‘Counting On’ Stars Joe Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Dish On Their Honeymoon in Greece

“Hey, if TLC is gonna pay for our honeymoon and all we have to do is let them film us making sandals– I’m all in!”

Joe Duggar and his new teen bride Kendra Caldwell have jetted themselves far away from the Duggar Family Compound in Arkansas; the newlyweds have been enjoying their first month of marriage by vacationing in Greece!

The couple, who got hitched in September, used a video message to reveal the location of their honeymoon.

“We’re just having a great time together,” Joe says in the video.

During their European honeymoon, the Counting On stars have been staying busy (most likely in more ways than one…hey, those “blessings” aren’t going to make themselves!)

“Here in Greece, we’re looking forward to having dinner in the sky, walking through the market, making sandals, going parasailing and paddle boarding,” Kendra says.

“The one thing that we will probably never forget about this trip is being together in another country and just getting to experience all these new things,” she added.

One of those “new things” that Joe and Kendra are getting to do for the first time is kiss and have any sort of physical intimacy. The Duggars famously swear off any kind of physical interaction (except for hand-holding after they’re engaged) until marriage.

Joe is most likely having his honeymoon filmed for ‘Counting On,’ just as his sisters Jessa SeewaldJinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Forsyth did. (As ‘Counting On’ fans will remember, Jessa and Ben Seewald went to Italy, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo went to Australia and Joy and Austin Forsyth went to Switzerland for their TLC-paid for honeymoons.)

Jill Dillard did not have her honeymoon filmed. She and her husband, Derick Dillard, stayed relatively local, honeymooning privately in North Carolina.

Watch Joe and Kendra’s honeymoon video message below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. How does one have dinner “in the sky” ?

    Also, I’m sure these are just shadows, but in the photo of them, it looks like she has hickeys or burns on her neck. And she is (of course!) in the Duggar-approved man-worshipping pose where she smiles lovingly at her man while he speaks to the camera. There are so many of them and they all say the exact same things, do the exact same things, look the exact same way, live the exact same way… it’s quite boring, why do they have a show?

  2. OK, it’s been two days without any new material and I am officially worried. Please tell us you are safe and well, The Ashley! Life is far less bearable without your daily snark.

  3. Yknow what’s so infuriating about this?

    [this whole fam damn shamily]

    Preach preach preach about jesus & boast of selflessness– but all the while, awaiting their tropical honeymoon.


  4. he could have taken her to a trailer park in tennessee and just told her it was greece and she wouldn’t have known the difference cuz she’d just be staring up at him creepily the whole time ?

  5. Downvote me but Im happy for them and am under no illusions that any of these Duggar kids are going to run off with a normal guy/girl and move to California to wear shorts and open a surf shop. They are all bound to the same predetermined life of missionary position and modesty dictated to them by their religion and their elders. I at least hope these two find happiness in marriage, they dont believe in divorce so may this union actually be a blessing for them.

  6. LOL, the things they are experiencing for the first time together are usually the ones people experience in a relationship with someone, not after marrying. Like they don’t marry out of love (I would say fascination and THINKING it’s their true love but there’s no way they know from not even kissing or touching each other), but out of lust.

  7. You’d think that traveling internationally would expand their horizons a bit, break them out of their little fundie box a bit….but no.

    I knew they didn’t hug or kiss until they were married, but for some reason it didn’t really sink in for me until I read The Ashley’s recap of their ridiculous rollerblading date. Can you imagine marrying the first guy you’d ever touched? I shudder to think about marrying the first few boyfriends I’d slept with, let alone touched! It’s so bizarre to me, their whole deal. Your 20s are all about finding yourself, and you change so much as you figure out who you are as a person. I wonder how many of these crazy quiver couples are secretly miserable – drinking or gambling or just plain fed up with their lives.

    One last thing – I’d say it’s safe to assume that their honeymoon “blessing making” must have been so awkward and totally white bread!

    1. I shudder to think about marrying the first few boyfriends I’d slept with, let alone touched!

      This literally made me spit my juice out onto my keyboard

  8. Sorry..I don’t wanna waste a minute of my life on that family. I probably would like your story though but they don’t deserve attention.

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