EXCLUSIVE! The Real Reason ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Isn’t Allowing Baby Daddy Chris Lopez to See Their Son

Baby Lux’s parents are NOT getting along…

Last week, Radar Online ran a story stating that Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry had banned Chris Lopez (the father of her third child, Lux) from seeing his son until he legally acknowledged that he is the boy’s father. While that is, indeed, true, The Ashley can exclusively reveal that there is a lot more to this story!

First, The Ashley reached out to Kail to comment on Radar’s story, and she confirmed that it is true.

“I don’t want to keep Lux from Chris. That’s not the goal,” Kail told The Ashley. “The goal is to take some time right now to figure out what works for us. I’ve obviously been trhough this before and I do want Lux to eventually have a relationship with his dad. Right now the circumstances aren’t right for that, though.”

The Ashley was curious as to why the “circumstances” weren’t right so she did some digging. She has discovered that Chris has already filed for custody of Lux; however he has yet to sign an acknowledgement of paternity for the baby. He first declined to sign the paperwork at the hospital, a source told The Ashley.

And that’s not the only reason that Kail is keeping Lux away from Chris.

“She’s trying her best to keep the real reason off the show,” a production source told The Ashley. “So far, the drama with Chris hasn’t really been covered for the show, but that’s only because it is hard to do when Chris won’t sign on to appear or have his name on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Another source revealed what may be the real reason Kail is staying away from Chris.

“Chris was violent with Kail multiple times, once while she was holding the baby,” the source, who claimed to be present for at least one of the incidents, told The Ashley. The source added that Chris (allegedly) tried to break into Kail’s house at least once to see the baby and left damage on her door frame and window. And that allegedly isn’t the only damage he caused.

“Some of the film crew noticed a hole was punched in Kail’s garage door, and she confided in someone on the crew that Chris did it,” the production source told The Ashley. “Nothing was filmed about it, though.”

Chris has remained silent on his issues with Kail. However, he did make quite the statement last week when he posted a photo of himself burning a book (a copy of Kail’s book, to be exact) on Instagram, along with the caption, “I guess this is a new chapter…”

He eventually deleted the post.

“Kail is really trying to keep this off the show because of how bad she got ripped by fans last time when she was dealing with Javi,” the source added.

The Ashley’s source tells her that Kail had discussed filing a Protection From Abuse (PFA) against Chris, but The Ashley could not locate any such PFA filing involving Kail and Chris.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans are well aware, Kail has never shied away from slapping a PFA on her exes. In the past, she has filed them on both of her other baby daddies, Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin.

Anyway, Chris been posting photos of him with his son on his Instagram account, but The Ashley’s source tells her that those are old photos.

“Until Chris signs the paperwork acknowledging paternity, he has no rights to Lux,” the source added.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. What mom would chose this type of person to father her child?. She’s disgusting. She had two boys that already had to live in a divided home…and her bright idea was to add a third violent one into their lives. This from the woman who grew up with a mom that did the same to her. It’s all about you Kail, isn’t it?

  2. This is why you don’t reproduce with strangers, Kail. The guy looks like a homeless alcoholic who hasn’t shaved in a month. Not to mention that SUPER-mature book burning pic. Looks like something I’d dream up in the 6th grade to get back at my ex-best friend. You tell Javi you don’t want more kids then you go straight out & have another kid with…whatever THIS turd is? #Winning

    Babies are individuals, not part of a revenge plot or some bipolar downward spiral. Maybe get your tubes tied if you’re prone to making irrational decisions like this. Children deserve two loving parents, preferably who are living with each other in a healthy relationship. Your sons will never know what that looks like thanks to your cheating, violent & impulsive ways.

  3. Even if Kail is the innocent victim here (100% not the case, but bear with me for a sec) this is a classic case of “boy who cried wolf”. She slapped PFA orders on Jo and Javi when it was SHE who assaulted them first, so why on earth does she think anyone believes her now? Does she not realise the whole world is going “really? This again?”. These things are meant to protect vulnerable people who are terrified, not something you use when you don’t get your own way.

    She literally makes me sick. It’s because of people like her that women who actually live in fear of abusive partners can not be taken seriously a lot of the time. I hope to god all 3 dads get AT LEAST 50/50 custody. She deserves to be shown for what she really is. An abusive, manipulative narcissist.

  4. I see people commenting about Kail being physically Abusive towards jo and Javi. Details please. I don’t remember when this happened but I’d like to know. I’m totally a teen mom junkie. I’m Leah 3 seasons ago…

    1. Kail slapped Javi across the face and pushed him. It was before they married. It was in bedroom while friends were downstairs. He promptly forgave her. No PFA I do not remember details about Joe just that she got physical with him. Possibly Teen Mom 2 season 1. Don’t worry about being Leah. She finally got her stuff together and so will you. The first step to fixing yourself is acknowledging that you you are a hot mess. You are in good company. 9 out of 10 of us are.

      1. Haha I’m not an actual junkie. I’m a teen mom junkie. Also thanks for the reply about the past abuse. I was hoping someone would tell me what happened.

  5. Kailyn reminds me so much of my husbands ex wife. She too uses their son for attention and most importantly for control. My husband, like Joe and Javi, would and does do anything needed for his son. He’s a great father but she fights him on everything. In fact, yesterday she said she didn’t want his son to be with his grandma this weekend while we have to go out of state for family emergency. Even tho, she has had his mom babysit on multiple occasions by her request! I would not be surprised if Kail makes up expenses for Joe and Javi to try to pay as well. The crazy ex submitted a bill saying it was for their sons doctor care however we later found out it was for HER Pap smear. I am waiting for karma to hit her and Kail. It makes me sick how these “girls” act and pop out babies for their benefit. Not only that, she did lie to Javi about not being able to have babies. Shame on her!! I have one child who I almost lost at 18 weeks. I have an incompetent crevix and have had a lot of miscarriages. I can’t stand “girls” who lie about things like that. She should be grateful for her 3 beautiful boys.

  6. please same excuse different man they all beat, stalk she needs a protection order. So over her and her crap. Wouldn’t doubt if she did the hole herself. Not to mention an idiot going out of the country that late and demanding if she gives birth her son will be a dual citizen. Maybe she should stop having kids with every guy she sleeps with and keep track of all her lies. I would love to see him take her to court put her thru what she has put others thru

    1. Yeah that was so ridiculous. Dramatic music and “What if I have pre-eclampsia!?”
      ….maybe don’t take a tropical vacation 35 weeks into pregnancy?! Ugh.

  7. Did anyone read the article about David telling a TM2 fan that he was “going to **** her mother up the ***.”


    Of all the things he could have said, it’s the worst. Not an “f u, you don’t know what you are about.”

    Comments like are so telling of his true character and it is really scary and controlling, shows his lack of respect toward women, and dominance. Like as a father to two daughters, WTF.

  8. The Duggards don’t date, they marry a guy THEIR FATHER choses for them. They get married so they can have sex and have a little freedom, not because they are in love! And they have babies because that’s ALL they think they are meant for, to be baby machines. Not anywhere near ” Old School” traditions, sorry!

  9. So… He’s filed for custody but hasn’t acknowledged the baby is actually his? That doesn’t make sense Kail. Also there are pictures of him with the baby that looks like she’s lying and he does see the baby but “those are old pictures”? Kail if you’re gonna lie at least pick one and stick with it! I don’t get how she doesn’t see that lying through her teeth doesn’t make her the good guy? She twists every story she tells to make it poor kail. Oh and you’re not a great mom when you put your sons in danger of harm because your dick of the day starts trying to break into their home. Good job Kail. Yes Javi was just so terrible being gone all the time at his job, and raising Issac like his own, and helping you buy cars and houses. Yes you better go “plan a baby” (he wasn’t planned, that’s obvious) with one of your “best guy friends”. Insane. Now I will say IF Chris is doing these things, there should be a protection order in place. Chris shouldn’t put his hands on her or her things. But kail better stop taking them out for no reason until she can’t get one when she really needs it.

  10. My best guess is he’s filing for custody yet not signing paternity because he wants the court to order a paternity test. If he signs that paper he’s legally responsible for 18 years maybe he has doubts and wants to be 100% sure. I doubt kail would cooperate with a DNA test unless it was court ordered. I hope all involved start behaving like responsible adults for the children’s sake. Such a sad situation for the kids to be in.

    1. I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think it works that way. You don’t just file for custody because you might be the father, as a way of obtaining a DNA test. They have a separate form for that in Delaware, the Petition for Determination of Parentage.

      1. I am a lawyer and while it varies by state, it should be possible to file both to determine paternity and include a request for the standard custody agreement or reasonable visitation if you are the father.

        1. AND, the presumptive paternity law in Delaware says since she was married within 300 days of the baby’s birth, Javi is LEGALLY the father.

          Chris has to acknowledge paternity to release Javi from his obligation.

      2. I’m not in Delaware but in my state, it works just as Judith stated: you can file to determine parentage and ask for a custody agreement in the same paperwork. Obviously, if the child turns out not to be yours, then you will be dismissed as a party to custody. Also, here, a man can sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity at the hospital and have his name on the child’s birth certificate, but it gives the man zero legal rights to the child. The father would still have to petition the court for custody and to be legally recognized as the child’s father.

  11. Oh Kail, you insane narwhal. You have dug quite the hole for yourself and Crapgoblin Jr. It will be fun to watch this unfold and watch your jowls quiver with worry 😀

  12. I guess I don’t understand why he wants to see the baby so badly and why he’s filing for custody if he refuses to actually claim paternity for the child. This whole situation seems so screwed up. I find it hard to believe Kail or stories about abuse when she’s cried wolf so many times with PFAs as a punishment on her baby daddies when she’s the one who has actually been violent. Maybe he is trying to break into her house, I don’t know. It does seem like Javi was forced to do something similar as well. I just think Kail brings a lot of this unwanted baby daddy behavior on herself by getting into these weird huffs where she refuses to talk to them, take their calls, respond to their texts, and keeps their kids from them as punishment for them doing anything she doesn’t like or refusing to bow down to her every whim and command. She has 0 relationship skills and it seems like any guy who gets involved with her ends up being driven crazy by her selfish, childish antics. If you’re 0-3 in successful baby daddy relationships, maybe it’s you and not the men.

    1. Reasonable answer is that Kail at various told him he is not the father just to show her lumpy ass, so he has asked the court to order a paternity test, then said if it is his baby, he wants 50/50 custody.

  13. I’m not victim blaming here, but this is somewhat typical when you jump into something serious, with someone you barely know. Chris has no right to put his hands on her or her property, but honestly, what did she think was going to happen? Why wasn’t she thinking about Issac or Lincoln and their safety or feelings before procreating with a random man? Would Chris ever become violent with them too? She definitely doesn’t know. She successfully put her sons in harms way, and is going to drag them through all of this drama, all because she wanted a few rides on Chris’s dick. Way to go “Boss Mom”.

    1. I’m comfortable blaming. Kail is wholly responsible for her birth control. Especially post 16 & pregnant. The victims here are Jo, Vee, Isaac, Javi, Lincoln, & “Lux”. And maybe Chris.

  14. She will have filed a PFA against ALL her baby daddies…. that is not normal and raises quite a few red flags.

    It is also hard to feel sympathy for King Kail after having seen her physically abuse her husband and boyfriends in the past.

    This whole pregnancy has been one big lie, from her changing reasons to wjy conceived, to the obvious cheating when you look at the date she became pregnant, and saying she has been friends with Chris a long time. I don’t buy it.

    This feels like she is trying to use the children again as pawns, I really can’t cut her any slack. The way she tried to keep Isaac away from Jo, and the ugliness with Javi – trying to keep Isaac away from him even though he is a good father. And how obvious it is that Isaac was confused and missed Javi. Even Lincoln pointed out that she was always mad at dad and she couldn’t accept what was obvious to a toddler.

  15. Does kailyn have some sort of nasal issue bc I swear she always has that open mouthed stupid look on her face. Idk maybe she can’t breathe thru her nose but that look gets on my nerves. Also it gets on my nerves that mtv doesn’t film or air some important things in the moms’ lives. Like this Chris thing w kailyn or Leah getting out of rehab and was already living w someone and how Leah dated this t.r. Dues guy but mtv films her saying she’s not seen anyone since her divorce. Or Janelle having cps on her door step. WTH that makes me mad.

    1. Exactly. These are the real and true consequences of unintended pregnancy and having multiple babies with multiple men all before you’re 25 years old. These are the things that MTV says they’re trying to prevent with this “honest” look at the difficulties of being a teen mom, an unwed mother, etc, etc, etc….. yet they’re not actually showing any of the extremely important consequences and problems that these girls are going through. They show all the perks, all the happy times… they glorify these girls and let the girls choose what they’re going to show. Young girls and other viewers are not seeing the true lives these girls lead with their real problems and the horrible consequences of their life choices. Sometimes they’re not even showing the life choices, like in Leah’s case with the drugs and the guy living with her.

      1. And those pics of that guy Leah dated, tr dues, of him holding her girls. That was shocking. You can’t just let any guy around your girls, that’s how terrible things happen to little girls. And how many other guys has she let in like that. And Dr Drew is a wimp. Why does he refuse to call out these moms, he just tip toes around some major stuff that needs to be talked about.

  16. While I do not condone violence in any way, shape, or form, I’m just wondering when one of the people Kail has physically SMASHED will decide to take out a PFA…on her. As already mentioned, both Jo and Javi clearly come to mind on this, in past episodes caught by MTV cameras.

    Longtime viewers will remember when she popped Javi upside his head so hard when they were still dating that I even felt it in my living room. She also verbally admitted to slapping Jo outside the courthouse one day when they were battling over Isaac a few years back.

    Water will always somehow seek its own level. And even though it’s outrageously NOT COOL for the young children in that household to witness holes being punched in walls and other forms of stupid foolishness, I can certainly see Kail’s attraction to a baby daddy just as potentially violent as she HERSELF can be.

    And if this is now the case with Chris Lopez, I think both Jo and Javi need to step in immediately and let their voices be heard for the sake of their own two boys.

    1. Yeah she can put a PFA on Javi for asking about her being pregnant but does nothing about this idiot being around. And she already had a diff boyfriend one month after this baby was born. Like buy a vibrator if she’s so hard up for sex. And invest in something called condoms for once in her life.

  17. Egads, Kail. PFA’s aren’t fucking supposed to be used as the proverbial “talk to the hand!” because you can’t solve shit like an adult. They’re supposed to be used for people in real crisis, not drama filled baby-daddy angst with your FoTM.

    Grow up and and use birth control or close your damn legs. Bet a good 80% of your drama ceases once you get that practice under control.

    Like that guy from Men’s Wearhouse says, I guarantee it.

    1. Immatture little boys? You are now offending little boys! You call violence like chris is doing like this??? It is a criminal behaviour, not little boy behaviour! Who acted immature is kail who picked a criminal for a daddy

  18. she is so gross with her silly tattoos all over her ugly body! Sorry but I used to really root for her, since she had such a horrendous childhood. But damn get some therapy and get some help, keep attracting garbage, always have to have a warm body next to you, it’s sad and tragic for those innocent children.

  19. I have NO sympathy for this idiot at all. 3 kids, 3 dads, what could possibly go wrong? Kail’s life is just as much of a train wreck as Jenelle’s…she needs to let that sink in and stop making horrible life choices.

    Also I have a hard time judging the guy only hearing Kail’s side of the story. I mean we already know she picked that dumbass name without his input and won’t let him see the kid…those actions alone would make any normal person rage out and then you add Kail’s anti-charming personality to the mix…again, what could go wrong?

  20. Same story, different dude. The kids are the ones to suffer with this kind of (in many cases unnecessary, drama). All her baby daddies need to go through the court, I don’t see how else they can reach a reasonable agreement with Kail.

  21. BTW,every time someone says what a great mother she is, I think one, the two older boys have go or, involved fathers, and two, great mothers so not deliberately got pregnant while the father and stepfather is deployed, then just as he is coming home,tell the kids he is out of the picture and oh I forgot to mention that you will have a new baby brother insr.

    1. Yeeesss. Someone tried to tell me that none of that mattered because her kids are “well fed, well dressed, and well behaved” it takes SO much more than money to raise a kid so honestly, I don’t give two fucks about how their dressed. I care about the fact that she’s parading a bunch of men in and out of their lives. Like it went from Kail, Javi, Lincoln, and Isaac to Kail, Lincoln, and Isaac with Javi on deployment then all of a sudden it went to Javi not coming home to the house he shared with his family. Then oh look! You’re gonna be a big brother again! All of this happened within such a short time frame, it makes me wonder how well Lincoln and Isaac coped with it. She’s so gross.

  22. Wow. WOowwoww-owowowwow. Raise your hand if you’re surprised! *rolls eyes* I actually feel bad for her. She has some serious deep-seated issues that are causing her to be in/attract such toxic situations. Hopefully she learns to love herself for the boys sake.

  23. Why not just have artificial insemination and be done with it? Oh right, no way to constantly have baby daddy drama for your story line. I suppose it’s wrong to think cool, this time she really did pick an abusive loser after trying to pretend she was the victim while she was slapping and shoving both Jo and Javi around.

  24. Wait, he’s filing for custody… but he’s not acknowledging paternity? So he’s filing for custody as what, some random dude?

  25. If half of this is true, Chris sounds kind of scary. Burning her book certainly doesn’t help his case. That being said, Kail has problems with the truth so I will reserve judgment.

    And, if Chris has questioned paternity since day one, why hasn’t Lux (what a stupid name) been tested yet? Especially since Chris has also filed for custody.

    1. My guess is that Chris is questioning whether Lux is his. By requesting custody he is either trying to get a dna test or to get Kail to admit that the baby is not his.

  26. Honestly the feeling I came away with after reading this was just that I hope javi and Joe get full Custody It just seems like chaos over there she acts like her actions have no effect on her kids just because they weren’t exposed to the third baby daddy doesn’t mean her kids aren’t confused as to how lux got here Her kids are getting older and will understand more and her actions keep getting more and more sketchy and not logical

    1. And they’re exposed to her constant stress, rage, stank attitude, and they hear all of those baby daddy bashing phone calls she has while driving them around. The actual man may not be in their life, but the consequences of her being with that man are affecting them on multiple levels. I don’t think she’s a good mother.

  27. She thrives on drama- she loves drama more than she loves any one of her kids.. She is used to winning but her time is up.. I think the fathers of these children are going to give her a huge piece of humble pie one day soon… And that pie will go straight to her fat fake ass

  28. I don’t believe a word Kail says. She’s never been able to effectively co-parent with anyone. I think it’s hypocritical that she doesn’t want this on the show, but is selling stories left and right. It’s all about the cash.

    1. Not sticking up for her, because she’s dug her own hole…but I’m thinking that she doesn’t want this to air on TV, so that she can continue to have control in regards to custody of the boys….she doesn’t want to give Jo or Javi any more ammo to gain more custody from her…that being said, karma is coming at her HARD…she filed unnecessary PFA’s against Jo and Javi, and karma is like oh so you wanna file a PFA? I’ll give you something real to file a PFA about….It’s only been a few months and she’s had more drama with this Chris dude than she ever had with Javi or Jo. You get back what you put out!

  29. This will likely leave some scars for Lincoln and especially Isaac who is probably old enough now to understand what is going on in his mom’s life. The ‘Being Vee’ special was boring in the same way Chelsea’s segments are boring – she and Jo have a stable life and everyone seems to get along. I never quite got what Vee saw in Jo aside from his slick rappin’ rhymes. I finally understood when she opened up about her dad ditching her for his “new” family and how much that hurt. In Jo she sees a guy who fights to see his kid and even uprooted their lives to be close to him.

    Jo should get more than 50/50 custody if Kail keeps parading men in front of the kids – it’s very bad for their development. Jo and Javi should be mad as hell if Chris is breaking doors at Kail’s house (even though they both know she probably aggravated him and maybe beat him). That would help their cases.

  30. I’m so confused by her whole situation..wasn’t it that she thought she couldn’t get pregnant and it was an oops/miracle baby..but then she was claiming she planned it because she was told her baby making days were dwindling away and her and unknown baby daddy at the time wanted a baby together..but then they didn’t even make it through the pregnancy and now he’s unsure if he’s the father I’m guessing if he’s refusing to sign that he is..although he’s trying to see the baby..so..idk they’re so confusing ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  31. Well this is some mighty hefty karma Kail’s getting for how she treated Javi….Javi was in no way perfect and crazy in his own way…but to get pregnant with someone else’s kid while Javi, your husband, was begging for another baby?…and the guy she got pregnant by is this THUG…best of luck to her, because she’s gonna need it for the next 18 years.

    Also, she probably wants to keep this hush hush because Jo and Javi might come after her for more custody of Isaac and Lincoln…Seeing the type of fathers they are, I’m sure the last thing they want their sons dealing with is a psycho clown breaking into Kails house, busting doors, and punching walls.

    1. Why is Chris considered a thug when David and Nathan do these same things and aren’t called thugs? Just curious..

      1. This article isn’t about David or Nathan….but since you wanna go there….them along with every other Jenelle “soulmates” are thugs as well and a total block heads….The men mentioned…Chris, all of Jenelles men…there are too many to name…are violent and bottom of the barrel, THUGS.

      2. David and Nathan are frequently referred to as thugs, a$$holes, abusers, pieces of trash, and monsters. I’m curious as to where you are going with this…

        1. Actually they are never called thugs. I noticed that and even went back to look. They are called abusers and losers but never thugs. Much like how Briana and her crew are often described as section 8 and ghetto and their accents are made fun of — in a way that none of the other girls are.

          1. I visit several teen mom snark sites, and I assure you that David and Nathan have been labeled thugs for quite some time. Because they are.

            Leah has also been called white trash, and her lack of proper sentence structure has been made fun of to death. Jeremy has been called a redneck hillbilly. Corey has to have freaking subtitles half of the time.

          2. @umm no….how many times have people referred to Leah,Catelynn or Amber as trailer park trash? The only ones insinuating my comment about him being a thug is biased are you and Leave…Me…Alone. Just calling spades, spades on here…Chris is a thug that has displayed thuggish behavior…Just like Jenelle is a psychotic drug addict that displays psychotic drug addict behavior…just calling them what they are.

  32. This ladies and gentleman is why “old school” traditions aren’t always a bad thing. Date somebody, get married, and then have kids. Don’t have 3 kids with 3 different people and expect things to be all fine and dandy.

    1. But then this same site utterly slams the Duggar girls for doing exactly that. The irony is profound. No, oh, no. The Duggar girls must be GRILLED for the sins of their brother.

      Wow, what nice people you all are.

      1. I think maybe the moral of the story may be “don’t put your life on the internet for people to judge”. People judge everything different than what they are doing as wrong, doesn’t matter what you do you will be wrong. Get off the internet, get off the tv, live your life in the real, tangible world, love your family, your people, be kind to one another, and maybe our world will actually be a happier place…

      2. I have never seen anyone on this site or any other site bash the Duggar girls JUST for getting married before having babies as you claim. They get slammed for their hypocritical views and oppressive ideologies. And if they are going to put their narrow and oppressive gender and lifestyle rules out in public (but then act in hypocritical ways) people are well within their rights to call them on it. They are essentially the opposite extreme from Teen Mom. There is no irony whatsoever.

  33. Kailyn likes to have all her baby daddies begging to see their children. It’s how she controls them. She uses the kids. I hope all three of the dads get 50/50 custody of those kids and they don’t have to go through Kail for a single thing.

  34. A friend of his was also on another site claiming that she’s been abusive with him as well and supposedly pulled out chunks of his hair. We know she’s put her hands on both Jo and Javi in the past so I tend to believe the same thing has happened here. Kail is not the innocent victim she always likes to claim she is.

    1. You are so right. I believe she has a very violent temper that she keeps away from the camera’s

      She has 3 children now by 3 different boys, or men, whatever and it’s time to stop shooting babies out of her cannon.

  35. Same story different daddy, feel sorry for her. I agree with Jo,Kailyn doesn’t deserve the sun.(old teen mom episode)

  36. Blah blah blah. Same story different daddy, feel sorry for her. I agree with Jo,Kailyn doesn’t deserve the sun.(old teen mom episode)

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