“90 Day Fiance” Star Danielle Mullins Sues Ex Mohamed Jbali For Fraud

“See ya in court, Mo!”

They say you can’t put a price on love…but Danielle Mullins of 90 Day Fiance fame just did! According to the controversial reality star, the “love” she had with her ex-husband Mohamed Jbali was worth $12,500 to be exact.

Starcasm broke the news that Danielle is suing Mohamed for fraud, claiming that her ex lured her into a fraudulent relationship that cost her thousands of dollars in living and travel expenses.

“Defendant committed fraud against Plaintiff by luring Plaintiff into a romantic relationship to secure funds and immigration status,” the court papers, obtained by Radar Online, read. “As a result of Defendant’s fraudulent actions, Plaintiff has been economically harmed in the amount of approximately $10,000.”

We first met Danielle and her ex Mohamed several years ago when they were long-distance loves. After Mohamed came to the United States to be with Danielle, things quickly turned sour…in more ways than one, apparently.

Mohamed left Danielle (and allegedly cheated on her) and she chased after him.

The pair are now starring on the spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? which is documenting their break-up and divorce proceedings. On September 8, Danielle filed the civil action lawsuit against her ex, suing him for $12,500.

Danielle stated in an episode of ‘Happily Ever After?’ that she wants to recoup some of the losses she incurred while bringing Mohamed to the United States from Tunisia. Sponsoring a visa and bringing someone to the United States is not cheap. (And, as the show’s fans know, Mohamed was never one for holding down a job while he was here.)

The $12,500 sum given in the lawsuit also includes the amount of TLC money that Danielle claims Mohamed took from her. In the court documents, Danielle claims that she and Mohamed received a joint check for $5,000 for appearing on ’90 Day Fiance,’ and Mohamed kept the entire $5,000 payment for himself.

Neither Danielle nor Mohamed have mentioned the lawsuit on social media, but they have both apparently moved on in their love lives since they officially divorced in March. Danielle is dating someone new and attending college classes to become a nurse. Mohamed is posting on social media that “love is happening.” (According to Starcasm, that “love” may be documented– on camera. Apparently Mohamed recently received a lucrative offer to star in a p0rn movie.)

While this is probably just a stunt to draw out their storyline on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’, the court case is real. According to Starcasm, the case is waiting on a civil summons to be served to Mohamed in Florida.

(Photo: TLC)


  1. Danielle made herself look like a freaking idiot!!! Mohammed fan all the way! An haha he didnt get deported lmfao!

  2. I felt bad for her in the beginning, but now this is ridiculous. She just needs to take this L and move on…She should’ve known from the very beginning he was using her….he didn’t even kiss her at the wedding, and she kept on chasing and begging and harassing him…If anything he needs to take out a restraining order against her.

  3. She is likely just now filing a lawsuit because she learned she’ll be able to discover where he’s living, as he will be served with paperwork. I am torn between cringing and despising her. On one hand, she’s literally stalking the ex-husband she heaped lies upon “for closure”. On the other hand, she’s clearly mentally disabled in some way, so I feel bad making fun of her.

    I do think Mohammed used her to gain entry to the US. However, I also think he would have stayed married to her for several years and provided companionship, had she not been so crazy. She’ll gladly accuse him of lying to her, yet she also lied about her finances, her criminal history, and stealing anything that’s not nailed down from not just strangers, but employers, coworkers, and even family.

    She’s clearly insufferable. I feel horrible for her children. They don’t seem like bad kids. They apparently live their lives worrying about having a roof over their heads with working utilities and food to eat. As if that’s not enough, Danielle alienated her entire family by stealing from them. She clearly ignores her children’s physical and emotional needs for any man, which is the saddest part of all.

  4. gee Danielle its good to hear that you’re finally moving on w/out MOHAMED!!!! oh wait you’re not, same thing different psychotic break? Fraud huh? You may wanna rethink that one. Didn’t you NOT tell him about your arrest record, your passion for stealing pals identities and that you are basically unemployable because you steal from employers or you don’t do your job because you’re stalking Mohamed? Does your current boyfriend nobody permitted to meet feel okay with this? What was his name again? George, George Glass?

  5. These few thousand dollars won’t be enough, and she’ll continue to find reasons to call him, sue him, stalk him, and ugly cry to anyone who’ll listen about how he used her.

    So for me, he actually defeated his own purpose for scamming her, because he probably won’t have any peace from her — until he goes back to Tunisia anyway.

  6. Only people I felt sorry for were her children. She is so pathetic and clearly he is a taker. Move on. Nursing school? Why do I think she never made it past the 6th grade. I need to know where she will be a nurse, I NEVER want to be one of her patients. Oh I gave you morphine insted of aspirin, sorry about that I don’t know nuttin about nursin!

  7. I didn’t watch the show, but I’ve read about it here, and I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, this guy seems like he completely used her to gain citizenship, and the relationship was traumatic for her. I’m sorry she got hurt.

    But if you’re stupid enough to go through that entire process and pay all that money without being totally sure the guy is into you…then losing the 12K is your own fault. From what I’ve read, this guy could barely tolerate her from the jump, so it wasn’t some big mystery or a real cloak and dagger job.

    What do you guys think?

    1. I think he used her.

      But I also think he planned to stay with her at least for a few years. But he arrived to find that she was crazy, in debt and had a criminal record. I think she lied to him about a lot.

      She lied,he used her. It’s time for both to wash their hands and move on. To his credit, he seems to have tried but she keeps finding ways to drag him into court. First the annulment attempt and now suing him.

      He couldn’t work when they did 90 day fiance so I’m sure the check was written for her. She probably just spent it on him and now wants it back.

    2. Agreed. They should both be deported back to his country. (jk haha)
      On a serious note, they should just half the damages on the lawsuit. That way they both learn a lesson.
      I am guessing she is probably already making other great life decisions and is currently pen-palling a felon or two lol.

  8. I wish she would have had the marriage annulled so he would have been sent out of the country. It is obvious that he used her to get his citizenship here. He is nothing but a tool and doesn’t deserve to be here.

    1. She would fly to where he came from and demand that he give her answers as she does in every episode. She would then agree to be friends until he posts something on social media, she would then fly to him again to demand answers but this time for her daughters who could give two $hits. I cannot take her and her low IQ.

    2. Amen to that! I agree deport his using ass. He took advantage of a poor lady who clearly isn’t all there mentally. It’s wrong. She’s hurt and I agree she needs to move on and let it go!

  9. Mohamed sure did a good job in picking his mark. Not only did she but his scam hook, line, and sinker, but she went out of her way to make her case for annulment look like an attempt to leverage the courts to pressure him to come back.

    1. Oh please. Let’s not pretend she’s mentally swift enough to graduate nursing school. That’s an insult to nurses everywhere.

  10. Can you imagine being rushed to hospital and finding that approach your bedside in nurse’s uniform? Like a braindead Annie Wilkes!

  11. That picture ???. Mo with his fake big smile and her with that girlish and sheepish smile.
    This guy just picked out a funerable lady to lead on to get a better life and he is so proud of himself he pulled it off.
    They probably don’t want him in Tunesia either.

  12. If that jackass does p0rn after supposedly not being able to kiss his wife at the end of his wedding ceremony due to his “religion“, he deserves to be sued for fraud.

    Danielle needs to finish this and then walk away from all of this shit with her ex and move on with her life, even if TLC tosses more cash at her to continue looking like the village idiot.

  13. How on EARTH did she get into Nursing school??

    Also- all they got was $5K for that entire season of 90-day Fiance?? That network is CHEAP!

  14. She’s obsessed with him. Stalks him.

    He disappeared after the reunion show and nobody knows where he is. I think she filed this just so he has to appear in court and she can find out where he is and see him.

    He’s scummy. But she’s a totally obsessed nut job who won’t move on. They’re divorced. Instead of moving on, she’s filing a lawsuit and trying to get him deported.

    She needs to get a life. Also no way she should be a nurse, She isn’t mentally stable.

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