‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Reportedly Wants to Enlarge Even More of Her Body Parts

“Make this bigger!”

It’s hard to believe but Farrah Abraham is reportedly ready to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife yet again!

Fresh off of her second vaginal rejuvenation procedure, Farrah is already looking to make some more “upgrades” to her ever-evolving figure and face, according to Hollywood Life.

According to reports, the Teen Mom plastic surgery aficionado is looking into getting her fourth boob job in the near future to increase her cup size. (Her third boob job back in 2015 bumped her cup size to a jumbo 800cc, which is the largest saline implant that the FDA approves.)

Farrah reportedly has some other cosmetic procedures on her wish list.

The site’s sources state that Farrah wants to add some junk to her trunk in the form of butt implants. This is not the first time the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star has expressed her desire for a bigger booty. In January 2015 she went on The Drs. to discuss her desire to get butt implants, even though the show’s MDs advised her against having the procedure done.

(For those of you who want to remember Farrah’s butt in its natural state, you can always buy one of these.)

Hollywood Life also reports that, in addition to the continued Botox and fillers on her face, Farrah wants to get some lipo-sculpting to add some definition to her stomach area. She’s also not against the idea of going under the knife for a neck and face lift “in the distant future.”

If you’re trying to keep count at home, if Farrah goes ahead with the breast and butt surgeries mentioned above, she will have had: four breast augmentations, butt implants, a rhinoplasty, a chin implant (and removal surgery), butt tightening, and two (recent) vaginal rejuvenation procedures, in addition to getting various filler injections and lip injections…and she’s only 26 years old.

Farrah’s most memorable plastic surgery procedure was a surgery that went awry in 2015, when Farrah was attempting to have a device implanted into her lips to keep them full. However, an allergic reaction left Farrah with a serious (yet temporary) case of duck mouth.

Hollywood Life‘s source says that, despite the mishap, Farrah loves getting lip fillers.

“There’s no way Farrah would ever stop having those now,” the source said. “She absolutely loves the plumped up look she gets from them.”

As of now, it is unknown if Farrah will allow MTV to film her future surgeries for ‘Teen Mom OG.’ We’re sure the crew would be more than happy to shoot in a hospital and have the luxury of using actual restroom facilities, instead of the Port-a-Potties they’re used to using at Farrah’s place!

Farrah isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ star planning to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife soon. Teen Mom 2 stars Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry have both revealed that they will be getting more plastic surgery via Dr. Miami in the coming months.

(Photo: Hollywood Life Twitter)



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  1. omg I was just watching the show last week and her butt looks ridiculous already! It’s not a “good” big. It’s a “what’s wrong with her butt” big! She looked a zillion times better before all these surgeries. I will never understand why people do this to themselves. They apparently care a lot about how they look to go through surgery for it, but 99% of the time they look AWFUL after it. Blows my mind.

  2. I seriously already thought Farrah had had a behind-enhancing procedure. It’s ginormous since back when she was younger, yet the rest of her has stayed close to the same size? She looks ridiculous already; what’s more ridiculous than ridiculous??!

  3. Proving once again that Farrah is truly and deeply insecure. Eventually she needs to learn that inside beauty leads to outside beauty, while being ugly on the inside reflects on the outer appearance. What kind of message is she sending her poor 8 year old?

    Side question—are Farrah’s businesses floundering? It seems like she has been extra thirsty the last couple months but when she was focused on getting her businesses up and running, she wasn’t sending press releases about future plastic surgery and making porn. Is there a financial connection at play right now?

  4. HollywoodLife are the biggest celebrity fanfiction writers in the world. I don’t doubt that Farrah wants more done, but I’d never trust anything from the damn site.

  5. Wait? Did I read this wrong? Is Farrah implying that her current butt is all her? I call BS on that. No way. She has a jacked Nikki Minaj butt, you can see the implant.

    1. You beat me to it! It is blindingly obvious that she has had something done to her butt, as she was always flat as a pancake, and now has a big gross cottage cheese ass.

  6. Is there such a thing as anal rejuvenation? She’ll have fecal incontinence by the time she’s thirty if she keeps shoving things into her backdoor.

    1. You win for life. Sophia is gonna be changing adult diapers and wiping that canyon of a b-hole by the time she’s 25.

  7. I’m old, Y’all… What’s involved in a vaginal rejuvination?

    I’m not Googling that shit because pictures ????

    1. Well, good thing you have me, because I googled it for you 😉

      Apparently is a laser surgical procedure that’s part of cosmetic surgery (so just for the looks, not for actual medical problems concerning the vagina… the looks of the vagina though… I guess they mean the outside parts? Not sure on that). Apparently it’s tightening it all up so you look less old / make sure people can’t see you’ve had a baby?

      I don’t know about you, but googling it answered 1 questions, but gave me 3 new questions I don’t have the answer to…

  8. Wait, if her implants are the largest legally allowed (jesus christ farrah), how is she going to make them even bigger?! Fingers crossed we get to watch Farrah travel to Mexico for a super shady boob job!

    1. Remember Alexis from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Or Anna Nicole Smith? They stacked them, just as the previous person said. One set under the muscle, the other under the skin. Typically you’ll need donor skin to stretch it that much.

    2. Cuz that slimy doctor they all go to is shady af. He’ll give her what she wants, illegal or not. And he’ll happily take her $$$.

  9. What a shock. Most of the so called teen moms have went under the knife. They aren’t celebrities but they think they are. What are they doing with all the money? Amber claims to be a millionaire. Most of them live in modular homes.

  10. The worse thing is; they look like crap. Kail still looks like she ate all her kids and she and Bri have the worst skin ever. It’s not natural what they do to their bodies. Farrah just wants to look like her doll I guess. The ‘talented’ businesswoman has failed on all stores so back to porn it is.

    1. Seriously re: the skin comment. I’ve had bad skin and a good dermatologist worked wonders. A much better use of money than butt stuffing. Good skin is always in style – a stuffed butt only has limited appeal.

  11. I can’t even imagine her butt being larger. Does she want people to see it from the front?!? And those DSLs are going to explode.

  12. Brianna and Kail’s asses are ridiculous! Good thing they didn’t pay for those lumpy lady bumps. They don’t look good on either of you. Farrah must really not like herself. All that surgery will only make her look less like her real self. Don’t know why she hasn’t lopped that huge mole on her neck..yikes that needs lanced!

  13. I’m like…….why?! You are young and somehow you THINK you need all that procedures. Surgery ain’t gonna fix your personality, girl.

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