‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Announces She’s Getting More Plastic Surgery: See How Fans Reacted

“Hmm…I wonder if Dr. Miami can fix my bad baby daddies too?”

Teen Mom 2 star Brianna Jesus just gave birth to her second baby two months ago but she’s already planning an epic plastic surgery makeover for herself! Briana told Radar Online that she is high-tailing it back to the operating room of Snapchatting plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami.

That’s the same doctor who infamously carved up the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star (in addition to her sister Brittany and future co-star Kail Lowry), in an epic Brazilian Butt Lift fest in January 2016. (She also got her gentlemen greeter “fixed” and got liposuction last time.)

This time around, though, Briana is getting “the works.”

“I’m going to go [to Dr. Miami] back in January,” Briana told Radar. “I want a tummy tuck, a breast reduction and liposuction.”

Briana has also undergone not one but two breast enlargement surgeries. She had Dr. Miami pump up her breast implant size from 375cc to 650cc in January 2016, but it appears that she is over the extra-large boobs.

For those of you trying to follow along at home, that means that by next year, 23-year-old Briana will have undergone three breast surgeries, a labioplasty, liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift and a tummy tuck. She is about to give her fellow ‘Teen Mom’ co-star (and plastic surgery enthusiast) Farrah Abraham a run for her (MTV) money for most plastic ‘Teen Mom!’

In May, Briana bragged that Dr. Miami had already promised to perform more surgery on her. (He claimed that Kail Lowry already has her next surgery date with him booked too!) Briana’s surgeries are comped, thanks to a deal her manager has with the Good Doctor.

It is unknown at this point if Briana’s surgery will be filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’ or Dr. Miami’s reality show.

How did her fans react to the news that Briana is once again going under the knife? Well, according to an In Touch Weekly Instagram post about the story, not well.

“She has two kids, lives at home with mommy and she’s worried about surgery? Did she even heal yet from giving birth?” one person wrote in the comment section.

“Didn’t she already get plastic surgery!? So selfish of her. Why not get an apartment for her and the girls,” another asked.

“Focus on getting an education,” one fan wrote. “She is in the same situation she was in having a baby at 16! She has to change and MTV promoting this chick and her ignorance.

“Maybe she should consider getting an education and birth control before she gets plastic surgery,” another fan agreed.

Briana gave birth to her daughter, Stella, two months ago. Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez, and Briana have already broken up.

She’s been keeping busy in recent weeks, and recently stated that she will return to her full-time job on Sunday, with Stella going to daycare. Last weekend, Briana and her daughters joined ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Javi Marroquin and his boys at Disney World. Rumors have been flying that the two are dating, but neither has confirmed this.

(Photo: MTV)

64 Responses

  1. Good for her! Especially if it’s comped. She’s young and if it’s safe then why not? Her self esteem is shot and if this makes her feel better? She should go for it!

  2. Her And Luis breaking up…Hell were they Ever together. An irresponsible drunk in hookup with a dude you just met in a Club does not make a relationship

  3. This girl is such an idiot….shes just gonna get pregnant again by another random and ruin this round of plastic surgery too.

  4. I looked it up. allegedly she takes classes at a community college (good for her! … if it’s true) and she works part time at a polo retail store. again… allegedly.

  5. I feel sad for her that she feels the need to do this to her body. The fact that she continually goes back for more procedures shows that the problem is with her head and heart, with not loving herself enough. Surgery can’t give you self-esteem if you don’t have any to begin with.

    ANY surgery is risky. Why would you chance leaving your two daughters without a mother? Especially because she is essentially their only parent.

  6. it’s her body, so whatever.

    if I could have a procedure for free I would. I would get a breast lift in an instant.

  7. Annnnnnnd she will still look goofy as hell. Much like Kail, you have to have a nice frame to work with so it doesn’t look more stupid. Sad this is what this boring idiot spends its hard earned MTV cash on while trying to get a baby daddy to stay outta jail long enough to send child support for a month or three. Does not compute. She really needs to grow the hell up.

  8. It’s her life! Who is anyone to judge! If plastic surgery is what she wants then so be it!….i feel people are jealous and quick to judge!

    1. it’s so immature to say that if anyone doesn’t believe in the same thing as you they’re “just jealous”.

      personally, I am not jealous of a young lady who got pregnant by 2 men who left her life as soon as she had their baby, still lives with her mom, and is apparently completely illiterate.

      what is there to even be jealous of???

  9. She needs to stop with the surgeries. She was really pretty on her 16&Pregnant episode. Did anyone else notice her ass when she was walking into the hospital to deliver Stella? That thing looks absolutely ridiculous!

    1. her ass is totally deformed….youre right, she was a very pretty girl on 16 and pregnant….now she looks like life is finally catching up with her.

  10. Is it even safe to get a breast surgery this soon after birth? I mean, even if she’s not breast-feeding, I feel like you shouldn’t get a reduction based on your boobs 2 months post-baby…? In six months she’ll be b**tching they’re too small.

    1. she’s not getting a breast reduction. I dont know why she would say that. she’s getting her implants reduced.

      half my family got breast reductions. it’s an incredibly invasive surgery! (I’m geing squimish just thinking about it)

  11. Didn’t she say sth along the lines she is not finished having kids? Why don’t have the surgery THEN?! LOL, another pregnancy won’t do her new ‘bod’ any favors.

  12. Why doesn’t she just live a healthy lifestyle – stop eating the junk. Maybe her skin will clear up. She should spend time outside with the baby – fresh air and exercise. She is mangling her body to please men? Ridiculous priorities. Take care of your children, forget about men for a while. Become a real person – emotionally and physically.

  13. The only surgery this chicken head needs is getting her tubes tied or hysterectomy so she stops breeding with randos from da club..

    1. And Brittany’s butt looks like a pillow is stuffed under her skin. It isn’t proportioned well at all. Kylie Jenner has the best ass job out here. Her dr made sure her thighs matched and it isn’t ridiculous and lumpy like her sisters.

    2. I can’t recall if it was Ashley herself or a commenter, but someone recently called Kail’s surgery “butt stuffing”. So true and I laughed for almost an hour.

  14. Even if it is free so not harming taking away money from establishing a life for her and her children. How much time will she have to take off work? She probably Don’t be getting paid while recovering and what if something goes wrong or she doesn’t heal well? Can she really afford to be out of work and not be able to care for her children for an extended period of time. How will she be able to take care of her baby while she is recovering? She Don’t even be able to hold her child.

    Not to mention that she is so young and still recovering after her pregnancy. She should at least wait for a year post birth. Once you have plastic surgery she will have to have revisions or replace implants over the years. Not to mention these girls are often making their bodies look worse and may have more children in the future!

  15. “Briana gave birth to her daughter, Stella, two months ago. Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez, and Briana have already broken up.”

    Wait, were they ever actually together?!?!?!?!

  16. I wonder if it’s free, they cut corners and not do their best? She wouldn’t know and she doesn’t hang out with people who would know what botched looks like … ??‍♀️ Girl needs to focus on recovering from being highly extra and annoying.

  17. I mean, everyone’s all ‘she should do this, and she should do that’ instead but… She’s getting it for FREE, so?? Its not like she’s taking away from her children’s financial well-being and getting plastic surgery. The article clearly states that its comped. Aka free. Hey,I’d take a free boob job by a licensed, reputable surgeon.. JS. down vote me away now…

    1. Sweety, theres a reason its free!!! It looks like absolute shit! Have you seen their asses??? They are lumpy, frumpy, & dumpy! You couldnt pay me to let that “dr” work on me!!!

    2. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s safe, healthy, or smart. A 23 year old going in for plastic surgery for the second time? As if her body will be perfect afterwards? She is trying to take the easy way out, but she’s just doing more damage in the long run. It’s not just a boob job. She’s also getting liposuction and a tummy tuck. At 23. She’s not even that big. A healthy lifestyle would solve whatever problem she thinks she has with her body. Even if she gets a tummy tuck and lipo, her lazy lifestyle will just put her body right back to where it is.

      1. she doesn’t strike me as someone who thinks about the future (how the surgeries are going to affect her health and look several years down the road). she seems to be someone who wants/needs instant gratification. she only cares about what’s happening right now. she’s a moron. did you expect for her to be contributing to her 401k?

    3. How about instead of giving it to undeserving brats that have money and sit on the couch all day- give away free surgery for people who really need it for reasons they can’t help and can’t afford the surgery! I would love a breast reduction! My back hurts daily! Having a small frame and big boobs is no fun! It’s selfish to take free surgery 2x! Once ok I get it but these hits got pregnant again and it was a waste! I guess when you don’t pay yourself you don’t care! Makes me mad.

  18. That’s a lot of plastic surgery for a 23 year old. I don’t care what anyone chooses to do with their body, but I wonder if it stems from a lack of self confidence for Briana. We’ve already seen on the show her little girl has some pretty serious insecurity issues, and I’m just wondering if as a mom of girls (I only have boys) if you have to think about how stuff like getting plastic surgery might affect THEIR sense of self worth. Like will seeing all these surgeries make her daughter feel even more like she has to adhere to beauty standards at any cost? I don’t know?…

    1. I thought Brianna dealt with novas issue of wanted her hair straightened nicely. Telling her this is her hair and she shouldn’t change it. Then she goes ahead and let’s her. Why the he’ll did she do that. I cannot believe what girls are doing now to be beautiful. I see 16 year old girls looking in their 20’s. They are beautiful bit really come on lol. I would love to look a little more beautiful and look done up all the time. But then I’m not me. I am hoping for all girls when I have kids. But I am sure going to have to deal with a lot insecurity wise. Any parent who makes their kid feel good about themselves and love the skin their in, I give major props to.

      1. Yes!! I was so happy that she was telling Nova how naturally beautiful she is. And she makes this big stink about changing her hair, and then DOES IT!? Way to look like a raging hypocrite who can’t hold her ground.

    2. I think little comments are very important in a child’s life as well. My mom is amazing, but also very critical when it comes to people’s bodies (especially their weight) and will constantly makes comments on people she sees on TV or people walking by. I don’t think she noticed, but she also made comments about my body a lot. Since I was a teenager she said she wished she has a body like mine when she was younger, and after 17 years old she started to tell me I was gaining weight. Now thankfully I’m a very stubborn person and never took those comments to heart, but other comments my mom has made (again, I don’t think she realizes she projects her own insecurities and perfectionism on me) are very sensitive. It is very possible Nova grow up around women (having Brittany and Briana in the house who both have had plastic surgery) who project their own insecurities on them as well, even if they don’t mean to / don’t notice they are doing that.

  19. Bri, please get that awful BBL fixed. She lives in Florida and gets the surgery for free so I’m not gonna harp on the money but that ass is awful. Her and Kail look like they’re walking around with underwear full of cottage cheese.

          1. And so what if they are? At least they aren’t getting their rocks off bashing a 23 year old they don’t know, like you are. Smh.

      1. @Billie

        Save your righteous indignation for someone who needs it. These women are getting paid to be sideshow acts and you’re getting butt hurt when we point and laugh.

      2. Omg bashing? Seriously? This is a girl who had no problem letting a rando splooge inside her, knowing she already had a baby at home with a deadbeat father. This is a girl who lets everybody around her do the work, has a mother who is seriously ill, and is worried about plastic surgery, AGAIN? Yeah, maybe she needs to hear that her priorities are fucked up and she needs to get a grip. Instead of worrying about shitty cosmetic fixes worry about your mess of a life.

    1. That’s my beef! I think her face is so pretty and she was so cute on 16 & Pregnant. She’s so young to be permanently altering her body.

  20. Please, please tell me Javi is smarter than this?? If he didn’t learn his lesson from Kail, I don’t know what to think about him. Javi must really be lonely…or like big butts and he can not lie!!

  21. This is why mtv should’ve stopped at 16 and pregnant. The only lesson they learned was that getting pregnant at 16 was the best decision of their lives. New houses, cars, clothes, plastic surgeries, every opportunity just handed to them and for what? Why are they being spoiled and rewarded when the rest of us have to bust our asses?

    1. What was meant to be a show about the consequences of having a child at a young age, has become a show about the consequences of becoming a reality TV star at a young age.

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