EXCLUSIVE! Inside ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s New Romance: Meet Her New Boyfriend

“Matt? Matt who?”

Please file this under ‘report’ until The Ashley can 100% confirm all of the details below!

Last week, Radar Online posted a video showing Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood canoodling with a “mystery man.” The video, shot on August 7 in Indianapolis, did not identify who Amber’s new boy toy is but…The Ashley has the exclusive details on him!

Multiple sources tell The Ashley that Amber’s new boo is named Andrew, and that she met him a few months ago while she was in Los Angeles filming the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition with her ex-fiance, Matt Baier and her mother, Tonya. (The Ashley is choosing not to make Andrew’s last name public at this time.)

Anyway, from what The Ashley hears, Andrew lives in the Los Angeles area, works in TV production and is very different from Amber’s ex, Matt. For starters, he’s much closer in age to Amber than Matt was. (Andrew recently turned 33 while Amber is 27.) From what The Ashley has heard, Andrew has been in the TV production field for years, and is well-liked in the industry.

Amber and her new man pose for MTV cameras last week…

One source tells The Ashley that the video was set up so it could be sold to Radar, and that Amber’s new boyfriend may not have even been aware that was happening. (The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm this factoid, though.)

Anyway, Amber’s ex Matt recently told Radar that he’s happy for Amber. He also promised that ‘TMOG’ fans will be seeing him on the show, despite his nasty breakup with Amber a few months ago.

“[I wish] her new relationship well,” Matt told Radar. “It’s over forever so there is going to be a degree of sadness. But Amber and I are very close still, we have always been the best of friends. So she knows I am always here if she needs me and has my support.”

it appears that Andrew will also be featured on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ as the Radar video was shot while he and Amber were filming for the upcoming season.

Some ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans were worried that Amber moved on to a new relationship too soon after breaking up with Matt. As per usual, she took to Twitter to unleash her anger at the nay-sayers.

“There’s nothing wrong with dating over 3 months after breaking up with someone,” she tweeted last week. “Crazy how people judge and are so quick to talk s**t? #FYou.”

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more details on Amber’s new man very soon!

(Photo: MTV)




  1. Can any of these girls just be single for more than a hot second??? Geesh! Enjoy your life & figure out YOU, then get a guy. It may actually work out!

  2. Here’s hoping she finally got an attractive one. Even that blurry ass pic is cuter than Matt and Gary lmao

  3. Woo, I saw a picture on Reddit, not 100% confirmed but when that is the guy: Nice one Amber, send him loooove ;-).

  4. It’s the old double standard thing men can do it women can’t. Congratulations Amber I’m proud of you, you did the right thing it’s time for you to truly find happiness and somebody that deserve your love!!!!

  5. These women are dickmatized. So ridiculous how desperate for it they all are. Go to therapy, gt yourselves together, take care of your kids FIRST(and stop having more), take care of yourself, stop buying homes, automobiles and pets. Nothing is going to fill the void of getting a real job and being a contributing member of society.

  6. Being a bossy bitch is not the same as being a boss bitch. Amber keeps telling herself she’s a boss bitch but she still completely codependent on men. They take over her home her money her bank account… I’ve never seen such stupidity… I liked Amber when she got out of prison but the move she’s Makin are nothing like a boss. She’s a petulant child that wants to be taken care of. So sad to see how they are all squandering their money. To let any man take over your bank account put his name on your deed? I mean unreal.

  7. He works in TV production and they met while she was filming. Was he part of the crew?

    I have no idea how serious this is but I don’t think it is such a bad idea.
    It might actually be a good timing to start dating a normal guy again. Cons like people that have been conned before, they know they are easier targets, I bet some lunatics are preying on her. I hope this guy really is a good guy, better a good guy that is good to her now than her falling for another con quick. Amber also might like a good strong shoulder and some nice arms around her, she is only human, not perfect.
    No idea how long this will lasts but they are both adults.

    The only “but” I really have is.. is he for real? Or is he a storyline, a rent-a-boyfriend/ babysitter?, does he have alternative motives?
    And who sold that video to Radar??

    1. I believe Matt is living in Las Vegas now. You know, working on his “sobriety” in Sin City.

  8. Wait, what? A nice guy? This just won’t work! Amber herself stated she needs and like the bad boy much like herself. Damn! I’m still rooting for Butch.. Prison experience , drug abuser, old enough to be her father… Just perfect for her pathetic self.?

      1. Listen Billie, we all want better for our children regardless if we had a good or bad upbringing, this girl doesn’t care ! She is ghetto fabulous , ruining her own life! Her piece of crap mother sat there and listened to a man as old as her ( the mom) talk about marrying her daughter , she knew this man was a scam, she said nothing! My parents would have said ” get your ass the fu*k up out of my daughters house and don’t look back!!”
        Amber is even worse than her mom! God bless Gary – he’s all leah has because her mother sucks, and ruined all oppertunity herself ! Hope I answered your question

  9. For someone who calls herself a “real woman” she’s real dependent on men. Really thought, or at least hoped, that she would focus more on Leah. I guess not seeing as he lives in LA! No surprise there though, sad.

  10. I think Amber wants a caregiver, not a boyfriend. It’s clear that she can’t take care of herself, let alone her daughter. Hopefully this guy isn’t a creep for Leah’s sake. When Andrew figures out what “being with” (taking care of) Amber entails, he’ll probably split unless he’s a mooch like Matt.

  11. The only thing you needed to say in the description of how he is different from Matt is: He’s employed.

    1. Employed for now.
      Amber needs to be single for a while and concentrate on her daughter, she moans about not spending time with Leah, yet doesn’t seem bothered about anyone but her self

  12. Normally I think it’s good to wait a little but she needs to shove Matt all the way out, so I’m happy for her.

  13. Ohhh lawd.
    How is she going to tell “Boo-Boo” when this one all falls apart? She’s been attacking people for asking questions on social media. Being a real woman and all.

    So much for putting her daughter first for once. She has serious daddy issues and needs the attention of a man. And why the feck would the producers continue to film Mooch is he’s not with Amber?? No one cares about the dirty old geezer. It’s Teen Mom OG, not Teen Mooch OG.

    Maybe he will pitch his own show..
    Teen Mooch Goes to Vegas.

  14. Well, at least he has a job…..for now. But my God Amber, you should be focusing on Leah, not another man! You know Matt is pissed. His gravy train is gone, and why the fuck are they still filming him? No one gave a shit about him then, and we certainly don’t now.

  15. I’m sure we all agree that why yes, Matt will “Always be there!” for Amber, no one else will put as fancy a roof over his head, or car under his ass. I’m dreading hearing about how much Leah loves New Daddy Dude.

  16. Wow….quite the upgrade from Matt…even though a brown paper bag would’ve been an upgrade….Hopefully he’s a good guy!

  17. Why is she so needy? Couldn’t she be single for a couple of years and devote her time and attention to her daughter. Or concentrate on going back to school and getting a job. Something more productive other than a man. Children grow up fast.

    1. For someone with the awareness to know she needed jail to get sober this constant relationship thing is just sad. Also for someone who claims spending time with her daughter is her top priority, dating someone who lives in LA and will never work anywhere close to where she lives is not a great idea. We all know she couldn’t do long distance. Hopefully the guy is smart enough not to be swayed by the MTV money and stop working and move to Indiana. The only redeeming part of Kailyn’s babydaddy is that he couldn’t be bought. Not sure if Amber realizes she needs to find someone with a normal job who runs from the MTV cameras! Only problem is she not only seems to need a constant relationship but also someone to be with her 24/7 which is even worse.

  18. ok Matt – you’ll be there for her if she needs anything? What on EARTH could anyone possibly need that you could provide? You literally have nothing to offer.

    1. Sure he’ll be there for her..and so will the MTV camera’s. All at a fee too. This dude is pathetic. How in the world is he able to live in Vegas? Or is he mooching off of another lady again. He makes me ill

  19. Meh, as sad as it is, I expected her to have a new guy so soon. She just can’t stay single, none of these girls can! (Except for Farrah but she is basically dating herself so…Oh yeah and Leah has been single for a while. I don’t count Kail in.)

      1. Wasn’t Chealsea going back to Adam every other month though? She was his hookup between hookups for a while but at least she’s over that now.

      2. Didn’t Chelsea cheat whilst pregnant with aDums’s friend ????
        Plus she kept hooking up with him whist he was dating other girls !!!!
        Chelsea isn’t whiter than white !!!!!

        1. Yes she did, so I don’t understand the down votes.unless randy and Mary are on here.

          Coz Chelsea does nothing wrong does she!!!

    1. Farrah actually hasnt been single very much before Simon, there were multiple dudes one right after another when she was younger, I remember her sister giving her shit about not spending enough time woth Sophia…then Simon for the last 3 or 4 years, who has nothing to offer but wants to stay relevant so he throws her a little affection if Farrah ever starts talking about breaking it off with him. She was a bit more serious about ending it a little while ago but that was only because there was another guy, and they went on a date, but that didnt work out so she went back to Simon. She likes having a guy that she can talk with or hang with when she feels lonely… Its sad..All these girls truly want is love and a stable happy family that they feel their child deserves.. they just dont know how to find it because theyre too young and incapable of taking advice or being alone to focus on themself and figure out what they TRULY want. If they took the time to focus on themself and learn to love themself and work on being a person that someone would be happy to be in a relationship with, they might actually find a decent partner and have enough self respect to know when a guy isnt worth their time. Its sad to watch.

    1. I agree, some girls can’t be alone – very sad. I had a good friend like that. Relationship after relationship from age 13 til she got married at 30. Not even a few dates here and there, either – they were all exclusive relationships. I honestly always felt like she had no idea who she was. She never had more than a week or two here and there as an independent person. She was always someone’s girlfriend from the time she started liking boys.

  20. Alright I’ll start taking your bets on the the length of this relationship. My guess is just long enough to get the rest of Amber’s money.

    1. He moved out but left his ass print in the couch and the creepy smell of greasy old man I am sure still lingers

  21. Chances are he already met Leah and is giving up his own place to live with her. Let’s hope he can find a comfy spot on the couch next to matts butt imprints

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