‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 20 Recap: A Present From Christmas & a Pig Possessed

On Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 19, Josh made it clear that his real target is Elena, and he and Christmas talked a lot about not doing everything Paul tells them to do. But for this Power of Veto episode, the status quo returns and those flights of fancy are quickly dashed.

Josh tries to work with Jessica, but they’re both so bad at this game that it’s impossible to find common ground. And Christmas is back to doing whatever Paul tells her to do, using her Temptation to essentially seal Jessica’s fate.

After the nomination ceremony, Josh goes to Jessica to try and hint that she is not his real target, despite just saying that she was in front of everyone. There’s so much bad blood between these two that there’s no way this conversation could possibly go well. Jessica mocks Josh and has no interest in talking to him. Josh says that he only hates Cody, even though Cody is in the room and has immunity this week.

“This could be bad…very, very bad.”

Nothing is accomplished because Josh is trying to treat Jessica and Cody as two separate players. That ship has sailed. They are “Jody” and you can work with both of them or against both of them. And Jessica refuses to hear anything negative about Cody.

Paul knows about Christmas’ Ring of Replacement Temptation and suggests that she should use it this week if Cody gets picked to make sure Jessica goes home. He also tells us that he really wants her to do it so it gets wasted in case Christmas might use it against him later.

Christmas tells Josh about the Ring and says she’ll do whatever he wants her to do. He tells her not to use it so they can use it later. But then they make the mistake of going to tell Paul that they don’t want to use it.

Josh makes it very clear that he doesn’t want the Ring to be used and that Elena is his target. Paul keeps pushing his “Jessica needs to go home first” agenda. Paul argues that Jessica and Cody wouldn’t vote for him in jury, but Elena might. Christmas tells Josh to look at her and blink hard if he wants her to use it at the ceremony.

“Why does Paul keep winking at me?”

When it’s time to pick players, Cody’s name is chosen. Paul is desperately hoping that Josh blinks to signal Christmas to use her Ring. After a commercial break, Josh blinks and Christmas pulls out her Ring of Replacement, taking Cody’s spot in the Power of Veto competition.

Christmas is extremely happy about using it, smiling and being very smug about it. Paul and all of his followers celebrate while Jessica and Cody retreat to their bedroom and Cody starts crying. She tries to comfort him.


Christmas tries to talk to Jessica about how this isn’t personal. Jessica takes it very personal and even Christmas admits in the DR that it’s a little personal. Christmas literally scoots away in the middle of Jessica talking.

Later, it’s time for the OTEV competition where the HGs go down a giant slide and collect answers to questions, with one less spot in each round. Christmas can’t compete because of her injury, so it’s just Josh, Mark, Elena, Jessica and Alex. This year’s OTEV is a sad pig possessed by a demon that vomits all over the HGs.

Because…of course it is.

Elena is eliminated in the first round, and Jessica goes in the second round. In Round 3, Josh is eliminated and Mark uses this round to stockpile other numbers since the others were so slow. In Round 4, Alex is the first person up, but she dropped her number on the slide, so Mark takes it, even though he isn’t sure about his answer. Still, he’s right and Alex is eliminated.

“No one eats bacon on my watch!”

Mark wins the Power of Veto!

Mark is happy but Josh is upset that he has to put another person on the block. Jessica is sad because she thinks her game is over. She gets emotional about leaving Cody all alone. Cody vows to be angry and rip through the house. He tells us that this is personal because of his feelings for Jessica and it’s not just a game.

Since Mark is using the Power of Veto on himself, Josh needs a new pawn. He asks Matt and Raven, and they don’t care at all and are both happy to do it.

Mark uses the Power of Veto on himself. Josh nominates Raven, explaining that she agreed to do it.

Jessica wants to go out with a bang. Cody doesn’t care about winning; he just wants to stop others from winning. Paul is happy to steamroll the game. Elena hilariously points out that Raven is just there. Josh STILL says he wants Elena to be evicted this week.

Um, that ship sailed the second you blinked, you meatball.

That’s it until tonight!

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