Jill Dillard’s New Instagram Post Causes ‘Counting On’ Fans to Worry

Fans are wondering if Jill is really OK after the traumatic birth of her second child.

Jill Dillard‘s latest Instagram post has Counting On fans wondering if something is wrong in the new mom’s life.

On Monday, Jill posted a Bible verse to Instagram, but it was her caption that had her fans wondering what’s really going on with her.

“Such a great reminder from the Bible #Psalms5023,” she wrote. “It’s easy to praise God when things are going great, but do we continue to count our blessings when things aren’t going like we planned?”

Fans have been wondering what’s going on with Jill and her husband Derick Dillard since Jill gave birth to the couple’s second child, Samuel, on July 8. The Duggar Family shared that it took over 40 hours of labor and an emergency C-section to bring Samuel into the world, but the family has been uncharacteristically quiet since the birth announcement. The baby had been in the hospital for a while after his birth but it appears that he is now home with his parents.

Still, fans are wondering if Jill is doing alright after the birth. (This is the second time she’s had a 40+ hour traumatic labor and delivery. Her older son Israel’s birth came after 70 hours of labor and an emergency C-section.) Aside from one photo of a haggard-looking Jill holding Samuel a few days after his birth, no other photos of Jill have been posted since the beginning on the month.

Again, this is very uncharacteristic for anyone in the Duggar family. Normally when a baby is born, the new parents immediately post an announcement video to their websites, and then do a follow-up story with People magazine that includes family photos. (This has been the case with every recent Duggar family birth, including Israel’s arrival in 2015, as well as Jessa Seewald‘s two children.) To date, none of this has been done for Samuel.

In addition, the family has not shared any details of Samuel’s birth which is also very unusual for the Duggars. Even after Israel’s traumatic delivery, the Dillards ran straight to People to deliver the harrowing details of the birth.

Jill’s telling Instagram post got a lot of response from worried fans.

“I am so worried about you. Prayers for you,” one person wrote in the comments section of the post.

“What happened?” another fan wrote. “I understand it’s personal stuff but this kind of verse makes me wonder.”

On Tuesday, Jill posted an Instagram photo of Samuel that seemed to be a response to all the comments asking if the baby is OK.

“Meet #SamuelScottDillard This little handsome fella is getting bigger every day!” she wrote. “We are so in love with him!”

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)




  1. I thought he might have had birth defects due to Zika. I think this family is bigoted and ignorant but I am glad their son is ok.

  2. Something probably did go wrong. Which is unfortunate I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But think about she is a so called midwife and it probably hurts her pride a little that she hasn’t been able to have her natural birth. Also too I remember when Izzy was born their release they said sometimes things don’t go as planned and then they were tight lipped about what that meant until a people magazine article and the tv special. It’s the same thing here.

  3. If she is unable to have more kids she might be grieving as expected. I had an emergency hysterectomy and even though it saved my life and I was done having kids anyways, it still stings sometimes to know that part of my life is over. So I can empathize if (that’s a big IF) that’s what she’s dealing with.

  4. If she always wanted a big family then I can understand why she might be disappointed is she was physically unable to have anymore kids. However the Duggar mantra is children are a blessing and they want however many God will gift them. If Jill is unable to have more kids, then in time she should realize that 2 healthy children are what God gifted her. Easier said than done I know, but the positive should be that she has children, not the quantity of children.

  5. I pray for the well being of Jill and tiny, precious Samuel. Please, if you are on good terms with your maker, mention them when communicating with him.

    1. Lilly, I can’t imagine who is hateful enough to disagree with your statement. Not to mention 5+ someones. Atheists, I can only guess. Praying for Jill and Samuel.

      1. Walk, anyone who hates a young mother and a baby has had a sad life, to be sure. The amount of abuse they have suffered, to make them turn out so damaged, is unimaginable. Normal, healthy people don’t have that type of hate. The hater’s condition requires that they be pitied by those more fortunate in life.

  6. I think she ended up either needing a hysterectomy or they advised her not to have more children. I hope they come to realize that 2 is plenty for them considering neither of them have a job.

  7. I feel sorry for her and am surprised at how many here are making all these crazy comments. I hope the baby is ok and she has the resources available to get help if she did in fact have PPD. She was probably just overwhlemed when she made this post. I do hope they decide to stay in the US and have support available to them if there is a problem.

  8. Why does everyone think this has something to do with the baby? Judging from her Post-It note, I think she’s acting like a martyr because she has to cook the entire Thankgsgiving dinner for all 783 Duggars this year. That’s a lot of turkey yall! I hope Jessa can take a hint and get off her fat lazy ass and help a hoe out?

  9. Jill and Derick are by far one of the most unattractive couples I’ve ever seen. However after having one risky at home birth she should not have tried for another…

  10. She may not be able to have more children. She should have been in the hospital for both births, but especially this last one due to first being so traumatic. Jill needed better advice, and this is exactly why people hate the way she was raised. I hope she and her cute baby are ok!

  11. It’s pretty obvious that things didn’t go as planned. She was planning on having a bazillion kids just like her mom and give birth to all of them at home. Instead, she’s had 2 emergency c-sections which totally limits the amount of kids she can have in the future. It sucks for her because she was raised to believe that her only purpose in life was to have babies. I hope she gets some professional help to deal with her emotions, but based on how Duggars usually handle stuff…She will probably just try to pray PPD away.

    1. I think you are more than likely right. When a woman’s sole purpose in life is to spew out as many babies as possible, this would be devastating to a fundy. PPD is real, even when things do “go as planned.”

      I would just be happy with my two babies, and consider it done, but we know “they do things a little different.”

      I hope she gets help from REAL MD’s if this is the case.

      1. This was my guess as well. If she would have been able to VBAC she could have gone on to have hoards but with a second section she will likely be able to manage 6 or 7 max.

      2. I totally agree with you. What would one of the Duggar daughters do if they suffered from infertility? Their life’s purpose would be gone!

  12. Maybe the baby was born intersex, considering it’s the chances of being born intersex is 1 out 10000 in the us and the only pictures of the baby it seemed he looks healthy plus with this family stance on homosexuality this would be a totally disgrace, even though the baby did not choice to be this way.

    1. Sorry for not adding to this but, if something did happen to her or the baby it would of been splashed all over the news with attempts of crowdfunding, but if in the dugger’s closed minds “a child is born transgender” there would be that sin of the father shame to it.

    2. Wait, why are so many people down voting this? I believe the stats on people being born intersex that Jessica listed are correct and the Duggars would absolutely have an issue with it. There’s nothing wrong with being intersex and we are a society need to embrace this, even if the Duggars would hypothetically not.

      1. Because being intersex, being gay, and being transgender are 3 separate things. These comments are idiotic.

        1. First off, a normal person like me and you know that it is three different things but people who are ignorant like the duggars will just catorize as sin not three different things, and it was just my guess, I am just asking for the same respect as everyone else I am fine with down votes, but being rude is a little too much for a f*******n opinion.

          1. Another thing is that the Duggars are attention whores we would have known by now if Jill became infertile by this pregnancy or if something is wrong with the baby, because they would milk it out until the next the happens to that family or simply they lost their contract with people magazine because I have not seen any exclusive duggar stories on there for a while and no other tabloid magazine are picking them up

    3. OR…maybe the baby was born as a cat, and her pukey looking husband is allergic. They’ll soon have to leave him at the shelter if they can’t purchase some Claritin.

  13. I really don’t fully understand why Jill would make people who are genuinely worried about her and her child worry more. It wasn’t her intention I’m sure but her message did.

    Will the baby not live long? Did Jill lose her fertility?

  14. Well, I think Jill is just disappointed. And still recovering when they stiched her up again. And ofc if she is suffering from PPD, Derick is actually of no help. I honestly hope this birth gave her a clearer vision into it and that she just can’t be the second Michelle. Have few babies (oh we know she ain’t stopping now, soon as the doctor will okay it again, hse will get knocked up) IF she can do it safely but stop at a small(er) number.

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