EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals Why She Named Her Son Lux Russell

“I had to come up with a name so MTV knew what to write on his little torn piece of paper name tag thingy!”

It’s been a few days since Kail Lowry announced that she has finally named her third son, and now the Teen Mom 2 star is opening up about her son Lux’s unique moniker. As The Ashley previously reported, it took Kail nearly eight weeks to decide on a name for the baby boy.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Kail revealed why it actually took so long to choose a name, and whether Baby Lux will be using her last name or the last name of his father, Chris Lopez.

Kail caught a lot of flak from ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans for taking so long to name the baby after his birth.

“It took me so long to name the baby because I was trying to work with Chris to agree on the name,” Kail told The Ashley. “But we just couldn’t agree. Until we ended things [between us] for good and I decided I would just pick something I loved and he agreed to the first name [we picked] prior to me deciding it would be the name for sure.”

Although it may seem unusual to some that Kail waited nearly eight weeks to name her baby, she was completely within the laws of the state of Delaware, which is where she gave birth to Lux. Parents have up to 90 days from the baby’s birth date to name their child.

Kail told The Ashley that she eventually had to make an executive decision on the baby’s name.

“I finally decided on a name because it felt like I was going nowhere with Chris trying to decide,” she said.

“Lux is different but not completely off-the-wall,” Kail said, adding that she and Chris were heavily considering the name Christian before deciding on Lux.

Lux’s middle name is Russell, which Kail chose in honor of hip hop artist Russell Vitale, who goes by Russ. (This falls in line with the names of Kail’s other two kids. Her son Isaac was named after singer Isaac Hanson, and her son Lincoln’s middle name, Marshall, is a tribute to rapper Marshall Mathers, aka “Eminem.”)

Kail confirmed to The Ashley that the baby’s full name is Lux Russell Lowry. While Chris agreed to the baby’s first name, Kail said she doesn’t know how he will feel about the baby’s middle name and the fact that the baby will have her last name instead of his.

Lux is Kail’s third child and Chris’ first.

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  1. How sad it is this child will grow up knowing his mom and dad couldn’t even agree on his name and his mom Just chose one she liked.

  2. She really named Lincoln after Marshall Mathers?? As much as I love Em, I would never name my kids after him…

    1. She named ALL her kids after artist and rappers! But it’s just a middle name and I actually like that middle name better than Russell!

  3. The grandmothers need to get together and sue mtv and see the hidden footage. I am sure all the kids will be taken away from Jenelle and Kail. Kail’s last kid isn’t cute. Lux looks like her.

    1. Leave innocent babies alone. You might not like Kail but to say cruel things about a baby is unnecessary. He didn’t ask for his mom to be Kail.

      1. “Isn’t cute” is cruel? Wow, some people are WAY more sensitive than I think is reasonable. “Isn’t cute” doesn’t even register as an insult to me, much less a “cruel” one.

  4. Kail is a garbage person but she doesn’t need to give her kid the father’s last name. That’s some patriarchy Bullshit right there. Especially considering he is not going to be around that kid. From Kail’s actions? Sure. But when you don’t know someone and get pregnant, this is what happens.

    1. I agree my mom didn’t give me my fathers because he was not around or in my life! My brothers dad was not really in his life that much but has dad demanded he change his name when he was sixteen and my brother agreed to it to please his father and my mom let him because that’s what he said he wanted. Kailyn all her kids have their fathers names but the other two are actually in their childerns lives and present!

  5. She literally just picked a name out of a hat. She had an extra seven weeks on top of nine months to come up with a meaningful name and this is what the kid got stuck with. I hate when people just randomly through some shit on a birth certificate. I took naming my kids seriously and, while everybody might not love their names, they’re at least special to me. My daughter is Mattie Jaymes (Mattie after my grandma and James/Jaymes after my grandpa) and my son is Waylon Kawliga (Waylon after my husband’s favorite singer, Waylon Jennings, and Kawliga after the Hank Williams song Kaw-Liga). I kept the “unique” names on the middle where they belong (I think we can all agree the Russell Lux would have gave the kid a much better chance in life).
    Also, both of mind were named (at least first names) before we even knew their sexes, so her excuse is silly.

    1. I’m confused how you think you’re better than Kailyn when you also named your kid after a singer and a song? I’m also confused about your “unique” vs non-unique names comparison here.

  6. Kail is a garbage person but she doesn’t need to give her kid the father’s last name. That’s some patriarchy Bullshit right there. Especially considering he is not going to be around that kid. From, Kail’s actions? Sure. But when you don’t know someone and get pregnant, this is what happens.

  7. Good point that she is a much better parent than romantic partner. She never seems to lose patience with her boys (at least on camera) unlike the men in her life. Maybe she thrives off the unconventional love from her children so much that she was driven to continue to add to her family. However, Kail Smashing the fathers of these boys will only complicate matters and potentially make the boys resentful in the future. It could also mess up her boys’ ability to form healthy relationships. That is where her selfishness and disregard for her children comes into play.

    Totally agree that deep therapy is needed – I only recall her half-heartedly going to couples counseling with Javi. Spend less on vacations, cars, tattoos, butt stuffing surgeries, etc. and focus on your mental health which is the best thing you can do for your kids. Probably her entourage of friends don’t point the obvious, serious flaws out to her. I can’t see Sterling (ugh) being straight with her…

    Another interesting positive thing I’ve noticed with Kail compared to the other characters in TM is that she’s had the same pets throughout the duration of the show. Leah and Jenelle are constantly getting new pets which means they’re probably ditching their old pets on the reg. Same with Nathan. Not sure why that is, but if one can’t keep pets, how can they keep kids?! Although Leah and Jenelle have had their share of losing custody. Kail sucks, but she has her positive attributes.

    1. That is an excellent observation. She is irreparably damaged from her upbringing, her mother and father are losers. The only time I felt bad for her is when she was pregnant and traveled to visit her father, the guy was a train wreck. It was soul crushing for her and I believe what you see today is a result of that weekend visit.

      For everyone sake she needs to stay solo, and should have a warning stick right above her you know what, with a hyper link to MTV episodes as a reminder that you could potentially become her next sperm donor.

      Problem is that when the boys get older she will NEVER let another woman compete for her sons love and that my friends will be the real tragedy that plays out.

  8. Notice she says ..when we were together I was giving him time to name the baby… Now that we’re not together ..I named him on my own. Does Isaac and Lincoln have their fathers names? If so… Why would she do a deprive this child of his father’s last name? She is so spiteful

  9. I don’t like Kail but her boys are seriously so cute! I laugh out loud every time they’re on. Don’t know how she got so lucky.

  10. “Lux” means light in Latin, the base for almost all of the English language. I like to think that little Lux will be a light for the world as he grows up. This will take a mother and father who put his character development first. He has to be taught kindness and taught that he is not the center of the universe. With Kailyn as a mother, this is going to be tough…

    1. English is a Germanic language, not a Romance language. Lux is a terrible name, regardless. At least he can use Russell on his job applications. As for character development, I doubt many of the Teen Mom children will receive much of that.

    2. It’s just a name hunny and a terrible one at that! Dosn’t mean he will grow up to be that or anything all of our names mean something! I know a girl named angel will let me tell you she is NOT an angel! lol! To me you shouldn’t just name your kid from a meaning put upon by man but from the way the name sounds! Or at last sound and meaning! Lux is so horrible and short and I would dread calling my kid Lux! Like com here Lux! Bye Lux! No Lux! I would feel I was talking to a dog! And the whole name Lux Russell sounds like some home goods brand or something! Very weird and not in a good way lol!

  11. Imagine if she spent the same amount of time on choosing a good father for her child as she did on the name debacle! Those poor little boys. I’m all Team Jo/Vee/Javi– get your babies out of there!

  12. It’s clear that Kail has a lot of issues stemming from her own childhood. Growing up with an alcoholic parent can do that to a person. And her father, was he in the picture? I don’t know. While Kail has plenty of negative traits, I see her segments and my heart just hurts for her. It’s clear that she feels very insecure in love, like she’s always afraid the person will leave her and she doesn’t want to let them get too close. Unfortunately, this has the unintended consequence of being a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    It makes sense that she feels more comfortable being a single parent, because she doesn’t feel the same kind of vulnerability as she does in a relationship. And I think one of the reasons she’s such a good parent (co-parenting aside, because that is definitely problematic) is because for the first time in her life she’s receiving unconditional love. That’s really heartbreaking, if you think about it.

    I think with reality stars in particular it’s sometimes hard to remember they’re real people. We all need a little compassion in this world, right? (Except Jenelle. I’ve tried and tried to find compassion and understanding for that girl, but it’s…just…not…there!) Kail is most certainly flawed, but the main criticism I’d lay at her door is that she hasn’t gotten into intensive therapy to try and correct some of these issues so she doesn’t pass them along to her own children. I don’t care how many people of either sex she chooses to sleep with or even what she named the kid (although it certainly doesn’t fit with his brother’s names). That would be my sticking point with her. Find the courage to go to real therapy and do the excruciatingly hard work it takes to change yourself for the better. Teach your sons how to love with an open heart, teach them that’s it’s safe to give and receive love in a relationship.

    1. Yes absolutely! Your thoughts are mine exactly. She raised two sweet kind boys and its obvious she really loves them and is a devoted mother. I can see her issues with emotional intimacy stemming from her own parental rejection and abandonment issues. She needs therapy to deal with this, its too heavy to just ignore any longer. Her trail of broken relationships only hurt the children who have to go along for the ride. By the same token it seems like she always has to be with someone new and never be single, not the best course of action for the kids to see a revolving door of new suitors.

    2. Well her having two baby daddies actually in the picture actually helps and helps her be a good parent! It would be hard if she did not get help from Javi and Jo WAY harder!

    3. A shitty childhood may be a REASON for being a shitty person, but it isn’t an EXCUSE. She’s an adult, and a mother, and as such she needs to take some god damned responsibility for her behavior. She treats people terribly, and is an emotional manipulator. She needs to own up to it, and put in the work to be better. Until she does, she is just another garbage person with a string of baby-daddies.

  13. If she’d given the baby Chris’ last name and then remarried, Lux would still be the only one with that last name.

  14. I’ve always believed that with two stand up dads like Jo and Javi, Kail’s story line was getting a little stale. So to stay relevant, out pops baby number 3, keeping fans in suspense for close to two months about the child’s name for extra drama points. Also probably hoping for a People Magazine cover about the Teen Mom 2 star and “exhausted single mom” juggling kids and a college degree, which didn’t happen.

    As far as Baby Daddy Chris Lopez is concerned, she had about as much in common with him as any one of us did, and that stuff about her wanting the relationship to be more — was always pure horsesh*t. Let’s just call Chris Lopez what he is: “A random.”

    But with all that said, little Lux is adorable and I’m wishing this sweet innocent little boy nothing but “good luck” and the good childhood he deserves.

  15. She is quite possibly the trashiest one on these shows and that’s a huge statement. Think about her timeline from Jo to Chris. She trapped all 3 of these dudes. I can’t stand her. I think I like Farrah more than her.

  16. Here’s a suggestion: Don’t sleep with a guy you can’t decide on a simple thing as naming your child! Although I still think she did it merely for attention. Christian would have been batter but she didn’t want him to have a similar name to his father’s. Good luck Lux in life, you’re gonna need it.

  17. Lmao. You have a baby with someone who you can’t even agree with a name on. Classy. So the only thing you had in common with your baby daddy was that you both like the Hulk and you both like p****y. Like who doesn’t sleep with anyone and everyone that makes eye contact with you. And like who doesn’t name all of their children after musicians. Smdh. Scum.

    1. Why not literally just use a sperm bank and be done with it and stop pretending you want a father for your kids? I think her take is”I didn’t have a father in my life why should my kids and I mean MY kids get to have one in theirs? Look how successful I am!”

    1. I watched both. Turns out I really like Vee and Nathan is a dick. I wanted to think better of Nathan but the way he speaks to his mother is never, ever acceptable. If I spoke to my parents the way Nathan speaks to his mom, my parents would slap me the hell out of me. Vee just seems cool and a good mom/stepmom.

      1. Vee did a great job and seems like a good person. I liked that episode. Yes Nathan is a dick and awful to his mother. Very obvious he is a woman hater. He blames everything on ‘these women’. He literally said the words ‘these women’ when explaining why things happen to him. I’m not surprised he beats women. If you thought you liked Nathan after thinking he was gonna save kaiser, you won’t after you watch this episode.

      2. I think Vee is very mature based on the way she handles Kail. She is firm with Kail and doesn’t let Kail manipulate her like everyone else. Remember how nasty Kail was to Vee when she started dating Jo? Vilifying Vee for smoking weed recreationally on national tv? And despite all that Vee never sank to Kail’s level.

        1. When Kail goes low, Vee goes high. Sad how Kail thought Javi should replace Jo including being called”daddy” but Kail acts as if Vee is just some stranger on street who should not be allowed to say anything to anyone including Jo about what she thinks about Isaac’s best interests. Kail hears about it and promptly slaps on her”HOW DARE SHE!” face.

  18. Seems to me all the dads except Chris kiss up to Kail. Obviously she’s running the show. Just like my comments on the Baby name got deleted. I was only saying what she had said. Javi seems to be in it for the money. Next story line is she’s going to move and the fathers will pretend to be upset. Blah blah blah

  19. So it’s true that Isaac was named after the eldest Hanson bro? Wowzers.

    I guess it’s okay.. because all the men that come into Kailyn’s life are similar to Hanson, because in an Mmmbop they’re gone..

  20. Hold up… she named her firstborn after the kid from Hanson? As in Mmmbop? Holy SHIT. ? That sounds like something Jenelle would do.

    1. Leave that one to dumbass Brianna. She needs yet another version of Star for baby #3. Nova, Stella Star, and Starbucks Starchild.?

          1. That’s a lovely name, I like that a lot.

            Visited Wales once years ago, wow what a beautiful country indeed, with beautiful scenery

  21. So she blamed her ex and then just decided on her own to give their kid her last name.

    I’m sorry but she sure doesn’t seem to value or respect the fathers of her children.

    1. Not only that but what if down the road she gets married and her name changes I feel like the baby is already going to feel different from his family why make it worse when he’s the only one with that name

    2. I agree with you but I think giving the baby her own last name is the probably the right thing to do in this situation, it doesn’t seem like Chris will be around much at all.

      1. She could have done hyphenated or compromised in some way.

        I didn’t take take my husband’s last name. So we compromised when it came time to name our daughter. She has his last name but her middle name is connected to my family.

        There are ways to involve both parents but instead she cut out the father and did whatever she wanted. It’s disrespectful and selfish

        1. That’s what I don’t understand I mean I wish she would just be more open and see how Involved he is as a father before trying to cut him out

      2. Maybe she should have thought about that before getting knocked up by a guy that wasn’t interested in being with her or being a father.

        It pisses me off personally that she and most the other girls just get pregnant by whoever and that they don’t care if baby daddy gives a shit about the welfare of the child and if the child has a father figure. Yes I know it’s their damn choice and freedom but coming from someone who has had multiple miscarriages, almost lost my one and only child, and desperately wants more children but physically am unable to…it disgusts me the way some people are so nonchalant about having children and raising them (or not raising them).

        1. Exactly. The babies need support of both mother and father. And even if she hates Chris the baby has every right to know him and will want to know him when he gets older. What sucks is she has boys who see how Kail gets knocked up and the fathers aren’t around so now they can knock up girls and just leave them, too.

      1. I think she has a hard time valuing herself until she is able to do that she can’t see it in other people

  22. I am very all over the map musically so I say this with limited judgement…but one son is named after a Hanson brother and the others are named after rappers?? #WhichOneIsNotLikeTheOther

  23. Way to go, Hulk! This kid is the third baby from the third baby daddy who may or may not be in his life, so go ahead and add insult to injury to the poor innocent kid by giving him a fucked up name. Maybe when he’s old enough he can change it on his own.

  24. Knowing the origin of Isaac and Lincoln’s names just makes laugh and cry at the same time. Hanson and Eminem ?

    1. She’ll go in a different direction with the fourth kid from the fourth baby daddy. I’m thinking something food related like Chipotle Panera.

  25. Anything you can do to cut out the babies actual father She wanted the baby not the baby daddy and I think she was very calculated in picking Chris I understand they both made the decision to bring a child into this world I just wonder if Chris realized he would be cut out so soon

    1. I don’t exactly feel bad for the guy. He can assert his rights if he wants to. Not saying that Kail isn’t god awful, but Chris has options if he wants to be a dad to his son.

      1. Agree. I’m not sure if I agree on the decision to give him her last name, if he has in fact been there and been a father to the baby. But from how it presents it seems like the baby is getting her last name because the father isn’t present in his life.

        1. But she was praising him not too long ago saying he was very present and doing a great job. It sounded like once he decided he didn’t want to be with her (they’ve gone back and forth) she decided to give Lux her last name. It’s painful to even type Lux out because it’s such a stupid name.

          1. I don’t agree Tara some guys are there in the beginning when it’s new then they go ghost!Plus I heard he will NOT sign papers acknowledging the child is his! because then he would have to pay child support!

      2. True. I think it would be great if all three baby daddies had her ass in and out of court. They need to stand up to this PIG and do everything they can to take control of their relationships with their sons. As soon as she’s on to her next victim, she’ll try to push the other fathers out of the boys’ lives. Plus, she’s already talking about how she needs to move for job opportunities, so she dropping hints about how she’s about to move God knows where and make it harder for these dads.

        1. Her acting like she could unilaterally decide to move enraged me. And I can’t even with her blatant attempts to replace Jo with Javi. It pissed me off that Javi played along and I knew it was only a matter of time before he was in Jo’s shoes. And here we are.

          If Chris wants to be in his son’s life, he needs to get to court asap. Same with Jo. I don’t think he’s made a move on 50/50 yet. Javi is the only one with the guts to challenge the Hulk

          1. Actually I don’t agree with either of you on that! How was she trying to replace Javi with Jo when she was not even with Jo anymore! So that makes no sense! Also they HAD to move for his job not like they had a choice in the matter or just decided to up and move for the he.ll of it! I remember when Kailyn offered to meet Jo have way and drive Isaac but he refused! Even though Jo at the time actually had a job and it was really far away like in New Jersey and way further then where they were moving to! He would go to work multiple times a week but refused to make the drive for his son?! So I don’t agree with you on that! But I do agree with you with three baby daddies she can not move away now at least not far! But you see in the military you HAVE to move for your job you don’t got a choice you can’t pick and choose where you are going to go but with her she could apply for jobs in her area and not too far away but now she would have to meet THREE baby daddies half way! Unless Chris is not in the picture then maybe meet Jo and Javi half way to pick up their sons! If it’s not too far and they can meet half way I don’t see a problem!

    2. Exactly!! Kail has always wanted to play the single mom card and be portrayed as the martyr. She did absolutely everything she could to try and cut Jo out of Isaac’s life and she’ll do everything she can to keep this guy away.

  26. What a pathetic excuse. Sorry, but if Chris couldn’t figure it out, I’d have named my son. This whole thing is ridiculous. We all know she waited this long to get as many articles/magazine covers as she could.

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