Has Amber Portwood’s New Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Met Her Daughter Leah? Find Out!

Amber Portwood met her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon a few months ago while filming Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and, while the Teen Mom OG star has said that he has since visited her in Indiana, she has not revealed if Andrew has met her eight-year-old daughter Leah yet.

While Amber has kept that info on the down-low, her boyfriend accidentally revealed the answer in a recent post to his Instagram post, and The Ashley spotted it!

On Sunday, Andrew posted a photo taken at a car show, showing a 1960s Cobra. While the car is the main focus of the photo, Amber’s daughter, Leah, manages to sneak into the photo a bit. A photo posted to Amber’s own Instagram a few days ago shows Leah wearing the exact same outfit.

When ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans had called Amber out on Twitter earlier this month for introducing Leah to too many guys, Amber had made it seem like she had not introduced Leah to Andrew.

“I only brought Matt in and we were together over 3 1/2 years,” she wrote.

Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, has yet to comment publicly about Amber’s latest relationship.

The Ashley was the first to bring you the name of Amber’s new man, Andrew, as well as all the details on him. (You can read about Andrew by clicking here!)

See the photos in question below!

My baby today..so beautiful? sending love?

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. She’s such a liar! She let Chris that convict out on work release change her daughters diapers. If she didn’t meet that mike guy the one who had never eaten Italian food then I’m sure it’s just because amber didn’t have custody.

  2. Radar online …,,,,

    Amber Portwood has moved on from a deadbeat dad to a broke boyfriend! RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal the Teen Mom OG star’s boyfriend Andrew Glennon is over $8,000 in debt.

    In court papers obtained from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, collection service Sequoia Concepts INC. hit Glennon, 33, with a judgment for $8,969.08 on January 8, 2008.


  3. I hate to say it, but Amber has SO not changed at all from her “gotta have a man” habits, dating as far back as her drug addicted days.

    Longtime viewers might remember years back when she and Gary had broken up for the first time and Leah herself was just a toddler. Amber soon met some random guy named Chris at a local Walmart, who had just gotten out of jail and living in a halfway house. She immediately brought this guy into her home and actually allowed this guy in one episode to CHANGE LEAH’S DIAPERS. Stunned viewers (like myself) saw this with their own eyes, because there it was, caught by MTV’s camera. To Gary’s credit, when he found out about it in a later episode, he looked as if he wanted to strangle Amber’s ass right there on the spot.

    And here again years later, Amber is still exposing her supposedly precious “Boo Boo” to random guys she barely knows. Even though the camera — NEVER LIES.

    1. That’s my whole problem with Amber. She’s bashing Gary how he is a “bad father” and what is she?! A brilliant mother?! Exposing her daughter to some random dudes who may or may not stay in her and her daughter’s life. She doesn’t care about her sake, it’s all about Amber and her men. Thank God Kristina is in her life and does the actual parenting her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER is not capable of.

      1. Gary’s not a bad father. I used to hate him, but not anymore. He’s definitely been doing a WAY better job of parenting than the “real woman” or whatever Amber’s calling herself.

  4. Is no one going to mention that HUGE bow that’s the size of Leah’s head? I’m going to assume that was Leah’s idea since kids can have some creative ideas about clothes and accessories ?

    That’s where the benefit of the doubt ends for
    Amber though. I am not even a little shocked she’s introducing this new boyfriend to Leah already. She puts absolutely no thought or effort into raising Leah. It’s Amber’s life and Leah just happens to be in it…sometimes…when Amber feels like it. She’s basically half a step up from Jenelle. They’re both pathological liars and lazy “parents”

    1. She’s not a little kid anymore so I doubt anyone made her have to wear that, she decided for herself and it’s cute.

      What no one mentioned tho is Amber’s constant “sending love” bs she keeps feeding her fans with. She prob didn’t write it in a condescending matter to her own daughter but whenever she talks to her followers, it sounds like that. She needs to stop.

    2. Kids her age are obsessed with JO JO Siwa…She wears big bows. Leah probably wanted to wear it. You must not be from the south SarahK lol. All the kids wear them down here lol

      1. I’m a southerner living in Colorado. everyone comments on my daughter’s bow collection. they’re not giant by any means, but I think she has them in every color.

      2. Haha I’m actually a recent transplant to the South (although not the Deep South), but I haven’t seen those big bows. I’m not surprised Leah wanted to wear a bow, but that thing is ginormous. It is cute on her though.

  5. JW: how did we miss Kailyn being a lesbian and Leah moving in a black man on TM?

    Sorry Amber seems high again to me. JS

  6. From ‘caught you on Deer Cam’ to ‘caught you on Instagram’. Damn you technology 😉

  7. There is PHOTO PROOF! Why lie?! And yes, I’m pretty sure Andrew took the photo on purpose and posted it, don’t think he would say “Oh, I took a photo of her daughter who I am not supposed to meet yet, oh well, I’ll post the photo anyway!” It’s true, we don’t know yet how intelligent this guy is but still…….that’s fishy. So she was caught in a lie. AGAIN. Oh Ambie, you are slowly becoming Jenelle of Teen Mom OG.

    1. He probably did not think about it. He is working in TV production, he is used to bad editing and warping time. Probably thought ‘Ah, we will edit that somehow later’ and forgot about it.

  8. The fact that she actually stayed with Matt and subjected Leah to him for 3 1/2 years is worse than bringing many men around Leah IMO.

  9. Amber doesn’t seem to give a damn about Leah. All she cares about is having a man and playing the role of “tough survival girl” when really she is one of the weakest women I have ever seen.

  10. Yea Amber you were with Mooch 3 years but you brought him around your daughter almost instantly. You barely knew Matt a few months. I hate when women do this. Ive only ever brought 2 guys around my son, one was a friend that Id known for years since hs and it was just him hanging out around the house with us, and the other was an ex who Id known for 9 years who I was friends with again and we eventually rekindled our relationship but neither was some complete stranger I myself was getting to know. Im waiting for Amber to fly out to LA every other weekend and complain about how she doesn’t see Leah enough. She’s probably been gallivanting with this guy all summer sans Leah and then when school starts in a few weeks she’ll be begging Gary for extra time.

  11. Well….would you expect anything more from Amber?….so far this guy sounds good on paper. Only time will tell.

  12. Only Matt?! What about Chris, the creep she met at WalMart that was actually CHANGING LEAH’S DIAPERS?!?!? Ugh, no. This guy seems great on paper, but there’s literally NO reason to rush when your child is what’s at stake!!

    1. Lmao remember when she MOVED Chris in with her and Leah during that time and he asked right away to borrow her car talking about how in love he was with Amber lol.

      1. HAHAHAHA.. that episode was on tv here yesterday ? He told her that she was perfect when they went on a classy date to a dive bar.

  13. addicts are usually pathological liars. “Matt and I were broken up 3 months when I started dating” and “he hasn’t met my daughter”. amber, kailyn, and jenelle are all the same; if their lips are moving they’re lying.

  14. That’s a lie, Amber! There was a guy that was living with you and taking care of Lea when she was young. Can’t remember his name. He looked creepy. I am sure there are others that we didn’t see.

  15. He knew Leah was in the background of that photo…and he knew people would notice. I had high hopes for this guy, but I smell an attention seeker.

    1. Yeah it’s pretty obvious she would be noticed in the photo. He could have taken another a second later and posted one without her.

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