‘Counting On’ Star Joseph Duggar Marries Kendra Caldwell: Check Out Their Post-Wedding Video

“I get to see her knees now! I can’t wait!”

Another Duggar wedding is in the books!

Joseph Duggar is the lasted kid from the Counting On family to tie the knot. His wedding to 19-year-old Kendra Caldwell took place at the First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas on Friday, just three months after Joseph proposed at his sister Joy Anna’s wedding.

The couple, of course, sat down with People magazine the minute the ink was dry on their marriage license to dish all the details. Joseph gave the magazine basically the same quote all of his siblings have given on the day of their wedding.

“It is an amazing feeling to be husband and wife,” Joseph told the magazine. “It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of to have a wife and to raise a family in a way that honors the Lord. We are very excited to see what God has in the future for us.”

Just like all of his siblings who have gotten hitched, Joseph waited until he was married to have his first kiss. In a video posted on TLC’s website, Kendra and Joseph proclaimed that their first kiss was “amazing.”

Of course.

“You always have expectations of the first kiss, but this blew all those expectations away,” Joseph said in the video.

Although the couple followed many of the Duggar wedding tradition, they did add a few unique touches of their own. The bride wore a jeweled top and full princess skirt for her wedding ensemble. She also chose to have her mother serve as a bridesmaid.

(Anyone else think Duggar Matriarch Michelle is wondering why none of her daughters asked her to strut up the aisle as a bridesmaid in their weddings?)

In addition to her own mother and sister, Kendra chose a gaggle of Joseph’s sisters to be her bridesmaids. Jana (who has been a bridesmaid in at least eight weddings in her 27 years of life), as well as Jill, Jinger, Jessa, Joy-Anna, Johanna and Jennifer all served as bridesmaids. They wore light pink dresses with sleeves.

Joseph chose his brothers Josiah, John David, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James and Justin as his groomsmen. (Oldest brother Josh did not make the cut, apparently.) The guys all donned navy suits.

It appears that Joseph’s dad Jim Bob was attempting to keep the cost of the wedding reception down. (Gotta hold on to that TLC pay until they see if they get another season of ‘Counting On!’) The couple treated their guests to “cupcakes and salty snacks” in the church gym for the reception.

They prepared the night before the wedding by rehearsing and eating ice cream and Mexican food with their family and friends.

As The Ashley previously reported, Joseph popped the question to his teen bride at his sister Joy Anna’s wedding back in May. Joseph told People that he had known Kendra was the one for quite some time.

“Our families are close friends through the church and this has allowed Kendra and me to get to know each other. She’s the best,” he said.

Joseph’s siblings wasted no time going to social media to congratulate their brother.

“Such a beautiful wedding last night! Kendra, welcome to the family! You’re a gem. So blessed to call you my sister,” Jessa tweeted.

In a video message, Joseph’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, encouraged the newlyweds to get started on making babies.

“Be fruitful and multiply!” Jim Bob tells the couple.

Even Josh and his wife Anna joined in on the congratulating by making a video for the newlyweds. This marks the first time that Josh has drawn attention to himself at one of his siblings’ weddings since his 2015 scandals.

Jana, along with all of her little sisters, made a very awkward video to congratulate Joe and Kendra. In the video, an enthusiastic Jana talks about how happy she and her sisters are about the wedding. (The sisters look totally miserable, though.)

Joe and Kendra have not revealed where they will be honeymooning, but they are likely to go international. (All of Joe’s siblings have gone somewhere out of the country for their honeymoons, except Josh and Jill.)

The countdown until Joe and Kendra announce that they are expecting begins…now!

Wanna to learn more about the Duggars and their marriage customs? Read The Ashley’s “Duggar Weddings By the Numbers” post here!

Check out Joseph and Kendra’s wedding message to ‘Counting On’ fans below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. I really love Jinger and Jeremy, but does anyone think she looks really skinny in that video? Also, Jess’s looks like she’s in a tshirt! X

  2. Did anyone else watch Josh & Anna’s video message? The way Anna looks “adoringly” at her creeper husband makes me think there’s is no hope for her. If finding out your husband molested his sisters and cheated on you isn’t the nail in the coffin, then nothing will be (except maaayybee his conversion to atheism).

  3. I honestly wonder how things would go down if any of these kids actually couldn’t “be fruitful and multiply”?! Statistically speaking if 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving, there may be a couple of them in that big ol’ brood who will struggle! What would JB make of that, I wonder?

    1. And imagine how bad that couple will feel, there is already a couple close to Duggars (Michael Bates, now Keilen and her husband) who have been married more than 2 years and no baby cuz they struggle. And THEN she gets to visit her friends’ wedding and see an old hog say “be fruitful and multiply” while she would love to conceive a child but she can’t. I’m sure if she heard it, it made her cry. Jim Bob is such an insensitive prick!

      1. Nah, denying gay and transgender folks of their basic human rights is harsh. Something this hateful family is campagning for. I was just making an astute observation. Cheerio!

  4. There’s nothing I love more than reading about a little girl who was given no options in life outside of marriage and motherhood. So sweet! I’m surprise they wait until they’re 19. Can’t people get married at 16 with parental consent?

    Seriously, this is really sad 🙁

  5. Aaaaaand………she’s pregnant!

    But honestly, as much as Joy will be young when she gives birth, she will already be 20 while Kendra can be a teen mom for real. She looks even younger than she is and now her fate is to be a baby factory. Like she went from being a teenager straight in courtship and marriage within 6 months. Those fundie standards are so ridiculous I can’t even. The only one with brains in this family is Jinger (who could be having problems conceiving but it’s far more likely she and her husband are just delaying having kids). Their son is actually “old enough” to marry (by their views anyway) but she’s way too young.

    Be fruitful and multiply to a 19-year old, JB, really?!

  6. I have to say that Kendra had the best Duggar wedding dress of all time (mayyybbe neck and neck with Jessa). Let it be known that you can be modest but not frumpy!

  7. “Be fruitful and multiply!” Jim Bob…STAHP. Do these people realize how hard it will be to find a spouse for their grand kids/great grand kids if their children have already all reproduced at least 8 times over? Ya’ll are gonna end up having to marry first cousins at some point, seeing as how you’re trying to sew your oats with everybody in Arkansas.

  8. Some message boards are speculating that Josh was a groomsmen because was dressed exactly like the rest of them in the post wedding congratulations video he and Anna posted.

  9. ‘It appears that Joseph’s dad Jim Bob was attempting to keep the cost of the wedding reception down. (…) The couple treated their guests to “cupcakes and salty snacks” in the church gym for the reception.’

    I love this kind of subtle shade the best!

    1. Usually the brides parents pay. I doubt they have as much money as the Duggars. But they did get her a way better dress than the Duggar daughters.

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