‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Gushes About New Boyfriend Andrew Glennon: Says Relationship is “Serious”

“It’s nice to have a boyfriend who bathes regularly!”

Amber Portwood introduced the world to her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, on Sunday at the MTV VMAs and, last week, she broke her silence on her new man in an interview with Us Weekly.

The Ashley broke the news that Amber was dating Andrew Glennon, a lighting technician she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars earlier this summer.

Amber was on the show to try and repair her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Matt Baier. “The camp” didn’t work for them, but Amber got a new boo out of it! (And, as The Ashley told you, Andrew is a mega-catch compared to ol’ Matt. He’s well-educated and comes from a highly respected Hollywood family.)

Meanwhile Matt is living in Las Vegas, most likely playing the penny slots and trying to find a shop that will remove his giant “Amber” tattoo.

Amber spoke to Us Weekly about how she and Andrew became romantically involved.

“He didn’t really know who I was and we didn’t talk on the show because, you know, he would get in trouble, but I didn’t even know that he even liked me,” Amber said. “It just simply was he had a little crush on me.”

Amber said she was only back in Indiana for two weeks when Andrew reached out to her. He eventually came to visit her in Indianapolis.

“We decided that we just wanted to be friends at first because we were just having so much fun talking with each other, and, you know, then when he came out to hang out, we just had even more fun together, so that’s just how it started,” she said.

Andrew spoke to the magazine about falling for the ‘Teen Mom’ star.

“It was definitely butterflies there, but again, as we started talking, strangely, I felt so comfortable, which was amazing,” he said. “I feel like that’s hard to find.”

Andrew, who lives in Malibu, California, has visited Amber at her home in Indianapolis, met her daughter Leah and has already hit the red carpet with her, but Amber insists that they are not rushing their relationship.

“We’re going slow and we’re just trying to be smart about everything, which is good to find somebody on your level like that,” she said. “I think we just kind of fell into this groove of really enjoying life with each other for a while, so it’s kind of fun and it’s kind of serious in a way as well, but we’re trying not to put too much pressure on a relationship.”

Amber said she’s not concerned about being in a long-distance relationship.

“It’s been good because we can give each other space even,” she said. “It balances everything out, especially when you first break up with somebody. You don’t really want to jump right into another situation, but you know, some men are worth it, some aren’t. He’s definitely worth my time.”

Amber said Leah likes Andrew as well.

“She sent me a message, like, pretty much she really likes him. We went out a couple of days ago and got ice cream and went out to dinner and walked around and had some fun,” she explained. “I think she just thinks he’s new and different which is a good thing, but like I said, nothing is forced and we’re not trying to jump that part of my life in, so it’s very chill, very relaxing. Leah was very comfortable.”

Amber said we will get to see this relationship play out on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ as they have already started filming for the show together.

Wanna see their very first “glamour shot” as a couple? Click here!

(Photo: MTV)

21 Responses

  1. Just so pathetically needy, nuff said. Leah pegged it when she told Cristina, totally unprompted, that she was the best thing that ever happened to her.

  2. Amber- Leah is not your friend, she is you daughter and still a child. You should not be introducing every man you date to her in order to get her opinion and see if she likes him. If you need validation that he is a good man ask an (ADULT) friend or a family member their opinion on the man. It is not fair to Leah to get attached to these guys, children are not emotionally equipped to deal with that when the man and you break up and they formed an attachment to him. You need to put her needs first before your own needs for validation.

    My opinion is that this guy was in town and it was during the scheduled time Amber had with Leah, so instead of telling Andrew she cant hangout because she wants to spend time with her daughter, she brought him along… because we all know “Boo-Boo” comes second to whatever flavor of the week man Amber has her eye on. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Amber to follow this guy out to California so that Leah could be sheltered from witnessing the train-wreck.

  3. Their personal lives are in the spotlight. If they casually date, they are hoes, If they have relationships, they are codependent. But we all love reading about them.and watching their lives play out. They had to expect that being on a TV show.

  4. Don’t know why these girls claim they don’t really care what people think of them. Isn’t caring the reason they constantly LIE through their teeth in the first place?

    Because if not…then why even bother?

  5. Amber is a messed up loser, and always be, and this ‘new man’ has to have something seriously wrong with him to have anything to do with her. He didn’t know who she was, he knew exactly who she was, he was on the crew of the show she was on. If he didn’t know prior, he knew before he talked to her, she’s a stupid sad woman, who will always be Indiana white trash!

  6. Next thing we know amber will be taking her daughter to speed dating with her to meet her new boyfriends even faster.

  7. Yep. She insisted she hadn’t met him, and then fans spotted Leah in the background of a photo he posted!

    I agree, I don’t think she’s a real mother. She doesn’t parent Leah at all, she’s the weekend Parent who gets her for the fun times, and then Leah goes back to Gary and her real home life.

  8. She is every scam artist’s dream come true. I have a feeling he’s going to be a California version of Lurch.

  9. Wowzers, she is d*ck hopping quicker than Jenelle. And how quick she’s gone from screaming “how am I going to explain this to her” in regards to telling Leah that she had kicked Mooch to the curb.. now it’s “hey Boo Boo, meet my new bae! he has a job and doesn’t have eleventeen secret kids!”.

    Shall we start the countdown til she moves to Malibu to be with him now or nah?

  10. I feel like it honestly might be better for Leah for her mom to move to Malibu and they can just be pen pals. She can visit her mom at the beach and get spoiled with monetary gifts and then head back home to be with her stable family again.

  11. ROL said he was on the production team. then they actually wrote “producer” which later became “big Hollywood producer”. okay, now we know the truth. he’s a lighting technician.

    1. Yeah, no idea where they got that. His father and grandfather were cinematographers, and Andrew has done some of that. But he has NO producing credits, and is certainly not a “big Hollywood producer.” They need to have a seat! 🙂 -The Ashley

  12. Didn’t she INSIST Leah didn’t meet him yet? We knew that was a lie and now she admitted it!

    At least she is not living with him yet which is an upgrade from before when Matt came to her place practically the day they met.

    I still think she is not a real mother and not a lot better than Jenelle. Hopefully even if she stays with this guy they don’t have children yet for a long time.

  13. She’s not rushing in and there’s no pressure, but she already has Leah hanging out with him? Amber apparently is so dense that she doesn’t even realize that just because she thinks it’s nothing serious, Leah is a child and may get attached to someone who may not even be around that long. Or maybe she does realize it but just doesn’t care.

    Thankfully, Amber is a part-time mom and Gary/Kristina do the actual parenting. They seem to have a stable home for Leah. Hopefully that ends up being a bigger influence than Amber’s chaos.

  14. Makes me so mad that she introduces her daughter to boyfriends right away. She treats the poor kid like a friend/teenager. Luckily Leah has Gary and Christina who seem like they are in a stable somewhat normal relationship and seem to lead a pretty normal life.

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