‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Reveals Sweet Revenge She Got On Baby Daddy Luis Hernandez For Cheating

“Say hello to Jiminy and his 500 cricket friends, Luis! That’ll teach you to hump some other broad in the club!”

This season of Teen Mom 2 has given viewers a front row seat to the never-ending baby daddy drama of Briana DeJesus, but during a Twitter rant this week, the reality star mom revealed that MTV failed to catch one giant thing – or rather 500 small ones.

“Wish @MTV was able to film and show what I did to Luis after I found out he cheated,” Briana tweeted. “I had keys to his house and bought over 500 crickets and just let them free inside his room.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by the guy who knocked her up in “da club!”

Briana went on to tell her Twitter followers that Luis did not know she was the cricket culprit (until now) and that she returned to the scene of the crime (through the tolls and all) to unleash another round of critters a few weeks later.

“I remember we were filming at dinner and he’s like, ‘Omg there’s crickets in my house I couldn’t sleep last night, I had to vacuum them up,’” she said.

Briana said she remembered Luis texting her photos of dead crickets weeks later saying, “This s**t doesn’t end, why me?”

This is, of course, coincidentally what most viewers say whenever Briana’s segments  of ‘Teen Mom 2’ are airing.

In addition to the collection of crickets, Briana said she “put some other stuff” in Luis’ house, but did not “want PETA after” her so she did not reveal what kind of critters she used. However, she later tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation, presumably from Luis, with a photo of a rat that was still alive.

The men of ‘Teen Mom 2’ better stay on the straight and narrow — between this and Barbara Evans’ itching powder stunt a few years back, no cheater is safe with this group.

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  1. Brianna needs to take charge of her life. As a mother of 4 I give my children advice, but let them be in charge of what they do.
    Luis gets attacked even when he’s trying. If that was my son I would tell him to walk away each time he was attacked too, in order not to disrespect anyone. So really he’s not around because of Bri’s sister and mom going at him each time he shows up.
    Stepping back will let them see what he really is capable of doing for his daughter.

  2. Wow she just keeps finding new ways to be boring and unwatchable. Even the revenge story sounded like made up garbage.

  3. Brianna is just sad sad sad. You got pregnant to a by u just met and u act like a 5 yo.I think ur making it all up.ur entire story is a set up.Ya u invited ur ex to a baby shower for another guts baby? And ur mom flips out cuz a camera was brought to film someone else? Ya OK cuckoo cuckoo

  4. She’s actually an idiot. What she’s doing, isn’t cute, or clever, and it certainly doesn’t make her look good to be bragging about these things. Oh you put bugs in your exes apartment? Are you in middle school? Do you feel big right now? Moron. She really needs to grow up and stop acting like this if she wants to set a good example for her children.

  5. I’m not surprised this is the same vindictive, simple, little witch that went they a whole pregnancy threatening adoption, just to get under Louis skin. The heiffer made sure she had a baby shower though. Who does that???

  6. Her poor kids…that’s really the only thing I think of when idiots act like this.
    I don’t give a rat’s left nut what your beef with your other party is, you don’t resort to stupid shit like this. If you feel the need to take legal action(some do, some don’t) and hold someone personally responsible-or at least financially, for the life(lives?) they helped create, then do so. But, she has put her children through hell since before either of them were born, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

    Yeah the guy was a jerk, he cheated, he’s not the best father, or, really, any father. To get back at him you decide that being a terrible role model for your children is a grand idea. Your family seems content to go along with it all.

    Who is the parent in that family? Certainly not her mother, her sister, either of her baby daddies, or her. I guess that leaves Nova and Stella to make all the adult decisions in this clusterphuck of a family.

    Regardless of how funny these antics might seem(ok yeah it’s funny at first thought, picturing it in one’s head) they’re borderline psychotic, at best. At worst, they’re a recipe for the shit show that will be these children’s lives, their entire lives. It really stops being funny when you start to look at the whole picture, though.

    Those poor children.

  7. This bitch should be reported. She shouldn’t even be on the show. It’s bad enough Jenelle abuses her pets (which consistently disappear), now this idiot is torturing animals for this immature BS.

  8. Briana is mentally slow to think some loser in a club that knocks her up within a month is going to be her prince charming

  9. I actually think this is gross. Is this the apartment she thought her newborn would be staying in at some point? She could have saved that cricket/rat money to go towards a savings for music or dance lessons that she cried about not being able to afford for her children. Yeah he cheated, he’s a dick, but grow up.

  10. How did he not immediately suspect her and her family? When it suspiciously coincided with her finding out about his antics? How stupid is he?

    It irritates me to no end this victim attitude she has, like getting pregnant as a teen was a mistake, but one she could easily learn from….I don’t get how she managed to have unprotected sex with someone she just met, and have the gall to expect them to be an ideal partner. It’s like if I gave some random person my PIN number to my bank account one night upon meeting them….if they steal my money they’re obviously an asshole, but where the hell do I get off thinking this was likely to end positively???

    And her mom & sister also seem to hold her blameless, even though they love to gripe about how it negatively affects their lives, I don’t understand why the 2 of them aren’t meticulously monitoring Briana’s birth control intake and crushing up plan B into her cereal all the time. They act like poor Briana had no choice but to pick terrible candidates to get her knocked up, then keep the babies. They all have this ‘Poor me, poor us,’ attitude and they talk about it in front of Nova ALL THE TIME. I feel so bad for that little girl, 16 and Pregnant her mom was always wishing out loud she had an abortion, and apparently they spend all their time in front of her talking bad about her dad and how her presence makes their lives difficult, and on and off saying they’ll give up her sibling for adoption.

  11. Lol, she’s still trying to make it look like it was all him, doesn’t she?! Ofc he is an asshole cuz he cheated but YOU hooked up with him in the first place! (After knowing him for a month, nonetheless) MAKE BETTER DECISIONS and you won’t have to put up with this shit!

  12. Money well spent. She’s yelling at him because he was going to have to pay tolls and she’s buying crickets. Why not try raising your children and starting a savings account. Or maybe buy some condoms …or birth control. But no, crickets were surely the way to go.

  13. “This s**t doesn’t end, why me?”

    This is, of course, coincidentally what most viewers say whenever Briana’s segments of ‘Teen Mom 2’ are airing.


  14. If you’re worried an animal rights group (let’s not get started on PETA…) is going to get you into trouble, perhaps you should rethink abusing animals. What the fuck, Brianna?
    So you put a live rat into this dude’s house and he’s refusing to touch or feed it and just waiting for it to die? You’re both the worst.

    1. I wouldn’t touch a rat either. Id also press charges against her, if possible. She is so immature. Luis is a cautionary tale for all fuc boys. Never smash some random 21 yr old you just met when you’re 31 and should know better.

    1. ?? georgiedee for the win!!! In a perfect world she would have thought up a crazy new way to REALLY foil that one nighter…

  15. Is she fucking 12? This seriously sounds like something a middle schooler would do. She’s embarrassing as all hell. Poor Nova and Stella.

  16. I’m embarrassed for Briana. She got pregnant a second time by some loser who in every interaction with her tells her that hes not going to stick around and be in her child’s life- meanwhile she boasts about getting revenge by putting some bugs in his house… Honey thats a prank that a middle school kid would come up with! The only one who got pranked is you when you got stuck with another unplanned baby.

  17. Well, when you’re raising his spawn all alone for the next 18 years, at least you’ll remember that time you pranked him real good.

    1. It’s totally trashy, and does not change her situation, but I do agree it’s also kind of funny. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive, right?

    2. Lol, I can just picture him walking into his apartment and hearing a chorus of “reep reep, reep reep”, and trying to figure out how so many got in there. I think it’s funny the first time, but the second time comes off more angry than funny. It is kind of immature, but her emotional maturity may be stunted because her situation hasn’t changed much since she was a teenager, so I’m not really surprised. It does seem kind of dumb to admit that publicly, especially if she’s done other revenge pranks; everyone she knows will ALWAYS assume that she is the guilty party 😀

    3. I laughed too. I mean where did that idea even come from?! If I was trying to think of a prank, I don’t think “I’ll go buy 500 crickets” would even be in the top 1000 ideas. So random!

  18. Ummm does she think this makes her sound like an empowered woman? It just highlights how immature and dumb she is. This is a mother of two kids who is resorting to childish revenge tactics against the father of her child.

  19. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t use a condom with a loser, Briana. You get knocked up and then he cheats on you. 500 crickets doesn’t change the situation you put yourself in.

  20. She has high expectations for the men she meets in the club and immediately decides to have unprotected sex with.

    Take some responsibility for who you let knock you up.

    And her fake bum looks ridiculous

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