Grandmother of Jenelle Evans’ Son Kaiser Reveals Why She Made Bid For Emergency Custody of the Boy

Kaiser’s grandmother is attempting to get Kaiser away from Jenelle…

Yesterday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was hit with a one-two punch when Radar Online published a story revealing that Doris Davidson, the grandmother of Jenelle’s son Kaiser, had filed for emergency custody of the boy on September 1. (Doris is the mother of Nathan Griffith.) 

Also on Thursday, The Ashley revealed details about a CPS investigation that was opened after Jenelle and her daughter Ensley both tested positive for THC the day of Ensley’s birth.

Anyway, Jenelle has yet to respond to anything related to the CPS investigation. However, she did make a statement to E! News on Friday that claimed that her own mother, Barbara Evans, was to blame for Doris filing for emergency custody of Kaiser.

“Our lawyers are talking today,” Jenelle said. “Doris made accusations but I can tell you that Barbara has a lot to do with them… Doris threw her own son under the bus by admitting that he has pending felonies and possibly on drugs. Her emergency filing was against me and Nathan both.”

In her documents, Doris claimed, among other things, that Jenelle had neglected to follow the orders of Kaiser’s doctors in relation to a health issue he was having; that Jenelle locked Kaiser and her older son Jace outside in the yard on a hot day; that Jace once got lost in the woods on “The Land” for two hours; and that Kaiser has repeatedly come to her with” bruising and markings… that are unusual and more than normal.”

She also stated that she was worried that Jenelle’s fiance, David Eason, hit Kaiser on more than one occasion.

“On April 28, 2017 [Doris] picked [Kaiser] up at day care in Wilmington so he could attend [Nathan]’s fitness competition in Columbia. The first thing [Kaiser] said: ‘Nana, David punch me.’.. [Kaiser] continued to repeat the same over and over, and then took his little fist and put it up to his face and repeated it again,” Doris revealed in the court docs. “Upon information and belief, David uses inappropriate and excessive discipline and spanks the [Kaiser] very hard, leaving marks.”

So where does the emergency custody case stand currently?

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Doris dropped the bid for emergency custody yesterday. (Please file this as a report, though, until The Ashley can confirm these details.)

“Jenelle’s layer was able to show proof of some texts that had gone between Doris and Jenelle, and basically made the case that Doris only filed for emergency custody out of spite,” The Ashley’s source tells her.

The hearing was actually supposed to be yesterday, from what The Ashley hears, but “Doris backed off when she realized she wasn’t going to get emergency custody after Jenelle’s lawyer showed some stuff,” the source says.

Although emergency custody is apparently off the table, at least for now, that does not mean that Doris will give up her bid to get full custody (or at least partial custody) of Kaiser.

Nathan has remained silent as his mother battled with Jenelle, but on Friday, he told Real Mr. Housewife that he supported his mom in her bid to get custody of Kaiser.

“When it comes to legal stuff, I can’t comment,” Nathan said. “The only thing I can say is that I agree with what my mom is trying to do for that amazing child of mine.”

Stay tuned– this story is still developing!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Way to go Jenelle you get the worst mom ever award. I watch the show and I never see her showing affection for any of the kids or the animals. That is very telling. She buys them material things and takes pictures to pretend she’s a good mom. Jenelle does whatever her man meat of the month wants her to do. Everyone knows why you bought the land so you can get high,yell and scream and abuse the children and animals. Just remember you will get treated one day as you treat your mother.

  2. OF COURSE JENNELLE BLAIMS BARB FOR THIS. I can’t even breathe, I’m laughing so hard. Just fork over your kids, Jennelle, mkae it easier for everyone.

  3. I think they cannot use the episodes to support their claim of abuse because they have been edited. I just watches that somewhere else where anytime there is editing like on this show they can’t use that material in court. I don’t know how it worked out with the whole Amber and Gary situation.

    1. I think the amber and Gary thing worked only because physically hitting is physically hitting regardless how you edit it. Had amber said he hit me first and they edited it out then that might have changed everything. I do remember someone saying they couldn’t use episodes in court but I don’t remember who it was.

      1. i think it was during the leah “dye on the babies heads” timeframe when corey was trying to get primary custody of the girlses.

  4. Nathan needs to clean himself up and go get that baby! It kills me that sweet baby Kaiser has a father who could save him, but he’s too effed up! We just have to pray for Ensley, because she’s trapped.

  5. I’m not sure why case workers can’t review episodes with David and children. There is obvious anger and aggravation with them. Pair this with the own children’s accounts and physical marks, this should be enough. Very sad that it’s not, very sad it’s gonna take them being severely hurt physically and mentally. Have the children see a counselor alone and allow the courts to see the tapes and notes. Shame on the courts and CPS for failing such a heavily proofed negligence case.

  6. It’s all about the kids! And what I have seen on the show it’s probably the best Kaiser gets the ATTENTION a 3 yr old needs, which janelle can’t give to him. I can’t imagine what goes on when the cameras aren’t there. I was sick to my stomach watching the first episode on the way Kaiser was treated. I want to save that little man!!!

  7. I remember a episode which showed David Eason pushing Kaiser out of the way, causing the boy to stumble. I took note at the time that this would be discussed and should be! I am surprised that Nathan didn’t take action at that time. Barbara can relax – Jace will hopefully remain with her – Jenelle is reverting to form and her loutish boyfriend is right there with her.

  8. I believe Jenelle is a textbook sociopath and that isn’t a term I throw around lightly. Jenelle’s lack of maternal instinct is chilling. Her flat affect right after giving birth to Ensley in the hospital sealed the deal for me. She did not seem moved at all. I’ve never seen a woman who just gave birth look so indifferent while holding her new baby. And don’t make excuses for her saying she was exhausted from the delivery or on hospital drugs and that’s why she seemed so detached. Jenelle seemed like she didn’t give a fuck about her new baby…because she doesn’t give a fuck about any of her children. The only person Jenelle cares about is Jenelle.

    1. Right, Janelle is completely oblivious to her own behavior. No insight at all. I was especially shocked during an episode where she was telling Barbara she wants jace, but then yelled about, “going on vacation,” and how it was so important. When Jenelle put Kaiser in his crib in the dark, to scream alone, it was absolutely heart breaking. No empathy at all.

    2. 100% agree. The new episodes she is trying to make her voice loving towards her kids… And it is obviously fake or she is just high. It actually hurts to listen to her talk. The only time she has emotion is when she is yelling. There is no doubt she has a mental disorder and MTV is doing more damage to those kids by protecting her over them.

  9. I’m not sure who is worse. This chick and her soulmate of the month or MTV who keeps writing big fat checks to keep this drug addict child abuser on TV.

  10. Honestly the THC stuff I don’t care that much about – it’s legal in a lot of places now, and considered the same as drinking alcohol (like Babs having a sip of wine with dinner) and like people stated, some doctors even recommend pregnant women take it for nausia or whatever.

    The real issue is poor Kaiser, they are awful to him and act like he’s something that happened to poor Jenelle just to inconvenience her life. The way they yell at him for whining the way every 3 yr old does, instead of figuring out what’s wrong, not only makes it more likely they do worse things off camera, but also is bad enough on its own without needing proof of physical abuse, IMO. Just neglecting him emotionally and verbally abusing him should warrant his removal from that house.

    1. no actual doctors say it’s okay to ingest while pregnant.

      I would like for SOMEONE saying that their doctor said it was okay to tell us the name of the doctor.

      anyone who says that their doctor told them it was okay is obviously lying.

    2. It’s also legal for a woman to drink alcohol when she’s pregnant in most states. Doesn’t mean it’s not a stupid thing to do. No one is saying weed is the devil, just don’t do it when you’re pregnant? It’s not that hard.

  11. I hope she does get full custody of Kaiser. Jenelle doesn’t deserve and of the kids she has. Of course she blames this on Barb because Jenelle can never take accountability for her actions.

  12. After witnessing Jenelle’s many many many awful scenes on this show, watching Ryan drive while practically passed out from drug abuse, and now all of this with Jenelle being investigated….

    MTV. It’s time to shut this down! It’s not fun, funny, entertaining, juicy, good tv, or worth it.

    Please! I’m praying the next news we get is that due to all these recent events they cancel this garbage.

  13. What a big man Lurch is, beating a f*cking toddler. Go and pick a fight with a man your own size and see who comes off best, oh that’s right, Lurch prefers to beat small children.

    Jenelle is such a flog to let this happen. I truly hope she has all three children permanently removed from her and can only have supervised visits. For her to leave Lurch lay his oaf hands on Kaiser and possibly Jace, she is a poor excuse for a mother. Give those kids to a real family that will love (and nourish.. remember Babs never nourished or showed Jenelle love.. ?) them and want to give them the best.

    1. Forget picking a fight with a man, come at me (grown woman) and I would whip his big doofy ass all the way back to the NC swamplands. He is nothing but a bully. Let some scumbag try to put my child’s nose in the corner and he wouldn’t be much of a man when I was finished with him. Also, there were two pictures of Jenelle with obvious bruises on her as well. One was taken on a hike in LA, can’t remember the other but I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw that. He is an abusive, controlling, manipulative piece of crap.

      1. I’m 5’2 and I’d like to say I’d go toe-to-toe with Lurch, but he would probably man handle me and put my nose in the corner like he does to poor Kaiser, hahaha. But I could run my mouth off at him and cuss him up and down the street.

        I do recall seeing pictures of Jenelle with fingerprint type bruises around her arms and under her armpits.

        He’s such a suspect bastard.

      2. I would love for a woman to kick his ass. It’s obvious he has serious issues with women, saying that he doesn’t want the boys to grow up to be women who start drama. I wish some of Barb’s granny friends had come out of that Mexican restaurant and started beating him with their purses. He really just needs his ass stomped, I don’t really care who does it though.

        1. We’ve all seen how piss weak he is when he’s about to fill the street with uppercut.. at the last reunion threatening to remove the MTV crew that were blocking their Uber. Then he saw the size of the security guard and shit his pants and backed down.

          Learn your PLACE Lurch.

  14. It’s absolutely insane that this woman takes zero responsibility after everything she’s done. She ditched her kid for her boyfriends, stole her mom’s credit cards, did hard drugs, physically beat someone up (video is on youtube), and has gotten knocked up by 4 different men (there could be more, you never know). She either blames her mom, her ex boyfriends, or Mtv. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say she’s sorry or admit that she’s wrong.

  15. I wish I could have a son like Kaiser. Instead myself and my husband aren’t able to bring beautiful children like him into our stable loving lives. this disgusting, disgraceful excuse of a mother has three children who she let’s be abused physically, verbally and emotionally by the monster she calls her partner and instead of protecting them she’s going to marry him and protect him. Then she spends the rest of her time neglecting them, screaming at them, putting them in scary situations and abusing so much drugs that her baby is born high. I can not believe that mtv feel okay with giving these monsters money and helping to let them get away with all this bullshit. I can not believe that the authorities are totally fine with leaving these children with her and david. What will it take before someone does something. Does Kaiser and Jace have to be hospitalized, because that’s just too late. She’s not a mother. Giving birth does not give you the right to go by that title. I can’t believe that people like Jenelle and David are able to have child after child and some amazing people can’t even get a positive pregnancy test.

  16. FREE KAISER! Whatever is happening, he surely isn’t happy there on THE LAND and he needs help before it’s too late! And how sad that the first thing I though of was when Nathan called his son amazing was “I’m sure he was never called that by his own mother!” God, I don’t know her (Doris) but she reminds me of Babs and that she could be beneficial for Kai’s sake, that kid is so adorable and it pains me if he is going through sth like this!

    Still, who will help Ensley?! Babs has enough kids on her hands (although I’m sure she would take care of her regardless if she gained custody) and David’s family members are famewhores who don’t help so I’m worried about her upbringing too. (Esp after the whole being born high thing)

    1. This is why MTV needs to step the fuck up and help Babs get a lawyer and demand drug testing for all those girls they pay hand over fist to film. I have a good job, nowhere near $250k, and I get drug tested. If they refuse, cut them off and/or pay for thier rehab. I’m glad to see Leah looks like she’s finally gotten clean and she seems happier, MTV can certainly afford drug testing and rehab if need be, but they just film and rake in the profits.

  17. All I want to know, is if later this month MTV is still planning to film Jenelle smiling as she walks down the aisle in a white gown to marry a 7-foot, controlling child abuser who balled up his disgusting fist to punch her 3-year-old toddler in the face and put other various bruises on him.

    And for anyone who was purposely left off the guest list of this damn circus — I just want to say you should be feeling far more PROUD than slighted.

  18. So the swine skates again, the babies continue to be beaten and neglected, and emptyvee rakes in dough and doles it out to this swamp bitch to use for dope and luxury items. Fucking Christ I’m so heated I could shoot through the roof right now!

    1. It’s not over yet. Doris has not dropped her custody bid. Emergency custody is really hard to get as a third party. There basically needs to be crystal clear evidence of abuse for a judge to take a child out of a parent’s home on an emergency basis and put them with a non-parent. I would have been surprised if Doris prevailed on that. So it makes sense that the emergency bid was dropped (in a lot of ways it serves to get the judge’s and parents’ attention), but the custody case itself will continue.

  19. What is also extremely worrying is that MTV must be aware and even witness to the mistreatment of these children and seemingly do nothing to prevent or protect.
    Surely they too can be charged with negligence? Or at least used as a witness for Doris/Babs case?
    Breaks my heart to see these innocent children being used for TV ratings and increasing pay packets.
    And, as Chelsea recently said, MTVs editing to create drama, with no due consideration for the very real fact that these kids will watch the show in the future and think that’s exactly what happened.
    Society is seriously messed up if all you need is enough money to pay for a good lawyer so you can keep your kid in order to make money from a show that thrives on the kids suffering.

      1. You don’t have to manufacture this, we’ve SEEN how verbally and physically abusive Jenelle and David are towards the kids. It wouldn’t matter how MTV tried to spin’s out there.

        Yes MTV does love to manufacture drama, what production company in charge of reality tv doesn’t?(and no that isn’t me excusing it). But a vast majority of the time, the “actors”(I am so not calling them stars) do a perfectly fine job of that all on their own.

    1. In North Carolina – anyone is a mandated reporter of suspected abuse. So all of those producers, camera people, sound people, etc. that see those 2 morons throwing Kaiser around, pushing him down, ignoring him, locking him up, etc. need to be reporting that stuff. But that doesn’t make for very good ratings, now does it.

      As a doctor, that useless sack of crap Dr. Drew is also a mandated reporter in California, so he should be reporting this stuff too, yet he doesn’t.

      You can report suspected abuse – you don’t have to have air tight evidence to report.

      From NC: North Carolina requires “any person or institution who has cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent… or has died as a result of maltreatment” to make a report to the county department of social services where the child resides or is found. G.S. 7B-301(a). There is one very limited exception, which is for an attorney who learns of the suspected abuse, neglect, or dependency during the attorney’s representation of a client “only in the abuse, neglect, or dependency case.” G.S. 7B-310. All other recognized privileges, such as clergy, husband-wife, doctor-patient, and attorney-client (not covered by the limited exception) are explicitly excluded as a ground for the person’s failure to report. Id. Does a person have “cause to suspect”? Although not defined in the statute, “cause to suspect” is less than actual knowledge. A person is not required to confirm that a child is actually being (or was) abused, neglected, or dependent.

      From CA (where the reunions are): How much proof do I need to provide that abuse or neglect has occurred?
      No proof of abuse or neglect is needed, only “reasonable suspicion” that child abuse or neglect may have occurred. If you are at all concerned about the possibility of abuse or neglect, you should report. Investigations will be conducted by law enforcement and/or the county child welfare department to determine if abuse or neglect has occurred. Delayed reporting while awaiting further information may hinder investigation by the appropriate agencies.

  20. What did I just say last night – she’ll find a way to blame this on Barbara. And here it is. Unreal, yet so predictable.

  21. I feel like Jenelle has gotten away with everything because she has money from those Mtv shitheads. It makes me wanna pull my hair out.

  22. I like how Jenelle said Doris threw her own son under the bus by letting the courts know he has pending charges and is on drugs. Ummm? That’s being a good grandparent Jenelle! I’m glad she told on Nathan and Jenelle for the sake of Kaiser.

    1. Exactly! That just makes her claims so much more credible. She is so serious about this that she would openly say that neither parent, including her own son, is for.

  23. MTV ought to be accountable for not bothering to show Jenelle and David using drugs, or the fact their daughter was born with drugs in her system.

    But show Jenelle and David harassing Barbara. Stocking her EATING DINNER out, and ONE drink. BFD

    Kaiser’s grandmother raised Nathan…but she’s better than Jenelle. Hope she gets custody, and learned from her mistakes.

  24. I don’t know how anyone could stand it knowing their sweet child was being abused by that oaf David and Junkelle. It’s really not surprising because Jenelle is the opposite of maternal. Her response to Jace not wanting to be around David was basically tough shit he’s going to be around forever…rather than trying to protect her child. I don’t think she possesses anything resembling a motherly instinct. It’s been clear for a WHILE (ever since I heard David call Kaiser a little bitch) that Kaiser is not being treated well. I can only hope that for once Jenelle gets justice for her terrible behavior and Kaiser is permanently removed from her care. Ensley too. Jace too. And I hope she stops having more kids since she is the definition of unfit. I wish she would get off the show teen mom…then maybe she would stop pretending to be a parent for appearances.

    1. I couldn’t believe that either!!!! Jace is expressing fear of David and Jenelle’s response is to tell him to suck it up since David will be around forever? WTF?!

  25. I’m starting to pray this show is made up and scripted because it’s totally clear that David is abusive to kaiser and Jace while jenelle is on drugs and completely neglectful . If cps isn’t involved then viewers need to report her like they did when she was abusing her dogs and when amber attacked Gary

    1. I once read a reddit AMA with a Teen Mom producer who stated they were allowed to intervene in situations where a child was in danger. If that’s true then there are clearly some idiots working for MTV

  26. Jfc. These poor children. Can I apply for emergency custody of them? I’ve got two kids of my own who are awesome little humans, my husband and I both have good jobs, and we don’t hit our children or ignore them….

  27. Janelle would be happier if Doris got custody of him, she has no maternal instinct, treats the boy with resentment and shows no tenderness and understanding towards him. The only reason she wont admit it is because she is hell bent on proving to her “haters” (aka all the sane rational people of the world) that she is the image a perfect mother on social media. She is a sociopath and does not actually give a s— about Kai, her every interaction with him is one of annoyance and self pity.

    1. Jenelle also wants to keep him because that’s her connection to Nathan, who I don’t really think she’s completely over. She knows she can hold Kaiser over his head and get under his skin by allowing Lurch to “parent” him and have an input in visitation matters.

    2. Babs said it last episode when she brought up the picnic. Pretty much saying she wanted to go pretend to be this big happy family

    3. I actually tend to think woman, who know they can’t handle/afford a baby and give it up for adoption have a better mindset than Jenelle. She obviously can’t handle (mentally/emotionally) a child, but she keeps having them… and then acting like she’s “owed” recognition or having/owning them. It breaks my heart. I sincerely hope Nathan, with all his flaws, fights for his mother to get rights.

  28. whatever her motive,i dont care.david is horrible to kaiser.jenelle lets him totally parent and he treats kaiser like garbage..

  29. I made a joke on the last Post about what an amazing defense lawyer Dustin Sullivan is where Jenelle has never spent more then a few days in jail. Most of the time he defended her was for drug charges but how can anyone defend her for child abuse. I do not know how any lawyer would defend her after Kaiser is showing obvious signs of abuse. I feel terrible for Kaiser he is treated the worst and there seems to be no way out for him Jenelle and David hate him I hate to say it but even Nathan would be a better parent than both Jenelle and David. Then Ensley is born with an abnormally large head and drugs in her system. If this was any other mom without MTV money they would have lost custody of those children long ago…

  30. I certainly hope this will change the arrangement for Kaiser and for Jace, also. Who on earth will step in for Ensley? Jenelle shouldn’t be trusted to care fore a wolverine!

  31. If what is going on is true, Doris should not drop the charges. Kaiser comes first. Regardless of text. Take her to court, force the issue. Her BS needs for stop… And it shouldn’t be the day something awful happens to one of those kids.
    The only thing Jenelle worries about is herself, the soulmate, drugs and her Social Media image. She has no self awareness, zero accountability or empathy..the list goes on. She believes Everyone that criticizes her is a “hater” when in fact Everyone cares about the well-being of her kids. It’s sad she can’t look at what’s going on and say… I need mental help. Oh, and once again it’s Barbara’s fault.. *eyeroll.

  32. Kaiser is the one I’m most worried for. David’s got a temper which has been on full display the last couple of episodes, Jace was old enough to tell Babs he was being mistreated, so hopefully Kaiser will soon be old enough to speak up, because clearly his mother (A term I use loosely in this case) is too busy taking selfies and trying to keep a man that to care about this child who to her is a daily reminder of another failed relationship.

  33. I have a hard time believing that CPS isn’t involved at this point. It’s gone past the point of being interesting like a dumpster fire to being dangerous and unacceptable and harmful.

  34. My gut feeling on this is that David is abusing Kaiser I am a grown woman and I’m uncomfortable watching the scenes with him trying to discipline or even the way he holds Kaiser it doesn’t seem right or age-appropriate and he as the boyfriend/soon to be step father she honestly is music should NOT be the primary disciplinarian when it comes to Kaiser I honestly think time after time Jenelle has put random man of the hour above the well-being of her children she honestly seems to be bothered by Kaisers existence and I don’t say that kind of stuff lightly… The way she acted in that hotel parking lot like she was so annoyed with Kaiser from wanting to get out of the car when literally things were piled up on him Janelle’s actions in that moment was that of a teenage temperature tantrum not one of a concerned mother… This whole thing is tremendously sad and I hope a judge is concerned and wise enough to say this is not a good environment for any child to grow up in

    1. So many extra words in there and I have no idea where they came from sorry guys I meant to say David should not be the primary disciplinarian of Kaiser it is not his place to do so

  35. I so tired of Jenelle getting off the hook. Red flags are everywhere that David is abusive towards Kasier and Jace. The final red flag should have been when Ensley had THC in her system as a new born. Will Cps or anyone grow a back bone and hold them accountable for their actions??

  36. Wow. So f’ed up on so many levels. Poor Kaiser. It was obvious since the day Jenelle got pregnant that this was a bad idea. But Kaiser doesn’t deserve this. I hope for his sake he gets out of this shit show that is Jenelle’s life. Thank God for Bans & Jace.


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