Chelsea Houska Reveals Why She Never Attends MTV Awards Shows with Her ‘Teen Mom’ Castmates

“Yeah…I’m gonna not, thanks.”

Most of the stars from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 hit the red carpet on Sunday night before attending the MTV VMAs. While many of the girls have taken every chance they’ve been given to attend an MTV awards show, a few–including ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska— have never accepted the network’s invitation to go.

Fans have wondered why Chelsea has never gone to an MTV red carpet event, and on Sunday night she finally revealed the reason she always declines the invites.

“I have way too much anxiety to be able to do something like that!” she told a fan on Twitter who asked why Chelsea didn’t attend the VMAs with her ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mates Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer. “Maybe someday I’ll get some balls. I like being home in my bubble.”

All of the franchise’s nine main girls have attended at least one MTV awards show, except for Chelsea and ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Maci Bookout.

This year’s VMAs had the biggest ‘Teen Mom’ turn-out in history, with six of the nine girls attending. (Kail Lowry usually goes to the shows but stayed home this year to attend to her newborn son.) In the past, each of the “main” girls have been invited, as well as the original dads. (Gary Shirley attended this year.)

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  1. Man, I’d watch a Teen Mom spin off of just her and Maci. Hate to say it, but I don’t think any of the other moms are decent parents, and some of them aren’t even good people. At least Chelsea, and Maci are heavily involved with their kids lives, married to good male role-models for them, and don’t create unnecessary drama every five minutes. Their kids are also the most well behaved, with the exception of Isaac, (I don’t even know how he got so sweet with the Wicked Witch of Delaware as his mother). As far as I see, they’re the only two doing life right.

  2. I don’t know why people hate chelsea so much, out of tm2 she is the most well rounded, yes, she did depend on her daddy’s money for a little while but realistically most teen parents do.At least she is not spending her money on drugs and only had like three public relationships,including her baby daddy. She is certified in something she when one day when tm2 gets canceled she has something to fall back on.Only thing I do agree on is that she should of actually gotten a college degree, because she had enough support to go and get one.

    1. didn’t seem like she was the slightest bit intetested in geing a 4 year degree. which is perfectly fine. geing vocational training is far better and more lucrative than geing a degree in psychology or liberal arts.

  3. Crap. You have a crew follow you but you can’t handle being a nobody sitting in a chair? Or couldn’t you bring Alvin, Simon and Theodore to talk squirrel?

    1. Anxiety is a very real thing for a lot of people and it can be triggered by different things. You’re not edgy and cool to make fun of people for something like that.

  4. They are all becoming irrelevant. In what universe can you make a legal living from screwing up your teen years ? It is the Kardashian model, no talent, no brains, no education, no problem … only difference these clowns don’t have Kris Kardashian as managers.

  5. Chelsea is the only respectable mom on that show anymore. She has matured and makes good decisions. Leah seems like she is starting to be on the right path too…but time will tell. The rest of them are selfish and lazy.

  6. She is really the only one who realizes she is not a celebrity but a (former) teenager who got lucky cast on a show cuz she got knocked up at 16.

    I understand her anxiety too, I hate being put on the spot too!

  7. I love who she has become. I’m proud of her for finally getting rid of Adam- well from her heart- and finding Cole.

        1. she never supported herself with a REAL job. She was living on MTV money, and daddy Randy’s help, besides MTV what job did she have that she actually supported herself? The beauty stuff, she worked what a day here a day there, you can’t support yourself from that!

          1. But she can support herself on MTV money. Her income is probably much more than most people living in a household with 2 full time workers. If you won the lottery or inherited a bunch of money and could live very comfortably off of it and still have money left over to put into a savings account for the futures, would you work a regular 9-5 job? Especially if you only had a GED like Chelsea, so the jobs you would qualify for were not exactly exciting,, high-salary career-type jobs? I don’t get this argument that people make about reality stars who are making $100,000++ a year.

        2. Eh sorta. She was super lazy and barely could do anything on her own. She clearly still can’t do anything on her own. She just has Cole who played Captian Save A Hoe now to be there for her instead of her dad or Adam. She hasn’t changed at all. It’s just a prettier picture with her being dependent on Cole than it was with Adam so everyone thinks it’s okay. Shrugs.

          1. Guess what everyone is young, everyone has to grow up. She did it in front of the camera. Has she made mistakes? Ofcourse! Adam has never supported her. I don’t understand why people are so butt hurt that her dad helped her, are you all jealous or what? She got her GED then she graduated that school and got a job in skincare. What show have you all been watching? Also if they want to live off of mtv money who cares? Again, jealous much? MTV is her Job. If you are on any type of show it is a Job people. I think a lot of you are just unhappy with your life that you have to tear somebody down who has it better than you and is doing well. And I’m pretty sure she makes way more money than cole and cole does/did have a job. So she isn’t leaning on him. And hello when you have a kid ofcourse you want to find a man who is going to step up and take care of you and your kid. That is a must when dating somebody when you have a kid. Plus the shit she went through with Adam when she was young. Come on now you all sound like bitter people who have nothing better to do with your lives than trash people. Sorry she has a boring life and can’t be like the other teen moms who have a train wreck of a life. Give props when props are due, you jealous aholes.???

      1. Oh no. I fully agree she should have been happy on her own before settling down with Cole. I was under the impression that she and Cole both worked outside of MTV- maybe just Cole now. But I’m glad she’s doing better in life vs how she was- didn’t end up in rehab, jail, or in an “accidental” porn.

    1. Oh MRSG nor I mentioned anything about her career or money. So I’m not sure why that got brought up. She just couldn’t get rid of Adam and be the “happy and great mom” she is today without Cole and that is kind of sad, is all I wrote. She was lazy, depressed, annoying, always crying and talking shit. She couldn’t pull herself out of that for herself or her daughter, but she did for Cole.

      1. Um she was over Adam before she met cole. Again are you guys even watching the show? And guess what when you have a piece of shit for a baby daddy you are going to discuss it and talk about it with your friends. Plus that’s what the show wants her to talk about! Get over yourself, you are acting like a jealous fool.?

  8. I can totally relate to her on that lol. I would be an anxious mess if I had to walk the red carpet with all those cameras around.

  9. Who cares. They aren’t freaking celebrities. They are moms that should be home with their children. Food for Chelsea

  10. I just comment on something like this and I didn’t realize Maci never goes either. I could of sworn that I saw Maci at there red carpet once, unless it was actually Ryan, because they said they did invite the dads too.

      1. DM, I researched it really quickly, Maci did a local Tennessee charity version of dancing with the stars and I remembered the producers saying that they wouldn’t put the real housewives cast on there I doubt that would put anyone from teen mom

  11. she’s pure South Dakota look at who she married, definitely doesn’t fit in, in Hollywood, none of them do really. She’s very smart not to go!

    1. None of the teen mom’s have any business attending the VMA’s, nor do they fit in because they aren’t in the industry. And let’s not forget DebzOG has recently released some ‘music.’ Where was her invite. I would have loved to have seen what babyGap outfit she squeezed into for the event.

      1. They work for mtv, idiot. Who puts on the vmas…..I’m sure you wouldn’t know cause you don’t sound intelligent so I’ll tell you MTV and she works for it. It’s not like they had the teen moms presenting an award. Those are their employees and it’s their show and they can invite whoever they want. Jealous much? ??

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