Farrah Abraham Admits She Once Forgot Her Young Daughter Sophia in a Store

“I mean…what mother HASN’T left her kid in a store at some point, am I right?”

Farrah Abraham has made a lot of questionable parenting choices over the years (both on-camera and off), but her recent attempt at hawking a product on Instagram may have exposed one of her biggest parenting snafus yet!

The Teen Mom OG star took to her Instagram on Monday to promote some type of herbal supplement that is supposed to help a person focus. In her caption for the post, Farrah admitted that, without her trusty supplement she’s liable to do anything—and that includes forgetting about her young daughter Sophia… in a store…

As you do…

“Ladies (and men) Ever returned to your car and realized you’ve left your child in the store! Omg, this happened once, but since starting @focus.factor Extra Strength there’s no way that will happen!” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

In the poorly worded advertisement, the Backdoor Teen Mom urged fans to buy the “supplement” so they wouldn’t make the same mistake she did… or something.

“This stuffs improved my concentration, memory and focus MAJORLY! You know I’m momma #1, this gal is getting s**t done!” she wrote on Instagram.

Farrah did not reveal how old Sophia was when she forgot her in a store, but let’s just hope Sophia managed to find a nice saleslady to hang out with until her mother remembered she had a daughter and came back for her.

Farrah’s followers responded to the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star’s story in disbelief.

“Ummmmmm NO. I mean wtf who forgets their CHILD? Oh wait that’s right……….YOU!” one person wrote in the comment section of the post.

“You definitely would be the parent who forgets their child in a store, because you are so disgustingly self centered! God forbid your own daughter or anyone else takes up any space in your tiny little narrow mind. #poorsophia” another person wrote.

To be fair, Farrah probably didn’t write this ad copy herself. (It was not in “Farrah speak” so it’s unlikely that Farrah is the author.) However, fans wondered why Farrah would post something like that on her Instagram account.

“Lmaooo whyyy whyyyyy??? Girl why would you promote something with that caption?” a fan asked.

This isn’t the first time Farrah has posted some of her parenting fails on social media. Who could forget these ill-advised parenting moves Farrah has made over the years…and documented on social media and in the press?

  • Farrah waxed Sophia’s eyebrows…when she was just three years old and caught a lot of flak for it. Farrah stated that she did not like her toddler’s “unibrow” and posted about it on social media.
  • After her own “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape was released in 2013, Farrah said she would talk sex tapes with the tot. “I want to keep it real with her,” she said of the sex tape. “Like, a friend. Like, if you wanted to talk and you asked me in-depth details, I would be more than open you know.”
  • Farrah got major backlash last year when she posted photos of a then seven-year-old Sophia modeling in a bikini for Child Model magazine. Fans were disturbed by Sophia’s adult-like poses, and many stated that it was too sexual of a shoot for a child.
  • The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star proudly announced that Sophia, then 7, would be allowed to hire and fire the employees working at her boutique. (Can you imagine being let go by a kid? Talk about humiliating!)
  • Fans were puzzled (and slightly horrified) when Farrah said Sophia can read her “Celebrity Sex Tape” novels, regardless of how old she is. “If she wants to read it…I might blush a little, but I wouldn’t stop her,” Farrah said at the time. “Eventually, she will have to find out that Mommy is sexual person. “
  • One of Farrah’s most publicized (and questionable) parenting moves was when she announced (via multiple magazine interviews) that she was taking a break from her daughter, who was four years old at the time. She said Sophia was doing “her own thing.” “I have my own life and I’m doing my own thing,” she said. “She has her own life and she does her own thing.”
  • Farrah got a lot of hate after she announced that the “tooth fairy” had given Sophia a big pay day for losing a tooth— $600 to be exact! Even after fans questioned Farrah’s decision to spoil her daughter, Farrah stated that there was nothing wrong with the amount of money she gave Sophia.
  • ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans were horrified when Farrah was caught on camera calling her daughter, who was sick with a cold at the time, a “stupid heathen” for not wanting to go to an Easter party. Farrah later told Radar Online that she was not sorry for making the comments and that she was just “keeping it real.”

What was Farrah’s biggest parenting fail to date? Take the poll below to vote!

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  1. Oh and who could forget the time she left her on the bed as a baby – only to have her roll off and on to the floor ??‍♀️?

  2. I remember Garbage Pail kids! I think it’s a case of Farrah’s self-centered, narcissistic personality that she thinks of herself 23 hours a day so the kid’s pushed to the side. The irony is that Farrah is so utterly consumed with her appearance and doesn’t care about Sophia’s. Should be the other way around. My daughter always looks very well put together while I’ll end up wearing jeans and a hat. Kids should take pride in their appearance.

  3. Just wait until your old and in a wheelchair Farrah,Sophia will be leaving you in a store ( and not coming back for you)

  4. I believe the best one if these was her taking a break from Sophia! I feel she needs a “PERMANENT” break from her daughter! She needs to not be able to have children EVER!!! SMDH!!! SICK!!

  5. Between her and Jenelle, I legitimately cannot decide who the worst mom on the show is. Jenelle is probably a little worse as a mother, but Farrah is seriously one of the most terrible human beings I’ve ever had the displeasure of sharing the planet with.

    1. I sometimes feel slightly the other way about that. Probably only because it seems that Jenelle has succeeded in her sobriety, which is so difficult. But I know she’s got a lot of things with the kids and baby daddies. I sometimes feel like Sophia is almost like a prop to Farrah. Farrah herself really, truly needs therapeutic help as most of these kids will also need when they get older. None of these kids have had a fantastic start ?

  6. So this herbal supplement made Farrah a better mother? Wow! Maybe we should give it to all the Teen Moms!

  7. I agree, when all this started (16&P, TM) out I thought she was a bit spoiled and annoying but there were parts of her that I found endearing and I was quite sympathetic to her situation. I honestly thought she was a smart girl that would do something with her life because she seemed so into culinary school. It’s so awful to see how she turned out. Her old self and new self are like night and day.

  8. My life’s dreams ended.

    Sex, dolls and work in the limelight.

    Private parts
    Growing up in a family in the (adult) entertaining industry while no parts of my life were kept private.

    Feedback to my porn star mother.

    Living a fairytale dream
    and the rude awakening.

  9. I hope Sophia is stashing that tooth fairy cash to cover her future therapy bills. That poor child was doomed from the beginning with that illiterate lunatic as a “mother”, she’s​ already a tiny terror with behavioral issues. I hope batshit crazy isn’t genetic.

    P.S. Farrah looks like a Peg Bundy blow-up doll with that busted ass red weave. Yikes.

  10. No I think she is in fact the author of her online promoted item. She has horrendous grammar and it is present whether she’s verbally speaking or writing.

    She’s one of the most unhappy people I’ve ever seen.

    1. And why is Sophia’s hair never combed or brushed? Farrah has tons of fake body parts, makeup, hair extensions, etc. but poor Sophia’s hair always looks like a rat’s nest, right?!

      1. And her clothes look like they Are from goodwill. Doesn’t she “own her a boutique”? Then why does she always look like a garbage pail kid?

  11. Eh – she went back for her, right? My mom once went shopping with my aunt and they both forgot me at home, sitting in the baby carrier on the dining room table (they realized what they done about 2 minutes after they left) and I lived to tell the tale. I’m sure my mom wanted to leave me in stores multiple times because I was the kid that would run and hide in all the circular clothes racks and hang out watching them make the flowers in the bakery instead of being with her so she didn’t have to spend 75% of her shopping trip hunting me down.

    It doesn’t say how old Sophia was when it happened. Maybe it was last week and Sophia wandered off in the store and Farrah just paid and left and got to the car and remembered the kid was with her. There’s a few stories out there on the internet with screen shots of text messages that are from the kid to the mom “hey mom where are you” “coming home from walmart” “I went to walmart with you” “oh my God I’ll be right there” and people thought it was funny.

    This alone doesn’t make her a bad parent. If this was the only thing that ever happened, she may been in the running for some sort of good parent award. Unfortunately, we can’t cut her any slack because she’s generally awful in most other aspects of parenting, so this can’t just be chalked up to an “oh duh” moment.

  12. Sorry. Discusing your sex tape or allowing your 7 yo to read an erotic novel is very close to child abuse. Dont misunderstand me, i agree with being open and clear about sex with your kids, but there are ways to explain this issue for every age. What would happen if after this talk your daugther wants to see the actual film??? Would you allow a 7 year old to watch anal porn?? Im sorry but this is just too fucked up, even for farrah

    1. Completely agree with everything you said. Here’s what’s crazy too. Farrah insists on this allowing Sophia to know stuff and/or see stuff but they still talk to her so idiotically in baby talk?! I don’t get it. I’ve always spoken to my 11 year old daughter like I do to another adult, minus my love for profanity.

    1. Sophia’s Memoir: Confessions from the Innocent Spawn of a Teenage Mom who got Knocked Up at Prom and is An Emotional Ticking Time Bomb!

      I jokingly called her spawn because every so often Sophia gives this devilish little look that makes me think of the Omen kid.

      1. Just saw your post. Can’t stop laughing!! I’m a child of the ’70’s, but I don’t really like horror movies. Wasn’t the kid a boy? Anyway, you’re right about the look.

        1. I LOVE horror movies. Yes that was absolutely a boy. My Mom and I joke about it because I’m 41 now and The Omen remake came out 11 years ago. I was literally 8 and 1/2 months pregnant and we went to see it! I’m just glad someone else notices that devious smile Sophia flashes every so often. She’s plotting something!

          1. Literally just thought of a movie title. “Judgement Day.. Heathen’s Revenge!”

  13. I remember when Sophia was a baby and Farrah put her in the sink to take a bath. She put her in, and walked away to sit on the couch with her laptop, and Sophia reached up and turned on the water, and it was scalding hot! Poor girl screamed and Harrah got mad at her! That made me so angry!

  14. I just saw a bit of her 16 & Pregnant episode and was sad at how cute and relatively friendly she used to be. Her mom was being bossy and midlly annoying, and Farrah didn’t even raise her voice or call her a “stupid, twisted motherf***er.” Weird to see.

  15. In addition to the many examples above, I remember on Teen Mom when she was moving into an apartment and left Sophia in the apartment building hallway in a baby carrier, forgetting about her. And the time she was bathing Sophia in the sink and left her unattended. I thought sure she was going to manage to turn the hot water on or drown.

    1. I’m​ convinced it’s a wig because it looks fake AF. She’s finally perfected her cheap hooker look. Watch out, Craigslist.

  16. That post sexifying her and other 7 year old playing on a playground, aaaargh! Sophia just climbed into one of those poles en Farrah said something that suggested that the pole was so popular with the girls cause they… aw no… Im not even going to say it, not about kids.

    And ‘Thanks for the feedback’ and other moments were she treated Sophia like an equal(ly able) adult were a bit disturbing.

    Allowing her to talk to total strangers online late at night on a school night, on an account she should never have had anyway.

    From the list, when I really have to make a choice I found that public sexy picture pretty dangerous.

  17. I know we should be horrified but did we ever think Sophia had been praying for this to happen to escape her future with that self centered lunatic. Backdoor Escape the story of a child

  18. Definitely taking a break from her 4 year old. 4 year olds don’t do their own thing lol.

    But really her overall patenting has failed her daughter. No boundaries and no structure. She wants to be a friend rather than a parent and her daughter will suffer because of it.

    1. I almost chose this option too. Then as I thought about it I figured Sophia might have been left with a responsibile nanny who has maternal is a good influence. If that was he case then Farrah “taking a break” could have been a good thing for Sophia. If she was left with her grandparents, then she just got more of the same crazy.

  19. not saying that she’s a great mom, but I don’t think she wrote that. I’m sure it was a paid promotion and they told her what to write, or someone wrote and posted it for her. besides, as long as people are taking about her she doesn’t seem to care of it’s negative or positive attention.

  20. To be fair, my mom too forgot me in the store once, pram and all xD To be honest, I was a terrible baby (screaming bloody murder 24/7), especially for a first time mother. Poor woman must have had no sleep for a week, no wonder she forgot me. Of all the crazy things Farrah has done, this is the most relatable, I think. It would have been waaay worse if she’d left Sophia on purpose or something like that.

  21. OMG. She did this for the attention it would give the product. And the attention that a attention whore wants…

  22. Whoever is marketing this supplement is really doing their job, because people are talking about the ad. Considering Farrah didn’t write it, and the obvious typos and incorrect punctuation, it looks like the supplement company just TRIED to make it look like Farrah wrote it. So blogs like this one would mention the supplement. As a bonus for the company, negative reviews are pushed off the first and likely second page of Google results because all the Farrah articles and blog posts will pop up instead.

    1. You are so very right! My thought is .. I’d want her ditz pills as much as I’d want her surgeon that gave her that huge lumpy butt!!

  23. Well, Farrah’s newly purchased ” brain in a bottle” is working out as well as her other bought and paid for body parts like the platypus lips.

  24. Yeah, it could just be made up for an ad. Sadly, here there are worse things-people forgetting their kids in the car in this heat! And really, the organization for healthcare (or sth like that, I don’t know how to translate it) gave people “tips” how NOT to forget their kid in a car! Sth like: open the door and check if the kid is in it (what?!), leave sth valuable to you (and a kid is not?) next to him/her so that you will remember he/she is there and my favorite: Put a reminder on your phone that you need to pick up your kids! Honestly if you actually NEED all those tips (it was not meant as a joke, no, they gave this tips quite seriously), you prob shouldn’t procreate.

  25. This could be a made up story for her to tell to sell the product as well. Because they give them lines remember? But if it is a true story of believe it

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