EXCLUSIVE! Terra Jole Talks New Spinoff Show & the Future of ‘Little Women: LA’

There’s a lot more Terra coming our way!

Breathe easy, Little Women: LA fans– the ladies will aren’t going anywhere.

‘Little Women: LA’ star and executive producer Terra Jole confirmed to The Ashley today that the show will return for a seventh season. (The sixth season is currently airing on Lifetime.)

“There is still a LOT to come in Season 7,” Terra told The Ashley, adding that ‘Little Women: LA’ isn’t the only place fans will be able to watch her.

“There’s another show [I’m] filming [for] Lifetime and it’s not Terra’s Little Family!” she revealed. “It will star my immediate family, but it’s a new spin-off.”

Although Terra couldn’t reveal many details of her new show,  she did state that filming it has been tough.

“It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done– harder than having a child, harder than doing Dancing With the Stars,” she said. “It was done with my family, but it’s a very different kind of show than ‘Terra’s Little Family.’ I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Terra revealed that fans can expect to see promos for the new show on Lifetime in the next few weeks, and that the premiere date for the show will likely be in November.

Before that show airs, though, Terra will release her first memoir, Fierce at Four Foot Two, on October 3. Stay tuned for more of The Ashley’s interview with Terra. To pre-order Terra’s book on Amazon, click the link below!

(Photo courtesy of Lifetime)

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  1. This is 2017!!! I would like two know if it is comeing back in 2019 ? We have just had season 7 2018 don’t know what’s going on but can’t find out anything it’s all old stuff like this one !

  2. I am another one that considers this show to be just awful. It is all such middle school drama and awkward to watch. A couple of them need to be in jail. Let’s all stop rewarding over-produced bad behavior and stop watching this garbage.

    It is my prediction that these ladies will all stay in the news with whatever “boyfriends” have most recently catfished them outta 20k smdh.

  3. I watched this show here and there. all of the women seem so emotionally immature, which always seems to lead to me quickly changing the channel.

  4. I liked the couples retreat show specifically because terra wasn’t on it so other people got to speak. I do like terra sometimes but she just needs to talk 50% less and let other people talk/act/whatever

  5. I stopped watching Little Women two seasons ago – right around the Matt/Briana trainwreck and Terra not letting anyone speak. I understand they all have their own opinions (and frankly I sided with Terra at the beginning of the whole Christie/Terra debacle) but you can’t just scream at people until they leave you alone. That’s not the kind of TV I personally enjoy.

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