MTV to Air ‘Teen Mom 2’ Special About Nathan Griffith: Watch a Sneak Peek of “Being Nathan!”

“I’m ready for my close-up!”

Bust out your protein shakes and get ready to celebrate the art of the man-bun because MTV is giving fans/critics an insight into the life of Jenelle Evans’ baby daddy No. 2, Nathan Griffith. The Teen Mom 2 “Being Nathan” special airs Wednesday.

The hour-long special will follow the father of two as he moves back in with his mom, pursues a career in bodybuilding and gets back into the dating scene.

In true ‘Teen Mom’ fashion, Nathan will also deal with a pending court case with possible jail time and figuring out how to get along with Jenelle, who is the mother of his son Kaiser.

If the special is anything like the recent posts on Nathan’s Twitter, we can expect to see a plethora of swoll sessions, gratuitous muscle flexing and an array of cutoff shirts and tanks.

“Being Nathan” isn’t the first time special that MTV has dedicated to the supporting cast mates of the ‘Teen Mom OG/2’ franchise. Viewers have been given specials in past seasons featuring Amber Portwood’s former moocher fiancé, Matt Baier, the Edwards family, jail cell regular Butch Baltierra, Barbara Evans and Debra Danielson, aka DebzOG.

Nathan’s former soulmate Jenelle has stayed quiet on the upcoming special. However, Nathan’s currently girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, spoke out on Twitter about the special, stating that she has little use for MTV, and that she refuses to be on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Can’t wait to see where @mtv puts me into Nate’s special just for extra drama, even though I wasn’t even around for the filming of it,” Ashley tweeted on Wednesday. “I’m sure @mtv added in footage recently shot just for dramatic effect. Nathan is nothing but a ‘character’ for you…and you wonder why I refuse to film. I’m not letting u make me a character like u did Nate. I don’t need my life ruined by 15 seconds of fame. No. I refuse to film or even let them use my name. But Nathan can ‘reference’ me.”

The “Being Nathan” footage was shot a while back, but there have been a lot of developments involving the ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad in recent weeks. As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson, recently took Jenelle to court seeking emergency custody of Kaiser. While she eventually dropped her bid for emergency custody, Doris and Jenelle will meet in court next month over the issue, so more footage may have been shot to include those events.

“Being Nathan” will airs Wednesday night on MTV. Watch a sneak peek clip below:

(Photo: Twitter)


  1. I’m watching this mess right now…..Nathan is a hot hot mess. I think I asked before, but does he have a head injury? I just don’t feel like anyone could be this stupid without sustaining some kind of head trauma…

  2. Wow hes a loser ,get help .stop yelling at your poor mother and pay attention to your boy. You did this special show for what? to make a ass out of yourself well hell job well done ??

    1. Exactly. He is a complete douche bag. His mom seems like this sweet little lady, and he’s just so disrespectful and quick to lash out on her….always yelling at her when she calls him out on his shit and says something on camera that he doesn’t like. All the shit she’s putting up with and doing for his grown ass (watching his kid, letting him live at her house, etc…) and he wants to yell at her.

      **Side Note** I think that Kaiser would be wayyyyy better off with Nathan’s mom. Nathan has some major issues that manifested because of his time in the military, so its not a result of how he was raised….She seems like a nice lady that can provide a stable home for poor little Kaiser Roll.

        1. YUP….explains why Nathan thought it was ok to talk to Babs the way he did. Him and Jenelle are complete pieces of shit. I will say that it seems like Nathan’s a piece of shit due to a traumatic experience that happened while he was enrolled in the army…Jenelle on the other hand was born rotten.

  3. Was it just me or did not plan or spend anytime with Kaiser?
    Sad to use the kid. I feel bad for Kaiser and he future. Not having stable parents causes too many problems.
    I wonder if Mate is using steroids, the can make the user/abuser act the same way.
    Quick to anger, violence, outburst, exercizing obsessively and the list goes on and on.
    I don’t believe he has PTSD,my husband is a disabled vet and has it

  4. Wow what an angry, egotistical POS.
    He’s so effed up , he doesn’t seem to listen. I like his mom, but feel sorry for all the shit he gives her.
    I will not be watching or following this show.
    I can’t it’s so bad

  5. I never thought Nathan should get kaiser and after watching him in this show I can see he’s the same old Nathan. And no he still shouldn’t have custody, you can tell he’s arrogant and treats his own mom like crap and like she’s stupid. Imagine when the cameras aren’t there. This is not how a mentally stable person acts.

  6. If this doesn’t get recapped, I’ll cry. This was some Grade-A trash television, and I’m so happy I watched it. Do I think Nathan is an outstanding member of society? No. Do I think he’d be the best possible parent for Kaiser? No. But is there any doubt in my mind that being with Nathan, and living with Doris, would be the best possible situation for Kaiser? Absolutely not. I like Nathans mom. I like the way she talks to, treats, and talks about “that precious boy” Kaiser. I also think having Kaiser around might help him get his life on track, so that he can be the parent that Kaiser so desperately needs. #SaveKaiser

  7. Can we please talk about how Jenelle just posted a pic of her and kaiser and said something along the lines that other people do not give him the attention he deserves ( she means NATHAN) but her and David do…Girl, most of America has seen you and David ignore that child while yall fight…hes been tossed around like a baby doll and thrown in a baby bed in a dark room to scream himself to sleep. GIVE THIS CHILD TO DORIS OR BARB NOW!!

    1. She would say that. She has got to be the most delusional person I have ever seen. Jenelle has been ignored Kaiser roll since day one and we’ve all seen it.

  8. LOL! There you go, nice and cocky.
    I want his producer to interact in the same way with all the moms, that would make me watch again.

  9. ALSO, I am totally Team Doris. We need a show with just her and Barb…with a few Butch cameos…directed by Papa Randy.

    1. Now that is a show I would watch. And maybe Debra and Dr David could make an occassional appearance. Farrah would throw a tantrum if her mother was on a show that she wasn’t part of Barbara and Butch would be a show in itself

    1. I agree. And he’s a jerk towards his mom. Acting like she was making him look bad. Hey bruh, you make yourself look bad, and even worse when you talk to your mom like that. He’s a di@k..

  10. So I watched this dumpster fire last night… I have a question, is this Ashley girlfriend in this article the same “flordia girl” he was seen cheating on in Being Nathan? Is she going to blame it on “bad editing”??

    1. nevermind…read her tweets…She DID blame bad editing. Home girl is nuts just like Nathan. Im naming her Jenelle 2.0

  11. PTSD… From what? Trying to find his way out of a wet paper bag?
    Also, he wants to be a cop. I can’t think of anything worse.
    Also!!! He probably might want to think about not skipping leg day.
    Not to mention him wanting the cameras off so that he could beat his mom.

      1. My husband fought in Iraq. His Humvee rode over a roadside bomb. His friend died. He doesn’t have PTSD. Nathan is just a baby.

        1. Just because your husband doesn’t have PTSD, doesn’t mean Nathan doesn’t. You calling him a baby is strange because he even says he doesn’t have it… his mom says he does. Is Nathan a baby in other things he does? Probably. But fighting for our country does not make him a baby. PTSD is real.

        2. People respond to trauma differently. I’m glad your husband doesn’t suffer from PTSD, because it’s a horrible thing. But lots of people do, and for a wide variety of reasons.

          Also a horrible thing? Someone standing on the sidelines trying to dictate who ‘gets’ to have PTSD or not.

  12. If only he could put half the effort he puts into gym, fake tanning, tattoos, and bodybuilding into saving his 3-year-old son from the 7-foot child abusing A-hole who locks him outdoors on a piece of muddy swamp land and punches him in the face.

    Until then, rest assured I don’t give a rat’s ass about seeing Nathan — be Nathan.

    1. Exactly. I get so frustrated when I see David mistreat Kaiser and Nathan not do anything about it. If I watched a video of my ex partners new partner mistreat my child I would be at their door immediately and take the child and be in court the next day. Shame on you Nathan. Put those muscles to good use and pick up your son instead of weights.

  13. To anyone thinking they are going to pull the plug on this franchise: NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    This is too much of a cash cow for MTV, only when interest truly wanes then it will be killed. The only reason i think Nathan is getting this sweet deal is because there might be a custody battle heating up for that bitch Jenelle.

    1. The ratings are not as good as they once were, the show is staged, and boring now! They put old Jersey Shore shows on right before Teen Mom 2 comes on to get people to watch. Jersey Shore was on in 2009 8 years ago. They brought Brianna on to boost the ratings, her voice and poor diction is enough to turn the TV off. The ship is sinking, I hope these losers have been investing their money!

      1. Yet people are still commenting like mad, reality tea recaps still get over 400 comments. And TM articles on Ashley still are probably her highest commented on articles.

        Look regardless if you like it or not, you are still here taking time out of your day to comment. Even if you are calling it out to cancel, it still elicits a response from you. My point is when its controveries fails to bring any response from fans, then it will be time. When no one cares like how it is going with the Ktrash. Now that ship is sinking FAST now.

        It is easy for MTV – these girls create their own drama, look at King Kail or Jenelle. It was major buzz (pun intended) talking about the past Ryan Edwards drama.

  14. This guy needs to get off the juice. Just saw the special on him. How dare you speak to your own mother that way. You should have had your a** whooped when you were younger maybe you wouldn’t treat women the way you do. Fair point of advice get off the steroids and get serious counseling. You need help!!!!!!!

    1. He was just awful to his mom. Her words were spot on. ‘Violence is golden’ after Nathan kept blaming her for trying to explain why he is that way. He also needs to stop drinking. And he keeps saying ‘these women’ like they are the problem.

  15. haha! Why him??? I mean WHY?? I wouldn’t watch this in a hospital bed with five other options. I’d watch antique roadshow before this douche explained his pitiful life to me. ?

    1. Oh yeah, that weird scene where his mom shaves his back for him, and his childish verbal abuse of her…it all began to make sense

  16. That piece of crap !! The way he talks to his mother on this show!!! she is not allowed to talk about anything in front of the cameras? You should just go alone and be with this perfect little self. POS !!!!!!!????

  17. I’m glad I seen this. I wanted to watch it and thought it had already came on but didn’t record. It’s coming in tonight but said the original air date was the 18th. I wonder if there was some reason they waited another week. I just really don’t like Nathan, I think he is sneaky and says what he thinks you want to hear. Hopefully his mom does a good job if she gets kaiser. Almost Anything is better then Janelle.

  18. I’m not looking forward to this special. I am, however, looking forward to seeing Jenelle fight with Nathan and his mom for custody of Kai next season. I will laugh while she moans about how unfair it is, and how she doesn’t understand why people question her ability to parent.

    And somewhere in her mind, during her most introspective moments, she’s gotta be aware that she will be fighting for Ensley in the future as well. And that will be the worst. Because Barbara cares for Jenelle, which tempers her approach to Jace’s custody battles, and Nathan is apathetic, but David will fight dirty when things go bad, and it’s going to be ugly.

    Those poor, poor kids

    1. I once got a guy custody of his wife’s son from her first marriage, the son they had together,and the baby she had as the result of a marital affair. The judge made me repeat we were doing about three times.

  19. The only thing I want to hear from Nathan is how he plans to save his baby from Jenelle and UBT. What man lets his baby get treated like that by his ex-baby-mama’s current abuser???

  20. hopefully we’ll also be seeing more of little cutie kaiser! everytime he’s in the screen I want to give him a hug and tell him “it gets better”.

  21. I was about to say Nathan’s girlfriend is smart for refusing to film, but then I remembered she’s Nathan’s girlfriend…so she can’t be that bright.

  22. I don’t give a fat shit about this juice monkey, but I know Jenelle is pissed he’s getting a special, so it’s A OK with me?

  23. Dear The Ashley, pretty please with a cherry on top will you recap Teen Mom 2. No other blogger recaps that show the way that you do. I live for your recaps!!

    1. Here, here. It would make my year if the Ashley does a recap for each backlogged episode. Big Brother recaps, incestuous Dugger recaps – meh – Ashley, save your time and talent for our favorite craptastic trashfest!

      Otherwise I nominate 600 lb Teen Mom to write the recaps. I’ll be sure to burn some serious calories if she can get off her scooter and write recaps.

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