the women in these cults are stronger than the techniques used to control them. Blessed be the fruit.

  4. Yup! I wish Ashley would spend her talent recaping “better” shows like Housewives and 90 Day. I do love the Counting On recaps, I must admit.

    I’ve been to Utah many times for work and it’s a crazy place, thanks to the LDS and FLDS population. Worst part of running into FLDS families is how sad and embarrassed the kids look. You will see these families mostly along the UT/AZ/NV boarders in the area grocery stores, in all their pastel prairie dress/flop bangs glory. The most disturbing is how LDS people seem to care very little about helping those trying to escape even though their church has billions of dollars.

  5. I guess i am finally too old for teen mom because i can no longer stomach the episodes. I love this show and find it fascinating! It is so strange to me that these people look and dress just like everyone else (well the kingston crew), and walk around in public, but live this bizarre life. I have a strange disire to visit Utah now. I can’t be the only one, right?

  6. I love this show but I hate the FLDS episodes. The whole church has pretty much already collapsed and no one is preventing anyone from leaving. The whole world already knows all of their secrets. I wish they would just focus on the Kingstons instead, they are far more interesting.

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