‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 22 Recap: Picking Pawns & Parroting Paul’s Moves

“Can’t you people come up with anything on your own? Geez.”

In most seasons of Big Brother, HouseGuests will do anything to avoid going on the block. But “Big Brother 19” has devolved into a crazy, backwards game where almost everyone is actively competing to be nominated. Whether they’re cheerfully offering to throw the Temptation Competition to become the third nominee or volunteering as Alex‘s pawns, the block is where everyone wants to be.

In fact, the only drama from the episode comes in a race to see who does a better job at losing. I don’t know what show I’m even watching anymore, but it sure isn’t the “Big Brother” we’re used to.

The episode starts off with everyone celebrating that they made the jury like they just won the Super Bowl, all while Cody moves into the Have-Not room to be alone. After Jessica‘s speech, Mark finally realizes that Paul is controlling the house and everyone is just playing his game.

Raven wants to target Mark and Elena (aka “Marlena”) because they still talk to Cody. Josh and Christmas agree that Mark and Elena must be targets because they flip and are disloyal. The show makes it seem like this is all their idea when, in reality, Paul has been pushing this agenda for several weeks.

“I’m not gonna lie, guys. I’m beginning to feel a bit unwanted!”

Alex wants to use Matt and Elena as pawns to backdoor Cody, but Paul convinces her not to piss off two couples. Paul wants Alex, Jason and Kevin to make Matt and Raven feel comfortable.

Alex tells us that she wants to be known as the showmance killer, which is hilarious because Paul literally told everyone that he was known as the showmance killer last season. Every single moment in this episode is just someone parroting something Paul has said before.

Cody talks to Kevin about how he knows that he’s been the target all season even though he would never go after Alex. Kevin is just covering his bases in the slim chance that Cody stays. Alex sees this and tells Paul, Jason, Josh and Christmas, who all agree that Kevin shouldn’t be talking to Cody at all. Kevin says that it doesn’t matter because Cody is going home, but this is enough to make people doubt Kevin.

Mark talks to Jason about how Paul is running the whole game and he needs to be taken out. That’s not going to end well for Mark.

“What have I done?!”

It’s time for the Temptation Competition. Alex wants someone to throw the competition to ensure that Cody doesn’t lose and go on the block so he can be back-doored. Matt happily volunteers. Just like last week, everyone except for the HoH and Christmas plays in the competition because Paul said so.

Over the past week the HGs heard various noises. The HGs must answer 10 questions about what room of the house they were in when they heard each noise. They all play together and must stand on a giant map of the house. It’s kind of B.S. that they all get to talk to each other about it while they walk around.

Cody decides to try and throw it to automatically go on the block as the third nominee so he can play for the Power of Veto. He thinks he wasn’t in the Have-Not room for any sound, so he’s going to pick it every time.

Unfortunately for Cody, Matt got every question wrong and becomes the third nominee. Mark got every question right and wins immunity.

Everyone cheers for Matt because he beat Cody at losing. Matt could not be happier about being on the block. Cody knows he’s doomed unless he gets picked to play for the Power of Veto or someone becomes a bigger target than him.

Now it’s time for the HGs to figure out who will be the pawn. Since Mark has immunity and Matt is already on the block, Alex has to pick someone else to be a pawn next to Elena. Alex asks Jason if he wants her to nominate him to make it look fair. Jason suggests that it should be Paul to guarantee he plays for the Power of Veto. Paul pretends to volunteer, but then he gets Jason to do it.

Elena doesn’t like being a pawn, but she reluctantly agrees. Elena talks to Cody and he tells her about Kevin’s proposed deal, including that Kevin is working with Paul, Alex and Jason and that they are targeting her and Mark. Cody explains to Elena that Paul is running the house and is going to win because no one is willing to go against him. Elena trusts Paul, but the fact that he’s so insistent that she should be a pawn makes her question him.

Elena asks Cody if he’d use the Power of Veto on her and he says “Yes.” Christmas sees this and accuses Mark and Elena of talking game with Cody. This leads to a fight between Mark and Christmas. Then Josh jumps in too. It’s all stupid stuff about Week 1 and accusations of Mark being a flip-flopper, as if loyalty actually matters in this game.

In the end, Alex nominates Elena and Jason. She says it’s not personal. Elena feels disposable (which she is) and Cody just wants to make sure Paul is the house’s target. Like last week, the HoH pretends to consider taking out someone other than Cody, but that’s just a lie.

That’s all for this episode!

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