Ryan Edwards’ Wife Mackenzie Standifer Reacts to His Alleged Cheating Scandal: See the Latest Texts

“So were y’all just gonna get it on right there in the bread aisle, or what, Ryan?”

Just as The Ashley suspected, Radar Online continues to add to the story it posted last week revealing that married Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was allegedly trying to pick up chicks on Tinder.

As The Ashley previously reported, a girl whom Ryan was allegedly conversing with on the dating site (and trying to arrange a tryst with behind the Food City…as you do), had told her Facebook pals that Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had called and texted her after the news of the scandal leaked.

Now, Radar has released more texts from the alleged conversation between Mackenzie and Ryan’s Food City floozy!

(Radar has stated that it has verified that the texts came from Mackenzie’s phone number, and that the original texts between Ryan and the Food City floozy came from Ryan’s phone number, just FYI. The exchange happened earlier this month.)

In the new bunch of published texts, Mackenzie informs the girl that she will not be getting any tail from Ryan, and that the girl should be ashamed of herself for trying to hook up with a married man.

When the girl asked Mackenzie why she was blaming her for the situation, instead of her husband Ryan, Mackenzie allegedly told the girl that she was “just as much [at] fault,” according to Radar. “It is your fault that you continue to message a man you know is married.”

The Food City floozy argues that she never actually intended to actually sleep with Ryan, given that she’s 10 years younger than him. She asks Mackenzie why a 19-year-old would want to sleep with Ryan and Mackenzie allegedly replied, “Same reason every other slut does.”


The girl then tells Mackenzie that she deserves someone better than Ryan. Mackenzie doesn’t respond, but later appears to offer to pay off the girl to keep her quiet about Ryan’s Tindering.

“All together now… ‘Cause you ain’t woman enough…to take my MAAAAN!”

“What’s it gonna cost for you to shut your damn mouth?” Mackenzie reportedly asked the girl.

It’s not yet known whether or not we will get to see this play out on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ but one thing is for sure– Mackenzie is standing by her man!

(Photos: MTV)



  1. I don’t respect this girl at all. She sat there blaming Maci for Ryan’s drug problem when #1 she let Ryan go thru with their wedding knowing he was high and #2 she lives with Ryan and so do his parents and they never knew he was fucked up all the time? She took advantage of Ryan by letting him marry her and she was more worried about people seeing him driving high then telling him to pull over and let her drive. She put everyone in danger and then had the nerve to tell Maci who is married to someone else with 3 kids that she took advantage of Ryan. No one believes that.

  2. Wtf is wrong with her? She has a kid too who she doesn’t have custody of, right? Does anyone know about why that is?

  3. This is so sad, it was clear Ryan was not ready to get married by any stretch of the imagination, but she had an engagement ring and mission and jumped into a situation that was clearly untenable.

  4. @theashley — why do we get a big brother recap every other day but a TM2 recap like, once a month?! Pleeease ?? With the recaps!!

  5. Man, this woman is the worst. Blame the girl for the situation, really?! It was YOUR husband who wanted to hook up with her! I have no words except this….karma b*tch!

  6. I dont think this is the first time Mad Mack and Me Me Hard Edwards have been in this situation…She was very nonchalant about paying the Food City Floozy off. This isn’t her first time to the Food City ho down.

  7. Why on earth would the food city floozy want to keep her mouth shut and help Mackenzie hush this all up when all Mackenzie did was swear at her, call her a slut, blame her for Ryan’s bad behavior, and tell her she should be ashamed of herself? Seriously, how did Mackenzie think that could go down any way other than horribly for her and Ryan?

  8. From what we have seen of Ryan ‘who just gets tired all of a sudden sometimes’, Ryan must have been erratic that day. I mean riding his bike, drive somewhere and back and the physical body origami workout he was planning in a car, wow.
    Gosh darnit, could have been high on something?

  9. I like Mackenzie. She is tough and has every intention of staying in her marriage for better or worse. I suggest that Ryan start serving up some BETTER real soon. Clean up your addiction, Ryan. Get a job. Shower and shave. Give Mackenzie the car keys.

    1. Mackenzie is stupid for marrying Ryan when he was high on drugs, not tough. She’s only in this marriage for MTV money. Ryan is a loser and isn’t going to change with Mackenzie and Jen enabling him.

      1. I don’t think they get much money at all. I bet the dads get $10k. they’re barely on the show at all. and the show will do just fine without them. I think the draw for her is less about the money and more about the attention.

        1. I believe the Asley reported not too long ago that the birth fathers make close to what the mom’s do. It was an article talking about Adam and how much they all make (the mom’s get like 300k a season). It’s a big chunk of money. As Ryan’s wife, Mac should get a decent amount as well, but no where near what Ryan brings in.

    2. No offense but it’s not being “tough” when you marry someone who is high and addicted to drugs. It’s also not “tough” to stand by someone who has every intention of cheating on you. She’s not a tough cookie, she’s a manipulative user.

  10. Foolish MacKenzie trying to pay her off. That’s a waste of money cause there will be too many girls in the future to pay off too with Ryan’s track record. Use the money for a plastic surgeon and a trainer cause you look 20 years older.

    1. I agree that it was foolish of them to suggest paying her off. My guess would be that they can’t pay the girl more than the tabloid would.

  11. Mad Mack and Me Me Hard Edwards are a match made in Food City Heaven. Every dick pic sending methhead needs a Tammy Wynette that will stand by her man. The security team at Food City might want to check the tapes…they might make bank with Radar Online…or Mad Mack.

  12. So…..is Mackenzie ever going to hold her husband accountable for anything? The drug situation wasn’t his fault, and now looking for some poon on tinder isn’t his fault. This girl is amazing!

  13. Both are a fucking embarrassment

    Oh my Jen did you fail as a mom
    Your son is a druggy and you sit back and do nothing, whilst insisting your 8 year old grandson sleeps with you when he visits, no wonder rhines so fucked up, he misses his mommas snuggles at night

    Ohhhh epic parenting fail

  14. oh wow. You just basically let Ryan know this is ok and just basically don’t get caught. Gonna be a long hard road if you confront every side piece he attempts to get with or actually does in fact meet and greet. Enjoy yalls honeymoon phase ??

  15. When is this naive little shit going to realize that she made a mistake by marrying this moron? Newsflash: if you have to confront other females to keep them off your “husband’s” wang & try to shut them up with your new found hush-money, YOU’RE BOTH the problem. If your dopey, douchebag husband is on Tinder hitting up random females to get it on at the grocery store the second you leave town, he’s the one you should be confronting. She should honestly be thankful that Tinder Tammy stood him up, Lord knows Rhine wasn’t hesitating. He clearly doesn’t see an issue with his behavior & Mack clearly doesn’t see that Rhine is the one at fault, so maybe they’re perfect for each other? Mack wants control, Rhine wants freedom, neither are capable of owning their mistakes. Their marriage was an opiate-fueled dumpster fire from the beginning, I hope this was the fairytale she was so desperate for.

  16. I haven’t read through all of the comments yet, so sorry if this has been said, but HOLY SHIT did I get a laugh from her asking how much it would take to keep quiet!! I almost fucking died!!!

    Who the fuck do you think you are, Mackenzie? Felice fucking Martin? Any wealthy soap character? FOHWTS!!! Youre a dipshit kid and you still don’t really have money. take ALL the seats, midlife mac!

    1. Looooooool that was the bit that made me laugh, like how much money does she think she can get hold of? ? As if MTV are gonna shell out to stop it, this is prime time ratings booster. Mind, mama Jen might pay to stop the scandal and her sobbing.

  17. Mackenzie was basically a teenager (despite the fact that she looks middle aged) who was star-struck and flattered that some “famous” guy was interested in her. I assume she knew pretty early on that he was a cheating drug addict but hoped if she could just hurry up and tie him down he would start behaving.
    Now she has too much pride and lacks the maturity to admit that she was wrong.
    Too bad for the kids being dragged through this shit show. Speaking of, does anyone know what the story is with her son’s father? Seems like he would want to seek custody of this poor pawn…

    1. I think she lost custody. When the weddingepisode aired she had to start paying hubby nr 1 250$ instead of getting childsupport.

    2. I’ve seen his FB profile and he still has pictures of him and Mackenzie together. Not like in a creepy way, but he just never deleted them when they split. I would have thought he would have given her new found “fame.”

  18. Mackenzie is doing an outstanding job of replacing Matt Baier as the most hated cast member of Teen Mom. She deserves a round of applause!

    1. Most hated significant other***…..Farrah is still, and always will be the most hated cast member! haha

      1. I actually don’t hate Farrah that much because I’m pretty sure she has a mental illness. She is completely out of touch with reality.

  19. It does not get more pathetic or desperate than a woman like mac who will put up with anything to keep a total loser. I am horrified for the innocent child that she brought into this.

  20. While I do understand (not always agree with, but can relate) wanting to support your husband and stand by him even when you are fully aware he had made a huge mistake, I do not understand her seeming to want to constantly remind everyone that she’s still proud to be married to him.

    Example being that today she posted an insta story of her big shiny ring, almost as a reminder that they are still together. But why? Girl by all means, you do you, and work on things if you feel they are fixable, but don’t try and act smug like “hmmph, y’all thought I’d leave but NOPE! Love don’t quit!” It’s like she has something to prove, but everyone knows how badly this has to hurt her.

    Defending him during his (ongoing) drug battle? Concerning, but still admirable. Defending him for literally seeking a hook up? Painful to watch. People can say all they want that she was trying to “trap him” but for what? He’s an infamous freaking hot mess. Her life has to have absolutely gotten WAY more stressful being with him than it was before. What fame does she have to gain? Girl, wake up!

    1. Money…that’s what she has to gain..money, and nothing else.

      I don’t know why people think she’s just naive, or even an idiot for that matter.

      I think she’s cold and calculated and knows precisely what she’s doing(and precisely which gravy train she’s riding). Even TM franchise “other parties” get notoriety. The more drama they bring/participate in, the better.

      1. Think she is looking for a fairytale. She got pregnant as a teenager and got married to the father and managed to get divorced and remarried already. I think she wants to the quintessential southern wife who makes sure that dinner is on the table at 6pm and that her family is all dressed correctly and looking good.

        I think it’s sad.

      2. Yeah, you’re probably right. I guess my assumption was that the dads (Rhine in particular) really don’t make much off of TM. Especially since he doesn’t appear to have a job. I certainly wasn’t trying to defend her, I think she is absolutely using him for something, I just don’t really see what that could be. Maybe I just have trouble seeing ANY amount of money being enough to make me marry into this dumpster fire of a family dynamic.

  21. It’s Ryan’s fault why would she blame poor Ryan. Ha!Ha! Like I said before MAC and Jen will enable Ryan to he’s grave. Sorry but it’s true.

  22. I feel bad for Mackenzie mainly because it’s very evident that she has major codependency issues, and zero self-esteem. She is delusional. I’ve seen this before. I hope she gets into therapy or at least starts going to al-anon. If I’m wrong and she’s just a gold digger, then she needs to just focus on digging and shopping and stop placing blame on others.

  23. Kinda OT, but I’m curious how exactly they verify the texts came from specific people’s phones. Anybody know?

    1. There are reverse number verification apps. If their number is private they might verify through a third party (like a family member or friend), they might even call the number directly to confirm.

      1. That makes sense, but the person could have edited the number into the screenshots. I guess she still had to have had Ryan’s number though. I’m in no way a Ryan-fan, I’m just always curious how they “verify” screenshots these days when every 5 year old can use photo editing software ??‍♀️

  24. She took advantage of him and married him while he was extremely high. I do not feel bad for Mackenzie what so ever…. Ryans starting to sober up and realizing how she really looks…

  25. Well..why doesn’t this surprise me? lol. It’s like deja vu. She blamed Maci for Ryan’s drug use. Now she’s blaming this girl for Ryan’s cheating. Mackenzie, do us all a favor and grow the fuck up. You decided to marry a drug addict. That isn’t anyone’s fault but yours. And Ryan was the one that took vows to you and he is the one that betrayed you. This chick doesn’t even know you. She doesn’t owe you anything. If anything, you should be thanking her or else you never would’ve known your husband of two months (yikes!) was cheating.

    1. I think they are going to last a while. She doesn’t seem to think he can do any wrong and is willing to be treated like shit, and why would he leave a woman who folds his undies and lets him use drugs and cheat?

      1. Yeah. Mackenzie is actually a lot like Jen. Jen has done everything for Ryan his whole life including taking care of his child. I think that’s probably why Ryan wanted to marry her.

  26. Mackenzie must be on drugs also. That’s the only way anyone with two firing brain cells could conclude that she is “just as guilty as she is.” Did SHE marry you while so high she could barely function? Did SHE vow to be faithful to your redneck a**? The answer is no, which anyone with a lick of sense could have figured out.

    It’s always a bad sign when the “wife” reaches out to the “mistress” because it means she clearly has 0 control over her spouse and thinks the best way she can manage him is to try to berate some perfect stranger that has no loyalty to her whatsoever. When that sounds like a better plan than y’know settling it with your spouse, you’re already doomed.

    1. I agree with nearly everything you’ve said, except the “control your spouse” part. That’s a twisted way of looking at any relationship. No one should even attempt to control the other party, that’s not how healthy relationships work(not that this one was ever or will ever be, healthy).

      1. The whole point of her reaching out to the woman is an attempt to control her spouse through a third party. That’s my opinion.

        Also control may not be the most delicate word to use, but that is what people try to do to get their spouse (if their spouse is a cheater) not to cheat. It may not be “right,” but it’s how the world works.

        1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I do know that it’s what she was attempting to do. She wants to control him, just like so many others want to control their life partners.

          But it isn’t right, no quotes needed, it’s flat out not right. It’s not how the world works, it’s an unhealthy way to deal with a problem(and will *always backfire at some point).

  27. Sluts across the globe lining up to sleep with Ryan.
    Those “doper” dick pics he’s sending out — must really be awesome.

    Maci was so right to tell Make Believe Mackenzie exactly how full of sh*t she is, then ignore her completely.

    1. I had him pegged as having erectile dysfunction. Old Rhine is just FULL of little surprises these days?

  28. Shouldn’t Ryan be the “Food City Floozy,” since he is the one who suggested meeting behind the Food City to hookup?

    1. I heard they are considering renaming it to Hump City due to the overwhelming amount of Tinder sexual activity taking place there.

  29. She deletes all the comments on her Instagram that she doesn’t like so there all just like “omg yass queen!!”. Girl is DE-LUS-ION-AL. Say what you want about Maci but at least she had the self respect to walk away from that shitshow

    1. She obviously has serious self esteem issues if she is that desperate to go through all her comments and delete anything that doesn’t boost her confidence.

  30. When asked how much it would cost to make her shut up, Food City Floozy should have replied, “ONE MIIIIILION DOLLARS and your entire ugly soccer mom scarf collection, delivered to the Food City parking lot by noon!”???????????

  31. Looks like Maci hit the nail on the head when she said Mackenzie was so full of shit her eyes were brown…Mackenzie is such an ass…and we all know what asses are full of….

  32. Is it cheating if your wife looks like your mom and acts like your mom? Ryan is probably confused and forgot he married Mac because he was so high and just thinks Mama Jen moved in with him.

    1. Rhine did kiss Mama Jen on the lips at his wedding…He is so confused. He has no idea who his wife is.

  33. WOW. Just WOW. Mack is…scary. Like in a not right in the head kind of way.

    …As for Ryan, he lost his good looks a few years ago and looks like a fat chubby cheeked chimpmunk, but NOT in a good way like actual chimpmunks. Mack is with him for the quasi-fame because that guy is rock bottom quality.

  34. Is Mackenzie going to write another letter and read it on tv again? Is she going to count the days and minutes the floozy and Ryan were texting? Also, I don’t know what she expected marrying Ryan. He’s a loser.

  35. I love that subtle shade about “what 19 year old would want to sleep with Ryan.” Sizzle..
    Mrs. Ryan is so mad that people are talking about this, but she should probably focus on why it even happened at all.

  36. This is getting so good. I’m literally that gif of Colbert eating popcorn and watching it all unfold.

  37. Mackenzie likes to blame everyone else except Ryan for Ryan’s problems. We saw her do it with that ridiculous letter to Maci and now she’s doing it with these women. These other women didn’t share vows with you Mackenzie, Ryan did. No one forced Ryan to go on Tinder looking for women to cheat on you with. Quit blaming everyone but Ryan for his problems and mistakes. It’s rich for Mackenzie to say “say reason every other slut does” in response to why someone 10 years younger would want to sleep with him, implying that they want fame when that’s the exact reason she’s with him. Mackenzie has a lot of growing up to do.

    1. With all Ryan’s assorted dysfunctions and pathologies, I think we need a new term to describe what he is. I suggest “Mimihard”.

          1. It’s like the Tiger Woods whore debacle, except he took at least one of his side chicks to Subway instead of a supermarket?

            Ryan’s probable logic: I ain’t got no condoms so I’ll use a plastic Food City bag???????????????????????????

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