EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Begged Producers For Private Place to Stay in LA Away From ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars

“And make sure it has a bathtub big enough to accommodate David! He likes to stretch out when he wershes!”

The Teen Mom stars’ lists of demands keep on coming!

As The Ashley told you yesterday, the franchise’s producers denied some of the dads’ requests to fly to the reunion/specials taping via first class. However, they did approve one cast member’s diva demand!

The Ashley can exclusively report that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is staying far from her estranged co-stars, after demanding that the show’s producers give her a private place to stay while she’s in LA!

“Generally, all of the girls stay at one hotel, and the guys stay at another,” a source tells The Ashley. “That’s how it has been for years, just to prevent an issues between exes or whatever. But Jenelle refused to stay at either hotel, claiming she is treated badly by all of her cast mates.”

The source said that it was heard through the crew grapevine that Jenelle even used the excuse that she felt “unsafe” staying in a hotel right now, due to recent events happening in the world.

“The producers ended up having to agree to put her up in an Airbnb not far from the studio,” the source told The Ashley. “This is the first time they’ve ever done something like this.”

From what The Ashley hears, it’s just Jenelle and her husband David Eason out there, as Jenelle’s sons Jace and Kaiser are staying at the cast hotels with Barbara and Nathan‘s mom Doris, respectively. The couple’s daughter Ensley didn’t come on the trip.

As far as The Ashley’s source knows, no other cast member (including the main girls, their exes and family members, etc.) are staying outside of the cast hotels.

“The other girls were not happy to hear that Jenelle, once again, got special treatment,” the source added.

UPDATE! Jenelle later confirmed The Ashley story. She bragged on Instagram on Friday about her special accomodations.

“Uhmm…yeah like I said I stayed in a huge ass house,” Jenelle wrote to a person who commented on one of her photos. “Damn right I didn’t want to stay in a hotel.”

Jenelle later followed it up with, “No I def [said] I wanted to stay in an Airbnb because of the Vegas [shooting] incident that happened. I’m not comfortable being well-known in the public eye and someone knowing where I’m staying while I’m on business trips.”

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Proving yet again that she could care less about her kids! Come on, she didn’t want to stay in a hotel because of recent events but it was okay for her kids to? What a HORRIBLE mother. Who would do that? This is just sick. If she honestly were afraid why on earth wouldn’t she protect her children? What a selfish sick AWFUL parent.

  2. This reeks of David. I am positive that Jenelle is not ballsy enough to demand this on her own and not smart enough to come up with proper excuse about the recent shooting in Vegas. I don’t believe she follows current events. I don’t believe she’s devious enough to use something like the Vegas shooting as a plausible-sounding excuse for not feeling safe and needing a private residence. I think this is David’s idea and it’s part of his plan to isolate her constantly.

    And in case this sounds like I’m sticking up for Jenelle, I’m not. I hate her with the passion of a thousand suns. But I think this was David’s idea. Most of her diva demand have mysteriously started occurring only once she got together with David. He is milking her fame and her clout with MTV. Clout she shouldn’t have in the first place bc she’s the epitome of evil.

    1. Exactly! We see right though her. Her kids are as well known as she is and yet it’s okay for them to stay in the hotel that is not safe enough for her to stay in?! She is obnoxious and eveytime I hear about MTV giving in to one of her insane and ridiculously diva demands, it makes my blood boil. My blood pressure literally goes up and my face gets red with anger hearing that she, the worst person in the franchise, the worst “mother” of all time, the snottiest, skankiest, biggest jerk on MTV, is getting her every wish and demand fulfilled by them. She is NOT that special. Her horrendously bad behavior should not be rewarded. If she wants to stay elsewhere, she can pay for it herself. If she’s going to be allowed to stay in a big private house, then MTV needs to spring for that for every other girl on the show. They have created a monster in Jenelle and like a toddler, she is continually testing her limits, pushing for a little more and a little more each time, and she is getting away with it! She is a criminally negligent mother who has had CPS investigating her recently, and MTV is enabling her by hiding the things she doesn’t want shown, and treating her as if she were some kind of talented mega star. I hate her and I hate MTV for enabling her. I don’t watch the show anymore. I can’t watch her and my conscience doesn’t allow me to give TM any ratings or advertising dollars anymore. I read the recaps and even then, I am often disgusted by her offensive behavior and even more disgusted that MTV bends over backwards to make her feel special and important and to validate every awful decision she’s ever made.

  3. Boo hisss Booooooooo. F#$% you MTV. How is this bitch ever going to grow out of the “Terrible Twos” if you keep giving in to her tantrums.
    “I’m not comfortable being well-known in the public eye and someone knowing where I’m staying while I’m on business trips.”
    Which you then instantly report on social media smdh.
    Keep choking down pills, Chin. Hope they take your kids by the end of the year and you end up on the business end of Farrah’s anus trying to figure out how you ended up there.

  4. Ok, who is the person who continually gives a thumbs down on this site? I’m not referring to everyone who thumbs down a post, just that person (or two) who seems to always go against the posts with 20-30 likes. If you are that far from agreeing with the majority of posts on this site, this may not be the proper site for you. It seems that you are a big fan of the reality tv train wrecks, but not in a love-to-hate way like many of us.

    And again to that person, I have mentioned previously that I would appreciate hearing your viewpoints in a post—not just with a down vote. I love hearing multiple opinions and viewpoints. Share your logic and viewpoint, please.

  5. But you will let your kids stay in a hotel? Wait!!
    Are you afraid people think you are so horrible to your children that they would be better off without you in the world that they would assianate you?

    Dude seriously!!!

    NO COMMENT!!!!
    And if your are pregnant again it’s because it’s job security for David when he gets custody of your and his children #pensionplan

  6. Wait, new question: what does she have on MTV that she was able to get them not to air her abusing her kids, getting investigated for it, birthing a drugged up child, AND getting a private place for the reunion?

  7. It had nothing to do with vegas and everything to do with the recent abuse accusations that have come out. Jenelle needs to check into a mental health facility, no Derision or sarcasm involved in that statement. She is unwell and needs help.

    1. It actually pisses me off that she’s using a tragedy like that to get her way of receiving special treatment just because she’s too cowardly to face her co-stars. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, Jenelle.

  8. Demands??? Special accommodations??? These girls are acting like they’re actually somebody famous!!!!! All they’ve done is have babies, and now they’re entitled to the world!!! Look what you’ve created MTV!!!!!

  9. She feels like this and still allows her two sons to stay at one of the “dangerous hotels”!! She really is unbelievable,bragging about the “big ass house” that her tantrums demand. Last I heard she was quitting the show! They should just show her the door, enough with placating her.

  10. Why are they once again catering to this trash? The only place she should feel unsafe is anywhere near David–especially alone. He continues to isolate her and she, as well as MTV, does nothing but enable him. How convenient that the hotels are unsafe for her but not her children?! She is a special type of stupid….

  11. This isn’t about Jenelle’s safety. This is about Jenelle not wanting to face the rest of the cast after MTV caught her neglecting and abusing her children on camera. Can you imagine Jenelle being caught alone in an elevator or a hallway with Chelsea or Kail or Leah after everything she has done to them? After everything MTV has shown this season? I’d throw that footage in Jenelle’s face immediately if she outted my pregnancy (Kail) or was angry that viewers were happy I was pregnant (Chelsea) or got away with secretly using drugs on the show while I got dragged for it (Leah).

    1. Honestly I think if I were javi or kail I would be the most upset… She never had a friend in common with javi and why would they be even talking about kails baby She wasn’t genuinely congratulating Kail She was happy the spot light was off of her I do hope though that Dr. Drew does talk to her about neglecting her own children but throwing shade to everybody else it’s ridiculous

      1. Dr. Drew will never hold the Teen Moms accountable for their behavior. If he got real with Jenelle, she wouldn’t show up to the reunion. Shit, she still tries to get out of it and all Dr. Drew does is coddle her. It’s more important for Dr. Drew to enable a child abuser than sit across from an empty sofa.

        1. Oh my god you’re exactly right remember the after show where between her hotel in the studio she got lost who would fly all the way out to California to pull some five-year-old stunt If I were MTV I would’ve asked for my money back you know they paid for her ticket and hotel room

    1. Ensley reminds me of the beginning of Matilda when Rhea Pearlman says “There’s soup on the stove, heat it up if you get hungry” to a four-year-old.

  12. MTV needs to get better at negotiating. How about telling her that it’s fine if she needs to stay some place else but it comes out of her reunion check. Or she pays the difference in cost out of her reunion pay. They don’t have to just give in like they do. There are other options: like calling her bluff and telling her no reunion no reunion paycheck. Watch how fast she gets her butt to the hotel. I honestly don’t watch the show anymore because of the addition of Brianna to the cast & I also won’t be watching the reunion but this creation of a low-life diva is crazy. MTV needs to realize they hold the cards. SHE is on contract with THEM. SHE works for THEM. Not the other way around. You’d think the addition of Brianna would show the girls that they can be replaced. Jenelle can be out and Mackenzie put in. (Not that I want to see that train wreck either).

    1. Did you see where Jenelle and David got paid $90,000 to make a commercial for Laboraid a device to help during childbirth?
      Did they pull them from their add when all 3 Easons tested positive at delivery and CPS investigated?
      And she is only worried that MTV made Kaiser look like he has speech problems, is there nothing else wrong with the clip Jenelle?

  13. Why do the producers of this show (and TMOG) bend over backwards for these girls? Their shit still stinks. It’s rather annoying, in the real world at a real job they would be fired for their behavior.

  14. I read on a diff site that she wants her own place bc her drug dealer is in la. And she’s actually been seeing him on the side. And if David found out she would get beat, but I think David would let her do whatever w the dealer if it means free drugs.

    1. He would let her do whatever for the drugs, sit in the corner and watch it like the creep he is, THEN beat her later.

    2. I don’t think that david would let her out of his sight long enough for her to meet up with another man.

  15. It’s time to tell David and Jenelle no to their stood demands. These two actually believe they’re stars – un, no, you’re reality show nightmares that deserves nothing. Their sense of entitlement is way out of hand. First Class, is David out of his stoned mind!! And we all know he abuses Jenelle and the kids, especially Kaiser. Plus, he hasn’t worked since he latched onto her. MTV, you’re contributing to the maltreatment of those kids. Someone should sue MTV for letting it happen for stupid ratings.

  16. So Jenelle needs special accommodations because she’s afraid of recent events happening in the world?

    How about the events that could have “happened” to Kaiser and Jace when she and David locked them out of the house in the hot sun, and Jace was lost in the swamp a.k.a THE LAND for several hours before being found?

    Clearly, for me the only thing Jenelle Evans might remotely be afraid of in this world, is being without a man —and running out of weed.


  17. Damage control. No witnesses wanted when they have another row and they want to smoke pot. She has to smoke pot in the legal state to explain the results of upcoming drug tests.

  18. It’s always like this with her: It’s EVERYONE ELSE’S fault, not her! Girl, get a reality check! And where the hell is Ensley, their not even 9 month old daughter?! (Ofc Kaiser and Jace are with their REAL moms (well Kai is not there yet but hopefully soon will be))

    Btw, did anyone see how David’s sister (I think) is not happy with Jenelle? LOL, even his family is finally getting it.

    1. And where is Maryssa?! I can’t keep up how many kids are there now, holy sh*t, they constantly are traveling childless. (And apprently need a “kid free” day when they are home too!)

  19. I am really hoping for the day when Morgan, Larry or one of the other EP’s finally rights a tell-all exposing the behinds the scene bull shit of the cast. More specifically, Jenelle and Farrah. Who the hell does Jenelle think she is, making demands like she needs special accommodations?! That’s some serious weed paranoia—I can’t stay with my co-stars (and children) because of “world events”and my “personal safety”.

    The worst part is—I really thought that Jenelle needed MTV more than MTV needs Jenelle but I’m starting to feel incredibly naive.

  20. Let me get this straight- Janelle gets an entire house but can’t even be bothered to bring the one son she has custody of? Mom of the year right there.
    I’m happy to hear that Doris is on this trip. I hope she gets to spill some dirt during the reunion!

  21. Jenelle is trash and so is her pedophile husband….I hope they lose custody of all their children I should set up a go fund me for Jenelle and Lurch to get sterilized…..

  22. She better watch it before she ends up like Adam…extra irrelevant..and as much as a fame whore as she is, we all know thats the last thing she wants to happen to herself and her ego….her storyline isn’t even entertaining anymore with how dramatic and entitled she is. I bet if they kicked her off for a season or 2 she would get her attitude in check.

  23. God, I am praying that Chelsea or Kail call her ass out at the reunion. I am not counting on Leah or Dr. Drew doing it.

    1. Leah kinda said something last reunion when Jenelle wanted to leave, but they said no and Jenelle was so pissed that Chelsea didn’t have to go on the reunion for LEGIT health reasons but the producers told Jenelle she still had to….Leah was like if they’re paying you to be here, then you should go out there and do your job.

      1. Oh are you talking about the behind the scenes episode? Yeah, I remember that. But Leah only said that to the producer or her friends, not to Jenelle. I just want to someone to call Jenelle out to her face. I don’t feel like Leah is that confrontational but I could see Kail doing it. Chelsea could probably do it too after all the nasty things Jenelle said about Randy.

    1. Let’s be honest, though, he’s probably the reason for her demanding private/separate housing. That way, he can keep her away from all the other people, especially her mother, who might be able to talk some sense into her, undoing all the months of him brainwashing her.

    1. With her other mother…. aka. Davids mom.

      Jenelle doesn’t want to have to watch a baby while in la. She’s too busy getting high to even care.

  24. whatever Jenelle, if thats what it takes to make u feel “safe” fine but ur taking David with you! He’s the one you should be worried about. Your such an idiot to let a stranger get out of jail for beating up a woman then letting him abuse your kids and call u an asshole, then ur moms the piece of shit? Ur disgusting.Ya dumbass everyone in America is wrong but u 2

  25. also great her and lurch are safe but screw the kids? If she felt so unsafe why are her kids there just another bitch fit by janelle which mtv should tell her to shut up stay there or dont pay her. All they are telling her is throw a fit you get your way

    1. I agree with this 1000%! The idiots of MTV are setting a terrible example by giving Jenelle what she wants, when he wants it. They need to take their balls out of jenelles purse and actually stand up to her! She is SUCH a spoiled brat, and MTV continues to enable her behavior by giving into her every demand! It’s sickening and ridiculous…

  26. I cannot stand her anymore or her stunts. Now she doesn’t feel safe please she pulls the same thing each and every time whether its friends, babs or her boyfriends. She signed up for this and I do not believe for one reason that it is editing her to look bad. I really wish Mtv would call her bluff and fire her Hope by the grace of god she never gets custody of jace and that Kaiser’s grandmother gets him. Funny its everyone but Janelle

    1. Does she ever STFU and let someone finish a sentence?
      I swear when Barbara was trying to tell her about Jaces Dr visit I could have slapped her in the mouth.
      Speaking of mouth with her mouth has anyone just beat the living crap out of her?
      I’m sorry I’m starting to believe she needs a good ole fashion ass woopin

  27. I honestly quit watching MTV because they want to give in to the “stars” demands. I can’t stand the way the producers put up with them, and how poorly Jenelle and David treat Kaiser, and pretty much all of her kids. It’s heart breaking.

  28. Waaaa!!!
    Call her a waambalance!!
    So she didn’t bring Ensly and Grandma’s has the boys.
    So Jenelle just conned the producers out of a get away for her and David.
    Oh I can’t wait to watch her throw a fit and yell Dude and threaten to quit like every reunion.
    Should have left her at the ” LAND”

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised she would use the recent attacks as en excuse to get what she wants. The sad thing though is if she did say that she’s only showing her that she wants to save herself not her kids who are staying the hotel. No fighting for their safety. Also are we that shocked that she didn’t bring her daughter. Away on a trip about how your a parent but can’t bother with being a parent….. MTV you were praised yesterday for not giving into the dads demands to fly first class but you just showed everyone that your once again pushovers. Shame on you for not showing the truth about her smoking pot while pregnant and stroking her ego by giving her what she wants with the hotel. No one likes her and even though she has the drama for the show I think everyone would like it a lot more if she and Lurch were gone.

  30. So I’m guessing Endtable is swinging in a bassinet, all by herself, somewhere on The Land? Probably with a knapsack of ready mix formula next to her.

  31. Is it true that Jenelle demanded that MTV NOT ever bring up that Ensley was born with marijuana in her system or she wouldn’t film this season?

  32. That’s crazy to me she shouldn’t start fights with the costars/ try to insert herself in their drama if she doesn’t want to be held accountable or at least asked to defend her actions and why she felt like they were appropriate

  33. Wait, is she sure she doesn’t mean “safe” from David? I want to bash her for not having her many children, but I am just really happy they are not with them.

    This is bound to be an explosive reunion special, I bet the quack goes soft on Jenelle and David, coddle Kail and her terrible life decisions and ugly personality, bring up Addie’s disability to manipulate Leah’s emotions for the special, and bring up Adam for no reason but to make things awkward during Chelsea’s segment.

  34. Too bad Kaiser can’t request an air bnb when he’s being physically tossed into a crib in a dark room for being an active little boy

  35. Jailnelle and Freak on a Leash have to be somewhere easy to smoke and do all the drugs they plan on doing, away from their costars and the damn kids they had to have come.

    Also, the fights may be overheard at the hotel.

  36. Wonder y they needed to be away from everyone? Could it be all the fighting and pot smoking going on? Your doing the right thing Jenelle,
    keep being isolated. ? Puff,puff,pass.

    1. Well you are probably on to something, they seem like they are under some kind of influence in recent episodes.

      Both Evans and Eason have been arrested for drug possessions – and not THAT long ago 2014 for David.

      I don’t mean to be pessimist but given how unbalanced they act. It wouldn’t be strange if two hard core drug users relapse. And David has been arrested for domestic violence, I am positive he abuses them, both physically and emotionally.

      1. David is isolating her from everyone. Classic abuser behavior. All Jenelle wants to do is get high.

  37. I hate Mtv. The way they bend over backwards to please Farrah and Jenelle and let them walk all over them. Nobody treats Jenelle badly. She is yet again playing the victim when she’s anything but. She is just afraid to be confronted over all the shit talking she does on social media. She is passive aggressive and a coward along with a list of other things that I’m sure everyone is already aware of.

  38. Shes disgusting. Saying she feels unsafe staying in a hotel because of “recent events?” As a Las Vegas native I’m honestly pretty offended she’s using such a horrible and heartbreaking tragedy that took place in my amazing city, less than 20 minutes away from my home, as an “excuse” for her own selfish benefit. Not surprised because shes such a scumbag, but still.

    1. I doubt she means mass shootings and terrorism. She’s probably talking about Twitter drama. I seriously doubt this bitch knows about anything that’s happening outside of THE LAND!

      1. She did mean the Las Vegas shootings. She replied to comments on Instagram confirming that she’s staying at a house instead of a “small” hotel room because of what happened in LV and she doesn’t feel safe, being a public figure (insert eye roll). But meanwhile, it’s safe enough for her two young sons even though she’s staying in a house…

    2. And, apparently, it’s safe enough for her children to stay at the hotel. But yeah, she’s really worried about safety. She’s a POS who has no problem making everything about her, including that horrific tragedy.

  39. This garbage bag of a person is going to have such a rude awakening when the show goes off the air, not just because the money is going to dry up, but she will desperately miss the attention. I really hope the network has set up a financial plan for the children because their centipede of a mother absolutely has not. I predict that a year or so after the show is off the air, David will be long gone, he will have “written” an expose on how awful Jenelle is and she will go on one of the VH1 shows crying to Dr. Jenn about how she’s been abused all her life, she’s got ADD, she’s seeing molecules again, poor me, love me, look at me blah blah blah……

  40. Well she asked and it was granted. MTV’s shining star. Can’t argue with facts. She is getting special treatment. Nobody is bothered by child neglect, abuse, whatever. ?

  41. Jenelle and her victim act are so beyond ridiculous. Shame on MTV for giving in to her demands because this is just going to lead to her and Lurch demanding more and more. She’s never held accountable for her behavior and it’s ridiculous.

  42. You know, she really is Not that special… No reason for it. She is not some great Talent. Mtv needed to grow some balls. It’s actually pathetic….First thought when reading this, drugs and just in case J and D get in a fight there are no witnesses. Trying to cover their butts.

  43. Who stays at at different place than their kids? She has 3 kids yet they are all be cared for by others! She wonders why people question her parenting abilities.

      1. Yes, it’s legal, but she’s still trying to pretend she’s some perfect mother with a perfect marriage, and wants to act like they aren’t in a fucked up cycle of fighting, getting high, high, and fighting some more.

          1. Let’s all hope she puts up some awesome pics from CA. You know if she puts up great pics that means perfect family.

  44. Oh look the producers are giving in to Jenelle’s demands AGAIN. If they’re willing to hide a CPS investigation, an AirBnB is nothing.

    I am WAY more interested in the part about Kaiser staying with Doris at the hotel. Any scoop on this?

    1. There is no scoop. The bitch hates dealing with him and doesn’t want him there ruining her high, simple as that.

    2. I guess the custody case for Doris is still on! I HOPE HOPE HOPE she gets it, anywhere is better than on THE LAND for this precious child!

    3. It might be Nathan’s weekend and he’s not allowed to be with kaiser unsupervised so when it’s his time, kaiser stays at grandma dorris’s House or in her hotel room if they’re traveling. Or Jenelle could just be pawning them off under the guise of being so beneficent and “allowing” Nathan and Dorris to have some extra time with kaiser at the reunion.

  45. The only reason she wants to stay at a different place is because she knows if given the chance, the other girls are gonna whip her butt at the hotel. She should be afraid because she’s garbage.

    1. No one is going to whoop up on her. Not even Kail would dirty her hands with that skank because she has baby daddies’ asses to kick. She just wanted a private place where no would would smell the pot or whatever the hell else they are smoking. This BITCH. If you have an AirBnB that was rented to MTV, you need to have that place fumigated as soon as possible.

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