‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Reveals How Involved Her Baby Daddy Luis Is In Their Daughter’s Life

“Just when you thought I couldn’t find anyone worse than Devoin to have a baby with…”

On the most recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, viewers have watched as Briana DeJesus tried to get her ex-boyfriend (and second baby-daddy) Luis to consider placing their baby for adoption. Of course, these episodes were filmed months ago, and Briana has since given birth to the baby, named her Stella Star and is parenting the little girl.

‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers have seen Luis talking about being involved in his daughter’s life, saying he would “step up” and “be there for his kid.” According to Briana’s social media, however, that is not how things have played out since Baby Stella’s birth.

The reality star recently lashed out at Luis via social media.

“Don’t take photos of MY kids and put them on social media or send them in group chats to ur friends to act like u a dad…. u is a deadbeat my guy,” Briana recently wrote on Snapchat. (Radar Online is reporting that Luis set Briana off by posting a photo of their daughter with the caption “my chicken nugget.”)

On Tuesday, Briana revealed that she no longer communicates with Luis or Devoin Austin (who is the father of Briana’s older daughter Nova).

“After what happened yesterday I cut all ties with both my baby daddies. F**k that,” Briana tweeted without explaining what event she was referring to.

She confirmed on Twitter that Luis and his family are not involved in Stella’s life, but she did not reveal “what happened yesterday.”

On Monday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Briana seems to be seriously considering placing her then-unborn daughter for adoption. On Tuesday, she revealed why she was so set on choosing adoption.

“I wanted what was best for Stella because I knew Luis wasn’t going to be around,” she tweeted. “There was way more 2 the story. And guess what, I was right.”

Last week, Briana went after both of her baby daddies in another tweet.

“LMAO why men fold so quick when s**t gets real? I’ll never understand. A damn shame I got more balls than both my baby daddies,” she wrote.


In other (semi-frightening) news, Devoin recently took to Twitter to announce he wants to have another child.

“Gotta have me a kid with a regular minded person so I could experience the full s**t.”


We will see more of the Briana/Luis and Briana/Devoin drama play out on this season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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84 Responses

  1. Brianna told her sister that she wasn’t on birth control because she didn’t expect to have sex again….& then does tequila shots with a guy at a club, has drunken unprotected sex- and being fully aware of the consequences of such a decision, proved that she is ignorant , has no judgement & no ambition
    Adoption would have been the child’s best chance for a good life….. Over being raised by this idiot. I bet she’s still not on birth control …. because she doesn’t think she’ll have sex again. It is so unfortunate that people like her can breed like rabbits, and yet many couples who are responsible, and could actually take good care of a child, can’t conceive. Probably in a couple of years she will have baby number three by some other loser. She sounds so uneducated – constantly says “axed” instead of asked. Brianna, get some education ,get a job, and stay on birth control whether you think you will have sex or not !!

  2. Thats funny how u gonna hv another baby aint even got a license.or a car to go see the baby you already hv …smh

  3. if you aren’t able to deal with the consequences of pregnancy then you shouldn’t be having sex… much less 100% unprotected sex.

  4. Quick question. Weren’t Corey and Leah supposedly only together for a month or so before she was pregnant with the twins? AND he was a rebound too. What pieces of work.

  5. I still don’t understand why she was put on the show in the first place. She literally contributes nothing.

  6. Probably the least interesting story of all the teen mom franchise. I kinda just wish she wasn’t on the show.

  7. Interesting how some men can claim to be so dead set against adoption, but be 100% okay with letting the mother take FULL responsibility of a child after it’s born, and only manage to come around when the cameras are rolling – and they can get paid.

    Briana, please get off your mom’s couch, take your first big MTV paycheck and put some of it down on a house for you and your kids – and STOP getting knocked up by these baby-making losers.

    And for heaven’s sake (as well as the sake of your kids) focus on furthering your education. Or, at least SOMETHING other than: Loser Penis.

    Okay, rant over.

  8. I’m not convinced she ever had any intention of placing the baby for adoption! Every time she spoke about it she had a smirk on her face, it looked like she was trying to hold back a laugh like a child who’s telling lies! If she did just bring up adoption to get back at Luis, she ought to be ashamed because people go through the agonising decision in real life..Why would she already have named the baby if she intended on giving her up? The only good thing about her being on the show is some of the hilarious crap her sister says and does. Her segments take time away from seeing some of the cuties like Isaac, Lincoln, Aubree and baby Watson!

    1. exactly what I was thinking. I assumed she was just bringing up adoption to have some what of a story line for the show.

  9. Briana is still young enough to get her shit in order for her kids. There’s no excuse why she hasn’t furthered her education or had a job. Brittany too. There’s no reason for these grown ass women still sucking on mommy’s teet. I mean i still lived at home and had a baby at 22 but I worked, didn’t pick a loser to have a baby with, and I was in the process of going back to school. I feel sorry for Nova and Stella that these are the women they have to look up to. This just seems like a negative and miserable group of women to be around. She was better off never being relevant and that included her failed stint on TM3.

    Also when Briana talks about having her shit together Id love to ask. HOW?

    By not having a job?

    By living under your mothers roof and no motivation to do anything else?

    By getting pregnant again by another deadbeat?

    1. Exactly. She should be ashamed of herself. At 18, I had my own apartment, worked full time, AND helped raise my friends daughter (my god daughter). And by helped raise, I mean I left work at 3, went directly to her house, and was with her child until 10-11 at night doing everything a parent does. All while managing to take my birth control every day. Briana doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school, and has two unplanned children with deadbeat dads, who she isn’t setting a good example for at all. She’s literally making nothing of herself and still acting like a child. Why was she even added to the show?

  10. To be kidding me right… You do know that he can insist on wearing a condom right… freedom of choice and all that… I can’t believe you would even write the word rape. Jesus

    1. If she lies about being on birth control that’s not the choice HE made or consented to. Just like if she knows she has a STD and has sex with him and doesn’t disclose that. it’s illegal. Condom or not. Cant have sex and withhold that info. that’s assault I believe.

  11. I worry for Stella… There will be an entire season of Teen Mom 2 focused on her mother wanting to give her up for adoption.

  12. I’m convinced she’s legit slow.. Her dead behind the eyes glazed look ?..her thought process and lack of motivation.. She’s just plum dumb. Ugh.

    1. I’ve thought the same. Also her season of teen mom 3 didn’t help. Her mom had to hold her hand during a Pap smear and bought her stickers as school supplies and drove her to college. I don’t think she’s bright.

  13. She makes it difficult to feel bad for her. I don’t think her kids dads are winners at all, but I think Brianna and her family’s idea of them being involved is throwing loads of money and not much else. There’s no excuse for not being involved in your kids life, but I wouldn’t enjoy my only contact with my child being sitting in their living room while mom, aunt and grandma and verbally and physically abusing me.

  14. Some of these girls make it so difficult for the fathers to want to be around them – they use the kid to control and manipulate the father – that the dads just give up. They get more mileage out of complaining about their bad baby daddy than they would if they just got out of the way and let the man parent.

  15. what is she going to name third baby from her third baby daddy? Orion Star for a boy and Astra Star for a girl??

  16. Briana ‘has her shit together’ but STILL lives at home with her mommy and has no real job..(she even said that herself on social media). ok???

  17. What does she expect?? She only dates losers. You cannot eccept losers to suddenly change and step it up.

  18. Not for one second was she serious about adoption, it was a Luis payback just to play a mental game.
    I’d hate to be her neighbor! Three crazy woman, a six year old, and a newborn all stuffed into that little apartment ;/ c’mon MTV money!

    1. I agree completely Bailee! She has been playing the poor me game with him since day one. Even if Luis had said he was on board with adoption the first time she mentioned it, even if he had pushed for it more than her, I am sure she would have played him til the end and then suddenly said she “decided to keep the baby” she, her mother and sister are so crazy and manipulative. Devoin is his own brand of stupid but a tiny part of me can see how hard she makes it for him to be around Nova, she has never seen him outside of the apartment! He can’t even take her to the park alone and those crazy three standing over him every visit like parole officers is too much! That said, he could go to court anyday and request scheduled visitation and custody time and actually DO it. Briana definitely should have given the baby to someone else.

      1. Yes! You could see her delight in telling Luis that ” they would revoke his rights if he doesn’t do what they say”
        That was a scare tactic , not to mention a complete lie! That agency has no legal power to take his rights, all he had to say is ” I want a DNA at birth. Even a terrible attorney would chew this up and spit it out . Luis should be happy that he made no devotion to this manipulating girl .

        1. Yes, a baby, that is his legal and moral obligation.. Not her! She demanded hers or else.. Sorry, not in any state in this country does he have any binding commitment to the girl he got pregnant. How dare she and the agency lie and threaten him to pay HER medical bills!! Again, the baby only .. After the birth!

        2. Actually the adoption laws concerning birth fathers a pretty scary. They absolutely could take his rights. But I agree I don’t think she was ever serious about adoption she just needed a storyline.

          1. No, they can NOT take his rights! They don’t even know if it’s his! He has a right to DNA upon birth, a JUDGE has to banish his rights ) good luck with that) not an agency that wants to make money on your baby. How old and how much education do you think that little girl ” I’m going to be your adoption conseler” has? She is going to take parental rights??? Hell no!

          2. What they would hope for is for him to lose by default, so to speak.. Be absent and unfound, in this case they would not be adopting out a newborn.

          3. I am not sure what the exact laws in Florida but it is a no revocation state like Kansas which means once the birth mother signs she can’t change her mind. I actually know a mom who placed in Kansas and changed her mind a few days later but hasn’t been able to get her baby back even though dad never signed. He was in jail during most of the pregnancy and because he didn’t provide financial support to her during the pregnancy at the next court date they will most likely terminate his rights. I personally think the laws are very scary and totally wrong but they are completely on the side of adoption not birth families. What the girl told Briana, that they would give him 30 days to show that he would provide support to her and the baby and if he didn’t he would lose his rights is most likely true.

          4. This has actually become an issue I am really passionate about – family preservation. There is a great group called Saving Our Sisters that helps moms who are considering adoption keep their babies. I so wish Catelynn had been in contact with them as my heart always breaks for her. They have a facebook page you can check out with some of the seriously messed up ways agencies coerce moms to place and how they get rid of birth dads. There is also another great blog – musings of a birthmom that shares some of the stories of what is actually going on in adoption. I understand where you are coming from in that they ‘shouldn’t’ be able to take his rights but unfortunately that actually doesn’t match the reality in many states.

          5. Oh and just in terms of the medical bills, the state will look at it that he is 50% responsible for the pregnancy occurring. Therefore he is 50% responsible for the cost of her medical care before, during and after the birth. In Briana’s case she is probably on Medicaid and so it doesn’t matter that much anyway.

  19. Briana is so pathetic. Her life hinges upon these deadbeat fucbois. I remember on Teen Mom 3 right after giving birth to Nova she was already dick drunk on another loser fucboi. She hasn’t changed at all. I don’t feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her daughters who not only have deadbeat fathers, but also an immature boy crazy bish for a mother.

    1. I sometimes wonder, truly WONDER how will all these kids go through life cuz their parents are not learning from their mistakes so there will SURELY be a couple of candidates for a new show in 10ish years, titled 32 and grandma! Like they are seeing how their moms are making same mistakes over and over again. And I feel bad for Nova, she had a fairly normal life after the cancellation of Teen Mom 3, now her mom needed the money and she’s on TV again, cameras in her face. (I feel bad for all Teen Mom kids but her especially, others are used to it now). I hope they will make smarter decisions and make sure they don’t f*ck things up as much as their parents did.

  20. LMAO why men fold so quick when s**t gets real?

    Because these are not men, but trifling boys. I could understand when she was 17, because I don’t expect boys of that age to be anything but boys. However, she’s 23 now, there should be some legitimate grown men in her dating pool now, and she ought to be able to tell the difference.

    1. Her other daughter is named “Nova Star”. So she has not one, but TWO kids named Star Star. Cute, right? /s

    1. I think this says a lot about societys views on “fathers” that just because she only knew him a month that this is what we should expect of him. Briana also only knew him a month if she acted like the father we would all go off on what a terrible mother she is. Not just say “oh well they only knew each other a month what did you expect?” We as a society need to hold guys way more accountable. She did not make that child herself. The amount of time any man has known the mother of his children should have NOT reflection on the type of father we should expect him to be.

  21. Keep your legs closed and you won’t end up with a shitty baby daddy….its that easy….stop complaining and deal with your moronic decisions.

    1. I don’t agree with the “keeping your legs closed” part. Sexuality is a part of everyone’s life and I just don’t get the taboo around it. There’s a middle road, which is having sex whilst preventing pregnancies and STD’s.

      1. It’s not a matter of being a taboo subject, it’s a matter of being able to comprehend the complexities and potential responsibilities should one decide to open her legs. There is far more than pregnancy to worry about here. Clearly, birth control is the furthest thing from this girl’s mind(ok many female minds). So, yes, keep your damn legs closed to men and invest in a good lot of toys to get your rocks off. Enjoy your sexuality all you want, without the risk, until you’re responsible enough to handle the decision that is..sex.

        *A quick note* We *are* discussing actual, consensual sex here…before anyone assumes I mean anything other than this, and goes off half cocked. 🙂

        1. What are the complexities and potential responsibilities when it comes to “opening one’s legs” if you are using condoms and/or BC? Why should you hide your sexuality and your desire to have sex in your bedroom with a sex toy? Paraphrasing the Big Lebowski here, but the brain is the biggest erogenous zone, you can miss out a lot. I mean, it’s everyone’s own choice, but phrases like “girl needs to keep her legs closed” just rub me the wrong way. As if you don’t have common sense or are a slut when you do open them. I am not afraid to admit I have had one night stands. And no children, pregnancy scares or STD’s, it’s not rocket science 😉

          1. You already addressed the complexities and potential responsibilities of *having sex*, which is precisely what I said. If you can’t handle being responsible for your own reproductive capabilities and protecting yourself, then you can’t handle sex, period.
            Clearly, some people can’t handle protecting themselves, or pregnancy prevention. Which simply means they can’t handle sex.

            It’s not rocket surgery.

            Girls and guys need to keep their sexuality to themselves *when* they can’t be responsible. Which is precisely what I said. I didn’t say anything about having sex *while* being intelligent about it…therein lies the difference.

          2. @Presidentofthepeanutgallery I agree that if you are too lazy to educate yourself on having (and practising) safe sex, it’s better not to have sex. However, instead of saying Briana (and I guess women like her) should keep her legs closed, I’d still say “educate yourself on safe sex and practice it”. I think that is a more realistic advice than “don’t ever have sex again unless you are mature.” Cause Briana probably already feels like she is.

          3. Rocket surgery ? I perform surgery on rockets when they’re sick. That’s totally a thing!

    2. I don’t care if she keeps her legs open or closed, as long as she uses protection and birth control!! Really, it’s not THAT hard to prevent pregnancies…

  22. I think it’s her and not her baby daddies. She seems like the type that’s ok with playing house but once the guy doesn’t wanna be with her she says “you can’t see the baby”. Unless he shows signs that’s he dangerous I don’t think you can keep your kids from their father just because you don’t go together anymore.

  23. I hope she is at least going after them for child support. Luis had an easy out and why he didn’t take it is mind boggling to me. He doesn’t want his child to be adopted but he also doesn’t want to be a her father. Now he’s financially responsible to take care of her and she grows up knowing her Dad chose not to be part of her life. As for Devoin, what a horrible thing to say. Just because you don’t get along with Briana doesn’t mean you need to replace Nova. Real Dads are part of their child’s life no matter what the circumstances. Nova doesn’t just disappear because you have a new baby. She will always wonder why you chose to a part of your new child’s life and not hers. These men are pathetic and treat their children like material possessions that can be replaced or ignored.

  24. Shocking he didn’t step up. The whole time she was contemplating adoption and he was refusing, if he REALLY wanted to be a father, you’d think he would have said he’d accept full custody of the child. Yet another baby daddy who will think coming over once a month for an hour, bringing a gift, and playing Candyland makes him a “great dad.”

    On a completely unrelated note… “Nova,” “Stella,” and “Star”…she does realize those are like, three of the same thing, right?

  25. What a boring, stupid affirmative action hire this mudshark turned out to be. There are exactly zero goals to be found in her entire family. Same for her ghetto trash baby daddies. Anyone surprised?

  26. Eh I don’t like people saying this is her fault. Was having unprotected sex a stupid idea? Hell yeah. But those men are 100% responsible for their own actions. If they are deadbeats that’s not because of her.

    1. It IS her fault. She created a life with these deadbeats. She didn’t even know Louis as man, father, son etc.. before she was barebacking him

      1. I’d say it’s both her and Luis’s fault. They both could have prevented this pregnancy and both of them didn’t. Even if she would have lied about being on BC or something, it’s still both of their faults: there’s condoms, people!

        1. If a girl lies about being on birth control that is RAPE. He did not consent to having unprotected sex…

          1. If you have sex with someone you barely know, common sense dictates you use a condom. If she says she’s on BC (whether or not that’s the case), you still wear a condom: she can have STD’s or be lying to you. Same when you turn the tables: if a man tell’s you he’s had a vasectomy or is infertile, you still demand using condoms when you two have sex, cause STD’s or lying to you.

          2. so if a guy says he put a condom on and didn’t the woman should scream that she was raped??? that’s an absolute insult to every single person that has actually legitimately been raped.

          3. Common sense says yes wear a condom. No one is denying that. But if a guy said he was wearing a condom and pulled it off without her consent or knowledge, that’s rape. You forced something on me that I did not want or consent to. Just like if I lied about being on birth control. I forced something on a man that he did not consent to during a sexual act.

        2. Just to be clear Alex, a man was convicted of rape this year for taking the condom off during sex without the woman’s consent. There should be no leniency for women who lie about birth control if you’re going to condemn a man for the same act.

    2. They are absolutely deadbeat fathers of their own making.

      She is still 100% responsible for her own reproductive actions. Just as they are 100% responsible for their own reproductive actions. Neither party is responsible for the others’ choices, whether or not they discuss/discussed things beforehand(which I believe people should).

      Both parties need to be able to handle the potential repercussions of having sex, all of them, before even deciding to go forward. Sex isn’t a taboo thing, in and of itself, but people need to take it on responsibly. Else, they’ve no one to blame but themselves. (again, I’m only speaking of consensual sex here). It really shouldn’t be one of those casual things we say after the fact “oh, well that was stupid…but”. No but…be responsible, or find another way to get your rocks off that doesn’t have risks. It’s not that difficult, at any age.

    3. Briana was on twitter before getting pregnant saying she wanted a baby and didn’t care who the father was… well, you got your wish. And because she didn’t take the time to get to know Luis as a person, she didn’t see who he really is. This guy has another kid he doesn’t see, GIANT RED FLAG!

      I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s had one oopsie pregnancy, therefore she knows what happens when you don’t use protection.

      1. I totally agree with you grace. If she said she wanted a baby before falling pregnant with stella on a public domain, then I have no sympathy for her and her current situation! People are responsible for their own sexual health and choose whether to risk pregnancy. She intentionally had unprotected sex with someone she barely knew. But I think the worst part is that after saying she wanted a baby and getting her wish, she had the audacity to suggest adoption. It is disgusting and speaks volumes about her personality and morals! As for luis, if didn’t want a child(and all the responsibilities that come with having one) irrespective of whether or not he was aware of her intentions, then he should’ve worn a condom….or two!

  27. In the words of Jenelle, “oh my god DUDE” you did this to yourself not only once, but TWO times. Maybe if you made better decisions about who your child’s father is and didn’t sleep with homeboy from da club without protection 2 minutes after knowing him you wouldn’t have two deadbeats for baby daddies. Just a thought?

  28. Wow, so you’re telling me that the club DJ you were sleeping with for less than a month before getting pregnant isn’t involved in your daughters life? And you’re shocked? No way! ??

    1. “I never saw that coming!” Seriously, she’s in her 20s now, already had one “accidental” child, has a mother and sister who, with her, are a true nightmare to the fathers, who let’s remember are men SHE elected to have unprotected sex with….then they all sit around in front of the child, now children, trash talking the men. Yes, Luis is plenty old enough to know to use a condom every time, esp with a virtual stranger…no wonder STDs are rampant…but I put equal blame on both. As for child support, if the fathers are not paying, go to court. It’s that simple. The down side? Yes, the court is also likely to order visitation, and no, they are not going to insist with a five year old especially that the father can only see the child in the mother’s home. All these people just make me want to bang my head on the wall, and feel sorry again for those couples who so wish they could have a child, but cannot, while these trashy women and the trashy men they bang pop them out like a stray cat produces kittens (though in all fairness, the cats are better mothers.)

          1. I’m pretty sure that would be a criminal offense in most areas of the world…but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea for some folks.

            TNR the lot of them…we could always lose one of those letters too… 😉

  29. Is she expecting sympathy from people now?! Speak for yourself, most of us don’t jump in bed with a guy we barely know and then wonder why he doesn’t stick around when you get knocked up! Sadly that seems her pattern so I bet her #3 baby daddy will be the same too if she doesn’t get her sh*t together!

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