‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 34 Recap: A Double Eviction & A Surprise Announcement

“My arms are getting tired from pulling all the strings!”

With the finale of Big Brother 19 less than two weeks away, it’s time for another double eviction as we go from seven HGs down to just five!

Paul has had control over the entire season, but the chaos that a double elimination brings is always a challenge.

Let’s get started!

Poor Kevin doesn’t understand the plan while Alex is ecstatic that Kevin is going home. Jason also feels safe and Kevin mopes around, thinking he’s being evicted. Paul’s plan to keep his hands clean is to have Josh and Raven vote to evict Jason while he and Alex vote out Kevin. Josh is uneasy that he and Christmas are getting all of the heat while Paul is safe.

This weighs heavily on Josh’s soul. He feels badly that he’s blindsiding Jason, but he’s also upset that this is hurting his game because it makes him look like a snake.

“So long Kev and, hey, thanks again for not knocking me out when I made those cracks about your wife and kids!”

It’s time for the first eviction. Jason wants them to keep him in the house. Kevin says hi to his wife and all of his kids. He thanks everyone for the great summer.

The votes are as follows: Alex votes to evict Kevin, Raven votes to evict Jason, Paul votes to evict Kevin and Josh votes to evict Jason.

That means… it’s a tie!

Finally, Christmas votes to evict Jason, meaning with a 3-2 vote, Jason gets the boot!

Jason, Alex and Kevin look shocked while Christmas and Josh cry. Jason simply walks out without saying anything. Afterwards, Paul starts a fake fight with Josh, acting like he would’ve been evicted if he was on the block.

“Don’t none of you come to me lookin’ for free rodeo passes, ya hear?”

Jason is totally blindsided and wants to go back in for just five minutes. He has no idea what happened and is trying to process it. Josh’s goodbye message reveals that Paul was behind the plan, but Paul’s message claims that he was on Jason’s side and will help Alex.

Ooooh! Paul lied and Josh blew up his spot. Not owning his game could definitely result in a bitter jury and cost Paul the win.

With the rodeo clown out of the house, it’s time for the HoH Competition.

“Shockingly, I’m not so good at the trivia.”

Paul, Alex, Kevin, Josh and Raven compete in a trivia about events that may or may not have happened. It’s a “true or false” quiz and whoever has the most points after seven questions wins. Alex ends up getting every question correct and becomes the new HoH.

This throws a huge wrench in everyone’s plan, and now things are going to get wild. They go right into nominations with no time to talk.

Alex nominates Kevin and Raven. This means that Paul is getting exactly what he wants because Alex doesn’t go after Josh and Christmas, even though they were also involved in Jason’s eviction. She truly is the dumbest HG.

Next, it’s time for the Power of Veto Competition. It’s the ball pit where the HGs must find limes and drop them into a tube. The first person to drop four limes in wins. A lot of people fail to get the limes when they drop them. It’s a close race, and a nice twist on the traditional ball pit competition.

Somehow, Josh is successful, gets four limes and wins the Power of Veto.

This is when things get crazy because… Josh does NOT use the Power of Veto!

That’s not a surprise since, if he did, Paul or (most likely) Christmas would’ve been nominated.

It’s time for the second eviction! Kevin tells everyone to do what they have to do and have a good time. Raven is not ready for her summer to end.

“How the hell am I going and Kevin staying? The dude had basically already called himself an Uber!”

It’s time to vote. Paul and Christmas vote to evict Raven. Josh votes to evict Kevin. That means Raven is evicted 2-1!

It’s somewhat surprising that Josh voted different from the others. It’s unknown if he was trying to save Raven or if he knew how Paul was voting. Raven is in tears while Josh apologizes. Alex says it wasn’t her, but Raven doesn’t believe them. Josh is in tears, Alex is deep in thought and Kevin immediately takes his shirt off because…well, why not?

When you thought you were going home for sure but you breeze through the Double Elimination like a boss…

Raven understands because Kevin is useless and she’s a huge jury threat because of her disease. Julie Chen says she didn’t play the game, but Raven claims that she was great and everyone liked her.

At least Raven made history, becoming only the second woman ever to finish in the Top 6 without winning any competitions. (In case you’re wondering, Season 13’s Shelly Moore was the other woman who did this, and she was also evicted in sixth place).

Raven also played in a total of 19 HoH and PoV competitions without winning, second only to Dr. Will Kirby, who played in 21 on All-Stars and lost all of them.

Our faces when Julie announced there’s a ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ coming this winter…

The final twist of the night comes via a huge announcement from Julie Chen. She tells us that this winter, a celebrity edition of ‘Big Brother’ will air. Odds are it will be much shorter than a regular season, but that sounds so fun.

That’s all until Sunday! Until then, head over to Buddy TV for spoilers, or to take fun ‘Big Brother 19’ quizzes and polls!

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  1. I cannot stand Paul. All of the house guests this year are dumber than a box of hair. When Paul makes it to the end, I sincerely hope the jury denies him a win…again.

  2. Just when you thought this season could not get any more ridiculous… Alex wastes her double-eviction HOH to get Raven out of the house. Good work Alex. I mean, I would have went after Christmas who just put you and your ride-or-die up but what do I know?

  3. I wonder how loosely the word celebrity is being used by CBS, if it’s anything like DWTS, get ready for some complete unknowns!

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