Corinne Olympios Says Mixing Prescription Drugs & Alcohol Caused Her ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Blackout

“Who knew mixing pills and booze was a bad idea?! Oopsie!”

Corinne Olympios has finally come clean about what caused her to blackout while filming during the first week of production of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

As The Ashley previously reported, Corinne got extremely down and dirty in a ‘Paradise’ pool with co-star DeMario Jackson. Production was halted later that day after a producer filed a sexual misconduct complaint stating that Corinne may have been too drunk to consent to the sexual activity, Warner Bros. then launched an investigation to find out what happened. The investigation later found no sign of misconduct.

While filming the ‘BIP’ Reunion Special on Saturday, Corinne reportedly confessed that she mixed alcohol with prescription pills before getting down with DeMario.

“We’re told she didn’t elaborate on what kind of Rx, but she’s adamant — ingesting the pills that day and mixing it with booze intensified her drunkenness, which she says led to her blacking out,” TMZ reported.

It’s no surprise that when the ‘Paradisers’ were brought back to the beach following the conclusion of the investigation, they were forced to submit to new rules, including new policies regarding all drugs– both prescription and, um, “other” types. According to TMZ, all ‘Paradisers’ were sent an email that clearly laid out the policies.

“Upon your arrival, your bags will be inventoried specifically for any over-the-counter and prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you,” the email stated, according to TMZ. “Any prescription/illegal drugs will be confiscated… All drugs, over-the-counter and prescribed, must be submitted to the Nurse to keep and dispense accordingly for your stay in Mexico.”

Cast members were also limited to having only two drinks an hour. (In previous seasons, the alcohol flowed freely.)

Although Corinne and DeMario did not rejoin the cast of Season 4 after the investigation concluded, both will appear on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ reunion. (DeMario has stated that he and Corinne did not interact at the taping because they were filmed separately.)

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 premieres August 14 on ABC. Click here to watch a preview of the season.

(Photo: ABC)


  1. Ugh this is just disgusting behavior. She should just go away and never talk to anyone on earth again. Own it, bitch. And for f*&$s sake apologize and stop lying. Makes me embarrassed to be a sister.

  2. I’m pretty sure it was all of her daddy issues and genetic predisposition to alcoholism that made her blackout.

  3. Will she ever just take responsibility for her actions? I feel bad for Demario she lied about him doing one of the heinous acts and even after he was cleared. She won’t apologize or take personal responsibility.

  4. i’ve always wondered how these reality stars bring drugs with them to other states/country’s when they film… there is TSA when you fly regardless of your “celebrity status” so i don’t get it… i mean are they all keestering their drugs or what?

    1. They are probably prescription drugs. Just because it’s prescribed to someone doesn’t mean that that person will always take it as prescribed. To be honest, I’m pretty shocked BIP didn’t have the policy they adopted to begin with. I’m pretty sure most reality shows adopt this same policy to avoid legal issues.

    2. My friend is a TSA agent. She said flat out they aren’t the drug police, they’re looking for weapons, bombs, anything over 3 ounces (oh my!) They don’t check people’s prescription bottles to make sure they match the person’s name on the ticket, nor do they stop people for small amounts of weed. They’re not even looking for it. Now, if they get stopped for further screening then they’ll confiscate drugs and turn them over to the police, but they’d have to be stopped and screened first. That’s not even touching on the checked bags. Lots of people go through security and into different countries with illegal drugs. Seems like an insane risk to me, but people do it!

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