Tony Raines & Camilia Nakagawa Apologize For Their Hookup on This Week’s Episode of ‘The Challenge’

“Oopsie! Our tongues accidentally ended up in each other’s mouths!”

The Challenge XXX’s Tony Raines and Camila Nakagawa have jumped off the makeout bus and onto the apology train following this week’s episode of the MTV reality show, which ended with a boozy backseat kiss between the former rivals.

While hookups among cast members on any ‘Challenge’ season are pretty much expected, this one was particularly noteworthy as viewers have watched Tony talk this season about proposing to his then-girlfriend (and Baby Mama #2), Alyssa Giacone.

The Ashley previously told you how Alyssa reacted to seeing the first footage of the Camila/Tony tryst when the footage was revealed earlier this summer in a trailer.

After this week’s episode aired on Tuesday, Tony and Camila spoke out about what happened.

Tony, who usually live tweets ‘The Challenge’ episodes each week (when he’s not making/taking care of babies), took to Twitter to tell his followers he wouldn’t be doing so for this one, although he did want to comment on the infamous bus ride.

“I’m beyond upset at myself and regardless of how it comes across on air I blame no one but myself,” he said. “Maybe I’ve apologized too many times or not enough about all the mistakes I’ve made but I am very aware of my issues and everyday I’m growing and maturing. My focus now is working to keep my family together. Thank you and drama aside I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the season.”

Tony added, “Anything else about this will be addressed at the reunion.”

Tony and Camila started to get busy in the back of the busy on this week’s episode…

Camila commented on the controversy on Instagram, writing, “The best apology is changed behavior.”

“I could sit here and apologize for all of my countless mistakes I’ve made in my personal life, MTV career, tonight’s episode, next week’s episode, mistakes I’ve made a year ago, mistakes I’ll make tomorrow, the day after… this could go on and on and on and on,” she wrote. “However, even though I am truly sorry for all of those mistakes I have made in my life, and nothing justifies them, I am the only one to blame for my own actions – I believe it is my responsibility to not just apologize but to actually make a change. It is my responsibility as a human being to put forward the effort, improve and become the best version of myself I can possibly be.”

Camila said she agreed with those saying she needed to own up to her mistakes, but she also believes she has to do more than that.

“Failure is inevitable, but instead of allowing my failures to own me, completely bring me down and break me I want to learn how to actually make affective changes in my behavior, patterns, life,” she wrote. “I fully understand my actions don’t only impact me but those around me as well, & I refuse to let my weak moments own me and take away from all of the good I hope to bring to the world any longer.”

Camila ended her post saying she doesn’t claim to be perfect, but believes with courage, strength, determination, love and support from those around her, she can and will become a better person for herself and for the world around her.

Or something….

Tony and Camila’s hookup was particularly shocking for ‘Challenge’ fans, given that they were partners during last year’s “Rivals III” and were ultimately sent home early after getting into a semi-physical fight with each other. Leading up to Monday’s kiss and make up sesh, viewers saw both competitors come out on top during their respective trivia challenges, proving that the real challenge for these two is staying out of trouble.

As for Alyssa, her Instagram remains private but her bio seems to confirm she hasn’t reunited with Tony following his automobile antics.

“There is something incredibly hopeful about a fresh start,” her bio states, along with the woman and child emoji.

In addition to Isla, the 10-month-old daughter Tony shares with Alyssa, Tony also is the father of 17-month-old Harper, whom he shares with Madison Walls.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. HAHA To everyone who for MONTHS thought this was fake. Even with the photo people have said it’s photoshopped, fake, is just propaganda from MTV, or even that Camila had the power to make sure MTV doesnt air it. (???) How many conspiracy theorists are there out in the world? Sheesh.

  2. Did he ever apologize to Madison like this (I mean, HE DID make another girl pregnant while still being with her or they were broken up, I can’t follow) when he hooked up with Christine? (At that time they were surely together tho)? This guy is a complete player and slimer but women keep on falling for his “charms”, I just don’t get it!

  3. A lot of Tony’s problem stem from alcohol use. He keeps saying he’s going to change, then alcohol comes into play. Quit making excuses and quit drinking for the sake of your children.

  4. Both Tony and Camila obviously make horrible decisions when they are under the influence of alcohol. I think they need to step away from doing The Challenge at this point. They can’t control their alcohol intake when they are in that kind of environment. They just embarrass themselves every season.

    1. Well, actually him and Madison were broken up when Alyssa and Tony got together but Alyssa should’ve known better. She has been on and off with Tony since high school and knows how he is with women. I know she got pregnant by him to try and trap him into a relationship with her. Sorry Alyssa. That doesn’t work with a guy like Tony.

  5. Alyssa and tony actually got back together just FYI (so pathetic). Also really disappointed in camila, says a lot about her that she consistently hooks up with people on these shows while they are in a relationship (bananas, Wes, Vince, now tony)

    1. Camila never hooked up with Wes. I don’t know where you heard that. As far as her and Vince go, they both denied they hooked up and I believe them. They didn’t get along that whole season so it doesn’t really make sense that they would hook up.

      1. Lol it’s pretty common knowledge at this point camila and Wes hooked up. It was on rivals 2 but it wasn’t shown on tv but it’s been talked about on after shows,
        Camila herself even admitted to it when she was wasted on instagram live with cara and tori while they were in NYC a few weeks ago doing promo for the new season . Of course Vince and camila aren’t going to admit to it cause Vince had a gf and camila’s excuse was she was taking a shit while Vince was showering… yeah right. Amanda also confirmed it on this last seasons reunion and people in the audience at the reunion taping said several other cast members said it happened as well. Sarah and Susie also said the Vince camila hook up was true on their patreon paid podcast, what motivation do they have to make that up? Also Alyssa posted with tony a bunch on her Snapchat, out drinking, Tony’s living with her and the baby again. Instagram page “rwnovela” has a bunch of the screen shots from Alyssa’s snap of pics of them together after they broke up.

        1. Ok, well I had never heard of the Camila/Wes thing before. They never showed anything like that on the show and I don’t follow her on instagram. Amanda hates Camila so she brought that rumor up to make her look bad. That’s hardly a confirmation lol. The only people that know for sure whether they did or not are Vince and Camila. If it is true, then yes, Camila has a problem but the guys are more at fault because they are the ones that are cheating.

    2. While I would not make the choices Camilla has made, I still believe the person in the relationship is the person at fault.

      1. YESSSS!! Thank you!! Sad that so many on this post are blaming Camila – she’s single, it’s up to TONY not to hook up and cheat!!! Everyone always blames the other woman. Ridiculous.

  6. Wow, this guy is a real bag of shhh.. I don’t watch this or know who these people are, but the mother of his 1st child was in her last trimester when he knocked up another woman with Kid #2. That’s just awful. And, sorry, but surely Mama #2 didn’t expect him to be a decent partner or father, right?? What a bunch of trash bags.

  7. Blah blah blah. He’s never going to change. Alyssa is smart to stay away from him.

    Also, while Camilla should not be hooking up with a guy in a relationship, I don’t think this is on her. It’s Tony’s responsibility to honor his commitment to his girlfriend. And in the episode, you hear Camilla try to give him at out to stop. I forget exactly what she says, but it felt like she was implying that they shouldn’t hook up.

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