New ‘Teen Mom’ Business: Chelsea Houska’s Husband Cole DeBoer Launches His Own Line of Socks

“Are your feet COLE’d?”

Cole DeBoer is the latest Teen Mom franchise star to dip his toe into the fashion industry. Chelsea Houska‘s husband has announced that he is launching his very own line of socks…

…as you do.

Cole announced his new endeavor on his Instagram account on Monday.

“You know I love my socks, and my flag” an excited Cole tells his followers in a video. “I designed these to share with all of you. I hope you like ’em!”

Cole’s video directs barefooted ‘Teen Mom’ fans to head over to the True Feat website, where 11 different sock options are displayed. All of the sock designs seem to represent things that Cole likes, as there are plenty of America-themed, hunting-themed and outdoorsy-themed options.

While there are no ‘Teen Mom 2’ socks (thankfully), Cole did do one design that is a nod to his wife’s show. One pair offered reads “MOM A True Superhero.”

All of the sock designs retail for $12-$13. You can see Cole modeling some of his foot covers on the website.

Cole is just the latest ‘Teen Mom’ franchise star to try his hand (er…feet) at clothing design. His ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Kail Lowry has done several clothing lines, while Amber Portwood runs an online boutiqueCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have a children’s clothing line (who could forget #TierraReign), and Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are satisfying the world’s need for leather-pocketed T-shirts via their Things That Matter clothing line. Even Gary Shirley delved into the fashion design world during the early days of ‘Teen Mom’ by selling a series of novelty T-shirts with his face on them!

Farrah Abraham currently owns her own children’s clothing store, in addition to all the, um, other items she sells.

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47 Responses

  1. I mean… ?

    Weird but it’s nowhere near Farranelle selling their vagina/uterus/soul

    I like Cole so much (not personally; I’m vegan, he’s a hunter, etc., etc., )

    But the way he is w Aubree!?

    Anyone else watched since 16&P? Can’t forget how adam shamed Chelsea for not being a total nun after giving birth– meanwhile he’s snorting/fucking whatever

  2. is anyone else getting the vibe that the Teen Mom franchise is going to end soon???

    the show has become a trainwreck, the girls are now 25 year old women, no one has the actual struggles of a teen mom, and the show is dishonest (now we only see what the cast wants us to see about their lives).

    1. There is a rumor that MTV is phasing out OG and TM2 and they are going to replace them with TM:NJ.

  3. Cole seems like a sweet guy, but I can’t fucking STAND the baby talk voiced he and Chelsea constantly do. It makes me want to rip off my own ears every time I hear it

  4. I have a hard time paying $10 for 6 pairs of socks. $13 a pair. Why didn’t I get knocked up in high school and agree to film it for reality tv? I’d be a hundred-thousandaire at this point.

  5. Don’t quit your day job Cole. This actually made me lose a little respect for him. Chelsea is probably pushing him because she thinks if this sock line is successful enough, he can quit his real job and spend more time at home. She’s said several times on the show that she can’t wait until Friday so Cole will be home with her.

    1. I was surprised Chelsea & Cole went there. I do get it though – he gets a lot of questions on his clothing (not my jam, but to each their own). No reason not to capitalize on it. I think anyone would jump at the opportunity to make some extra cash for their family. I doubt they’re under any delusions that Cole is the next Tom Ford.

      I’m a freelancer & work at home. I can’t wait for my husband to come home on Friday’s. It’s the best part of the week when we know we can hang out & kick off the weekend.

      That all said, this feels very different than UBT who suddenly quit his day job to “go back to school”.

  6. I have about a dozen pairs of silly cycling socks that I’ve paid $9-15 for. so I suppose there’s a Market for it. check out the website The Sock Guy. it’s nothing but socks all at that price point. he might make enough to take a nice vacation, but cole’s not going to get rich off of this. I’m sure he knows that. I would love to make a little profit off of designing some cool sock prints.

  7. he’s actually right on point coming from a trend and marketing stand point. have you guys ever heard of “stance socks”? google it. they’re extremely popular right now amougst teen boys and go for about 8-14$ a pair. i wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for my step son asking for them last christmas. seriously all he wanted was an apple watch and stance socks. i think this is a smart move on coles part- i’m sure he’ll sell more of these than anyone could imagine.

  8. I actually hope that this takes off for him….He seems like a really decent guy with a good head on his shoulders, and this actually seems like a good idea….I won’t be paying $13.00 for a pair of socks though LOL

  9. I wish them luck… I do however think it’s pretty late in the game to start a business I feel like the teen momOG and teen mom two shows are going to come to an end soon

  10. Next he will release a range of socks for babies called “Baby Coleys”. I hope you all read that in Chelseas annoying baby voice..

    I wonder how long it will be until Jenelle and Lurch jump on the clothing line band wagon? They can sell all kinds of swamp apparel and maybe some novelty sunglasses like the gigantic identity hiding ones that Lurch likes to wear.

    1. This honestly has nothing to do The sock line… I just hate the way she says baby coleys it’s not as cute as she seems to think anyway thanks for letting me get that off my chest it’s been driving me nuts she’s done it for more than a few episodes

    2. Speaking of DeluJenelle and Lurch, what happened to her ~make-up line? Did it flop before it started? I know her book was a complete and total failure. Not sure why she thinks she has enough fans to do any of that shit.

      1. I saw her advertising it on Instagram. Some smart people slammed the absolute hell out of her for not being able to answer whether the line was cruelty free. She just dodged hundreds of comments demanding to know.

        Someone else delivered this gem..
        “Why would anyone want to buy make up off someone who’s only just learned to fill in her brows.. and doesn’t do a good job at it”.

        In my eyes, the person that wrote that comment is an absolute winner.

  11. I’d like to meet the people who buy these products…especially the people who bought (and actually used!!!) Maci’s wedding coloring book. Socks are a less egregious offense, I suppose…

    But I’ll second Top Female Celebrity’s hot remark!

  12. Those socks are so ugly I thought this was a joke. He’s drawing pictures of socks? Does he only have access to red, blue and yellow crayons? Boi bye. (But you’re still hot, so it’s ok).

    1. I wouldn’t pay $13 for socks either. But then again I also wouldn’t pay $50 for a purse, $100 for a pair of shoes, or 90% of the prices people pay for things…and people do this all the time, lol.

      I’m a rather frugal person though 😉

      There is definitely a market for folks that make and sell socks for $10-$15 per pair…there’s a market for just about anything, if done right.

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