Retro Game Show Fans Rejoice: ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is Coming Back

The Ashley when she heard ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is coming back…

Millennials will finally get their chance to throw on a brightly colored sweater and race a shopping cart around a fake grocery store because…. Supermarket Sweep is coming BACK to television!

Deadline announced this week that the game show, which originally premiered in the 1960s but came back in the 1990s and 2000s, will be revived again by FremantleMedia. Modern-day conveniences will be incorporated for this lap around the supermarket, though.

“The time is ripe to bring back this all-time favorite game show which has traveled with such success over the years,” FremantleMedia’s Vasha Wallace said in a statement. “Now, modern technology allows us the opportunity to update the show, making it relevant for a 21st-century audience.”

‘Supermarket Sweep,’ (which was one of The Ashley all-time favorite game shows, by the way), has contestants answering grocery-related questions as well as going wild as they run through the aisles of the fake supermarket during a “sweep,” attempting to fill their carts with high-priced grocery items. (Everyone knows that the money was in the meat and cheese aisle and the drug aisle, duh. Oh, and if you didn’t get one of those blow-up bonuses, you were probably going to lose.)

FremantleMedia has yet not provided many details about the ‘Supermarket Sweep’ reboot, so it’s unknown when the show will premiere and who will be hosting this time around.

There is also no information available (yet) on how fans can audition to be a contestant on the new episodes.

In the meantime, watch this clip of the 1990s version of ‘Supermarket Sweep.’ After viewing this clip, if you’re not salivating to get your mitts on one of those carts and buzz around a store throwing turkeys into your cart like it’s the apocalypse, there may be something wrong with you.


  1. I’ll take that makeover of Supermarket Sweep. For this makeover, Team 1’s sweatshirts will be Light Blue from 1990-1993 and Team 2’s sweatshirts will be Mauve instead of Red but keep Team 3’s sweatshirts in the same shade of Yellow from 1990-1993 and also have every team keep their sweatshirts regardless of outcome. This is my idea of an Extreme Gameshow Makeover!

  2. “salivating to get your mitts on one of those carts and buzz around a store throwing turkeys into your cart like it’s the apocalypse” I loved this show! Now in my late 30s as a single mom of a 4 year old, I dread grocery shopping trips however I would LOVE to go whipping around the grocery store throwing all the expensive $#i+ in the cart!!!

  3. I’m so overly excited about this. I watch it with my nine year old on YouTube. She knows MEATS CHEESES BONUS CANDY COFFEE HEALTH and BEAUTY AISLE!!!!

    1. That’s hysterical!

      My son was obsessed with The Price Is Right as a kid and would absolutely freak out over the game with the little mechanical mountain climber.

  4. This and shop til you drop were THE best! But the best part of this was the 90s cheesiness though. It’s gonna be all modern and crappy now.

  5. Best news ever! The best part of staying home from school sick was watching this and The Price is Right with Bob Barker!

    (don’t get me started on Drew Carey, he’s so awful).

  6. Oh my…I loved this show! Just sent my mom the link to your article! Lol.

    Also! Does anyone remember that game show that was on after supermarket sweep?? I’m vaguely remembering something about picking rooms?!?

    1. Michael Larson single-handedly ruined Press Your Luck. Damn shame. They have Whammy now, but it just isn’t the same.

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