EXCLUSIVE! More Details About ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s New Man Andrew Glennon

“Bye bye, Matt!”

Earlier this week, The Ashley exclusively told you that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is now dating a guy named Andrew, whom she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars a few months ago.

The Ashley was attempting to preserve some of Andrew’s privacy with her first post, and did not reveal Andrew’s full name and other identifying info. However, Amber shared a picture of her new boo on Instagram and Twitter today, so it’s clear that Andrew is not exactly looking for privacy so The Ashley will go ahead and reveal more info on Amber’s new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

Andrew’s new boo, Andrew…

Age: He recently turned 33 in June, and while he is still older than Amber by six years, their age difference is much less than Amber had with her ex-fiance, Matt Baier.

“He’s 33?? I’m 27…that’s perfect to me and that’s all that matters,” Amber tweeted on Thursday.

Job: Andrew met Amber while working camera/gaff on ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition’ back in June. He was a crew member on the set. He’s been working behind the scenes of productions for years, and one source tells The Ashley that Andrew is “very well-respected in the industry.”

Location: Andrew lives in the Los Angeles area, which is obviously going to make it difficult to date Amber, who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Family: Andrew comes from a long line of “Hollywood folk.” His grandmother, Mary, was a script supervisor during Hollywood’s Golden Era, and his grandfather Bert was a very successful cinematographer. His sister is an actress. His father, James, was a well-respected and famous cinematographer and director of photography. He won an Emmy for his work on “Deadwood” and worked on more than 40 films over the course of his career.

Nearly all of Andrew’s family tree is rooted in Hollywood.

Education: Andrew appears to have graduated UCLA, which is a big step up from the education levels of Amber’s previous boos.

Arrests: It appears that Andrew has a clean criminal record!

Children: Unlike Amber’s ex, Matt Baier, Andrew has no children!

The Ashley will have more info soon!

(Photo: MTV, Instagram)


44 Responses

  1. Spend quality time with your child, have a breather and focus on yourself, before jumping in another relationship with a guy you barely know!!!
    This woman is only thinking of her inability to be alone without a man.
    She’s a selfish lazy useless mom, thank god Leah has a father that puts her first

  2. I re-watched the TMOG finale last night and found something interesting about one of the insults Amber screamed at Mooch after the lie detector scene. Aside from calling him a “little d*ck bitch” and tell him that she’s “got him down”, she also screamed “see who I’m with next, bitch”.

    Is Amber smart enough to go after a dude to make Mooch jealous? Probably not, but wouldn’t it be interesting for us who live for this kind of drama?!

  3. This is just an alternate theory, but maybe Amber is using him because of his and his family ties to Hollywood. Maybe she has aspirations of being a “serious” actress. Just a thought…

  4. Amber, there’s an old saying: Don’t talk about it. Be about it.

    Meaning, if you want to see where things might go with this guy (or any guy who’s not using you as a personal ATM machine and lying about a bazillion kids he fathered) why not stop posting and tweeting about it, and just go about your business — and do it?

    I’m inclined to 100% agree with a fellow poster here, that perhaps you DO in fact like to incite negative feedback and telling folks to f*ck off by putting some of this stuff out there to begin with. When it would be so much smarter to just keep your business to yourself, as to not invite the kind of social media responses you CLAIM to not appreciate.


  5. Im glad for amber. She has always been in toxic relationships and this might be the one that changes the pattern. By dating a good guy (atleast on paper) I think that he might have a positive influence on amber and Gary might actually let her have more time with Leah – whether she relocates or not.

  6. There is NO other reason for this guy to pursue Amber other than money from MTV and some notoriety. She is totally outclassed. He has a serious career, an Emmy(!) and an accomplished family. Enjoy the month you date him, Amber.

  7. There is no way that this dude witnessed what it would be like to be in a relationship with Amber and thought, “Hmmm…that’s what I have been missing in my life!”
    Much more likely…he saw that he was not on the money making end of the production!

  8. At least he seems decent. (Which is a step up from her ex but honestly, she would need to find a fellon in prison if she went a step down.)

  9. Good for Amber!! The REAL MAN that is!! He works, he has an impressive resume, he’s not bad on the eyes and sounds respected in his community. Go Ambie!!

    1. Garry’s not all bad, at least he is a stable constant in his daughters life, unlike Amber who chooses men over her child

  10. She met her new man at an event that was supposed to be about her being in a relationship with another man? The irony is rich.

    1. She was only broken up with Matt for (what? a week?) before she jumped into a serious relationship with a guy who just happened to be around. This is typical behavior for someone who is borderline.

  11. This girl is a hot mess . Let’s see how much time she wants with Leah now, she’ll be busy in LA with this poor guy. Nice guy or not, I’m sure as soon as he pisses her off he will have some mysterious accident that caused his bruises. She proved beyond s doubt that she is violent and can’t control herself. When she and Matt stormed that stage they both should have been criminally charged/ reguardless that Farrah is complete bitch.

  12. Why does Amber post so much information about her personal life and boyfriends online when she consistently gets bad feedback and comments? It seems like she is desperate to get some validation and congratulations but it doesn’t often work out like that for her. And then she fights and argues with rando commenters? She comes off as so insecure. Why does she keep doing this to herself?

  13. She will end up moving to LA to be with this dude and not seeing Leah.. then crying and moaning about how she doesn’t get to spend time with her because she HAD to move to LA.

    1. Yeah, I can’t see him moving to Indiana when he works in tv production. I don’t really see how their relationship is going to work unless she moves to L.A. But I’m not going to jump to any conclusions.

  14. He could be one of those geeky guys, so he really could be good. Clean record and no children…score for Amber! But we will wait and see how he acts to see why he chose to be with her. Amber does have baggage.

    She’s probably glad she didn’t go and do that sex tape huh? Or she would be attracting the worst type of men

  15. since when is codependency so cool & “good for you”. She is a mother for goodness sake. If she ever put Leah first it would be a miracle. Yet, lets write articles about her new man like it’s a good thing. She is pathetic and so i anyone who bed hops likes this

    1. I’d agree she should be putting herself and Leah first, but I don’t think amber is a “bed hopper.” She’s not had many relationships, has she? And we don’t hear about her cheating or going through relationships super quickly like Jenelle does.

  16. Seems like a decent guy. Hope Amber finds true love this time. And reaaally hope she doesn’t plan on relocating for Leah’s sake.

  17. Maybe he’s a nice guy etc but man does she bounce from relationship to relationship quickly. Poor Leah! I’m glad she sees stability in Gary and Kristina!

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