‘The Hills’ Star Lauren Conrad On Track to Have Lowest-Selling “People” Magazine Cover EVER!


Lauren Conrad may be successful at a lot of things– running a clothing empire, starring on multiple hit reality shows, and publishing a popular blog. One thing she’s not very good at, though, is selling magazines.

Page Six revealed on Wednesday that the former star of The Hills is on track to have the lowest-selling cover in the history of People magazine.


This week’s issue, which features a smiling Lauren with her new baby, Liam, boasts the cover line “How love changed me.”

Apparently, very few people care how love changed Lauren because so far the issue has sold just 300,000 copies.

A spokesperson for People told Page Six that there’s still hope for LC to pull herself out of last place.

“It’s way too early to tell how that issue sold since it is still on newsstands. It is ridiculous to speculate on final numbers, and we aren’t worried about it.”


We know of at least know one person who bought an issue…Spencer Pratt! The former “Hills” alum (and Lauren enemy) tweeted, “Shucks I bought one tho” after Page Six published the story about no one buying LC’s issue.

Way to support your former co-star Spencer… and keep your name in the press, of course.

In true Spencer form, he later tweeted, “Ps according to her @people sales she could use anyone talking about her.”


Lauren isn’t the only “celeb” to provide a crappy turnout for People. Pope Francis’ cover sold only 450,000 copies and Hillary Clinton’s cover reportedly sold 500,000 copies.

Lauren has yet to comment on her cover’s low sales figures.

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)

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  1. Spencer scribbled out a part of the magazine though which makes it seem that he has a subscription… so I don’t see why he’d bother tweeting about buying one. What a douche.

    1. That’s the same thing I was going to say. He subscribes as you can clearly tell so what is he trying to prove. I hope that their “cover” when they have their baby sells even less.

  2. I have a feeling that she is not going to hold that record for long since articles are going online now, and everyone has a phone or tablet, magazine sales are so bad that even playboy is now releasing there magazine bimonthly instead of every month.

  3. Considering LC’s audience are the younger end of millenials they dont really “buy” magazines. The people who buy magazines and subscriptions are Gen X’ers and older and they dont know who LC is.

  4. I really enjoyed reading the article but I’ve always been an LC fan. However I have a subscription so I guess it doesn’t count ???. It was a nice break from the Kardashians.

  5. Do subscription numbers count in that total? We have one so we automatically got the issue. I wouldn’t have bought it, even thought I was always team LC, but this news is 10 years too late.

  6. If this news was of a Kardashian, then yeah it would the end of the world for them. but I’m sure LC is ok with not having a top selling magazine cover. She’s done well for herself and seems happy. So, c’est la vie!

  7. I enjoyed reading her article she is humble and down to earth and her lil guy is adorable! Good thing she doesn’t need that justification of magazines sold to know her worth. I’m sure it is disappointing still though.

  8. Honestly i don’t care for any celebrity who pimps out their newborn for money. We have babies everyday- just because you’re on tv or have a clothing line doesn’t make you or your baby any more special

    1. not more special but more marketable yes, and that’s all that matters in this world MONEY!
      I don’t like that’s the way it is, but it is. WE live in a throw away society. Sad Sad

      1. Pretty sure LC would not trade ratings with Robin if the price was death. Something like the dead hero/live coward thingy.

    1. I just googled– apparently it was the Robin Williams cover, which was released 14 days after his death ?

  9. Because she is boring? She runs her business, her husband is just some good looking successful guy and she had a baby. No drama. No story.

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