‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Standifer Gives Update on Husband Ryan Edwards’ Sobriety

“He’s alright, y’all!”

Mackenzie Standifer is speaking out about how her husband Ryan Edwards is doing, about a month after Teen Mom OG viewers watched him struggle on-camera with a drug addiction. Ryan went to rehab just days after marrying Mackenzie in May, and has kept a relatively low profile since the most-recent season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ ended last month.

In a series of Instagram comments, Mackenzie told fans that her husband is still sober.

Mackenzie posted a selfie to her Instagram, and one of her followers asked her if the solo pic meant that Mackenzie had split with Ryan. Mackenzie made it clear in her response to the comment that they are still together, and that she’s supporting him through his hard times.

“Uhhh no,” Mackenzie wrote in response to the person who asked her if she “finally” ditched Ryan. “When you get a flat tire do you ditch your car? No. When your house is dirty do you walk away? No. It’s no different with the person you love. Just because you walk through rough waters does not mean you give up. It means you have enough self esteem to keep going, put your head up and fight harder.”

Over the past few days, Mackenzie also revealed her future wedding and baby plans. Although viewers watched Mackenzie and Ryan get hitched in a spur-of-the-moment ceremony that only had Ryan’s parents present as witnesses, Mackenzie revealed that there will be a second, bigger wedding that will include both her son, as well as Ryan’s son Bentley.

“We have had a huge wedding planned and in the books with our whole family and boys since we got engaged,” Mackenzie wrote.

(When they got engaged, Mackenzie had stated that she and Ryan planned to get married in November 2017, in the church where Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, got hitched. It’s unknown if that’s still the plan.)

Mackenzie was much more clear when it came to revealing her and Ryan’s plans to add to their family.

“Keep on counting until you’re out of breath,” Mackenzie told a follower on Instagram who asked when she and Ryan are going to announce a pregnancy. “…that’s how long it’ll be until we have one…like count to a million and one!”

After the wedding episode aired (which included footage of Ryan driving while under the influence of drugs), Mackenzie stated that she had been receiving death threats from ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans who felt she was wrong to allow Ryan to drive in the state he was in. (Mackenzie claimed that she was unaware that Ryan had a drug problem until right before he went to rehab.)

The next season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ is currently being filmed.

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  1. Wow comments are really disgusting here..Hey newflash from ‘people’ behind their computers who troll..oups comments : you don’t know these people !!

  2. The whole “I didn’t know he was on drugs” either makes her look like a liar or like she didn’t know Ryan at all before they got married. Either way, she looks really stupid.

  3. It should be pretty obvious to tell if he’s off drugs next season.. He’ll be king of all pricks once again.

  4. Am I the only one that finds it a little off-putting that they as a couple, strongly resemble Jenn and Larry..?

  5. What 20 year old doesn’t think that love conquers all and that they can change a gf/bf if they try hard enough? Clearly she married him to convince him that she would be there when he got back from rehab. Hope that she finally prioritizes her child’s safety in the future if Ryan relapses. Pretty typical for addjcts to put on weight after going to rehab. Actually a good sign that he is sober. Do generally wish anyone with addictiom success. The teen mom money has definitely allowed them to delay growing up and join the real world which can keep you out of a lot of trouble.

  6. What is with these girls having wedding REENACTMENTS? If you got married without a wedding send announcements and be done! People go to a wedding to share in the joy of the MOMENT you are joined together!
    If my children planned to do this I would tell them ” don’t you dare send invitations to the family” it’s a lot of nerve!!!

    1. How much you want to bet she registers for gifts and has a shower? Despite this being her second wedding and the fact she’s already legally married to him?

    2. Exactly! This bothers me so much. If it must be done, then keep the first wedding a secret between those who really NEED to know (probably just bride and groom) and don’t, you know, film it for international TV. Or maybe have the second “wedding” be an anniversary party or something like that. I do not at all understand having a second ceremony in a church, exchanging vows again. You’re already married. I always think about what parents and relatives and guests would say/think. Do you have to buy gifts twice? Do you have to celebrate with the couple twice? It’s not very special to have a “wedding” re-do once you’re already married. Ppl are not coming to your wedding and party just so they can see you wear a white dress and hold flowers, they’re coming to witness and celebrate the actual marriage. Weddings are about marriages not about parties.

  7. She absolutely knew that Ryan was high on the ride to their wedding and instead of having him pull over so she can drive and potentially save some lives. She unplugs the cameras and while she’s doing this you can hear her say did you take the Xanax again? (Here comes the worst part ) he says that on his kids life he didn’t take any pills. She and Ryan’s parents are enablers. Making a big mistake is letting someone who didn’t stay in the program long enough (2weeks) come back to the same environment that enables him to continue with these bad decisions. Which of course will fall back on his whole family blaming Maci again. Ryan & Rysn allone needs to step up and take responsibility for his own life and the impact his decisions have on Sweet, Wonderful Bent

  8. I call bullshit on her not knowing he had a drug problem until he went to rehab. We ALL knew he had a drug problem. Up until recently, my husband was REALLY bad off on spice, and I knew it when I married him, so I know it’s embarrassing to admit that you love a drug addict enough to ignore all good sense and marry him anyways, but just woman up and acknowledge that you were STUPID in love! Don’t pretend you didn’t know and especially don’t try to blame other people for not telling you what was right in front of you!

    1. Given that he has been an addict for something like 5 years seems like the family has been pretty good at hiding the problem for a long time. Actually pretty impressive that someone didn’t sell his story to a website or tabloid a long time ago. In all fairness she was just continuing the pattern.

  9. I can’t wait until next season to see how this whole thing unfolds with Maci and Mackenzie after that reunion fight. Mackenzie flat out owes Maci an apology in my opinion. What she said in that letter not only wasn’t true but it was insane.

    1. I agree, I wonder if she pictured it happening differently, like she thought she’d read that silly letter where she blamed Maci, and the audience would sympathize and….see her point?

  10. The correct response should be…. When your house is up in blazing flames, do you walk away? No, you RUN!

    It really is sad that she feels more responsible for Ryan versus her son. We see her priorities.

  11. I can’t stand this girl. She states that she regrets being on the show and is bullied by the fans but yet she still has a public instagram and fights back and forth with strangers making comments. She loves the fame and attention. And why does she have to be Ryan’s voice? If Ryan wants to talk about his sobriety, then let HIM talk about it. Why does she have to be the one to speak for him all the time? Jeez.

  12. proclaiming how much ‘self-esteem’ you have to stick with your addict husband, who you absolutely KNEW was an addict before you even met him ( – let’s be real – )… just screams insecurity. We all see thru ya bullshit, hoe.

  13. “When your house is dirty do you walk away? No.”

    Yeah…but when your husband is a meth head and you have children…you do…

        1. I’m either out of the loop and haven’t heard the confirmations that he’s taking herion and meth or you guys are just making assumptions. My dad was addicted to opiates and he had the same side effects (falling asleep, slurring words) Ryan did. I don’t think it’s hard drugs. Ryan is abusing pain killers. But whatever. Does it matter? An addict is an addict. It’s a sad situation and people should be more sensitive. My father lost his life from this problem. As far as Mackenzie goes, she should only be concerned with giving Ryan her comfort and support. She seems like she’s only concerned about what other people think of it.

          1. Can you post a source, Shea? I had no idea and I’m usually on top of Teen Mom news stuff.

          2. Ok so opiates and the falling asleep/slurring words I get, but how about the bugged-out eyes from a previous season?

    1. Not even husband…fiancé. She willingly chose to marry him in that condition and make an active drug addict a stepdad to her son. That’s not love persevering, that’s foolishness!

    1. I don’t know if she’s a golddigger. Ryan does have money from the show but I highly doubt it’s enough for girls to chase after him for that reason alone. I think she likes the fame and attention. When she said she regretted signing on for the show is BS. She definitely enjoys the attention. Her instagram would be on private if she didn’t like the attention.

  14. I am so happy that Ryan is better & so happy that him & Mackenzie are having a good marriage now good luck to both of you

  15. Count to a million and one and she’ll be pregnant? So in 11 or 12 days? Or does she think it takes years to count to one million?

    1. Don’t taking drugs for years affect your fertility? So maybe that’s what she tried to say, that they can’t get pregnant now but maybe in the future.

  16. There is NO WAY she didn’t know! She scarily like Jen, it freaks me out. She’s like a middle aged woman, very different to Maci. It’s very odd that they got married like they did too. I’m sure it wouldn’t make any difference for custody either

    1. Exactly. That was SUCH a stupid lie she tried to pull off. I’ve worked in the family court system for 19 years and that ridiculous story she tried to spin about getting married b/c of Bentley’s visitation, etc.? No way. Straight up lie.

  17. This girl is not a “star” of anything. She’s a fame thirsty dumpster fire whose 15 minutes need to be long over.

  18. Sure you may not throw out your car because it gets a flat or leave your house because it gets dirty, but most people sure don’t buy a car that already has a flat or a house that is already filthy. She could race fast enough to get hitched to Ryan in all his addicted and broke glory.

    1. She also threw out her first “car”, was it a year or so ago? Not sure why she’s trying to act above getting divorced when she’s been divorced.

  19. Yeah, riiiiight. Like we would believe anything that comes out of that lying mouth. Saying that everything was Maci’s fault because Mac and Ryan’s parents “didn’t know” he was an addict. Can we all spell fame wh0re!

  20. I don’t understand the whole “we had a quickie marraige so Ryan could get custody of Bentley” thing… First of all, no judge is gonna give custody to a guy that is “High, High, High!!”…Second of all, just becaue you are married doens’t mean it’s a more stable home for the child. Why even bother with a second wedding? Especially since everyone already knows they are hitched. Seems like a waste of money…but then again this is Teen Mom…they blow through money.

    1. That whole getting married for Bentley’s custody/visitation/whatever was a straight up lie. I’ve worked in family courts for 19 years. That was absolutely a lie. She’s just too dumb to realize that viewers aren’t going to just believe everything she says on the show.

    2. I agree!! What on earth would Ryan do with full time custody of Bentley? He’s barely able to attend baseball games or Halloween on time.

  21. I don’t get her comments about sticking through the hard times when this is her second marriage. What happened to that flat tire/dirty house?

  22. Yeah, I don’t believe her. I mean, hopefully he is really sober (and stays that way!) but she could also be covering up for him.

  23. How was she unaware when views knew like 3 seasons ago he was gacked up on the whoop chicken? His bugged out eyeballs weren’t an indication that he was less than sober? All the best to them; life with an addict is not easy.

  24. At first I thought she might be mature and a good influence on Ryan, but it turns out I was wrong. As of late she sounds very immature and has made some poor choices, hopefully she’s right that not of them include a baby on the way. I don’t understand their need to have a big wedding when they are already married, just save that money for rehab!

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