‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 29 Recap: A Few Wieners & Lots of Losers

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the “Big Brother 19” house…

It’s no secret that the fastest was to be targeted while on Big Brother is to enter a showmance. During ‘Big Brother 19,’ the people who decided to get it on with their fellow HGs have placed a giant target on their back. First, Jessica and Cody were the targets. After those lovebirds were split up, the focus moved to the showmance of Elena and Mark.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the last remaining showmance, Matt and Raven (aka “Maven”) might be in trouble now.

However, maybe having a rocket scientist would help because “Maven” is blissfully ignorant of their impending doom.

“We have the perfect showmance…what could go wrong?!”

This week’s endurance HoH competition involves the HGs standing on thin ledges inside hot dog buns while getting sprayed with water and condiments. As you do.

Hilariously, Josh says he or Paul need to win, while Matt says he, Raven or Paul need to win.  Alex says she, Jason or Paul need to win, and Kevin says he, Jason, Alex or Paul need to win. Everyone wants Paul to win.

Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

After Matt and Kevin lose the competition, Raven starts begging for the others to drop so she can get a letter. Jason scoffs because she and Matt are his targets. Paul feels safe and throws it at 53 minutes, and Raven falls right after.

Jason and Alex yell at each other because they both want to win. Raven and Matt are very annoyed on the sidelines because they just want to go inside. Paul is also weirded out because “Jalex” is just showing how strong they are. Alex’s strategy is to make people think that they’re not as close as they are.

After just over an hour, the negotiation comes to an end and Alex drops. That makes Jason the new HoH.

Josh and Matt are both concerned that they might be in trouble, but Paul is happy because he knows that Jason is just going to take a shot at “Maven.”

When everyone thinks you’re on their side…but you hate them all…

When Mark was evicted, Jason and Alex both voted to evict Matt. Before the vote, Jason, Alex and Paul made a plan to cast one hinky vote to frame Kevin. Jason was supposed to do it, but Alex accidentally voted that way too, throwing a wrench in their plan.

Kevin immediately starts to suspect that people are trying to frame him, so he declares that he voted to evict Mark to anyone who will listen. Josh tells Alex that Kevin was “spazzing out” over the rogue votes and she’s happy because Josh thinks it was Kevin. Josh then talks to Christmas, Matt and Raven, and they all agree that Kevin is sketchy because of his rogue votes. They all seem to dismiss the second vote, thinking it was Jason or Alex.

“Oh hell no, I’m not going home. I didn’t get all these condiments in my hair for nothing!”

But Jason immediately tells Kevin that he and Alex were those two votes. Later Jason comes clean to Alex and she’s furious because Kevin was the person they were trying to frame.

Matt hopes that Jason makes a big move and goes after Kevin. The funny thing is that his reason is that Kevin was a rogue vote, but if Matt believes Jason was the second vote, why would Jason care? We also get a segment where Matt doesn’t understand half of what Raven says because of her accent.

Alex talks to Paul about the plan being that “Maven” will be nominated, but Paul tells “Maven” that the “plan” is to backdoor Kevin and maybe Paul could even be a pawn. Even Paul doesn’t understand how “Maven” can be this stupid.

A #RavenExposedParty finally comes to the show, as Paul and Christmas discuss that Raven is a compulsive liar, like claiming that she’s in MENSA, her mom got struck by lightning, she has an inverted spine and she trained for the Olympics. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Raven’s stories.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I invented Post-its?”

The Tree of Temptation lights up but no one picks an apple. Everyone agrees that the options left all suck.

There’s also a brief segment on Josh questioning Paul for a second, but Christmas immediately shuts it down and Josh reaffirms that he trusts Paul 100 percent.

It’s time for the nominations. Jason talks to Paul and Raven, trashing Kevin a bit about how he hasn’t done anything. This makes Raven believe that Kevin is the real target, even though she hasn’t won any competitions either and Matt only has one random Power of Veto.

Jason nominates Matt and Raven. He says that everyone knows what the house’s agenda is. Matt and Raven believe that Kevin is the target, while Josh is sitting back and enjoying the rest.

We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens. In the meantime, though, head over to Buddy TV to read spoilers and check out more articles about ‘Big Brother 19!’

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  1. No wieners, just losers in hot dog buns. Hopefully the producers can figure out a pepper spray-based challenge. Agree with the above posts, TA has more important shows to recap than this tired set of tits, whacking the knees of society.

  2. I am a BB Fan and all, but no recap needed, save your time and recap TeenMom instead! Give the people what they want!!

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