The 10 Best Moments From ‘Big Brother 19’

This may have been the most exciting moment of the whole season, to be honest…

Big Brother 19 had plenty of ups and downs, though mostly downs from many fans’ perspective. From the minute Paul entered the game on the first night he’s been in total control. Maybe it’s because he’s just that good or the other HGs were just that bad. Maybe it’s because he’s the sole returning player or maybe it’s because he was handed eight Friendship Bracelets and three weeks of immunity to start the game.

Whatever the case, your enjoyment of ‘Big Brother 19’ probably depended on how much you enjoy Paul as a character on a TV show. (Don’t call him that or he’ll get pissed.)

Between the anemic gameplay and one-sided steamrolling, there were a few highlights. Still we managed to highlight 10 of our favorite moments of ‘Big Brother 19!’

Cody Tries to Backdoor Paul

This was definitely a terrible move and one that cost him the game, but Cody’s decision to try to backdoor Paul in Week 1, without telling anyone in his alliance, was the kind of gloriously insane thing we rarely get to see. Also, while the execution was flawed, history has proven that Cody was correct to target Paul right away.

Jessica’s HoH Win

The Week 4 HoH competition was a simple battle of endurance where HGs had to hold up a sign. After Cody came back it was 10 vs. 2, with the entire house trying to target “Jody” and dumping endless punishments on both of them (not to mention Josh‘s circus music). But somehow Jessica persevered, never flinching, never moving and pulling off an impressive win against all odds. It’s just a shame she squandered the power with a terrible pawn decision.

Jessica’s Temptation Reveal

Following the eviction of Ramses, and Paul winning his second HoH, Jessica provided one of the best live show moments ever. When Julie Chen asked her a question, she revealed in front of everyone that she had the Temptation and it would keep her and Cody safe. The shocked reactions from everyone, even Julie, were priceless. Of course Paul refused to believe her, called her bluff and subsequently gave us a wasted week that only served to make Paul’s minions hate “Jody” even more.

The Temptation Competition

Game purists hate twists. But this was a cool one. It gave the HGs the option of playing to either win immunity or end up on the block. Unfortunately, Paul’s control of the game kind of ruined it since he just dictated who would play and who would throw it, but the idea is great.

Cody’s Exit

Cody was a unique and fascinating character. He never tried to be entertaining or play up to the cameras. He was simple and direct in the diary room, gave a death stare in Paul’s HoH room, ignored the voodoo dolls in the Den of Temptation and refused to deliver a speech at the Power of Veto ceremony. The culmination of this true renegade was his second eviction when he simply stood up, walked on top of the coffee table and exited without saying a word to anyone.

The Christmas Zing

Zingbot got a little creative with his Zing for Christmas, singing a parody of “The 12 Days of Christmas” to list off the presents she’ll be getting, including broken bones, surgeries, x-rays crutches, pain pills, five titanium screws and one guilty rodeo clown.


For fans at home, chronicling Raven’s many over-the-top stories about the severity of her illnesses and her family’s unbelievable feats made her a bit of a joke. The TV show eventually caught up and watching Christmas and Paul refer to her as a pathological liar while recounting her tales about being in MENSA, her mom getting struck by lightning and having an inverted spine and Rough Kneecap Syndrome was quite cathartic.

Matt vs. Jason

There were plenty of fights this season, from the comical (Josh vs. Mark over the pickle juice bet) to the ugly (the house vs. Jody with Raven’s infamous “Woof, woof, mother f**kers!”). One of the most entertaining came after Jason refused to use the Power of Veto on Matt or Raven. Matt’s increasingly high-pitched voice, calling Jason a coward and a punk-ass bitch, was quite funny, as was his disbelief that anyone could lie in the game.

Christmas Wins the Race

Paul’s master plan at the Final 7 to convince everyone to throw the HoH competition to Christmas was impressive. Kevin, Alex, Raven, Paul and Josh all dropped out exactly as he planned and the fact that it was a race won by a woman with a broken foot was the ironic icing on the cake.

Bobby Moynihan Makes a Guest Appearance

A ‘Big Brother’ superfan, the former Saturday Night Live comedian came into the house and immediately became a fan favorite. Whether he was questioning why Raven was showing him her pacemaker as a greeting or calling them all idiots for not evicting Paul, Bobby was the voice of the fans. He was so good that, the day after his episode aired, CBS announced plans for Celebrity Big Brother.

What was your favorite moment of ‘Big Brother 19?’ Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. The episode where Paul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had to watch his dog die was pretty good.
    Just kidding. This show is awful and beat to death. Just cancel it.

  2. I’ll be so glad when this season is over & I hope none of us are subjected to looking at the likes of Matt, Raven or Alex EVER again. Seriously this cast had some of the WORST most unfortunate people in the history of BB.

  3. Cody is a grade A DOUCHE BAG and Jody was a joke that won’t last outside the house. ! That’s all I got for this season.

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