‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Welcomes Third Child

Kail Lowry is now a mom of three!

The Ashley can confirm that the Teen Mom 2 star gave birth to her third son on Saturday, August 5. Kail waited until the baby was born to find out its gender.

The baby weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces.

The father of the baby boy is Kail’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez.

The baby is reportedly still unnamed, but he will join half brothers Lincoln (whose dad is Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin) and Isaac (who was fathered by Kail’s high school boyfriend Jo Rivera.

Jo has yet to publicly comment on the birth of Kail’s third child, but Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, told Radar that he and Lincoln have not met the new baby yet.

“I’m glad everything went well for her,” he told the site.

The Ashley broke the news back in February that Kail was expecting her third child.

“I know this isn’t the ideal situation, but those close to me have been very supportive and understanding,” Kail told The Ashley at the time.

“I truly thought I was done having kids and would finish school and focus on other things,” she told The Ashley about the period before she got pregnant with Baby No. 3. “I started having [female] complications and was told my chances of ever carrying another baby to term were essentially cut in half.

“I realized that I did want another child eventually,” Kail added. “I was told that as I get older, my chances of conceiving and carrying to term will be less and less. Long story short, the person I was with and I took the chance to see if I could get pregnant.”

Chris has not commented publicly about his son’s birth

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  1. I see we are still sticking to the decreased fertility chances story. Three children with three different fathers, the last of whom she barely had a relationship does not a good role model make. I think MTV’ social experiment didn’t pan out as they had hoped. None of these girls on Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2 plus Briana, with the exception of Chelsea, have neither learned anything from becoming a mom as a teenage nor have they struggled at all because of the money they are making. I am not advocating for people to have to stuggle; I am simply saying that they haven’t learned from their mistakes because they are being enabled.

  2. Lots of comments here. I pretty much agree with most of them. She is very lucky that Isaac and Lincoln have great father figures. From watching her over the years, I think she is a difficult person to get along with. She thrives on the drama and attention the MTV show has created. This is a “reality show”, but in real life this is NOT reality. These people make an excellent salary on the show. Once the show is finally over, I’d like to see how they are all doing in five years. Oh, and I DON’T want to hear Kail say how hard life is being a “single mother”. It sounds like the father of this baby does not want to be involved. The is going to be hard growing up and seeing his siblings with pro-active fathers. Also, on the reunion shows with Dr. Drew I think she was disrespectful to him when he asked her some hard questions.

  3. Lol hope she enjoys being a single mom to 3 children with different fathers. What a fucking mess. Those poor boys are going to grow up to hate her

  4. I am really curious, did new baby daddy actually say somewhere that he wanted nothing to do with this baby, or is that just what people are assuming? I thought he posted when this first came out that he was happy he was going to be a dad?

    1. He was dating another virl at the same time and still is. He even asked mtv to blur him out. He is a jobless loser so he doesn’t wanna pay for the kid.She would sue him for every penny he has when teen mom stops.

      1. Him having a girlfriend and wanting MTV to blur him out doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be a dad. Has he said he doesn’t want to pay for the baby or be in his life? I don’t remember reading that (but don’t follow that closely). If he doesn’t have a job though…yeah that’s a problem.

  5. IMO she has major control, anger, codependancy and impulsivity issues. Her dad abandoned her and her mom left her homeless to be with another man when she was just a teen. She uses people then moves on to some other mistake.

    BUT I think she’s a very good mother to her kids. Like others have said, she takes good care of her boys; they are both smart and sweet, well mannered, always look clean and well taken care of. She’s going to be a good mother to the third. Too bad she didn’t take more time to get to know the father. It’s a shame that he brought a kid into the world the her wants nothing to do with. Then again, he was under the impression that it was going to be impossible for her to get pregnant without IVF. Pitty for him that he was tricked and a month or so into their relationship she got what she wanted all along. If a woman lies to a man (I’m taking birth control OR I can’t get pregnant without IVF) and she gets pregnant, she should be accountable for those lies. Maybe there should be a law that the man doesn’t have to pay child support in those instances.???

    1. Agreed until the last part. If a man has unprotected sex with a young woman with two small children and actually believes she “can’t” get pregnant, he has no one to blame but himself. And Kail never said it was impossible, just improbable. No one “tricked” him. Besides, what about STDs? He gets to own the consequences of his actions, just like she does.

    2. I agree with everything you said except for the last part. Anyone with a brain knows that there is always a chance sex will lead to pregnancy even when a woman is on birth control or told she has fertility issues by a doctor. A man should always financially support his children no matter what.

    3. If a doctor really told her that the only way that she could conceive is via IVF there had to be documentation of tests performed for the doctor to come to that conclusion. IMO she made all that up so she can have her trap baby. I bet there’s no such paperwork about any fertility tests and that’s there’s no evidence that a doctor ever told her that.

      My point was that her selfish lies are affecting many people: her, the baby, the father, the father’s family, her 2 previous children, the fathers and step patents to the other 2 boys, etc. She should be held accountable for her lies. At the very very least dr. Drew should question her about it. I’m sure he’ll ask a question about it, she’ll give her rehearsed answer that doesn’t make logical sense, and he’ll accept it as truth.

      1. What does “being held accountable” mean? The most anyone can do is call her out for lying, if she lied to them. Claiming that you were told you are going to have a hard time conceiving isn’t a crime, even if it’s not true. Saying the dad shouldn’t have to pay child support if the mom lies about her fertility is not a reasonable consequence. Child support is for the child, not the parent.

  6. Was it planned or not Kail?? “Long story short, the person I was with and I took the chance to see if I could get pregnant.” contradicts what you said in the last episode. Either way, it’s still shitty of you to bring another baby into your house when your first two are still confused as to what’s happening with you and Javi.

  7. Kailyn, now please, STOP. Even if you want a girl, don’t jump in bed with another friend AGAIN! And if you’re happy with your three boys, be a mom to them and stop sleeping around.

    @TheAshley, how much truth is it that this was her third pregnancy in a short while? Miscarriage with Javi which was filmed, pregnancy with another dude and then with Chris?

  8. I don’t understand how a person with a degree and claims to be so smart has 3 children out of wedlock. Kailyn said on TM that Chris should have pulled out. Really!Really! It’s 2017 everyone knows how not to have an unwanted pregnancy. Kailyn is spinning it around for us to believe that this was planned. Chris said it wAs all lies just for tv. So I’m not believing anything Kailyn says.

  9. It breaks my heart because Isaac & Lincoln have great father figures (as Great as they can be anyways) but this poor baby.. 🙁
    He won’t have anyone.

  10. Wonder who will be the first Teen Mom to pop out a fourth. I don’t count Leah, since technically she only had two pregnancies. So it’s between Jenelle, Maci and Kail. My money’s on Jenelle for a fourth miracle pregnancy before the new year.

    1. I’m pretty impressed at Leah not jumping into another marriage right away. Her therapy must have really stuck.

      1. TR Dues, the guy she was with right after Jeremy dumped her, didn’t have any money. Thus, no child support for Leah. She’s not too bright, and easy… not stupid.

  11. I’m pretty sure she has 50/50 custardy with both Jo and Javi, I think I remember one of them saying it has something to do with the law in Delaware. I think they each have the boys week on/week off so the fact that the boys are so well mannered and sweet is equally down to the Dads as much as it is Kail..I also think Isaac gets his sensitivity amd sweetness from Jo because he seems quite calm most of the time and let’s be honest, Kail hasn’t got a ‘calm’ or ‘sweet’ bone in her body! I don’t get how she released the statement saying that the pregnancy was planned and what she wanted but then tried to keep it a secret for so long and you could see how embarrassed she was when Jo was questioning her about it on last weeks episode..I do think she is a good mother in terms of the way she is raising the kids amd keeps them clean and a clean house but I also think she is incredibly selfish and spiteful and doesn’t always put her kids first or she wouldn’t have split her family up by sleeping with another man behind Javi’s back whilst he was deployed! Poor Isaac, it seems like he’s had a really tough, uosetting year! And it’s just her attitude in general towards everyone that I cannot stand. She should treat people with a little more respect.

  12. Unpopular opinion: I’m happy for the world that Kail had another boy. My opinion of her is down the toilet because of this last pregnancy, but she has so far raised 2 very sweet boys (with 2 great Dads, but they do spend most of the time with her). I’m not convinced she’d do well with a girl. So yay for everyone-it’s a boy!

    1. She’s had a LOT of help. She didn’t didn’t raise them alone “most of the time”. With Lincoln, Javi’s mom live with them. Not to mention all the things Jo’s family has done for her. Plus she survives on MTV’s welfare. She’s pretty fucked (just like the rest of them) once that goes away. Degree or not.

      She lives in a glass house.

  13. Congratulations on this baby boy Kail..BUT please for the love of god… be protected before any future babies come along unexpected. For such a smart girl ..you seem to lose your mind when it comes to men. Sorry for the lecture .. it’s the mother in me..~

    1. I don’t think she wants a girl, she said something along the lines that Lincoln and Isaac where going to be her only children.Then she had another oppsie pregnancy with a friend with benefits. Plus if she really wanted a baby girl she would of stay with Javi and had a invitro treatment to have a girl.

      1. I think the fact that she still hasn’t picked a name shows she was hoping for a girl and only had girl names picked out..now she’s scrambling to figure out a boy name she likes

  14. I wonder if Chris was even present since we know how Kail is with her baby daddies once *she’s* done with them. Glad the baby is healthy

  15. These girls and their made up infertility issues. If that was the case why didn’t she figure this out with Javi instead of a random short term boyfriend? My doctor didn’t answer fertility questions unless I asked them so this blows her “I wanted to focus on my career” lies out of the water.

    1. Not only that but I do wonder if this were true and doctors did tell all these teen moms that they had “fertility issues”how many of them got a second opinion because honestly if it were me and that came out of my doctors mouth it would take a while to sink in then I would go and get a second opinion I wouldn’t just jump Into bed with the nearest guy to see if I can get pregnant

      1. I have a feeling with all these girls is they MIGHT have problems. But they immediately thought “OH NO! I won’t have babies like ever, better not use protection!” And BAM! They’re pregnant. It’s such a foolish thing to do since it’s not like none of them had babies BEFORE. They were teen moms, for crying out loud, Maci conceived while losing her virginity! Yes, fertility drops by age, I am older than all of them (27) but I know I am in no place now to have a child and I won’t have it until I’m 10000% ready!

        1. Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call, what, 24 as aged and where fertility fearfully decreasing. I just had my first and only, and I’m 34 next week!

      2. My guess is that somewhere along the lines, when the girls were actually sixteen and pregnant, a doctor may have let them know that carrying a baby to term while still going through puberty COULD MAYBE POSSIBLY ONE DAY cause complications down the road, and they heard what they wanted to hear and ran with it.

        I’m not a doctor and I’ve never had children so I can’t say that I’m an expert, but if you look at the ones who claim fertility issues they’re usually the… less… educated or settled ones, ie Jenelle and Kail, so it seems like it could be some kind of a possibility..

        Just something they heard once and are using it to justify their choices.

        Just a theory!

  16. This innocent little boy will now get to see his half brothers go off to visit their dads, whereas it won’t be the same for him.

    Kail, please THINK about this for all potential baby daddies to follow.

    1. Exactly!! She doesn’t care how much this will hurt an innocent child, as log as she doesn’t have to deal with co-parenting and custody issues.

    2. Well, in the baby daddy’s defense, do we know that he wants nothing to do with his child? Not wanting to be on the show and not wanting to be in a relationship with Kail does not necessarily mean he is a dead beat dad. Maybe he will be, but it seems like it’s too soon to tell.

      1. Not too soon to tell at all. According to several reports I’ve seen thus far, Baby Daddy Chris Lopez wants no part of Kail, the show — or — this child. Thus Kail’s own constant reminders while pregnant that she’s going to be strictly a single mom with this one.

        I will agree though, that one would certainly HOPE he changes his mind.

        1. I have seen the same things. I wonder if it is on his part or hers. I saw some things he tweeted, it was like, this is all fake for tv. Maybe she is just creating a story line?

        2. Obviously everyone (maybe except Kail) wants him to be involved but we also need to remember how pissed she got that Jo was so involved and tried to push him out for Javi. Kail loves to play the “I’m a single mom, waaah” card and act as if she’s done everything on her own with no help. So as shitty as it is that Chris may not be involved, this is what Kail has been hoping for and wanting. And this is obviously what she got.

  17. Soo do all these girls have the same incompetent OBGYN, too? Same plastic surgeon and same “secondary infertility” diagnosis for multiple. Maybe time to pull out the provider book, ladies. Lol

  18. As much as I don’t like her, I’m happy for her. Her children are well mannered, smart, clean, the dogs are happy and loved (unlike Leah and Jenelle!) and she takes care of her house (also unlike the aforementioned two.) I hope everything works out for them and the boys get to see each other regularly despite having different schedules.

  19. Ummmm…the older any female gets–the chances of conceiving are lessened. Kailyn, you are not special or in a complicated situation. But you are pretty nasty–LOLOLOL!!!!!!

  20. Her, Mackenzie, and Maci all have said that they would have issues conceiving… yet seemed to not have any issues.

    1. Maci really had no reason to lie about having PCOS. She admitted that she went off birth control to try and conceive Jayde. I believe her when she said that Maverick was a surprise because she got pregnant with him so soon after she had Jayde. Anyways Maci was in a stable relationship with a guy she knew she would eventually marry. It was a completely different situation than Kail’s situation. Even if Kail did think she would have trouble conceiving again, she should’ve been on birth control just as a precaution. She obviously wanted to have another baby but she could’ve at least waited longer because she just got divorced. It was very selfish of her. When did Mackenzie say she had fertility issues?

      1. Maci may have planned Jayde, and not Maverick, but she still drank like a fish for the first 5 months of her pregnancy with Maverick. That makes her a POS mum automatically.
        Kail is a hoe for getting pregnant on purpose to a random guy she was sleeping with, but Maci is an irresponsible parent who put alcohol before her child’s health. She’d been pregnant twice before- no way did she not know she was 5 months along before she found out.

        1. I still don’t believe that she drank while she was aware of her pregnancy. I know nobody else believes that but to me, Maci has a good head on her shoulders and is a good mother. I don’t think she would do that.

          1. I don’t think she did, either. Not once she knew (and I believe she knew before she admitted that she knew). I think it was because she was hiding the pregnancy until they could film Taylor’s proposal. If people thought she was drinking on the show, they would probably not realize she was pregnant.

      2. MacKenzie said something about the longer she waits to have a baby, the more dangerous being pregnant would become with her diabetes

  21. Is it wrong that i’m so happy she didn’t have a girl? It’s bad enough her boys will see her Hoeing around so much…she would ruin a little girl.

    1. Not at all! I will admit that this is petty AF, but I am tired of seeing these stupid girls get exactly what they want and I’m glad she didn’t. Bring on baby daddy #4 so she can “beat the infertility clock” for a girl.

      1. I never particularly liked her too much, but I did respect that she worked so hard to get a place for herself and Isaac back in those early days. Now she’s on par with Jenelle in my book- 3 babydaddies, and children she uses as Pawns to get her way. It’s so sad really.

    2. Kail did take after her mother in that sense, if she had a girl it would be another link in the chain.

    3. Her boys will end up either being attracted to women just like Kail or attracting women just like Kail. Not exactly a bright future there!

      1. Issac has vee as a female role model, and she is way better then Kail, she treats issac like her own and is very civil with Kail, I would not doubt if issac will live with jo and vee(hopefully is still around) when he is a teen. We can’t entirely count Lincoln out until we see javi’s gf after Kail

  22. I feel bad for Isaac and Lincoln but I’m glad she had a safe delivery and now has another healthy child.

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